Reader Spotlight – Jody

Being a psychic came very naturally to Jody: From an early age, she was able to tune in to messages she
picked up from others. She was even able to pick up information, such as pregnancies, divorces, and deaths, about actors or other celebrities while watching TV, most of which she would later find confirmed in public reports. The process is simple for her. “It’s sort of like tuning a radio. I just ask Spirit to connect me with your Guides and Angels, and I begin to receive information and messages. My readings are primarily intuitive: I connect with Spirit and my Spirit Guides and Angels, and ask that they connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels, providing any message and information that you need to receive.” These readings can provide insight into any aspect of her client’s life, such as finances and career, spiritual connections, and the future. “As I read for you, loved ones who have passed from this life are also able to connect with me and provide messages.”

Jody began reading for friends and family about twenty years ago, moving to reading for the public as her
abilities grew. She honed her skills by building a closer connection to her Guides and Angels. “I have
received guidance from my them on how to use my gifts. They have taught me to connect with them for
information. They have taught me to ask questions if a message isn’t clear, to ask them for the information
that my clients are specifically looking for, and to ask them for names, dates, and situations about loved
ones who have passed. This has helped me to connect on a deeper level, and to provide more detailed
information for my clients.”

If you are looking for cheerful clichés or cheap entertainment and parlor tricks, Jody isn’t the reader for
you: “One of the most important things that you need to know about the readings that I provide is that I
will never sugarcoat the information you’re supposed to receive. I will also never lie or gloss over the truth. The truth of the matter is that I receive only the information that you are supposed to get, and that Spirit wants you to know. Who am I to not provide the messages that you are supposed to receive? Since I am just  a vessel and servant of Spirit, I have no right or reason to not be truthful about the information that I receive for you.”

That might sound scary, but Jody’s readings leave her clients uplifted and ready to take on any challenges
that come to them. “My readings come from a place of peace, love, and joy. They provide you with the
knowledge of how loved you are, how much you mean to the Universe and Spirit, and how absolutely
precious you are. If you have a fear of receiving a reading, please know that my readings aren’t about fear
or hearing something that is frightening. They are about getting messages about your life, your path, and
how you are supposed to live. It is my intention to send you away from a reading feeling love and at peace
in your life. You should leave a reading knowing about what is happening in your life, what is going to
happen in your life, and how it will affect you.”

Since coming to Michigan Psychic Fair, Jody has been warmly received by our guests, and has found the
environment we provide a good one in which to work and meet new clients. “I absolutely love working with Michigan Psychic Fair. The locations are always pleasant and peaceful, and provide enough privacy that I always feel comfortable knowing that client information isn’t being overheard or shared publicly. I love the variety of people who attend these events. There’s a wide range of ages and personalities, and I love the freedom to be able to accommodate any size of budget. It is fantastic to read for new people from a variety of backgrounds, and it is an excellent opportunity for any reader who would like to grow their skills, meet new clients, and grow their client list.”

To see Jody at a Michigan Psychic Fair, contact us for a list of events at which she is scheduled to appear.
For more information about Jody, please see her website.