Reader Spotlight – Billie

Everything is energy and information. Many people never access it because they don’t know how or are afraid of what they might discover.

Billie’s readings are spiritual (know they self) psychic readings to assist you with creating a new soul direction. Stop the cycle of despair, illness and suffering. Awaken to the energetic being that you are. During the reading you will discover your challenges and through your internal guidance system learn how to let go of the past and create your future.

Billie uses her natural ability to connect with your energy and beyond to give you the messages and guidance that will help you transform and awaken. She may also implement the use of the Tarot and Oracle cards.

If you are ready to stop repeating old behavior, being controlled by others, or just find life challenging this the reading for you! Over the span of her career, she has helped thousands of individuals across the country and abroad.

“We do not live in a haphazard universe go with the flow!” –Billie