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Monday, July 18 2016

Stone meditation: Astrophyllite

What is it?

Astrophyllite is a very rare mineral that forms as soft and delicate collections of radiating bladed crystals. Its name comes from the Greek words for star (astron) and leaf (phyllon). The crystals have a mild metallic sheen to their appearance and are generally brown to light golden in color. As the mineral is so fragile, it is generally left within the surrounding felsic rock. Cut and polished, it gives the appearance of fireworks against a night sky. Other than en cabochon, astrophyllite is rarely used for jewelry, and the mineral has no other industrial application. Garnets and micas often occur with it. has been found in Quebec, Colorado, Greenland, Norway, and Russia.

What can it do for you?

Astrophyllite helps us to release negative thoughts and patterns, giving us the ability to forgive and accept ourselves on a deeply personal level. It is a stone that helps us to find our soul’s purpose in this life, allowing us to pursue a path to our highest potential. It can spur us to great spiritual growth. Astrophyllite aids us in astral projection, helping us to be momentarily free of our physical bodies, even while strengthening our spirit’s connection to the physical body. This is a stone that can open channels of communication, especially with spirit beings. Astrophyllite is gently grounding and protective, and helps its bearer find a calm state of mind.

What can it teach us?

Astrophyllite teaches us that it is okay to be weak at times. Like the fragile astrophyllite blades, if left unprotected we can be hurt or even crushed. With the support of others, we are strong. When you feel weak in the face of troubles, find your “rocks,” those people in your community who will raise you up. You don’t have to face your troubles alone. Sometimes, the mightiest act is to reach out for a helping, supportive hand.

Reader Spotlight: Ron

From an early age, Ron knew he wanted to help people. In high school, he decided he wanted to be a counselor. He studied psychology in his efforts to be of service, but found that this wasn’t the way he could be of most help to others. “I have always been psychic, and I had pursued it as kind of a hobby. However, several years ago the spirits started to push me into taking it more seriously. So I started taking classes. Now I find that I really like serving people with my psychic gifts. I feel that now I am better able to serve as a counselor by combining my psychic gifts with what I have learned from psychology.”

Ron investigated many ways of using his psychic gifts, taking classes from a variety of teachers. “The last few years I have been studying in Ferndale under Terry Ryan,” a Spiritualist minister from the renowned Camp Chesterfield. As part of this Spiritualist training, Ron began using his gifts as a medium to give messages to members of the group. From there, he has expanded to offering his gifts to a wider clientele.

Primarily, Ron works as a medium, “bringing in messages from not only deceased loved ones but also the larger spirit world, including angels, ascended masters, guides, and more, depending what spirits want to communicate with the client and vice versa. However, I often look into the client's present and future life, usually at his or her request.” Ron describes doing this work as “an adventure,” for both his clients and himself. He never knows ahead of time what the spirit world will wish to communicate, or who will come across.

An important part of Ron’s work is that he wants his clients to always remember, no matter what the message they receive from Spirit conveys, they are in charge of their own lives. “I strive to give my clients messages from the spirit world with as minimal interpretation on my part as necessary to get the message across to the client. I can never have as much understanding about a situation as the client does, so I feel it is best that the client uses the information from Spirit to make his or her own decisions.” Free will is always an important part of the story: “Spirits may have a broader view than we do, and may see better where the path you are on is leading. However, free will means that the future is not written in stone. The message may be intended to give you an opportunity to avoid potential problems or embrace desired opportunities.”

Ron has enjoyed the environment and people he has met through Michigan Psychic Fair, and looks forward to offering his gifts to many more through these events.

Contact us at Michigan Psychic Fair for a current schedule or more information about the fairs, and to inquire about Ron's appearances. For more information about Ron, or to schedule a private or group session, contact him at 248-377-9909.

Sunday, July 17 2016

Astrology trends for the week of July 18

On Monday evening, Pluto and the Moon move into conjunction in Capricorn. This pairing warns that emotions that have been kept bottled up for the sake of business are likely to boil over today, especially as you are faced with unexpected changes to the established plan. Do your best to keep a handle on the emotional outbreaks. I’m not saying don’t express yourself- do it in a constructive way. Impulsively and aggressively acting out will cost you, and the price will be steep.

Early on Tuesday morning, Mercury in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius, making today a great day to address your team to motivate them to tackle the tasks in front of them. Your enthusiasm for the project will be catching, and you’ll know just what to say to get them as eager as you are to get the job done right. Midday brings a warning similar to Monday’s, when the Moon in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries. Keep your temperamental side under tight control, as Uranus is likely to bring unexpected changes of direction and focus for you. If you give in to anxiety or changeable moods, these alterations to your plans are going to make it very difficult to get the work you need done. Later, Mercury in Leo is quincunx Neptune in Pisces, further making it difficult to concentrate. Be careful of trying to fool others into thinking you are on top of your game, too: Any deception today could have negative consequences for you. Better to admit that your focus is lacking than to have them think that your less-than-razor-sharp attention to detail is the best you have to offer. Luckily, Tuesday also brings us the Full Moon in Capricorn, which should have a steadying influence on us during this roller coaster of a day, as well as in the days ahead.

Your sparkling personality will win the day on Wednesday, when Venus in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius. Today, your eloquence and your engaging way with people will enable you to build the business relationships that will bring you the success you seek. Don’t expect these to be relationships that shower you with gifts and depart. These are the people who will stand by you as you work toward realizing your long term goals.

Venus brings difficulties on Thursday, when it is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect is likely to put your head in the clouds, leaving you vulnerable to schemers. These people are most likely to win their way into your confidence through flattery or through your own sense of generosity. So, do your best to keep on your toes, especially with anyone who tries to butter you up.

When Mercury in Leo is quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn on Friday morning, it will require your flexibility of mind, as well as sound reasoning, as you work though changing circumstances. The challenge will be patience, as rushing into taking action at the first sign of trouble will likely make things worse than doing nothing at all. Wait until you’ve received all the new information today offers before making your plan of action. Also Friday, the Sun enters its home territory of Leo for the next month. Creativity and energy are on the increase under this sign. Even those who tend to hide in the shadows are likely to seek some time in the spotlight. During this time, you will feel the courage to be more outspoken, more passionate, and more enthusiastic, as well as to seek the affection you crave. Just be careful of courting too much drama in your life, and do your best to control the fiery fits of temper that tend to flare under Leo’s watch.

Saturday afternoon sees the Pisces Moon move into opposition of Jupiter in Virgo. This is an aspect that begs you to play it safe and avoid risky ventures, as judgment is questionable under this influence. Luckily, the Pisces Moon will leave you more in the mood to indulge in a good nap, to meditate, or even enjoy getting to the bottom of a bottle of wine, than to try to build your financial empire in one afternoon. This is a great afternoon to take the Moon up on her escapist suggestions.

Venus in Leo is quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday night. As with several days this week, now is another in which to resist any fits of passion that might be brewing in your heart. Letting your emotions run wild, especially the darker feelings of jealousy and possessiveness, will result in long term damage to your most important relationships. If you must indulge any portion of Leo’s fiery nature today, let it be the affectionate and generous side, rather than the melodramatic, demanding, and attention-seeking side. The dramatic nature of the Lion is hard to resist, but you cannot afford any melodrama today. I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, July 11 2016

Stone meditation: Fluorite

What is it?

Fluorite is known as the most colorful stone in the mineralogical world. Colorless in its purest form, it gains its reputation from the inclusion of mineral impurities. With these, it can come in any color in the spectrum, though purple, green, yellow, and blue are the most commonly occurring colors. Fluorite forms in cubic and octahedral habits. Its perfect cleavage creates some spectacular fragments. Fluorite often contains impurities that cause it to fluoresce under black light, so much so, in fact, that the stone has lent its name to the process. In addition to lapidary use, this mineral has several industrial uses. It is a primary source of fluoride. It is used as flux to reduce the melting temperature of iron ore in the production of steel. A purer grade is used heavily in optics, especially for telescopes, microscopes, and camera lenses.

What can it do for you?

Fluorite is used to increase and focus psychic and intuitive abilities. It helps to strengthen mental powers by helping us clear out the clutter that fills our minds and can inhibit clear thinking. Fluorite aids learning and information retention by helping the mind focus on the subject matter at hand, instead of jumping from random thought to random thought. It helps to ground and balance spiritual energies and can, therefore, be protective while doing spiritual work. The different colors of fluorite also contribute specific energies: Green fluorite aids in healing, especially healing in which a disordered psyche may be contributing to the illness. Clear fluorite is good for purification and banishing chaos. Purple fluorite helps us contact the spirit realm, aids in opening the third eye, and enhances common sense. Pink and lavender fluorite increase goodwill towards others, as well as aid us in expressing emotions that may have been repressed. Yellow fluorite helps us understand the practical implications of our intuitions, and brings a positive energy to all spiritual endeavors. Blue fluorite can aid spiritual awakenings and brings balance to our emotions.

What can it teach us?

Fluorite teaches us that beauty is in the imperfections. The gorgeous colors that give fluorite its aesthetic appeal come from the mineral impurities trapped within the stone. We've been told that science has decided that physical beauty is all about the symmetry of features, i.e., the more symmetrical a person’s face, the more beautiful they are. Yet, if a composite is made of half a face and its mirrored image, making the face perfectly symmetrical, most people find the result less attractive- bland, definitely, possibly even odd. Thus, beauty, even judged in strictly surface-level traits, requires some imperfections, some irregularity. And, if we dig beneath the surface, that couldn’t be more true: How unattractive would be a person who is always happy, never ruffled, never passionate to the point of tears, never needing to challenge oneself, or reach for new heights? No, it is our less-than-perfectness that gives us interest, that gives us our very human-ness, really. And that is where our individual beauty lies: Handling difficulties with grace, overcoming personal shortcomings, learning from our mistake, caring so deeply one is willing to take a risk or be seen as a fool, these things reveal that we are each far from perfect, but they also reveal the true beauty of our souls.

Friday, July 8 2016

Astrology trends for the week of July 11

I know you are chomping at the bit to get this week off to a great start, but an early Monday morning square of Mercury in Cancer and Uranus in Aries says maybe you should try to cool your jets a bit. Rushing into action under this aspect is likely to result in some wasted energy, as an unanticipated hiccup may change the scope of your project. Do your best to get input from your team, instead of assuming you know better, before you act.

Very early on Tuesday morning, Venus leaves the sensitive and quiet realm of Cancer for the dramatic and flamboyant stage of Leo. Under this influence, we are at our most charming and social. Of course, “social” now means we want an audience who is willing to appreciate our bad-assed selves. That’s not to say we are unwilling to be generous in appreciating other bad-asses back. We can also be quite generous in our affections. We'll just demand devotion and lots of attention in return. Leo can bring out our more self-indulgent and pleasure-seeking sides, but we are also more willing to make sacrifices for our loved ones, as well. If you can manage to keep your inner Drama Queen in check, the next month can be plenty of fun.

The drama continues to build on Wednesday night, as Mercury, too, moves into Leo. You will find your flair for eloquence heightened under this influence, and your ability to manage people at an all-time high. Your enthusiasm for your projects, passions, pastimes, and ideals will be infectious, getting everyone, yourself including, completely caught up in what you are working on. But we are also more likely, over these three weeks, to be boastful and arrogant, and display a fiery temper when we feel things aren’t going our way. Luckily, those fires tend to cool quickly, and our good humor is readily at hand to soothe the feelings of others we may have scorched. Again, while “drama” may be the catch-word of Leo, we can do our best to resist turning that into “melodrama.”

On Thursday, Mars in Scorpio is quincunx to Uranus in Aries. This aspect challenges us to find the fine line between self-confidence and being overly forceful. This aspect tends to make us want to throw off all bonds of restraint and conventionality, but this is not the time to go your own way solely for the sake of proving you can. If you give in to this urge, things will not turn out as you intend. Instead, use your quick and original mind to use the best method for getting things done, even if it is the boringly tried-and-true. Use that creativity and inventiveness when, and only when, it is actually called for. Don’t worry: You will be appreciated for getting the work done, not for the daring and new way you did it. In other words- today, it is the results that count.

When the Sagittarius Moon trines Venus in Leo on Friday afternoon, be ready to step into the spotlight: Your engaging manners and charming personality will guarantee you success today, whether it is in a business context or on the social scene. This is not the time to ratchet up the drama or try too hard to impress. Just let your natural eloquence and wisdom take center stage, and you will do just fine.

Saturday gets off to a rocky start, when the Sun in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries. Expect something to come up that will rattle you emotionally. This “something” likely relates to a bold or risky maneuver you’ve recently taken without thinking through all the possible outcomes. However, there is a silver lining to the day, as the same Sun trines Mars in Scorpio on Saturday night. This aspect will leave you with the courage, creativity, and strength of purpose to work the situation through to, ultimately, a better result than you were expecting even before today’s shake up. The real trick to making today work for you is to keep your emotions in check, especially your anger and fear and your desire hide under the covers and cry until it all blows over, while you work out the kinks and set things right.

Sunday morning sees the Sagittarius Moon trine to Uranus in Aries. After yesterday’s emotional storms, this is just the fresh wind we need: The future is full of potential and we are just in the right frame of mind to embrace it. Expect new opportunity to come your way. It may require you to act with spontaneity to take full advantage of this opportunity, so be ready to act when the chance comes.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, July 4 2016

Stone meditation: Aura quartz

What is it?

Aura quartz crystals start their lives as simple quartz. When they are exposed to the vapor of precious metals so that the metals cover the exterior of the crystal, they take on an iridescent sheen. This can be done in a vacuum under high heat or at a neutral temperature via electrostatic charge. Metals commonly used include silver, gold, titanium, bismuth, platinum, copper, and niobium. The combination of metals determines the color produced. Nickel, for instance, gives the crystals a green hue, and platinum creates an opalescent effect.

What can it do for you?

Aura crystals combine the energy of the crystal with the metals bonded to it. Thus, they offer powerful healing energy to all levels of our being: physical, emotional, and spiritual. They help us to release negative emotions, aiding us in achieving joy and happiness. These crystals can also act as a conduit to connect with Spirit, guides, and angels. They even help us connect with others on this plane. Aura crystals can imbue us with a sense of tranquility and wellbeing, as well as self-confidence and courage in the face of difficulties The colors that the different metals create also lend their own vibrations to the stone. Green aura crystals, for example, will be more strongly helpful with physical healing, purple will be more in tune with spiritual matters.

What can it teach us?

Aura crystals teach us that there is power when we combine forces. Metaphysical practitioners often avoid working with stones that have been enhanced by humans but many find aura crystals to be an exception to this rule. For them, combining a crystal with precious metals makes a more powerful tool than any of them would be alone. Like these stones, when we combine our skills with those of another, we can become a more intense power to be reckoned with than if we were to work alone, even if we each worked on the problem at the same time but independently.

Friday, July 1 2016

Astrology trends for the week of July 4

The New Moon on Monday morning marks the best starting point for this month’s projects. The Moon in Cancer means that your best bet is to concentrate on plans that pertain to home, family, and domestic concerns. Late in the evening, Mercury in Cancer is quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect will challenge you to find the balance between being swayed from the work you need to do by the pressures of others, and becoming a nose-to-the-grindstone disciplinarian. It’s okay to take the occasional break, but the work has to get done, too. But isolating yourself by being too rigid, too business-oriented, will also mean you have no support network for when your projects need a helping hand. A few minutes “wasted” being human with coworkers will actually be beneficial to your productivity in the long run.

Mercury finds itself in a better aspect on Tuesday morning when it trines Neptune in Pisces. Instead of feeling like a distraction from the task at hand, your coworkers will be the source of new ideas and methods that will inspire your own creativity and imagination. A creative approach to your work will help move your projects along nicely.

Shortly before “quitting time” on Wednesday, Venus in Cancer trines Mars in Scorpio. This is an aspect that will definitely stir your passions. Scorpio playing a key role gives a darkly sexy feeling to this evening. Tonight would be an excellent time to indulge in the game of seduction with the one you’ve been longing for. Just before midnight, the Sun and Mercury move into conjunction in Cancer. As this is a “superior” conjunction (meaning that the Sun is closer to us than Mercury), this pairing offers us the chance to get some perspective on our life, especially the parts of it that relate to our feelings of emotional and domestic security, as well as those things that cause us to feel irrationally fearful.

Thursday sees Pluto in Capricorn opposing both the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, setting up the day to feel like a painful power struggle. Be careful that you don’t let an emotional response to suggestions or constructive criticism get you in trouble with your superiors. And remember, everyone else will be feeling the effects of this prickly aspect, as well. Their emotional response is best met with calm courtesy, today. There is no need for you to fan the flames of this war for power further, as the consequences of doing so may be catastrophic for your continuing financial security. A late night square of Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Aries encourages the same careful approach to your love life. Hasty actions are likely to result in broken hearts. Starting a sexual relationship now, is likely to have unintended and unpleasant consequences.

Venus is better situated on Friday morning when it trines Chiron in Pisces. This aspect encourages feelings of safety and security in romantic relationships. Now may be your best moment to express how you feel about your chosen partner, enabling you both to solidify your standing, perhaps even going to the next step of commitment. A bit later in the morning, Mercury in Cancer is sextile to Jupiter in Virgo. This aspect highlights your common sense, as well as your intuitive ability to read and tailor your message to be best received by your audience. If Thursday left you feeling like you had swallowed your arguments in support of your projects, today is your chance to present these ideas to your team in a way that is most likely to get them on board.

Saturday morning brings the Virgo Moon into conjunction with Jupiter. If you’ve been feeling the need to take on new challenges, now is the time. Your discriminating and detail-oriented mind will find the best way to employ your energies to bring about a brighter, or at least more interesting, future.

The Sun and Jupiter are sextile early on Sunday morning. This is an aspect that can bring you good luck, good fortune, and good judgment, but it will also require you to keep an even keel, emotionally, and use good judgment. The week comes to a close on Sunday night with Mercury in Cancer trine to Mars in Scorpio. This will activate your mind and leave you enthusiastic to embrace the week about to begin.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, June 26 2016

Astrology trends for the week of June 27

This week opens with Chiron going Retrograde, shortly after 7am on Monday. This planetoid represents a shamanic healer, one who brings us life lessons and forces us to face our inner emotional turmoil in order to heal and move forward. When Retrograde, these energies are not negated, but instead intensified, like a powerful call to action. If you’ve been ignoring your emotional health, expect Chiron to force you to deal with it, by dragging those festering emotional wounds to the surface. From now until Chiron goes Direct on November 1st, you will be unable to avoid examining your emotional health.

Later in the morning, Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. This is an aspect that will stir your creative fires, pushing you toward artistic expression. As this aspect often leaves us needing someone to provide direction for these creative urges, I would like to encourage you to direct your artistic work towards expressing some of those things you have felt too vulnerable to state openly. Our Retrograde teacher will surely reward such work with some important epiphanies.

Tuesday evening, the Aries Moon moves into conjunction with Uranus. This is an aspect that is likely to find you chafing under any restraints that have lately been placed upon you. Unfortunately, if you push too hard against these restrictions, you are likely to find some unexpected difficulties come up. For now, try to go with the flow. You can always go your own way at a later time when it will cause less turmoil. If you absolutely must break free of the limitations that constrain you, make sure you do so diplomatically, politely, and with grace, and be ready to spend some time soothing others’ ruffled feathers before you are really free of these obligations.

Early Wednesday, evening, Mercury enters Cancer. This is a time when our thoughts and words become much more emotionally driven. We are extremely sensitive to what others think of us, and we are more able to adapt outwardly ourselves to gain their approval, even while cling stubbornly to our own ideas. This can leave us in the awkward position on feeling one way, while acting another. While this can appear two-faced, it really is a defense mechanism, used to protect our heightened emotional sensitivities during this time. Now, we tend to process the world-at-large through our personal experience and feelings. Unfortunately, this is also a time in which our fears and phobias can come to the forefront (not that we’d let anyone else know that). Even while we are working so hard to hide and protect our own emotionally squishy centers, the good news is that we truly are more sensitive to those around us, and tend to be more adept at helping others to feel comforted and safe.

Later this evening, Mars ends its ten week Retrograde, finally going Direct. Energy levels will now begin to return to normal, and you will likely find it much easier to begin projects, as the feeling of personal inertia fades. Mars will remain in secretive and sensitive Scorpio until August, so your get-up-and-go will continue to be more subtle than at other times. Also, with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, and Mars in Scorpio, there will be a great deal of sensitive, emotional energy in our lives. The downside is that we may feel very vulnerable. The upside is that our ability to read others, emotionally, is at an all-time high.

Venus in Cancer faces off against Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday night. This is an aspect under which the uglier side of our emotions can damage our relationships. Jealousy, obsession, and possessiveness can cause unendurable strain on both romances and friendships. Now is the time to tread lightly with those we care about, and do what we can to keep our green-eyed monsters in check.

Venus finds a better aspect on Friday afternoon when it is sextile to Jupiter in Virgo. This is a fortunate aspect for love, business success, and financial gain, but, here, you are required to put in the work to gain this good fortune: Show your partner you love them, put that strong business plan into action, never fear to work up a sweat as you strive for your financial goals, and the rewards will be there.

On Saturday morning, the Sun in Cancer is quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. Today’s challenge will be to put aside your fears of failure and your feelings of inadequacy, so that you are not thrown off your game at the first sign of difficulty. Instead, you must focus your energies to work your way through obstacles, enabling you to see your dreams through to fruition. Success can be gained, but it takes a long and concerted effort, one that cannot be thwarted even when the going gets tricky.

Sunday gives you another chance at creative self-expression, as the Sun in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. Once again, this artistic drive can help give voice to your feelings, even when you don’t feel secure enough to say those things that need to be said in a direct way. If you got your artistic needs met on Monday, I would recommend reconnecting with family (the one you chose or the one you were born into) by spending some time in the sun by the water. A beach- or dockside picnic may be just the thing to leave you feeling loved and secure in your family ties.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, June 20 2016

Stone meditation: Selenite

What is it?

Selenite is one of the four very different crystal formations of gypsum, the others being satin spar, desert roses, and gypsum flowers. The word selenite comes from the Greek "selenites," meaning “stone of the moon.” Gypsum is the most commonly occurring of the sulfate minerals and can be found throughout the world, though the crystal forms of selenite are less common. All varieties of selenite are very soft, rating a 2 on the Mohs scale, and are easy to identify as they are easily scratched with a fingernail. This mineral can come in a variety of colors, including grey, green, brown, red, orange, pink, and yellow, but is most commonly clear to pearly white or sand colored. In all of its crystal structures, selenite is slightly bendable, though it will break if it is put under too much strain. Selenite is slightly water soluble, and will pit and mar, or even dissolve altogether, when exposed to moisture.

What can it do for you?

Selenite is a strongly healing and balancing stone. It helps to remove energy blockages throughout one’s physical and mental being. One can use the a wand-shaped crystal to brush away negative energies around the body. After an extended illness, one can bathe with selenite (though it will dissolve with repeated use), which will help remove the energetic garbage that illness can collect in the auric field. This unwanted energetic “junk” will literally wash down the drain. Selenite can aid one in finding clarity of mind, especially when used as a focus for meditation. It can also open us up to spiritual growth and can aid in connecting with spirit guides and angels, as well as strengthen one’s intuition and psychic abilities. Selenite promotes mental flexibility and an open and honest approach to all things.

What can it teach us?

Selenite teaches us the value of flexibility. While under pressures that would break other crystalline minerals, selenite crystals begin to bend. The lesson for us is that being rigid, unyielding to others as well as new experiences, can keep us from discovering new and beautiful things about ourselves. Of course, both we and selenite have our limits: Ask either of us to bend too much, and we will break. It is good to understand our limits, but still be open to compromise and going with the flow.

Saturday, June 18 2016

Astrology trends for the week of June 20

Be ready for a busy day, astrologically speaking, on Monday. First up is the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is the time when your projects for this Moon Cycle are coming to fruition. Monday is also the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, when the forces of light are at their strongest. This is also the first time in 50 years that the June Solstice occurs during a Full Moon.

Summer officially begins at 6:34 PM. A few hours later, Mercury in Gemini moves into opposition of Saturn in Sagittarius. Shortly after that, Mercury squares off against Neptune in Pisces. A Mercurial mind may sabotage your long-term plans today. When the sun is shining and the flowers are in bloom, it can be quite difficult to put in the hours of hard work that propel us toward our goals, and getting your mind to focus on what is in front of you may feel impossible. Flitting from project to project, like a hummingbird looking for nectar, isn’t going to get you where you want to be. Definitely take some time to enjoy the season today, but balance that with getting some work done, too.

Finally, as Monday evening approaches, the Sun moves into the deeply emotional territory of Cancer. For the next month, we will find ourselves very sensitive, but we are likely to keep this hidden under a protective shell. We will be very influenced by the emotional vibe of our surroundings, responding deeply to kindness, sympathy, and approval and also equally sensitive to fear, harsh words, censure, and ridicule. One of the biggest dangers during this month is that we may keep these deeply felt reactions hidden from those around us. They won’t know when they are causing us pain, and if we lash out in reaction, they will have no idea why. We may keep it hidden when others cause us joy, as well. Making yourself impossible to read, emotionally, will put everyone in a difficult place.

Tuesday is a much less tricky day, as the Capricorn Moon trines Jupiter in Virgo. This is a day that will be good for your happiness, health, and bottom line. Of course, with Virgo and Capricorn involved, you may treat achieving health, wealth, and joy like it is a business venture, but sometimes finding your bliss is serious stuff!

Be careful on Wednesday evening, when Mercury in Gemini is square to Jupiter in Virgo. When Mercury is in Gemini, we can find ourselves being swayed by the latest bit of news we’ve heard, even if that news is only part of the story, or even completely untrue. This puts us at risk of falling for faulty reasoning. You may think you’ve found the opportunity to buy the goose that laid the golden egg and Jack’s magical beans at a bargain price, but it is much more likely that you are paying too much for a cranky old bird and some dried up beans. Best to keep your cash in your pocket and reach fame and glory through more conservative means, at least for a few days.

The same message is repeated on Thursday morning, when Mercury in Gemini is quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. This is another day in which your reasoning is a bit shaky. Snap judgments and rash actions will undoubtedly shake your world up in dramatically unpleasant ways. Instead, try to keep your mind open to new information as it comes in, allowing yourself to change tactics to get what you want, instead of abandoning the project at the first sign that it will require some hard work.

Friday morning brings us a trine of the Libra Moon and Mercury in Gemini. This aspect highlights your common sense and shrewdness. That desire for change and variety you’ve felt over the past few days can be put to good use today. As long as there is well-considered purpose behind your change, trying new methods or playing with new ideas can bring you benefits.

After a fairly challenging week, emotionally speaking, Saturday brings us a very welcome trine of the Pisces Moon and the Sun in Cancer. This aspect promises us a peaceful day with little strain on our sensitive souls. Today would be an excellent one in which to spend some time meditating, or even just communing with nature in the garden, whatever it takes to recharge your emotional batteries.

The week closes as astrologically busy as it opened. Sunday morning brings us a trine between Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Pisces. This is the second time this year that these two planets have trined, but it won't happen again until 2024. Both serve as a promise that the future is bright, in terms of increased opportunity for happiness and financial security. Later, Mercury in Gemini is quincunx to Mars in Scorpio. This is a reminder to not allow your ambitions and relentless drive toward success to turn you into a ruthless, fault-finding mercenary, willing to sacrifice others to your desire for success. Enthusiasm for your projects is great, but remember that all the money in the world is meaningless without people with whom you can enjoy your spoils. Shortly after, Mercury is sextile to Uranus, highlighting your originality and inventiveness, and this ability will be key in reaching your goals. But a late night quincunx of Venus in Cancer and Saturn Sagittarius once again reminds us not to sacrifice our humanity to reach those goals. Instead, a sensitive touch, handing out praise when earned, and being gentle in criticism can help you build a team that will support you as you reach for the stars.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, June 14 2016

Stone meditation: Lake Superior agate

What is it?

Lake Superior agate can be found in the upper Midwest, from Minnesota to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They were formed in air pockets that were found in the sea of lava that covered this region about a billion years ago. The pockets filled with concentric bands of fine-grained quartz which were stained by iron-rich materials, giving these agates their distinctive red, orange, and yellow coloring (white, brown, tan, and black bands can be found in Lake Superior agates, as well). Running water and chemical disintegration broke up the lava, and agates were washed out into the soil and Lake Superior. Many Lake Superior agates show distinct banding, often in fortification, waterline, or eye formations. Lake Superior agates are prized for their beauty and are collected for display specimens or cut and polished for use in jewelry.

What can it do for you?

Lake Superior agates are very protective stones and can help give a sense of personal power and courage. They can increase your confidence and strength of will. These agates also stimulate passion, sensuality, and fertility. They can help those who feel like their love has cooled to reconnect. Lake Superior agates can help to stoke one’s fires for living, reigniting your passion for life. Agates are closely related to the element of water and can help us to connect to its calming, life giving energy.

What can it teach us?

Lake Superior agate teaches us to not give up when we feel trapped or pinned in. There are periods in our lives in which we can see no way to move forward. We feel our route blocked in every direction we turn. This closed off pocket of reality may make us want to curl up into a ball and give up on the dea of progress. It’s okay to give into this feeling briefly, but then use the situation as a challenge to creatively find new solutions to your dilemma. What have you missed, what options haven’t you tired? Is it time to ask for someone else to give you a hand to break you out of this void? Or, what can you do to be your own “geologic event,” truly breaking new ground for yourself so that you can push forward?.

Monday, June 13 2016

Reader Spotlight: Ewa

Ewa (pronounced “Ehva”) has always been strongly intuitive and empathic. “I have been able to read people since grade school. As I got older, I began receiving premonitions and would tell the people who were in them what I saw. Usually, these premonitions were warnings specific to that person. I saw that this helped people. Helping people is what drew me to be a reader, and it brings me closer to God. I also enjoy connecting someone here to a loved one on the other side.”

As a natural intuitive, Ewa never had to be taught to read, but she did seek out mentors to help her better understand her gift. “These people helped me to understand that this ability is a gift, not a curse.” Two of Ewa’s mentors are faces that are familiar to Michigan Psychic Fair regulars: Carol Grace, “who helped me understand mediumship more accurately,” and Laura Moody, “who taught me the etiquette of doing readings.”

When sitting down for a session with a client, Ewa uses a combination of her gifts, such as mediumship, empathic and intuitive abilities, and clairvoyance/clairaudience, as well as photo reading. "When I read a person, I feel people’s energy and can read that. I see and hear things, and I feel what the client is feeling. I do not use any tools in my sessions. During all of my readings, I know that my client is protected by the love of God. I only tell people what I am instructed to tell them. I am just the messenger! I don't tell people what they want to hear. I tell them what they are supposed to be told. I have a few rules I establish before doing a reading:

1- I remove my opinions – They are not allowed in any reading.

2- I remove any ego of mine – Also not allowed in any reading.

3- Judgment is not allowed into any reading whatsoever!

4- All of my readings come from pure love and are the truth.

Of joining Michigan Psychic Fair, Ewa says, “Working with Michigan Psychic Fair has always been a dream of mine. The environment has wonderful energy- very positive, and full of love. The fair brings in wonderful clients and for this I am very thankful. The opportunities have been endless. The energy that is here is truly amazing. I have met very fascinating people.”

Contact us at Michigan Psychic Fair for a current schedule or more information about the fairs, and to inquire about Ewa's appearances.

Sunday, June 12 2016

Astrology trends for the week of June 13

Monday, shortly before midday, Venus in Gemini is quincunx to Mars in Scorpio. If you’ve been feeling the urge to cheat on your significant other, now is not the time. Staying committed while Venus is in Gemini is more challenging than usual, as we tend to feel there might be something better, or at least more exciting, around the corner. Under this aspect, acting impulsively on sexual urges is guaranteed to get you into dangerously deep waters, and secrets aren’t likely to stay hidden. If the spark has gone out of your relationship, it’s time to have a frank conversation with your partner. A solution to your dilemma can only be reached through open and honest discourse. And, who knows? Your partner might be as eager as you to creatively reignite those fires. You won’t know unless you talk about it.

Late in the afternoon, Neptune begins its annual Retrograde, which will last until mid-November. This is unlike the Retrograde of some other planets, as Neptune’s dreamy and mysterious influence isn’t reversed. It is, instead, intensified and turned inward while the planet moves backward. This is the time of year you are likely to find yourself more lost in your own thoughts. It is a good time to explore your deepest hidden thoughts and desires, as well as to further explore your spiritual, mystical side. One of the down sides is that, for those of us who are used to being front and center, we can now feel ourselves lost in the crowd, with our contributions going unappreciated. The inverse is also true: Those who usually work behind the scenes can find themselves getting the recognition they deserve while Neptune is retrograde. Due to this shifting spotlight, now is a good time for us to take stock of our productive and creative efforts, to value them outside of the kudos they may earn us, allowing us to understand the intrinsic value of our contribution to the world.

Tuesday may just be the day to try something new, as the stars are lining up to support us in breaking new ground. First up, the Sun in Gemini is sextile to Uranus in Aries, early this morning. This is an aspect that encourages us to put our most original plans into motion. It promises rewards for those who are willing to take the risk to see their ideas realized. Tuesday evening, the Sun trines the Libra Moon. This is an aspect that puts a positive light on relationships and partnerships. While this can mean that you find yourself suddenly socially in demand, it can also mean that you now can find the right people to help your newly begun plans succeed.

Early on Wednesday morning, it is the Sun’s turn to be quincunx to Mars in Scorpio. Unlike Tuesday, this is not the day to take risks. We are likely to be aware of our own power, which will lead us in to trouble, be it through headstrong, combative confrontations, or by taking rash and impulsive actions that make us our own worst enemy. Instead, today is a good day to move others through subtle diplomacy instead of force, and to show our leadership potential by steady work and flexibility.

The Scorpio Moon is sextile to Jupiter in Virgo on Thursday afternoon. My mother always used to tell me that, if I found something I truly loved, I would find a way to make a living from it. This aspect supports this idea. Do not expect that living to fall into your lap: It is guaranteed to take work, and lots of it. Thus, spend some time today to search your mind (and maybe the internet) to find the way to turn your passions into a living, and develop a step by step plan to make it happen.

On Friday afternoon, Venus enters Cancer, making things much trickier in our emotional life. In general, this is a very family-centered, nurturing time. Love, now, is often expressed by us in terms of providing material security, and we’d like the same given to us. Between now and July 12th, our need to know ourselves to be loved becomes pressing. The problem is that we will also feel the need to wrap our emotions in a protective outer shell. We want others to pursue us, to prove that they truly love us, without us ever letting them know we need this reassurance. This makes it very difficult for others to know what we actually need at any given moment. Watch out for passive-aggressive tendencies. In fact, spend some time over the next four weeks trying to find ways to nurture your sense of emotional security, instead of seeking it from others. Also, it is important that not expect our loved ones to understand that doing the grocery shopping is our way of saying, “I love you.” They, like us, are also likely to be swaddling themselves in a protective shell, which can cause subtle expressions of love fail to hit the mark. Try to speak up, both in terms of what you need and what you feel.

The Moon and Saturn pair up in Sagittarius on Saturday evening. This is a good time to turn your efforts toward your business affairs, as you will have an attentive and critical eye. However, this is an aspect that can drive such efforts to an extreme, bringing out the never satisfied perfectionist in you. Today, yes, you will want to get some productive work done, but make sure you also give yourself some time to breathe in some fresh air, clear your head in a garden, or even find a friend with whom you can goof off and laugh at the world. Finding the time to let go of your ever-critical self is important to your ability to produce good work in the long run.

Very early on Sunday morning, Mars in Scorpio is quincunx to Uranus in Aries. This is a day when we run the risk of self-confidence turning into over-confidence, leading us to trouble. You may feel sure of yourself and even more sure of what you know, but this can also mean you are shutting out some important information, or that you are operating on prejudices. If you rush forward, acting on this faulty information, you are likely to see an end to your plans. Instead, try to keep yourself open to new information, give yourself time to think things through calmly, then follow through with practical, not forceful, action. Uranus always means we should expect the unexpected. Today, we need to make sure we are receptive to these surprises and flexible enough to shift our own actions as they arise.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, June 6 2016

Stone meditation: Kyanite

What is it?

Kyanite is a metamorphic stone whose name is derived from the Greek “kuanos,” meaning deep blue. While blue is the most common color for this mineral, it can also be found green, black, colorless, and, very rarely, orange. It generally grows in bladed crystals, though it sometimes forms in radiating clusters. This mineral is most notable for its strong anisotropism- its hardness is different along its two axes. On the short axis, it rates a 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, on the long 4.5 to 5. Kyanite is also very heat resistant, and is therefore used in many industrial processes where this characteristic is important, such as in the porcelain found in spark plugs. It can also be used in industrial abrasives, as well as cut and polished for use as a semi-precious gemstone in jewelry.

What can it do for you?

Kyanite is most often used to aid in aligning the chakras and to facilitate physical healing. Kyanite helps us reevaluate the ideas of blind faith and karmic debt, allowing us to better understand our own role, via the choices we make, in the outcome of our actions. Blue kyanite calms the body and mind, and soothes fears. It can also help create a feeling of connection between people who otherwise feel unconnected, and help them work together. Black Kyanite is protective and can help us understand our personal power. Green kyanite increases creative powers. Kyanite, in general can help clear away unwanted energy, including energy collected by other gemstones as they have been used. Kyanite is able, unlike any other stone, to then self-cleanse itself, and will never need any additional cleansing.

What can it teach us?

Kyanite can teach us the value of flexibility and versatility. Like kyanite crystals, we are at times strong, at others less so. This is okay. Sometimes, being hard helps us make it through difficult or painful circumstances. But if we are always strong, hard, and unbending, we will undoubtedly miss out on making emotional connections with others. If we are softer, open to the influence of others, we can make emotional connections and find the love we want. But always being emotionally open leaves us unnecessarily vulnerable to others who don’t have our best interests at heart. The trick is to find the balance- to be strong when our survival requires it and to be open, when the time is right, to the emotional experiences that lead to satisfying connections to others.

Sunday, June 5 2016

Astrology trends for the week of June 6

You’re likely to start this week feeling a bit frisky, when the Sun and Venus move into conjunction in Gemini on Monday evening. This is a very good aspect under which to have a flirtatious, lighthearted fling, but bear in mind that Gemini’s influence probably means it won’t turn out to be a long-term thing. You’ll be ready to move on as soon as the New Relationship Energy begins to cool. If such an affair isn’t your thing, this is a good time for social gatherings, or even a money-making business venture.

Early on Tuesday morning, both the Sun and Venus are quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. This serves as an extra warning to keep things light and be honest about your intentions with any fling you’ve started. Possessiveness, jealousy, selfishness, or less than ethical behavior will result in some serious turmoil in your life. I’m a true advocate of the idea that consenting adults get to do what consenting adults want to do. But part of consenting is that all parties have to be fully aware of exactly what it is that they are agreeing to. If you can’t handle this rule, it would be best that you take a break from matters of the heart (or other bodily parts) to figure out what it is you truly want, and why it is you can’t be honest with everyone, including yourself, about it. And if your partner can’t play by those same rules, it is time to walk away.

Wednesday evening sees Mercury in Taurus sextile to Chiron in Pisces. Now is the time to talk it out and find some emotional resolution. If you’ve been trying to process through some emotional turmoil, such as grief or feelings of guilt, but just not getting the closure or clarity you need to move forward, this is an excellent time to start talk therapy, or at least to seek out an impartial ear to unburden yourself to. But you must make sure you listen to what is being said, both to you and by you. There are likely more lessons you need than you are anticipating. Try to put aside your fears and listen up.

Watch what you do and what you say (or at least how you say it) on Thursday. Mercury in Taurus moves into opposition of Mars in Scorpio early in the afternoon, leaving us all spoiling for a fight. Our mood is going to be touchy, argumentative, and excessively fault-finding. And we aren’t likely to sugarcoat our opinions. More likely, the sarcasm and backhanded compliments will be flying today. Do your best to keep your temper in check, as well as your comments to yourself. I’m not generally one to advocate leaving things left unsaid, but, if ever there was a day to make an old adage your mantra of the day, this is the one: If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best to say nothing at all.

The need to self-edit continues into Friday, when the Leo Moon squares off against Mars in Scorpio. Under this aspect, you are likely to feel the need to draw attention to yourself, making every head turn your way as you make your Grand Entrance. Remember there is a very fine line between stealing the scene and making a scene. This aspect guarantees that sarcastic tongues will be wagging, and your capital D Drama is likely to cause hurt feelings, jealousies, or lingering resentments. Today it’s best to remain one of the crowd to avoid conflicts you don’t need in your life. There will be other days, ones astrologically better suited, in which to get your attention whore needs met.

Saturday offers us a very welcome chance to change gears, in the form of the Moon and Jupiter moving into conjunction in Virgo. Here, we will be looking for the stimulation of a new challenge, especially a challenge that will stimulate our bank accounts. Your judgment and reasoning will be sound, making this an excellent day to lay out your step-by-step strategy for realizing your financial or career goals.

Late Sunday morning, Venus in Gemini is sextile to Uranus in Aries. This aspect is one that favors the risk-taker, as well as being good for business. It's also an aspect that strengthens business relationships. This is the time to surround yourself with progressive-minded people, those who not only think outside the box, but aren’t even sure where the box is. Now is the time to break new ground if you want to reap the rewards. Sunday evening sees Mercury leave the slow and steady energy of Taurus and enter the vibrant and novelty-seeking energy of Gemini. During this time, you’re likely to be interested in accumulating facts and knowledge, at least surface knowledge, about a broad range of topics. Gemini is a fickle sign, so as soon as your new interest stops being new, you'll be ready to move on to something else. The good news is that this is home territory for Mercury, and your ability to communicate through the spoken and written word will be very strong over the next month. You will be able to size up your audience at lightning speed, and tailor your message so that it will be best received. This is a good time for negotiating to get what you need and what you want.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, May 30 2016

Stone meditation: Lapis

What is it?

Lapis lazuli is a stone that has been prized since antiquity. This stone is actually a collection of minerals, primarily lazurite, with white calcite and small flecks of glittering pyrite. Beads and carved figures of the dramatic blue stone have been found in Neolithic burial sites, as well as at third and fourth millennium B.C.E. sites in Mesopotamia and Iran. Lapis, as it is informally known, was ground in the Middle Ages for use as the pigment ultramarine, used in dyes and paints. Lapis continued to be the primary source of ultramarine until fairly recently, when synthetic ultramarine became available. Afghanistan and Pakistan have been the primary source for lapis; more recently, a major find of the stone was discovered in Chile. Smaller amounts can be found in Russia, the United States, and Canada.

The name lapis lazuli comes from the Greek word for stone -lapis and a Greek variation of the Arabic and Persian word for blue- lazuli. There has been some confusion over the stone’s identity in early times. Early accounts refer to the stone as “sapphire.” The blue corundum we now know as sapphire was not discovered until the time of the Roman Empire, and was largely unknown through the Middle Ages. An early Greek scientist described "the sapphirus, which is speckled with gold.” That description clearly is describing the stone we know as lapis lazuli. Exodus 24:10 in the King James Version says “As they saw the God of Israel, and there was under his feet as it were a paved work of a sapphire stone." An early Latin translation uses the term “lapidus sapphire,” a phrase which meant, to the Latin speakers of that era, lapis lazuli. Later translations of Exodus often use "lapis lazuli" in this passage.

What can it do for you?

Lapis lazuli encourages truthful and meaningful communication and helps us attain wisdom and good judgment. It strengthens relationships, especially friendships, and encourages honesty in our dealings with others. It helps us communicate with the spiritual realm and can aid us in connecting with spirit guides and angels.

What can it teach us?

Lapis teaches us that our value in not what we are called, it is in the work that we do and in what we accomplish. Many of us often feel that our work goes unnoticed. We work behind the scenes to Make Things Happen, but don’t get the recognition we deserve. We should feel proud of our accomplishments even if no one else knows what we did. Ultimately, our contributions make the world a better place, and our efforts are appreciated, even if those who notice the differences we make don’t know our names.

Sunday, May 29 2016

Astrology trends for the week of May 30

Monday evening brings us a trine of Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, allowing you to change the game, if you are so inclined. You’ve been sizing up the scene, seeing deeper connections, and getting yourself completely ready for your next move. And now is the time to set it in motion, resulting in the transformation in your life you’ve been wanting. It isn’t that you’ve been expecting a fairy godmother to wave her wand and make you the queen of the realm in an instant. No, you’ve been working your derrière off to get where you are. This trine will help you create your own fairytale ending.

This trend of realizing your dreams continues on Tuesday, when the Aries Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius. Here, the perspective you’ve gained by putting in the hours of hard work will help you know where to make your next best move.

Things get a bit trickier on Wednesday evening, when the Sun in Gemini squares off against Neptune in Pisces. Be on guard for being too influenced by others. You’re not thinking all that clearly today, and your head is likely to be more lost in the clouds than focused on the business at hand. You may find that anyone with a torrent of sparkly words can sell you bags of used kitty litter while making you think you’ve gotten the deal of the century. Avoid signing on any dotted line today. Use this unfocused dreamy state to do some creative or spiritual work, instead.

Things are back to rosy on Thursday when an earthy Grand Trine sets up between the Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. This Grand Trine is an extremely beneficial influence on the material aspects of our life: our health, wealth, and happiness. Good changes are promised by these planets, and you’re in the mindset to embrace them. Success can be grabbed in your productive life, especially if you are willing to break with tradition or (diplomatically) challenge the status quo.

Friday sets up a couple of speed bumps for us, first in the form of the Sun in Gemini moving into opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius in the morning, followed by Venus in Gemini opposing Saturn in the evening. Both oppositions promise some hiccups in our best laid plans. You may find yourself questioning yourself as you face opposition and obstacles. You also may feel you are stepping out alone, without the support of those you love. None of these obstacles will really deter you from the goals you’ve set for yourself. They are a reminder to not get ahead of yourself. Your dreams are not of the get-rich-quick variety. So, sadly, there will be no shortcuts on your road to success. Do your best to slow down and enjoy the process, not just the promise of rewards at the end of the long haul.

Saturday is a busy day, astrologically speaking. First, Jupiter in Virgo finds itself squaring off with both Venus and the Moon, both in Gemini. These squares are similar to yesterday’s speed bumps. They serve as warnings to not compromise your honesty nor try to gain through insincerity. Lack of truthfulness will set you back significantly today. Now is not the time to play fast and loose with the truth. The day closes with the New Moon in Gemini, which occurs at 11pm. This marks the time to launch new projects for this Moon Cycle. The Gemini Moon brings us a great deal of fast-moving energy, but don’t forget those speed bumps of the past two days. If you rush ahead, heedless of speed limits, you can expect a few difficulties. Take your time and don’t sacrifice your support network nor your own sense of truth, and you will be able to make steady progress toward your goals.

The week closes with one more positive aspect for your future: The Gemini Moon is sextile to Uranus in Aries around midday. This aspect ensures that you will be able to adjust your tactics as challenges arise, allowing you to continue to move forward. Trust your intuition to lead you to workable solutions to the problems that you face, even if, on paper, these solutions seem a bit risky. Uranus will reward those who are willing to take a new path to reach their goals.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Friday, May 27 2016

Stone meditation: Tigerseye

What is it?

Tigerseye is a metamorphic stone composed of asbestos fibers and quartz. It comes in a range of colors, from golden brown to red (dragonseye) and blue (hawkseye). Its most striking feature is its silky chatoyancy (cat’s eye effect). This is caused by the quartz crystals and asbestos fibers having a parallel growth in the stone. South Africa and Asia are the principal sources of tigerseye, but small amounts can be found in the US. It has long been treasured as a stone for jewelry and carving. Due to its asbestos content, tigerseye should only be cut or polished by experienced lapidarists.

What can it do for you?

Tigerseye is a protective and grounding stone. It increases the courage of its bearer. This stone is known for its ability to draw wealth and abundance to its user. It is also a stone that can can activate our third eye and help our intuitive vision. Golden tigerseye is known to help increase the personal power of its user, and aid them in using this power wisely. It also stimulates the intellect and memory, making it an especially useful stone for students. Hawkseye is protective of travelers and helps the bearer be aware of obstacles or dangers in their journey ahead. It also aids in calm communication, as well as ensures the integrity of the message being communicated. Dragonseye is protective, especially against bullying. It gives its wearer a sense of calm power, and helps them find their way skillfully through difficult or stressful situations.

What can it teach us?

Tigerseye teaches us that we need to organize some of the chaos in our lives in order to live to our full potential. Asbestos in a disorganized jumble looks like a mess of fibrous snow, the mess we associate with insulation and mesothelioma. Organized and captured in parallel bands with quartz, it turns into a beautiful and safe gemstone. Our lives are similar: When we let too much chaos overwhelm us, we can miss out on the beauty, or even find ourselves lost, not sure where to go next. If we spend some effort to tame some of our chaos, be it a good spring cleaning or a daily period of meditation, we can find our way to a more rewarding life.

Sunday, May 22 2016

Astrology trends for the week of May 23

Now that Mercury has gone Direct, we are ready to embrace the future, and a Monday morning trine of the Sagittarius Moon and Uranus in Aries reinforces this optimistic feeling. As Mercury gathers forward momentum between now and the end of the month during its Storm period, we can begin to lay the groundwork for new projects. This is an especially good time to surround ourselves with other inventive people for an anything-goes brainstorming session. Let these fellow creative people shake to life those brain cells that went dormant during the Retrograde, and get cracking on reinventing the world for the better. This aspect rewards entrepreneurial risk takers.

Early on Tuesday morning, Venus leaves the steady, plodding energy of Taurus for the flirty and social realm of Gemini. Over the next month, our focus will be more on romantic play than emotional commitment. Our attitude toward love will be lighthearted and fun, and the idea of being tied down to one person not very appealing. Romantic exploration will be the main goal. Be careful of spending too much money, as Gemini can cause us to spend freely, whether or not that money is actually in our bank accounts.

One of Venus’s first acts upon entering Gemini is to face off against Mars in Sagittarius, which it does Tuesday night. This is an especially difficult aspect for relationships. We are likely to feel argumentative, hypersensitive, and generally discontent with our love lives, even if there is nothing especially wrong. Gemini will tend to make us think there is likely something better, or at least more interesting, around every corner. This is not the time to give in to this grass-is-greener attitude. Wait a day or two, at the very least, until Mars eases its confrontational energy from our thoughts. Now is not the time for impulsive decisions, as you are extremely likely to regret them, when cooler heads prevail.

Those cooler heads do make a brief appearance on Wednesday, when the Capricorn Moon trines Mercury in Taurus. Common sense is the theme of this aspect, as Capricorn encourages us to take a sober, organized, and businesslike approach to things, while, with Taurus’s resistance to unnecessary change, we are much less likely to rush into anything without careful consideration and preparation. This can be a very productive time, and it is an especially good aspect under which to build upon those newly embraced ideas from Monday.

A square of Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius on Thursday morning makes it likely that we will find some obstacles in our paths toward success. This aspect can cause us a crisis of confidence, or could make us feel like giving up on our dreams in the face of opposition. The challenge is to resist this temptation. Instead, view today as a Material Reality Check. Instead of giving up, this is the time to really figure out what it takes to achieve your goals. If others are calling your dreams Pie in the Sky, figure out what it will take to build a ladder tall enough to get your slice. Find creative solutions, based in concrete realities, to tackle each of the obstacles in your path, and plan your attack one step at a time.

Friday, Mars slides back into Scorpio again, where it will remain for the last four weeks of its Retrograde cycle. This is a time for hidden secrets to surface, and you may find some of these causing you intense emotional pain or discomfort. Ruthlessness, jealousy, anger, and resentments will be common, so watch your back. This is an especially good time, however, for your imagination and creative drive.

Saturday afternoon, the Aquarius Moon squares off against Mars in Scorpio. If you’ve been feeling bored or stuck in a rut, you'll likely hear a siren’s call to rebel against all and everything, just to experience something different. You may even pick a fight just for something to do. Giving in to your egotistical side or indulging your quick temper is guaranteed to cause regret, at the very least, and could even keep you from reaching our long-term goals. Keeping your cool and resisting the urge to act out is a much wiser course of action.

Sunday afternoon brings another square, this time between the Moon in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. This is another day where unanticipated obstacles are likely to come into our paths. We are likely to feel like we’ve been working hard, and that it should be our time to reap the rewards, but things just keep not working out. This is likely to hurt our confidence, as well as cause anxiety and doubt. It’s okay to admit you’ve had disappointment, even to spend some time grieving a lost opportunity. But don’t get stuck there. There is an old saying, “It isn’t how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up that counts.” Today, this should be your mantra. Spend a bit of time crying over your skinned knees, then start making plans for how to pick yourself off the ground and start moving forward again.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, May 17 2016

Reader Spotlight: Karen

As a young child at the beginning of her journey as one who communicates with Spirit, Karen was labeled a dreamer: “I found it difficult to come back down to Earth every time my mind drifted off with the clouds (which was often). I used to lay on the grass and gaze, doing cloud readings - watching their ability to constantly change, making up stories about the beings I saw above as they moved through the skies and were transformed into my own personal cloud story.”

From that dreamy beginning, Karen spent years studying with a number of teachers and shamans to become the reader she is today. “I began my metaphysical journey by attending the Alhambra Institute, where I was guided by a great many teachers in astrology, channeling, crystal ball, meditation, reading playing cards, psychometry, runes, tarot, tea leaves, and other methods. I have continued to study with many gifted and talented people. I seem to have an unquenchable desire to learn as much as possible.” Karen discovered early on that she loved working with stones but could not find the right method to work with them. So, for over a decade, she mostly offered her skills in palmistry, numerology, and reading the tarot. “Throughout my journey, I have been mentored and guided by a strong inner voice that kept opening doors, and wouldn't stop pushing me until I started walking on the path being created for me.” With fifteen years’ experience as a reader under her belt, she finally came back to the stones.

“I now do Shamanic Stone Readings and chakra attunement with the Bowl. This is a technique that draws upon my knowledge of astrology, numerology, chakra energy, mudras, energetic healing, and, of course, the powerful stones. A group of stones are cast onto a board in the Bowl to explain the energy surrounding you now, and how you might be able to use it to enhance your life through seeing what opportunities are waiting to come in for you, and what is ready to leave. With every tool I have, the client is given an opportunity to let go of being stuck or being hurt, and is more clearly able to see the path of life's possibilities available and waiting. As the energy of the chakras connect, the stones assist to greatly enhance the energy flow, to find the perfect frequency or vibration level that is right for you at the moment. The Bowl creates a state of high vibration, and helps build a connection to see one's path in life more clearly.” This high energy combination generates a powerful experience for both the client and the reader. “I love being able to help people connect, watching them get the big ‘a-ha’ - that's what it's like - and instantly I know we are both hearing the same message.”

Healing, both emotional and physical, is an essential part of a session with Karen. “On my journey, I spent seven years working toward my Reiki Master certification. Along the way, I added Healing Touch, foot reflexology, medical intuition, and Sound Healing, which includes Holographic Sound Healing, tuning fork therapy, Tibetan and crystal bowls, and Toning. All of this introduced me to the chakras and the knowledge of methods to clear and assist in moving this great force of energy through the central channel of the body.”

The sum of her studies and practice, she feels, has put Karen exactly where she needs to be. “Each step of my journey has led to the next and every aspect has enhanced the other. The moment I am supposed to be learning something new, a great new friend comes into my life with an interest in teaching me, or learning right along with me. I simply have to trust in the Universe to guide me along the way and catch me when needed.”

That guiding Universe has led Karen to work with the Michigan Psychic Fair. “The Michigan Psychic Fairs provide a unique opportunity, one which I am very glad to have been introduced to. This is a wonderful adventure, connecting people who are destined to meet, learning from one another. Customers always enjoy being able to have an in-person reading, and I love the schedule of traveling and taking the fair to different locations. The energy at each venue is radiant and clear, with a fun atmosphere, allowing those who enter to feel comfortable and at ease. A place where you're sure to smile, let go of life's concerns, and find out something new about yourself you never noticed before. It truly has the feeling of a welcoming and loving home”.

For more information on Karen, please see her website. Contact us at Michigan Psychic Fair for a current schedule or more information about the fairs, and to inquire about Karen's appearances.

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