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Tuesday, December 1 2015

Reader Spotlight: Pauline

Pauline was with Michigan Psychic Fair at our first event over a decade and a half ago, but she’s been a reader much longer than that. “I worked 35 years ago, when you had to have dual names, as you could get arrested for this. It always had to be a secret back then. Now, it’s more open and comfortable. It’s truly wonderful to come to a place like Michigan Psychic Fair, to feel safe and know that readings are confidential.”

Even in the darker days, when being a practicing psychic could get her in trouble, Pauline knew she had a gift she had to offer to the public. “I care about people so deeply- I want to help them with their destiny, in their love life, in their personal life, their purpose.” To Pauline, offering this help is a higher calling. “I sometimes think I came in as a minister. My passion is to help people with their path in life.”

Pauline uses a variety of techniques in her sessions. In addition to reading tarot cards, she is a clairvoyant, a medium, and a pet psychic. “I work with my clients in a variety of ways to explore their present and future, as well as their past. I connect with loved ones on the Other Side and your angels and guides. I give answers on love, career, finances, family, and your purpose in this life. I'm also an adviser and can help you with decision-making.”

In her years of working with Michigan Psychic Fair, Pauline has enjoyed the pleasant and friendly environment the fairs provide. “I have met some incredibly awesome people while helping them with their path. I have returning customers that don’t live close to me and they all have the opportunity to come to a Michigan Psychic Fair to get a reading.”

If you would like to get a reading from Pauline, you can see her at many Michigan Psychic Fair events or connect with her through her website.

Saturday, November 28 2015

Astrology trends for the week of November 30

Monday morning brings us a trine of the Leo Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius. A Moon and Saturn trine generally emphasizes your patient work toward goals and overcoming any troubles in your way. With Leo in the picture, you’re going to go all in, in a big way, and your efforts will get you noticed and even appreciated. Bear in mind that this is a long journey. The reward you are working for isn’t likely to be achieved right away. Today will mark a major move forward in a larger, more enduring campaign.

A trine of Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries on Tuesday morning means you are likely to need to work to the beat of your own drum, today. Independence and original thinking will be the key to getting things done today. Just watch for the urge to be too blunt or outspoken. Mercury and Chiron in Pisces square off late in the morning. Mercury in Sagittarius pushes us towards honesty but the tendency will be to be a little too honest today, and this is guaranteed to result in deeply hurt feelings. I’m not suggesting you become a liar, but you definitely should self-edit to spare others’ feelings, especially when the full, hard truth isn’t necessary to get things done.

On Wednesday evening, the Virgo Moon moves into opposition of Neptune in Pisces. Under this influence, you will want to focus on all of the smaller details, so much so that you are likely to get buried in an avalanche of them. You know the saying, “can’t see the forest for the trees"? Well, welcome to the forest. Unless you can pull back and get a fix on the big picture, you are likely to get yourself hopelessly lost, or, worse, you’ll be ready to be led astray by the next Pied Piper who happens by.

Thursday brings the Virgo Moon quincunx to Uranus in Aries. Change is coming, and whether this change is good or bad for you depends entirely on your approach to it. If you are open to change and ready to apply your discriminating, trouble-shooting energies to it, the future is bright. If you can’t settle on a path to take, or are willing to put the work into developing a plan of action, anxiety and stress will be likely to get the best of you.

Venus enters Scorpio on Friday night, where it will be remain until just before year’s end. This placement for Venus ratchets up the intensity level for matters of the heart and money matters. Romance can become an all-consuming concern under this influence. More than at other times, you will feel the urge to possess your lover, body and soul. This can led to obsession and jealousy. Emotions run deeply and intensely now, so hurt feelings can result, even when no insult was intended. Scorpio thrives on crisis, so there is a strong possibility of more turmoil in love or your finances. Watch your heart and your spending. Troubles, now, can have long-lasting consequences. This month is a very poor time for weddings.

The Moon pairs up with Mars in Libra on Saturday evening. This is a lively pairing that tends to bring out your courage and focus. However, as Libra tends to cause Mars’ powers fluctuate, this would be a good time to work with a partner, each keeping the other focused, to attain your goals.

Sunday begins with the Sun in Sagittarius sextile to Mars in Libra. Here, your energy level is high and your creativity is primed. You run the risk of overthinking or losing concentration, but if you can overcome those tendencies, today can be very productive. Later in the day, Mars squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. That high energy from this morning can easily turn into angry or combative energy under this influence, especially if you feel forced into conditions not of your choosing.

With the holiday season approaching full tilt, you are likely feeling the pressure to make everything “perfect,” whatever that means. Combine that push toward unattainable perfection with this aspect and things are guaranteed to get ugly. The key to getting through the next few days without facing jail time or spending months on the therapy couch is approaching all holiday activities as voluntary. Dreading decorating the tree? Don’t. Enjoy looking at others’ decorations instead. Can’t afford to buy everyone a gift? Don’t. Create holiday cheer with friends and loved ones by putting together a potluck dinner, where you can give each other the gift of companionship. Holiday traditions were established because people enjoyed them, not to drive you crazy with a sense of obligation. Observe the ones you want, opt out of the ones that make you nauseated with dread. Do it your way, even if that means spending New Year’s at home watching Netflix alone. As long as that’s what makes you happy, you’re good. To do otherwise, with the specter of Pluto and Mars setting the stage for a fight, would be foolish. And, if your bubbe tries to make you feel guilty for not showing up for her Hanukkah gathering, tell her I told you that you didn’t have to.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, November 22 2015

Astrology trends for the week of November 23

The planet named for the goddess of love may cause you some difficulties of the heart on Monday. First, Venus in Libra is quincunx to Chiron in Pisces. This aspect challenges you be truthful with yourself about how you chose your romantic partners. Do you have a list, buried somewhere in a drawer or your subconscious, that outlines the qualifications the Perfect Man or Woman must have for you to allow yourself to fall in love? It’s time to take a good hard look at that list, to see how it’s working out for you: Are you simply checking off superficial qualifications and failing to look for deeper compatibility? Venus moves into opposition with Uranus in Aries a little while later. If you’ve been making poor choices about romantic and sexual partners, this aspect will shine a spotlight on it. If that is the case, it is probably time to realize that a pretty pair of eyes or a suit of shiny armor isn’t what Happily Ever After is really based on.

Just after midnight on Tuesday, Mars in Libra is sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect will help you find the perseverance to achieve your goals, even through harsh circumstances. This get-it-done energy will only come in waves, which is okay: You need a disciplined approach, through the long haul, to achieve your goals. Constant action without careful planning won’t get the job done. A measured approach is what you need now. A bit later in the day, Mars is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune can put your head in the clouds and make your decision-making abilities questionable. That influence can be just a distraction or, during your moments of downtime today (thank you, Mars in Libra), you can put that energy to work for you. Try some directed meditation, or a brainstorming session where no idea is too “out there” for consideration, and you just might find some creative solutions to the problems you’ve been facing.

Finally, just before midnight, Mercury and Saturn pair up in Sagittarius, reinforcing the idea of a methodical and patient approach to the work in front of you. Be careful not to keep your nose so close to the grindstone that you forget there’s more to life, or you might find yourself battling depression. Occasional breaks to enjoy the wold outside of wok will actually help your productivity in the long run.

Wednesday brings us the Full Moon in Gemini. Now is the time for this Moon Cycle’s projects to be coming to fruition. Spend the next two weeks finalizing details and winding projects down. Also, with this Full Moon in Gemini, now is a good time to clean out the clutter and to rid your life of the excess stuff that holds you back. Wednesday also brings Mercury in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces. If you are ever tempted to mislead others, it’s going to be today, and you'll probably have the wit and fast-talk to get away with it. For now. But, in the long run, it’s likely that you will be the one most hurt by your falsehoods. Keep to the truth and you will have far less trouble.

Later in the morning, Mercury is sextile to Mars in Libra. This aspect encourages you to be courageous. It also strengthens your talent for debate. In other words, instead of misleading others to get what you want, lay it out, and convince them that your goals are the right way to go.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares off against Neptune in Pisces on Thursday morning. This aspect is likely to see your desire for privacy run afoul of your public persona. In particular, be careful of what you share on the internet. Think about how what you post online affects your realtionships. This is a good day to search for yourself online and see how you feel about what you find.

Friday is very quiet, astrologically speaking.

Saturday, Chiron goes Direct after a five-month Retrograde. The urgency with which this minor planet has been forcing you to deal with your emotional baggage will relax. You will find that past traumas are more likely to stay in the past. No, you’re not off the hook. Chiron will still challenge you to deal with your pain and to learn important lessons. But these lessons will be offered more gently now than in the past five months.

Sunday opens with the Sun in Sagittarius squaring off against Neptune in Pisces. This is one of those days where your thinking is just not right. You may find yourself itching for stimulation or adventure, but your head will be lost in a fog, and you will be easy to take advantage of. Later in the evening, the Sun moves into conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius. This is the only meetup of these two celestial bodies this year, and it’s a bright, flashing yellow caution sign. Just know that, whatever plans you are making for the next day or two, Saturn is going to throw many obstacles and difficulties in your path. Sorting through those issues is going to take some time and diligent effort, but the results (or consequences if you fail to do so) will be long-lasting.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, November 15 2015

Astrology trends for the week of November 16

Monday morning starts on a positive note, as the Capricorn Moon trines Jupiter in Virgo. So, you’ve been diligently getting your ducks in a row: All the details have been looked into, you’ve developed a sound plan of action, and you have the systems in place to get things done. This trine will help you set these plans in motion and realize the dreams you’ve been working toward. This is luck and good fortune of your own making. Your common sense and organizational skills have set the stage for true success. Now get out there and make it happen!

Tuesday morning sees a meet-up of the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. This can be a day of intense conversation or a good time to dig deep into an investigation, especially one regarding a business or a travel venture. Be aware that this pairing brings a huge amount of Scorpio’s energy: Manipulation is possible. Jealousy and obsession can make an unwanted appearance. You may be somewhat likely to tune out the advice of others. And grudges are possible, too. If try to keep your ears and mind open, and not hurl yourself into every crisis that comes your way, today can be a productively revealing day.

For the past five months, Neptune has been Retrograde, turning this planet’s mysterious and visionary energy inward. On Wednesday, around midday, Neptune goes Direct. If you’ve felt your head has been lost in a fog for months, you now should start to feel that fog lifting. While Neptune is Retrograde, many people spend a great deal of time sorting out what their ideals and dreams are. Now that Neptune is Direct, it is much more possible to attain these aspirations. It is now the time to bring to reality all of the things you have been imagining for the past 5 months. You will also find it much easier to live by your spiritual beliefs.

Thursday promises to be an uncomfortable day, when the Aquarius Moon squares Mercury in Scorpio. Aquarius is likely to make you fight for your freedom and seek out new experiences, while Scorpio intensifies your emotions and makes it very difficult to heed the well-meant warnings of others. This combination is likely to put you out on a precarious limb or up a pretty nasty creek looking for that missing paddle. Caution is called for today. If you can’t keep yourself under the control of that watchword, anxiety and panic will result.

On Friday, Mercury leaves the probing and detail-obsessed realm of Scorpio and enters the much more breezy and optimistic energy of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is all about adventure, and confidence that all difficulties can be handily dealt with. With Mercury under this influence, your thoughts will be much less analytical and intense, and more cheerful, happy-go-lucky, and excited. Detailed analysis becomes much less of a focus, as your mind turns to big ideas and beliefs. The problem is that novelty can be much more attractive, under this influence, than hard work. While your mind will be more active and grasping new concepts will likely come easier, it can also mean you can lack concentration, especially when it’s time to buckle down and work. Honesty is encouraged while Mercury is in Sagittarius, but this also means that we can be a little too outspoken, even blunt, when a more diplomatic approach may be called for.

Friday evening sees a square off between Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, spelling trouble in your romantic life. If you’ve been wooed by an elegant face and charming manners, you made be in for an unpleasant surprise when your romantic partner reveals the uglier side of their character. You may discover that you have very little emotional or spiritual compatibility. Under the influence of this square, such relationships are likely to be doomed. Also, acting on an attraction that is nothing more than sexual, now, is likely to have dire and long-lasting consequences. So, be careful with your heart and body, today.

Saturday offers a pair of trines for the Aries Moon, first with Mercury in Sagittarius, then Saturn in the same sign. Under the influence of these trines, you will find that you have the energy and optimism to create new beginnings and opportunities for yourself, and that you have the energy, passion, and patient approach to put those opportunities to best use. This would be an excellent day to start the ball rolling on a new business venture, or to jump in the car to take a spur-of-the-moment road trip. If you are willing to see these new plans through, you are likely to find reward at the end of the journey.

Like Mercury earlier in the week, the Sun moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius on Sunday. After the brooding intensity of Scorpio, Sagittarius’ energy can feel like a refreshing change in the winds. The next month is a time of confidence and good luck and you will feel the pull to seek out new and exciting adventures. Freedom can become a true focus, and being forced to keep your nose to the grindstone can often feel like a prison sentence. This is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and to travel. Risks taken at this time are often rewarded, and you will find that you are more often “just where you need to be” to make it all work. This enthusiastic and adventurous spirit can make it impossible to find lasting satisfaction or contentment, as you are always ready to look for the next bigger and better thing. Your generosity will be spurred, now, but you need to watch out for excessive or overindulgent behavior. In general, the Sun in Sagittarius will help you focus on the Big Picture, while not bogging you down with those pesky details.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, November 9 2015

Astrology trends for the week of November 9

Monday has you walking the fine line between showing initiative and leadership, and crossing into manipulation and erratic behavior that might damage relationships. The Sun in Scorpio is quincunx to Aries in Uranus this evening, and you are likely to find some unexpected situations that demand creative thinking and the self-confidence to make things work. These situations should be handled with a delicate touch. If you rush into things, take too much unnecessary risk, or push your team with a crisis-oriented mindset, be prepared for things to go badly. Trust your instincts, but think things through before you develop your plan of action. Be flexible but not erratic when the situation develops, as, with Uranus involved, there are likely to be a few unexpected turns.

Tuesday evening sees that same Scorpio Sun sextile to Jupiter in Virgo. Luck and opportunity can be yours under this aspect, but you may have to do a little digging to find it. Once you sift through the finer details, you will be able to lay out the plan to get to the biggest payoff. Just remember to take one step at a time, no skipping ahead or taking short cuts, to get where you want to be.

The New Moon in Scorpio comes to us on Wednesday. All New Moons signify your best opportunity to launch projects. With Scorpio’s influence, you may find that this month’s plans take on a more intense air than usual. These projects are most likely to find success if they involve things that stir your passions or require you to be bold.

Thursday is the busiest day of the week, astrologically speaking. First, we see a trine of Mercury in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. This trine gives you the perfect opportunity to really dig deep into your own psyche to deal with lingering emotional issues that have been holding you back. Today, you will find the best insights by doing this work alone, perhaps through meditation or journaling. Later in the day, Mercury in Scorpio is quincunx to Uranus in Aries. This aspect, once again, has you walking the line between showing your independent thinking and trying to run the entire show, running roughshod over others. Both planets have the tendency to make you mistake your own positions for the way things are (or need to be). This aspect is going to make it very hard for you to hear the input of others, but you need to listen to more than your own cleverness to make productive decisions, today. If you don’t, you are likely to waste a lot of energy. Later in the afternoon, Mars enters Libra, and stays for four weeks. This is a difficult place for Mars to be, as the overly-intellectual energy of Libra clashes with the up-and-at-em influence of Mars, making the warrior planet’s energy seem to vacillate. The next four weeks may feel like one of missed opportunities, as Libra will make you want to take the time to carefully weigh the pros and cons of everything before jumping in and taking action. But, by the time you actually reach any conclusions, the opening for action is likely to have passed. Also, while Mars thrives on confrontation, Libra wants to avoid it all costs. So, while Mars resides under Libra influence, your challenge will be to decide what’s right, then actually do it.

Around midday on Friday, Venus in Libra is sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. While Venus is usually associated with matters of the heart, this aspect is all about productive partnerships and business relationships. Now is a good time for you to find partners who are able to direct or support your creative endeavors, ones who will be there for the long, slow road to success. Another sextile occurs about an hour later, this time between Mercury in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo. The combination of these two aspects reminds me of a compliment my partner gave me decades ago, near the beginning of our relationship: “Being with you is as good as being alone.” Yes, this is a compliment. What was meant is that I was able to let my partner work independently without interrupting or interfering, being there to help refocus when the thread is lost, or just being available as a sounding board. This is exactly what you need to find in your productive partnerships: You don’t need someone who will take the reins and sideline your input. Find someone who appreciates your creative drive and can see some of the details you may overlook. Here, Mercury and Jupiter will bring out your good judgment in your search for productive partners.

Be careful with your heart on Saturday, when Venus in Libra is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. Sadly, under this aspect, you are likely to be swept up by romantic gestures and the excitement of falling in love, without taking the time to look deeper into the true character of your newly found romantic interest. You are very likely to be wooed by pretty words and charming gestures, ignoring the possibility that this person may not be truly compatible with you. Such an approach to the matters of the heart will cause you heartache, once the flush of new romance clears and you are able to see the true character of your “beloved.” Remember that pretty packages are sometimes empty boxes or, worse, hide nasty surprises. If you must have romance, make sure you are looking beyond pleasing first impressions to the character beneath, before you commit your heart.

Even good relationships are likely to hit a speed bump on Sunday, when the Capricorn Moon squares off against Venus in Libra. The Capricorn Moon is all about business, to the exclusion of almost everything else. This cold and practical approach is likely to cause you to ignore the emotional cues you are getting from loved ones. You now run the risk of treating lovers like employees or, even worse, as an annoying distraction from the business at hand. If you want to alienate people, by all means, keep to this approach. If you’d like to actually maintain your relationships, try to set aside some time when business is off limits and you can focus on listening to your loved ones, messy emotions and all.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, November 2 2015

Reader Spotlight: Amy

Amy’s readings can't be described in a word or two. She connects with the energy of her clients and calls in their "council," the group of spirit guides, angels, loved ones who have passed, and entities of white light that surrounds every person at all times. “Once I'm in their energy field and communicating with their council I often use a plain deck of 52 cards that I have modified for my own use to narrow down the options presented in their energy. The cards' suit and number talk to me and serve as a launching point to provide the main topics that Spirit wishes to address.”

Readings in one form or another have always been a part of Amy's life. "As a teenager I read for friends. When I lived in England in the '80s and '90s, I did the same. When I moved to Michigan from England I read for anyone who felt drawn to me." In Michigan, “I had a shop that imported Persian rugs and I laughed that everyone came in to drink a cup of tea and pick my brain about their lives, which often resulted in a reading as they learned about the amazing rugs."

Amy has explored many modalities to find what works best for her: “I have studied as many types of energy, card decks, past lives, pendulums, dreams, sound, color, astrology, art, numerology, and so on, as I could find. I have experimented and I have dabbled with what works and appeals to my unique energy. I feel blessed to be a conduit for Spirit. I can’t say there has been one person or teacher who taught me to read. This has been developing all my life and was encouraged by many friends along the way.”

The culmination of these years of practice and study is a powerful and accurate session for her clients. “The process of honing in on ways to most effectively connect to Spirit and get clarity and understanding has led me to perfect certain ways that I approach readings. The cards combined with each person’s unique council has become my trusted and reliable method for giving very accurate readings. I am constantly tweaking and honing in on all the energy around me to even get more precise.”

Amy appreciates the environment of Michigan Psychic Fair events, as well as the other readers who participate and the clients who come in. “I have met and read for lovely people at the fair who have become dedicated clients. All of the readers who participate with the fair are good and offer a variety of types of readings. The energy of the fairs is nice, quiet, professional, and confidential. Michigan Psychic Fair gives me the opportunity to be able to be in many locations around Metro Detroit and available for my clients who want an in person reading closer to their home. Some people don’t want a phone reading and I live a bit off the beaten track north of Detroit, so having the ability to tell them where I will be with Michigan Psychic Fair on any given Sunday allows me to see more clients. This is an important part of my success as a professional psychic.

“I am a full-time psychic. This is my only profession. I take great pride in being a messenger for Spirit. I specialize in practical spiritual guidance to help people gain understanding and clarity in all areas of their lives.”

If you would like a session with Amy, you can see her at many Michigan Psychic Fair events (contact us for specific dates) or contact her through her website:.

Sunday, November 1 2015

Astrology trends for the week of November 2

Early Monday morning, Mercury moves from peace-loving and fair-minded Libra to probing and intense Scorpio. For the next three weeks, you will be operating on a more instinctual level than while Mercury was in Libra. You will now feel compelled to dig beneath the pretty surface to probe the depths for all things hidden. Your skills of observation will be enhanced, your communications will focus on intense meetings of the mind, and you will not be satisfied to discuss the superficial. This is an excellent time to do research or dig into an intriguing mystery. Under this influence, be careful of becoming too infatuated with your own ideas. Remind yourself that your opinions are not facts. Under Scorpio’s influence, we also have the tendency to ignore others’ arguments as not worth listening to, believing even a well-supported position is little more than a baseless opinion. Tempers can be volatile, now, and sarcasm will often come too easily. Obsessive thinking can be common under Scorpio, and this can manifest itself by prompting us to fight for ideas or people who you believe in, even when the cause is hopeless. Monday evening brings us the third conjunction of Venus and Mars of 2015. When these two planets get together, it usually promises a sensual and passionate Good Time. Unlike the first two pairings of this year, which occurred in fiery and passionate signs (Aries and Leo), this one occurs in practical and staid (you can read that as “repressed”) Virgo. You can still plan a romantic rendezvous, but it will turn out best if the plans are more on the simple side, such as a meal cooked together. Also, make sure you have all the details nailed down: Virgo can bring out insecurities and criticism, and the resulting hurt feelings may linger.

Tuesday evening brings Jupiter into opposition with Chiron in Pisces. Most of us have a tendency to ignore our emotional health when things are going well. We're like addicts who thinks they have cured their addiction- all it takes is a little stress or bad luck to bring that delusion crashing down. Don’t let a little good fortune make you think you don’t have to address the emotional baggage that you are carrying with you. The burden is still there, whether or not you are aware of it at the moment. If you ignore this baggage today, Chiron will find a way to remind you of your responsibilities to your emotional well-being. It is best to learn the lesson now, so that you are truly in a place to fully appreciate the good fortune that comes your way.

All is quiet, astrologically speaking, on Wednesday.

Jupiter in Virgo is quincunx to Uranus in Aries on Thursday evening. This aspect will likely make you want to show the world just what a unique and inventive individual you are, and that you have life by the horns. While individuality and confidence are winning traits, they can be taken too far. If you come off looking too willful, even dogmatic, it will harm your chances of success, alienating those who could be strong allies. Instead, try to show yourself to be a responsive leader with an eye toward the success of your whole team; only then success can be had. Later Thursday night, the Sun in Scorpio is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, continuing to emphasize the need for confidence and flexibility: Your willingness to shift gears and go in a new direction when situations change will bring about new opportunities that will have long lasting benefits for your bottom line.

Friday morning sees Mercury trine Neptune in Pisces. This aspect will have you delving into your own psyche to unleash your creative and artistic genius. Trust your instincts and, for once, listen to those voices that speak to you: Your angels and guides are likely to be bring you some important messages today.

The Libra Moon is sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius on Saturday. Today, your diplomacy will be called on to handle persistent, lingering problems. Partners will offer the support you need as you work toward your long-term goals, but be prepared to show them you are willing to put in the work necessary to get there.

Venus moves into Libra on Sunday morning. For the next four weeks, you will find your ability to charm working overtime, and people will be ready to respond to your winning demeanor. Your mood in love will be much more about emotional romance than earthy sensuality. Sweet, romantic gestures will go a long way toward winning your heart. Social niceties and your best manners are what is called for when dealing with any interaction, right now, be it in seeking love or in hammering out a business deal. Crudeness or crass behavior will blow the deal, under this influence. You will find yourself wanting to please others, but your true aim will be to get them to like you. Sadly, this can sometimes mean that you are willing to sell yourself out, or pretend to be something you are not, to gain this fleeting affection. Be particularly careful of extravagantly spending money to buy others’ love. Remember: If you have to hide who you really are, or break the bank, to win someone’s attentions, their attentions aren’t worth much in the first place.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Saturday, October 31 2015

2016 Retrograde Report

Many of us see the new year as a great chance for a new start, and I couldn’t agree more. In order to make the best use of this opportunity, it is good to know when trouble may lie ahead. When planets are Retrograde, difficulties are more likely in the areas those planets rule. You can’t put your life on hold until all the stars are in perfect alignment, but knowing when these periods occur can help you better plan your year as well as prepare for the possible upcoming difficulties. Retrograde periods are also useful times to examine the areas ruled by that planet to see what changes you can make in order to move forward when that planet goes Direct.

Mercury will go Retrograde four times this year. Mercury is the planet that rules intelligence, communication, and travel. While Mercury is Retrograde, you can expect communications to break down, technology to go awry, and troubles in travel and transportation. Some people find their ability to think clearly is compromised, as well. Projects begun during a Mercury Retrograde are very likely to run into unexpected problems. However, there is no reason to suspend activities that were started previously to the Retrograde period, and this period is an excellent time to rest, relax, and reflect.

Mercury Retrogrades in 2016:

  • January 5 through January 25
  • April 28 through May 22
  • August 30 through September 22
  • December 19 through January 8, 2017

Venus will not be Retrograde in 2016, which is good news for your love relationships and your financial life.

We were fortunate to not have Mars go Retrograde in 2015. We aren't so lucky this year. Mars represents our drive or initiative. This planet determines how you get things done, how you defend yourself when you feel attacked, and how you get motivated. While Mars is Retrograde, you will find yourself with less energy, as though your get-up-and-go has gotten up and left. You will feel less assertive, and getting things done (or started) will be much more difficult. You are likely to find that things that you begin don’t go at all as you planned. Be especially careful of being the aggressor in an adversarial situation at this time as, during a Mars Retrograde, the initiator or aggressor is most often defeated. Be on guard, too, against any passive-aggressive tendencies, as they will not at all give you the results you were hoping for. This is a good time, however, to evaluate your temper, your violent tendencies, or your cruel side. Also consider what motivates you, as well as how you do things, and how you act on your own behalf. Are these patterns serving you well or getting you into trouble?

Mars Retrogrades in 2016:

  • April 27 through June 29

Jupiter represents our good luck, optimism, success, generosity, and all those things that bring us joy. When Jupiter is Retrograde, good luck is much harder to come by. During this time, you will find it best to not “press your luck.” If luck is needed in a situation, it isn’t likely to go your way. Success is possible during this time, but the reward for it is likely to be delayed. Joy will also be rare, or will come from different sources than are typical of your life. This period is a good opportunity to identify the things that get in the way of your success and your happiness. Removing these things from your life will help you be ready for a positive change of luck when Jupiter goes Direct again.

Jupiter Retrogrades in 2016:

  • January 7 through May 9

Saturn is the planet that rules our work ethic and our responsibilities. It is our celestial taskmaster, the planet that teaches us strength and wisdom through trial. While Saturn is Retrograde, you will often find obstacles taking you away from the job at hand. Your old playbook won't seem to work as well as usual. However, you will have a good opportunity to reevaluate the strategies you have employed to meet your responsibilities. Have they been getting what you want and need? Do you need to develop a new approach? Now is the time to develop a new playbook so you can put it into action when Saturn goes Direct.

Saturn Retrogrades in 2016:

  • March 25 through August 13

Uranus is the planet of change and originality. It gives us that spark of creative genius and brings us both opportunities and shocking surprises. While it is Retrograde, you may find yourself forced to repeat tasks or revisit your past. You may be less creative and feel stuck in a rut. This is a good time to address things you’ve mishandled in the past and correct them. If you've wronged someone, you can now set it right. Freed from the burden of past mistakes, you will be ready to embrace change and opportunity when Uranus goes Direct.

Uranus Retrogrades in 2016:

  • July 29 through December 29

Neptune is the planet of mystery and illusion, representing our dream life and mysticism. When Neptune is Retrograde, it does not negate the planet’s mystic, esoteric nature, but turns that energy inward. This is a time when you will can feel lost in your own thoughts, as well as will feel like you are hidden ,outside of the spotlight, even when the efforts were all your own. Now is the time to explore your deeper thoughts and desires: What are you hiding from the rest of the world? Do you need to bring these things out into the light? How do you find release when the real world becomes too much? If you practice a form of negative escapism, such as alcoholism or any other kind of addiction, now would be an excellent time to seek help. This period is a strong time for those who normally conduct their work behind the scenes for the common good, such as nurses, counselors, healers, even unpaid caregivers. If you have such people playing a vital supporting role in your life, now is an excellent time to give them the recognition they deserve

Neptune Retrogrades in 2015:

  • June 13 through November 19

Pluto is the planet that represents dramatic transformations in your life, the planet of endings that clear the way for new beginnings. When Pluto is Retrograde, projects you thought you had completed will suddenly require more attention, problems you thought you had settled will keep cropping up again, fresh starts will be hard to come by. This is a good time, however, to assess those things that are no longer useful in your life and get rid of them. By doing so, you will truly be ready with a clean slate when Pluto goes Direct.

Pluto Retrogrades in 2016:

  • April 18 through September 26

Chiron is the maverick shaman that forces us to heal ourselves in order to move on. Retrograde motion does not negate this energy, it intensifies it, making it more urgent, like a call to action. When Chiron is Retrograde, expect old, neglected wounds to be dragged, sometimes forcibly, to the surface to be dealt with. You can try to ignore this, but Chiron will find some way to force the issue. You’d best pay attention and act accordingly.

Chiron Retrogrades in 2016:

  • June 27 through November 1

Sunday, October 25 2015

Astrology trends for the week of October 26

The Aries Moon and Uranus move into conjunction on Monday morning, opening the week with a great opportunity for growth and creating new beginnings. This pairing will give you energy and the boldness to take risks to put your ideas into motion. This is a lot of fiery energy you’re working with, so be careful not to cross the line from showing initiative to being pushy and combative. You don’t need to walk over people to get what you want, and you can never know who you'll need as an ally in the future.

Tuesday morning brings us the Full Moon in Taurus. The projects you started at the beginning of this Moon Cycle should be coming to fruition, and you should use the next two weeks to finalize all of the finer details. Full Moons are about finding balance between two polarities, this month between relaxing and enjoying things as they are (Taurus Moon), and digging under the surface, getting to the Deep and Dark, seeking intense experiences (Sun in Scorpio). Failing to find a healthy balance will leave you edgy and full of tension. Later on Tuesday morning, Venus in Virgo moves into opposition of Chiron in Pisces. Here, you are going to have to face your fears about being used in relationships; it’s keeping you from moving forward, maybe even keeping you from allowing yourself to fall in love. Allowing fear to dictate your emotional relationships is only causing you to accumulate more and more baggage to drag through your life. At some point, you’re going to break under that burden, and Chiron may be just the catalyst to make it happen, if you don’t address these issues.

If you have been taking care of your emotional health, Wednesday gives you the chance to shine. The sensual and earthy Taurus Moon first trines Venus, then Mars (both in Virgo), stirring you to create the perfect romantic and passionate evening for yourself and your partner. It’s time to pull out all the stops: A luscious meal, perhaps a little champagne and strawberries, some romantic music, whatever it takes to set the mood for a night of love. Keep in mind, though, this is your opportunity to put the work in to show your lover just how passionate you feel about them. Enjoy yourself, sure, but their enjoyment and pleasure are what counts tonight. If you do it right, you can be sure they will be happy to return the favor sometime in the near future.

Thursday will bring you some stress, when the Gemini Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspects pits your impatience and need to have it all now against the very real fact that true success takes steady perseverance, over the long haul, to be attained. Shortcuts may seem attractive, but that is likely to shortchange your true potential. Restless and scattered activity now is likely to damage partnerships and/or result in a hit to your pocketbook.

A Friday trine between the Sun in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces sets the stage for a period of creative self-expression. This would be an especially good evening to go to a costume party, or at least create a Halloween costume, especially if you use this as an opportunity to dress yourself to reveal sides of your personality that you normally keep hidden. If you do so, I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see how others respond.

Saturday is Halloween and a trine of the Cancer Moon and Neptune once more highlights your creativity. This time, your urge will be to deck out the house, dress the kids, carve those pumpkins, or otherwise create a big display for the holiday.

That same Cancer Moon will make things a bit more difficult for you on Sunday, when it squares off with Uranus in Aries. This aspect promises surprises and change, so your peace of mind may be disturbed. Your reaction to change in your home base is likely to be to try to micromanage things – and people. Don’t. It won’t help them and it will only add additional stress to the situation. Change is always just an opportunity for growth. Trust that you and your loved ones can roll over the bumps and will come out okay on the other side.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, October 19 2015

Astrology trends for the week of October 19

The work week starts off with you in a businesslike frame of mind, but needing to show a little love, too, when the Capricorn Moon trines Venus in Virgo Monday morning. The focus will be on practical expressions of love, not showy romantic displays. Today is the perfect day to knock some items off your Honey Do list to show someone how much you really care.

Things get a bit trickier on Tuesday, as the Capricorn Moon squares off with Uranus in Aries. This aspect pits your daring, risking-taking, and ambitious side against your practical, dutiful side, and the result may not be pretty. At best, you’re going to experience a day full of tension; at worst, your changeable mood will get you into trouble. For now, I would recommend you stay disciplined and get your homework done before you start on new adventures.

A trine of the Aquarius Moon and Mercury in Libra on Wednesday evening encourages you to break out of the rut you’ve been in. Your common sense will be at the forefront and you'll instinctively know the surest route to reach your goals, but the Aquarius Moon also highlights your ability to buck established ways and follow your own path. Go ahead and take the risk: You’ll know how to make it work for you.

Thursday sees Mercury in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn. If ever an aspect encouraged you to slow down and seek a second opinion before rushing into a commitment, this is it. Your reasoning is going to be a bit off today, and making commitments may bring about some devastating results in the long-term. You can check your facts and recheck them, but what you really need is a fresh pair of eyes on the situation. Seek a trusted partner to sort through the finer details, allowing them to point you in the right direction. But if even that feels wrong, put the decision off for a day or two, until you can apply your own, newly fresh eyes to the problem.

Look for some positive changes in your love life on Friday morning, when Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. You are likely to feel your passions stirring, perhaps for the first time in a while. While this isn’t the aspect under which to rush into a new relationship, it is a good one in which to begin to explore the possibility. This aspect could also spell the end of a relationship, but, trust me, in this case, it will be a good thing: It would mean that the person you were with just isn’t right for you. Moving on now gives you the opportunity to find someone who is more likely to bringing you long term happiness.

Friday morning also brings Mars in Virgo into opposition to Chiron in Pisces. If you have been keeping your passions and emotions under tight rein, you’ve probably been hindering your ability to work through emotional wounds to get to the point of healing. Bottling things up has likely been hurting your mental and physical health. This aspect encourages you to let it all out: Seek emotional catharsis to reach the emotional healing that Chiron demands of you. The Sun enters Scorpio in the aftenoon, bringing us a month of intense emotions and a desire for intimacy. After the emotionally controlled nature of Libra, Scorpio’s roller-coaster ride will feel like a release. Enjoy the highs, but be careful of the darker lows like jealousy and obsession. Scorpio also enhances our ability to receive and send subtle signals, increasing our ability to quietly manipulate our surroundings. This secretive and mysterious sign also increases our desire to dig beneath the surface. But be warned: With emotions running high this month, we may dig up some things better left buried.

Saturday brings Mars in Virgo quincunx to Uranus in Aries. Uranus will have you craving the new, eager to take risks to put your ideas in motion. While Mars stirs you to put plans into action, Virgo will make sure you do so systematically and unemotionally. A practical and diligent approach will bring you the rewards you seek. If impatience gets the better of you and you recklessly jump ahead before each step is complete, you can expect trouble.

On Sunday, Mercury in Libra is quincunx to Chiron in Pisces, making it likely that you’ve been overintellectualizing your emotional state. Instead of dealing with your emotional baggage head on, you’re spending your time rethinking every nuance of the incident and getting nowhere. Find someone you can talk it out with, listen to their input, then actually do the work to put the pain behind you. If you’re able to do so, then you will be in the right frame of mind to enjoy the afternoon’s conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Virgo. When these two planets get together, it is time to eat, drink, and be merry. With Virgo’s influence, your insecurities could spoil the party. Another challenge to the fun could come later in the evening in the form of Mercury in Libra facing off against Uranus in Aries. Here, you are likely to feel conflicted between seeking the novel and the exciting, and the desire to keep your emotions under tight rein. You could find yourself being your own Debbie Downer. Do your best to set aside your insecurities and your fear of being seen to be emotional, and just enjoy the day. It isn’t every day that the stars are promising you a good time. You should take them up on the offer.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Saturday, October 17 2015

Reader Spotlight: Cindy

Reading the cards is a family legacy for Cindy: When she was a young girl, she learned the basics of focusing on images and messages inside her mind by watching her mother do the same as a psychic medium. “It didn’t make any sense to me back then,” Cindy remembers, “but my mother knew I had the ability to read.” By the time she was in her twenties, Cindy was a reader in her own right, using the same Hungarian Gypsy Card deck her mother had used, a deck she uses to this day.

Cindy’s psychic training didn’t end with her mother. “She was just the beginning of a long list of people psychics and mediums my family were close to,” and who influenced her as a young psychic. “To name a few- Jeanette Boughton (a psychic medium and automatic writer), Jeannie McNeil, Robert Taylor, and many more.”

After a career at the Big Three, Cindy is happy to now dedicate herself full time to sharing he psychic gifts. “I am really starting to excel at this new chapter in my life, one that I could only imagine before now. It’s really kind of fun, and it’s an adventure at the same time. I would not be able to be the reader that I am without all of the people and family who have come into my life throughout the years- people who shared their wisdom, knowledge, and kindness, and most of all their support and positive advice. I really have to thank my husband, children, and family for encouraging me to follow my dreams.”

Of working with Michigan Psychic Fair, Cindy reports that she loves the fair’s “great energy." “I look forward to being with my fellow readers. I like that people can come and be with us for a short time, and I can give them messages and advice that they can use in the future.”

During sessions with clients, Cindy tries to stay on the positive side. "I ask Spirit to send me the truth and positive messages for everyone."

If you would like to experience one of Cindy’s uplifting card sessions or enjoy her services as a medium, you can meet her at most Michigan Psychic Fair events (contact us for specific dates) or contact her through her Facebook page.

Sunday, October 11 2015

Astrology trends for the week of October 12

Early Monday evening, the Libra Moon is in opposition to Uranus in Aries. This aspect challenges you to find balance between your need to be in charge, running the show, and the compromises needed to maintain healthy relationships. Uranus pushes you to assert yourself, while the Libra Moon urges cooperation, even at the expense of your own values. Expect tension until you find the right balance between these polarities. Shortly after this opposition, the New Moon in Libra occurs. This is usually the time to launch your projects for this Moon Cycle, but you would be wise to wait until Mercury’s Storm period ends on Tuesday the 13th. With the Moon in Libra, your projects will be most successful if they center on strengthening your interpersonal relationships, and on making these relationships productive in your life. With Uranus’s influence still very strong, be prepared for a few surprises, good or bad.

Tuesday morning brings Mercury in Libra sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius, making this the perfect day to be productive. Your concentration will be strong, and your serious and practical mindset will help you advance toward your long term goals. Seek out a partner who can give you the push you need when you get too bogged down in the details or find yourself second-guessing your decisions.

A trine of the Scorpio Moon and Neptune in Pisces push you to trust your business instincts on Wednesday morning. Your creativity will be high, and your passionate attitude will be just the thing needed to get things underway: Now is the time to dig in to those projects on your plate.

Thursday brings us another trine, this time between Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Here, Mars brings you great physical and mental energy, and Pluto grants the power of transformation. This aspect will allow you to bring about the transformation and new beginnings you’ve been seeking in your life, as well as the courage to make it all happen.

You might think of Friday night as date night, but Venus in Virgo will be facing off against Neptune in Pisces, flashing a neon-lit caution sign. Thinking will tend to be hazy and the possibility of deception is high. Your sexual attractions are likely to be powerful, but giving in to them is going to cause you difficulties. A casual dalliance may bring about long-lasting undesired consequences. So, perhaps a quiet night in or, at most, a night out with friends, is a better idea than trying for romance. Be careful out there tonight.

We will see a once-every-two-years occurrence Saturday evening when Mars meets up with Jupiter (in Virgo, this year). Jupiter stresses your optimism, and Mars stirs you to action, making this the time to reach for the stars. Your potential for beneficial growth is huge, especially as we are still under Pluto’s transformative influence. Your common sense, combined with your hardworking, systematic approach, will help you find the surest route to the success you are yearning for in your life. Get out there and make it happen!

Mercury in Libra is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces around midday on Sunday. This aspect guarantees that you will see change, but not how will you handle it. If you overthink, you are likely to lose your way, either coming to an illogical conclusion, or, worse, failing to make a decision at all, letting others to dictate your role. Instead, trust your intuition, but be prepared to shift gears as the situation changes as you progress. Flexibility is good, being a pushover will bring you trouble.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, October 5 2015

Astrology trends for the week of October 5

It’s going to be an anxious start to the week, as the Cancer Moon squares off with Uranus in Aries on Monday morning. Change is likely under this aspect- uncomfortable, difficult change. You will be torn between the incompatible urges of taking charge and running things yourself, and of giving in to your needier, more dependent side, wanting someone else to make all of the difficult decisions. Aim for a happy medium of accepting input from those around you while taking charge of your own role as things change. This should get you through the day.

Tuesday opens with another challenging square, this time between the Sun in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Under a Libra Sun, we have a tendency to compromise our own sense of morality or truth to keep the peace with others around us. Doing so today could cause some disastrous outcomes. Be on the lookout for someone around you whose ruthlessness allows them to disregard any sense of ethics, allowing them to be bought off. Giving in to this person’s demands or attempts at persuasion will have some very dire consequences for you and your future security. Tuesday evening sees a trine between Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect will work to reaffirm your commitment to putting in the long hours to work towards your goals. Diligence and discipline will be the keys to eventually getting to where you want to be.

If you have been feeling lost in the shadows or ignored, Wednesday evening offers you the chance to step out and steal the show: A trine between the Leo Moon and Uranus in Aries encourages you to take a risk, to highlight yourself and your abilities in a grand fashion. Drawing attention to your talents will help shake up your world and bring about the change you need.

After a four month stay in Leo, Venus finally moves into Virgo on Thursday afternoon. During the next six weeks, your expressions of love will turn from the extravagant to the practical. Under Leo, a romantic evening meant an expensive night on the town; under Virgo, it means cooking a meal for your loved one, or maybe even just ticking a few items off the Honey Do list. Virgo’s influence will make you want to be of service for those you care about. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead us to be used by others. So you may also find that, while under Virgo’s influence, you are a bit more cautious about allowing yourself to fall in love, even going as far as looking for reasons to not fall in love with someone, or keeping your emotions buried under a cold, analytical façade.

Friday, at 10:57 am, you can breathe a sigh of relief: Mercury goes Direct (with the Storm period ending four days later). Over the next few days, you will notice communications beginning to flow again; there will be fewer breakdowns of technology; thinking will become clearer; projects will now face fewer obstacles and interruptions. So, if you put off putting new ideas into action over the past three weeks, it is now time to get those plans moving.

Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius square off on Saturday evening, promising a challenging time for partnerships and relationships. If someone is being deceptive, you may see the end of a relationship, or possibly a business loss. Honesty is your path to the best result, and, if someone is unwilling to walk that path with you, it is best to cut your losses now.

On Sunday, the Sun, in Libra, has its once-a-year face off with Uranus, in Aries. You will be struggling to find the balance between the need to be in charge and run things (consequences be damned) and your desire to make peace and get along with everyone at all costs. Trying to satisfy both of these urges is enough to make anyone feel some nervous tension. It’s likely that any decision you make today is going to rock the boat. But that may be just what you need. Getting out of your comfort zone may be just the thing to trigger a period of beneficial growth. Try to find those people who will push you to take on new challenges and stretch to new heights. Be wary of anyone, though, who wants you to destroy what is good in your life just for the sake of doing something different. Be sure that, when you challenge yourself, you are still being true to your core values. Walk away from anyone who asks you to do otherwise. A trine of Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday evening reinforces the idea of beneficial change. Your intellectual and organizational skills, combined with common sense, will give you the tools to bring about new opportunities you to transform your working or financial life. Keep your eye on the details- now is the time to put your plans into motion.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, September 27 2015

Astrology trends for the week of September 28

The week starts with the Aries Moon in conjunction with Uranus on Monday, an aspect which is likely to bring out your ambitious, active side. Under this influence, you will find yourself full of energy and confidence. Your sense of initiative will be high. Be careful: This much Aries energy can make you overly aggressive, even combative. Keep this tendency in check and this can be a very productive time for you.

Tuesday evening sees Mercury in Libra quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect can heighten your creativity, but it can also cause you to get lost in the details, unable to make a sound decision. You’re very likely to think yourself smarter than the average bear under this aspect, but that’s a tendency that can make you the victim of someone else’s cleverness. Today is a day for not buying what they are working hard to sell you. Avoid the snake oil altogether and funnel your energies into a creative endeavor, instead. Remember, Mercury is Retrograde and trouble is still hiding around many corners.

Speaking of Mercury, it will be in conjunction with the Sun in Libra on Wednesday morning. This is an aspect that will stir your sense of justice and urge you to make peace. This is the perfect time to address lingering conflicts you’ve had in the relationships in your life. Make sure you remain true to yourself, but, under this influence, it will be easier to find productive compromises, to reset the balance, resolving these issues. Wednesday night, the Sun will be quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. Libra’s energy sometimes leads us to sacrifice our own values or sense of fairness for the sake of finding the peace we crave under its influence. Giving in to this tendency now will put you at risk of being taken advantage of. Instead, let this aspect push you to speak up, perhaps with a creative flair, making sure your voice gets heard, even if it’s only heard by you. No one, yourself included, can know what you want or need if you aren’t willing to articulate it.

Your restless tendencies are likely to get you into some trouble on Thursday, when the Gemini Moon is in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. Gemini generally stirs us to want it all, and want it now. Unfortunately, Saturn in Sagittarius means we need to take the long, and very patient, view on everything. If you act on your urges now, the payoff won’t be there, and you may be left feeling like you’ve had your feet swept out from under you. Having to have it all this minute may also result in a major hit to your bank account which will take a long time to recover from.

Early Friday morning, the Gemini Moon will trine Mercury in Libra. This aspect emphasizes your common sense and strengthens your ability to speak up for fairness and justice, and do it in a way that is entertaining and appealing. Friday would be a great day to make a public plea for social issues that you feel passionate about.

Saturday is the time to stir up some fun in your love life, when the Gemini Moon is sextile to Venus in Leo. You will be feeling extremely affectionate under this influence, and I have no doubt that, today, you can find some creative ways to express this love to your significant other. Seek out a favorite beautiful spot and set the stage to get your snuggle on!

A trine between the Cancer Moon and Neptune in Pisces on Sunday morning will stir you to take on some creative tasks to create a more beautiful or comfortable home space. If that isn’t in your budget, I recommend cooking a lavish meal for (and maybe with) a family member or loved one. Today is the day to express your love for others through homey activities, particularly those that satisfy your creative or artistic urges.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, September 22 2015

Cats show us how to survive Mercury Retrograde

Pixel knows that Mercury Retrograde is a good time to rest. He is taking a nap.

Anton has learned that projects begun during a Mercury Retrograde period often run into obstacles or need to be repeated. So, he is running around the living room again and again. Repeatedly. And, when he runs into obstacles, he jumps over them. He likes jumping over things. Repeatedly.

Stella knows that it is okay to continue to work on projects begun before the Retrograde period. So, she is continuing to work on the “art project” she started months ago on the back of the couch.

Pixel says this is a good time for another nap.

Kepler uses this Retrograde period to relax and release tension.

Ti Jean knows that a Mercury Retrograde is a good time for reflection. He is currently reflecting on why you haven’t filled his food bowl in the last hour.

Pete understands that Mercury Retrograde makes staying focused difficult, but this can be an excuse to let the mind wander, allowing it to dream of new projects which could be started after Mercury goes Direct. He is currently daydreaming of ways to finally catch the birds on the outdoor feeder.

Kimathi uses his Retrograde to plan all of the projects he will begin once Mercury goes Direct. He is planning out an aerial assault on the yappy dog next door.

Pixel has decided it is time for more rest.

Masami knows Mercury Retrogrades are the best time to release useless things from her life. Be careful of the hairball she released from her life in the bathroom.

Simon does research during her Retrograde period. Currently, she is researching how many socks are in the sock drawer.

Chow knows breakdowns in communication are common during Mercury Retrograde. That is why he is repeatedly telling you that he needs his food bowl topped off now.

We’d ask Pixel what he thinks, but he is taking another nap.

Sunday, September 20 2015

Astrology trends for the week of September 21

You will find yourself itching for an adventure on Monday morning, when the Sagittarius Moon is trine to Mars in Leo, and you will have plenty of energy and drive to put your adventurous plans into action. Just be careful to not to trample those around you in your pursuit of novel activity.

Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, Venus in Leo is quincunx to Chiron in Pisces. That broken heart you’ve been dragging around for a while is going to demand some attention. If you don’t tend to your emotional wounds as they come up today, prepare yourself for all sorts of fallout in your relationships. It’s okay to admit that you’ve been hurt; it’s okay if you are slow to allow people to get close to you. What isn’t okay is to pretend everything is hunky-dory and carry on full steam ahead, until you’ve destroyed the relationships you do have. Talk it out with people you trust and respect or even seek out counseling- whatever it takes to get on the road to emotional health. Today challenges you to be proactive about the emotional healing you need, before festering wounds turn into something nastier and harder to fix.

Wednesday is a busy one, astrologically speaking: At midnight, Venus in Leo trines Uranus in Aries. This aspect makes this time a great one to cozy up to your partner and act out some of your more bold and unusual sexual fantasies. Creativity and originality will keep those fires of passion burning bright. Just before dawn on Wednesday, the Sun enters Libra, bringing us the Fall Equinox. While the Sun is in Libra, you will be more likely to seek balance and harmony in your life. Cooperation and compromise will be common themes over the next month. You will likely also feel more sociable than usual, and others will readily respond to your charm. Be careful, however, to not sell out your own sense of truth in an effort to make peace with others: Compromise does not have to mean abandoning your own values and opinions. The Equinox also represents a time to check out your life to evaluate what is in and out of balance. Let Libra’s influence help you gently tap the scales to gain equilibrium. Finally, mid-afternoon, the Sun is sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a productive aspect: Your well-organized, well-balanced approach to work will lead you through any difficulties and on to success.

Mercury in Libra squares off against Pluto in Sagittarius on Thursday evening. This aspect leaves you likely to overthink any decision you need to make today. You could also find yourself anxious abut making a wrong decision, and therefore vacillating between two options. Instead of rushing into a commitment that may have dire consequences, try to step back and take a deep breath. Hold off on committing yourself to a choice you may regret for a day or two, until your head is clearer and the right choice is more obvious. Later in the evening, Mars enters Virgo, where it will remain until November 12th. During this time, your productivity at work will increase if you are able to take a systematic approach to tasks. Virgo’s influence is best when you take things one step at a time. You will now find it easier to set aside your emotions when it is time to make a decision. While your passions remain strong, they will be more under your control. Your approach to tasks is likely to be calculated and shrewd, but you should be on guard against getting too bogged down in details.

After five months of retrograde movement, Pluto turns Direct on Friday morning. If you’ve been having a hard time believing you could make a fresh start, this is great news. The planet of transformation, Pluto helps clear away outdated things in your life, making way for new beginnings. When it is Retrograde, you can find yourself repeating the same old patterns, or viewing beginning anything new as a traumatic experience. As Pluto gathers forward momentum, you should see a gradual return of peace and initiative. Don’t expect much today, as, this evening, Mars in Virgo squares off against Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect can make everything feel like it has come to a dead stop, with you trapped in an uncomfortable place with little way out. Instead of bashing your head against a barricaded fire door today, spend your energy working out the next logical steps from here. You'll need these plans in a day or two, when things start to flow again. Sometimes “being productive” can mean getting organized and creating a game plan.

Your productivity is likely to take another hit on Saturday, when the Pisces Moon is in opposition to Jupiter in Virgo. Your mind may wander to more pleasant pastures when you are trying to get anything accomplished. Face it: Your heart just isn’t in it today, no matter how analytically or systematically you try to work. Give in to the temptation to be lazy. Curl up with a good book or dabble in a no-deadlines creative project, Even a good nap will be more productive than trying to work.

Sunday evening brings us the Full Moon in Aries, as well as a Total Lunar Eclipse (visible in parts of the Eastern US). Full Moons always challenge us to find balance between two polarities in our lives. This one asks you to find balance between obstinately sticking to your own opinions and values and bowing to others’ just for the sake of peace. As eclipses intensify a Full Moon’s energies, failing to find this balance can spell trouble, especially for those with birthdays on or near the 27th.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, September 14 2015

Astrology trends for the week of September 14

You'll have to drag yourself into your work week on Monday, when the Libra Moon is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. This is an aspect that will leave you in a dreamy state of mind, thinking of a stroll through a beautiful garden with a loved one or creating your perfect home sanctuary. Try to remember that you need to work to provide for yourself and your loved ones. Or, if partnering is your preoccupation, then focus on your business partnerships. Neptune in Pisces can also spur your creative impulses, and this creative energy can be put to good use today supporting your business or home relationships.

Tuesday brings the Libra Moon sextile to Venus in Leo. Your focus remains on relationships and partnerships, and now is a great time to show someone you love them with a grand gesture. Even a romantic email, out of the blue, will be just the thing to remind him or her you are thinking of them. Today would also be a great day to treat a business partner or contact to lunch, to make sure they know how important they have been to your success.

The Libra Moon is sextile to Mars in Leo on Wednesday, increasing your energy and creative impetus. Today will be a great day to dazzle your business partners with that big idea you’ve had knocking around in your head for a while. Make sure you can show you them you’ve done all of your homework, and that your ducks are in row. Be prepared for suggestions and constructive criticism. Cooperation and compromise will bring about the best result.

Thursday brings Jupiter in Virgo into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. When Jupiter and Neptune are in opposition, there is usually a clash between your hopes and dreams. This time, however, the critical eye of Virgo puts a different spin on things: Virgo’s energy will help you keep a realistic perspective, and you will be well aware of what is actually possible. So, allow this aspect to stir your dreams and inspire you to reach for them, while Virgo leads you to the best possible way to achieve them.

Thursday afternoon brings us the long awaited (dreaded?) beginning of the last Mercury Retrograde of the year. Avoid launching any projects during this time, but if you must start one, be ready for difficulties, delays, and obstacles. Also be aware of trouble in the areas ruled by Mercury: communications, technology, and travel. This Retrograde occurs in Libra, which can also mean your life in general seems out of balance during this time. You also may find that people don’t respond to your charms as much as they usually do. Now is a good time to rest and reflect, as well as to recharge your batteries, so you are ready to move when Mercury goes Direct in October (Mercury goes Direct on October 9th and the storm period ends on October 13th). Finally, Thursday evening, Saturn leaves Scorpio, after a three year tour, and enters Sagittarius. Getting things done while Saturn was in Scorpio could sometimes feel difficult and intense, like you were destined for a fight. While in Sagittarius, Saturn will have you more focused on the long haul with perseverance and stick-to-it-iveness the way to success. But it doesn’t have to feel like a long, painful slog. Sagittarius brings an air of adventure to all things. Your approach to tasks could be viewed as a road trip, with the reward at the end of a long ride. Success can be achieved, but it will take patience to get there. While Saturn is in Sagittarius, watch out for the tendency to be tactless in your words or to become too cynical; both will make success much more difficult.

Friday afternoon sees the Scorpio Moon square off against Mars in Leo. This aspect will leave you moody, edgy, and spoiling for a fight. You are likely to take any questions or criticisms as threats to your authority. Try to keep that hot-blooded temper in check or you will be making more trouble for yourself than you need.

Saturday afternoon sees another square, this time between the Sagittarius Moon and Jupiter in Virgo. Thankfully, it’s the weekend, because you aren’t going to be able to keep your mind on the tasks at hand, and you’re likely to want to give in to a lazy streak a mile wide. It’s okay, today, to take it easy and not take on any arduous tasks. Just be careful of overindulging or of spending too much money: Your ability to make sound financial decision will be very poor today.

Sunday ends the weekn on a better note, when the Sagittarius Moon is trine to Venus in Leo. This aspect leaves you affectionate, light of heart, and ready to seek out all things beautiful. Today would be a great day to share an adventure with a special person. Pack a sumptuous lunch to share and head out into nature or some other beautiful spot to spend an enjoyable afternoon with someone you love.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, September 6 2015

Astrology trends for the week of September 7

The week starts on an optimistic note, with the Cancer Moon sextile to Jupiter in Virgo early Monday morning. This aspect inspires you to get organized and working to benefit your home and loved ones. Your business abilities will be strong and your eye for detail will be impeccable. If you can keep your needy side in check, today should be very productive for you.

The good energy keeps flowing for you on Tuesday, with an afternoon trine of Mars in Leo and Uranus in Aries. This is the only trine of these two planets in 2015, and it will have a powerful punch, stirring your creative genius and giving you the ability to self-motivate in a big way. This aspect especially lends itself to innovation in technology. So, if you’ve got the ideas to become the next Bill Gates, get those plans out. Even if you’re not of the inventive sort, now is a great time to adopt new apps or gadgets that will help move your plans forward.

Things get a bit more difficult on Wednesday when Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. Your ability to see all sides and weigh every pro and con before making a decision may lead you astray today. Even when you think you have all the facts, your reasoning is likely to be a bit faulty, and lead you to conclusions that might not be to your benefit in the long run. Rushing into commitments may create long term negative consequences. Give it a few days until your thinking is likely to be a bit more reliable. Also, today Mercury enters its Storm period, prior to moving Retrograde on September 17th. Now is not the best time to launch new projects, but instead use this period to take care of those lingering issues, especially in the areas of communication, technology, and travel, that you’ve neglected on your To Do list. You know these areas get very problematic when Mercury goes Retrograde, especially if you leave undone those things that you know need tending.

On Thursday morning, the Leo Moon moves into conjunction with Venus. Resist the urge you may have to go over the top with seeking Leo’s Drama in your love life and instead take in a show or enjoy an artistic activity with a loved one. This is a good day to express your feelings in a big romantic gesture, but aim for the response to be appreciative and cuddly instead of one of shrieks and tears of joy. There will be plenty of sparks of love and passion to satisfy your need for drama without trying to create a rollercoaster ride.

On Friday, the Moon and Jupiter pair up in Virgo, highlighting your eye for detail and ability to sole problems. Under this aspect you can expect to feel the need to take on new challenges or just to make a change in your life. Now is a great time to get yourself organized and to take a critical eye to a disordered portion of your life. But be careful of the tendency to become too picky or critical. There is a difference between troubleshooting and just finding fault.

The Sun in Virgo is quincunx to Uranus in Aries on Saturday afternoon. This aspect can cause some nervous tension, making you want to act out unpredictably and rashly. This can cause trouble for relationships, so try to check that impulse. If your critical eye sees trouble today, try to be inventive in your approach to solving the problems. Lead by setting an inspired example, not just finding fault in others.

Sunday brings us the New Moon in Virgo. New Moons usually represent a time of growth and productivity. This month’s New Moon will be more problematic, as we have already entered the Storm period of the coming Mercury Retrograde, as well as the occurrence of a partial Solar Eclipse today. This eclipse will tend to add stress to this time, especially in the areas ruled by Virgo. So, watch out for your health and try to avoid stress in your work. Instead of launching projects now, wait until at least next week to do so. Better yet, in deference to the approaching Mercury Retrograde, organize yourself, making lists and doing research or other support work needed for these projects, to be ready to hit the ground running at a more fortuitous time.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, August 30 2015

Astrology trends for the week of August 31

The week starts with reality potentially getting lost in the fog. On Monday, the Sun in Virgo will be in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect will heighten your emotional sensitivity and intuition, but it also means facts and truth tend to be obscured. Virgo will inspire you to make lists and scrutinize all the details, but, with Neptune’s influence, you are very likely to be missing some important piece of the puzzle. It’s best to put off any important decisions for a couple of days.

Tuesday sees a meetup of Venus and Mars in Leo. This pairing heightens your sex drive, without a doubt, but the fact that Venus is still Retrograde means this may not turn out the way you’d like. The likelihood for drama is high, and self-indulgence could turn into selfishness or self-pity in a minute. Proceed with extreme caution, especially if your love life has been repeating some unhealthy patterns lately. In fact, today would be put to best use by thinking seriously about what you want out of your romantic and sex life and figuring out what you need to change to get you there.

Wednesday, an early afternoon trine of the Taurus Moon and Jupiter in Virgo will have you feeling good as well as self-confident. Your common sense has you well prepared and heading toward success. You have the confidence you need to make steady progress, taking one sure step at a time, to get you to your goals.

Thursday night, Mercury in Libra is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces, putting you at risk of being deceived or falling victim to fuzzy thinking. Taking a balanced, unemotional approach will help you through a thorny situation today. Stay especially on guard against convincing yourself that your opinion, no matter how well reasoned, is the same as fact. Such thinking will lead you far from where you need to be.

A crisis of confidence will make Friday morning a tricky time for you, as the Taurus Moon moves into opposition to Saturn in Scorpio. Change, even in the form of progress, is going to be the last thing you think you want today. You can accept it is going to happen and manage it to the best of your abilities, or you can deny it and be forced along the path, digging your heels in and being dragged along against your will. Yes, change will undoubtedly leave you feeling awkward and a bit out of your element, but it’s better to lead yourself along the journey, maintaining some semblance of controlling your own fate, than to leave yourself to the manipulation of others.

Saturday's trine of the Sun in Virgo and Pluto in Pisces will help you find that hidden reserve of strength you need to find your way through the troubles that you’ve been facing, or avoiding facing. It is time to address the issues that have been boiling under the surface while you’ve been taking care of other things, such as the simple task of getting through the day. But, with this aspect to shore up your resolve, you can now address these simmering difficulties. Once you do, new growth and advancement will be yours for the taking.

Venus finally ends its Retrograde journey and begins building forward momentum on Sunday morning. If you’ve put relationships on hold for the past few weeks, now is the time to start stoking those romantic fires once more. You can now safely set a wedding or commitment date, without asking for a heap of relationship trouble. If you’ve been waiting for the time to be right to act on that crush, now is your time, and, since Venus is still in Leo, make sure you do it with flair!

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Saturday, August 22 2015

Astrology trends for the week of August 24

The week starts on a great note, with an early Monday morning trine of the Sagittarius Moon and Uranus in Aries. This aspect can help you start the adventure of a lifetime and put long-cherished ideas into action, if you are willing to learn and to check any tendencies toward excess, including emotional excess.

If that adventure is business-oriented, the good juju keeps flowing on Tuesday, with the Capricorn Moon and Jupiter in Virgo. This trine is all about business opportunity, and your common sense and analytical mind will be the key to your success. Be sure to keep yourself organized: Checklists and writing everything down will help you stay on the path.

Mercury in Virgo is sextile to Saturn in Scorpio on Wednesday around noon. This aspect keeps you rooted in the world of facts. No flights of fancy for you- Time to buckle down and do the work you need to in order to get where you want to go. Your ability to motivate others to help you get there will be enhanced as well, but don’t think this is your opportunity to sit back and make others do all the heavy lifting. You will be leading through the example of diligent work and smart delegating. The good luck available in the beginning of the week keeps flowing on Wednesday evening, when the Sun and Jupiter make their annual meet-up, this year in Virgo. Virgo continues to focus the light on opportunities in business, organizing, and helping others in sticky situations. The good fortune you’ve been enjoying so for this week is ready to be spread around, and this is your chance to get things moving in the direction you want them to go.

Close to midday on Thursday, Mercury leaves dutiful and helpful Virgo for courteous and sedate Libra, where it will remain for an extended ten weeks, thanks to a Retrograde later in September. Libra’s primary goal is to evaluate the world by thoroughly understanding all sides of the issue, weighing the pros and cons before forming any opinion. And while Libra helps us to be shrewd and intelligent, it also puts us at risk of over-intellectualizing, getting bogged down trying to see all sides, almost fearing to make up our minds about anything. Libra also encourages us to avoid controversy at all costs. The upside of this is that negotiations go smoothly. Our communications become much more civil and courteous, and we are willing to listen to the opinions of all. The downside is that all of the courteousness may have us agreeing to or saying things that we really don’t agree with just to avoid controversy. Libra can even bring out a lazy streak in us. You will do best, during this time, to find an intellectual partner who can help funnel your energy, or at least kick you in the tush when you get stuck the rut of overthinking.

All the good luck and optimism of the early week hits its first real speedbump on Friday, just after midnight, when the Aquarius Moon moves into opposition with Mars in Leo. The demands of work are going to be a challenge today, when all you really want to do is hit the road, Jack Kerouac style, to experience the life of freedom and true self-expression. Unless you want to find yourself a Rebel without a Job, watch what you say, keep it polite with your boss and your coworkers, and do your best to not be a pushy, self-centered jerk. The weekend is coming, and you can spout off on your own time, when your employment isn’t likely to be at risk.

You will still need to keep your combative, touchy side in check on Saturday morning, when Mars in Aries is quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. Change is going to happen, and you can fight it kicking and screaming, and ending up where you don’t want to be. Or, you can approach change as opportunity: Even what seems like a disaster can be a chance to clear the decks of what is no longer productive in your life, so that you can be ready to embrace your future and the new opportunities coming your way. This takes courage and confidence, and that is what is required from you to make the most of this day. Saturday also brings us the Full Moon, indicating that your projects for this Moon Cycle should now be coming to fruition and you should be working to finalize any lingering issues. Full Moons are also about finding balance between polarities. This month, it is about finding the balance between your emotional, intuitive, and spiritual side (the Pisces Moon) and your analytical, just-the-facts, business-oriented side. A happy balance, here, will maximize your potential for growth in all areas of your life.

Sunday promises to become an emotional day, when the Pisces Moon moves into conjunction with Chiron. The urge to practice some sort of escapism will be high, because, with Chiron Retrograde, there is no avoiding the emotional turmoil in your life. Drugs, alcohol, or any kind of addiction are the risk today. If the emotional nature of today gets to be more than you can handle, try to take a break from it in a more constructive way: Meditate, nap (but try to pay attention to those dreams, they are likely to be important today), or pour your emotions into a creative project. Today would also be a very good day to seek counseling or intervention for the addictions present in your life. Escaping may feel good for a short period of time, but the costs are much too high in the long run: Seek the help you need to face your life head on, and nothing will be able to hold you back!

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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