Reader Spotlight – Charene

“Here’s what I know… while no one person holds all the answers, the spiritual realm is as real as you and me! Knowing this alone, humbles me.” As far back as she can recall Charene has always had the ability to “see” and communicate with disembodied entities.

During her pre-teen years while fully awake she would receive visions of things that would transpire within a day to three days after her visions, and when she vividly dreamt of something it too would come to pass right away. “I guess on some level I knew what I was experiencing wasn’t part of the norm of things. Growing up I was surrounded by a few siblings who also have spiritual abilities, so it sorts of became somewhat natural to live with these spiritual experiences.”

“Growing up in a very strict religious environment I was encouraged to keep what I knew to myself, and sometimes that was really hard.” For many years Charene kept her abilities to herself, realizing that others where not picking up on what she was experiencing she would only use her abilities to assist family and close friends. When she reached adulthood, after her first near death experience, her spiritual abilities started to increase. “It’s like they were always there all while I was growing up until I reached my 20s and then they dissipated a bit. I still experience some spiritual things but not quite so often, then in my late 30s it started overwhelming me again.” In 1996 she started using her abilities in public as a Spiritual Life Coach and Lecturer, but still did not present herself as a spiritual reader or medium. “After my second brush with a near death experience in 2000, I stopped running away and accepted who I was in full and started using my abilities in public as a psychic medium.”

Charene presently uses her spiritual abilities as a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, and Empath, she
works with the Archangels during reading sessions. When she is not working as a psychic she is assisting clients as a Spiritual Life Coach. Charene specializes in Breaking Repeating Negative Life Cycles. She is a Spiritual Speaker/Lecturer, Spiritual Article Writer, Beginner’s Meditation Coach; Crystal and Chakra Teacher, and a Henna Artist.

I love working with the Michigan Psychic Fairs. I enjoy the fact that it allows me to expand my
abilities in assisting others! It is an honor and a comfort to be a part of an exciting group focused on assisting others in their spiritual journey. “What I’m sure of is this, we do have divine assistance, each one of us…and there is a reason for this. Spirit is impartial to our reasoning, so don’t try to figure out the why…just as it is stated—‘enjoy the journey as much as you can’…because, let’s face it, most times the journey can be a bit challenging which is where I can assist!”

If you would like a session with Charene connect with her at the Michigan Psychic Fairs or visit her website: for a reading or spiritual life coaching session. Office 734) 249-8395.