Reader Spotlight – Adrianna

Adrianna is an experienced Internationally known, third generation intuitive mediumvery accurate. She is an author, teacher, speaker and is a radio personality heard on the Mystic Connections Radio Network. Sunday Mornings 9 am EST “Adrianna’s Psychic Sampler” and Wednesday Evenings 6 Pm EST “Hot Topics with a Dash of Spirit”. She has taught and counseled at the Great Lakes Retreat, one of the largest Spiritual Retreats in the Midwest. Additionally, Adrianna has spoken at Expos, Churches and Psychic Fairs coast to coast.

She has been channeling a sacred geometric shape since she was a child, the “Sacred Triad” and is bringing this ancient symbol into prominence for intuitive connections and healing energy. Her guides and angels facilitate powerful healing, using the Sacred Triad. They tell her what to do so every session is different and unique. She teaches Sacred Triad, ancient healing and connection techniques; and Mediumship techniques throughout the country.

Adrianna is a Certified Sacred Triad Therapy Practitioner, PMP, Intuitive Medium, Life Coach, Author, Reiki Practitioner, Mother, Wife and continues to work to advance herself in the field of Holistic Medicine and Intuitive Arts. “Live your dreams. Believe in yourself and the rest will follow.”