Reader Spotlight – Amy Bacon

Amy’s readings can’t be described in a word or two. She connects with the energy of her clients and
calls in their “council,” the group of spirit guides, angels, loved ones who have passed, and entities of
white light that surrounds every person at all times. “Once I’m in their energy field and communicating
with their council I often use a plain deck of 52 cards that I have modified for my own use to narrow down
the options presented in their energy. The cards’ suit and number talk to me and serve as a launching
point to provide the main topics that Spirit wishes to address.”

Readings in one form or another have always been a part of Amy’s life. “As a teenager I read for friends.
When I lived in England in the ’80s and ’90s, I did the same. When I moved to Michigan from England I
read for anyone who felt drawn to me.” In Michigan, “I had a shop that imported Persian rugs and I
laughed that everyone came in to drink a cup of tea and pick my brain about their lives, which often
resulted in a reading as they learned about the amazing rugs.”

Amy has explored many modalities to find what works best for her: “I have studied as many types of
energy, card decks, past lives, pendulums, dreams, sound, color, astrology, art, numerology, and so on, as
I could find. I have experimented and I have dabbled with what works and appeals to my unique energy. I
feel blessed to be a conduit for Spirit. I can’t say there has been one person or teacher who taught me to
read. This has been developing all my life and was encouraged by many friends along the way.”

The culmination of these years of practice and study is a powerful and accurate session for her clients.
“The process of honing in on ways to most effectively connect to Spirit and get clarity and understanding
has led me to perfect certain ways that I approach readings. The cards combined with each person’s
unique council has become my trusted and reliable method for giving very accurate readings. I am
constantly tweaking and honing in on all the energy around me to even get more precise.”

Amy appreciates the environment of Michigan Psychic Fair events, as well as the other readers who
participate and the clients who come in. “I have met and read for lovely people at the fair who have
become dedicated clients. All of the readers who participate with the fair are good and offer a variety of
types of readings. The energy of the fairs is nice, quiet, professional, and confidential. Michigan Psychic
Fair gives me the opportunity to be able to be in many locations around Metro Detroit and available for
my clients who want an in person reading closer to their home. Some people don’t want a phone reading
and I live a bit off the beaten track north of Detroit, so having the ability to tell them where I will be with
Michigan Psychic Fair on any given Sunday allows me to see more clients. This is an important part of my
success as a professional psychic.

“I am a full-time psychic. This is my only profession. I take great pride in being a messenger for Spirit. I
specialize in practical spiritual guidance to help people gain understanding and clarity in all areas of their

If you would like a session with Amy, you can see her at many Michigan Psychic Fair events (contact us for
specific dates) or contact her through her website:.