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Monday, July 27 2015

Astrology trends for the week of July 27

You will be walking a fine line on Monday evening, when Mercury in Leo is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. Leo gives you a flair for leading others where you want them to go, and you will be motivated by the idea of success and feel like you’d do anything to get there. For the time being, you may find it advantageous to lie to others to get what you want, but it won’t be worth it in the long run, when your manipulations are discovered. Instead, a creative approach to the issue, rather than a creative approach to the truth, will help you achieve your dreams.

A trine of the Capricorn Moon and Venus in Virgo on Tuesday will leave you light-hearted and thinking about love. Don’t forget, though, that Venus is Retrograde now and pursuing a relationship is likely to lead to problems. Instead, use this time to tend to the loved ones you already have. This is an especially good time to tend to family business (or a family owned business) or sort out any romantic turmoil that already exists in your life. Allow Virgo’s extreme caution in the matters of the heart to be your guide when it comes to new romantic entanglements.

Expect your situations and your opinions to be changeable on Wednesday. Mercury in Leo is quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn, spelling trouble for you if you rush into anything without thinking through all of the possible outcomes. Also, guard against getting so wrapped up in a single project that you lose track of everything else. Giving in to either of these tendencies will have potentially dire consequences for you. An open mind and a calm approach to all matters will help you successfully navigate through the day.

Thursday sees the Capricorn Moon move into opposition with Mars in Cancer, and this face-off brings some restless and difficult energy with it. Both planets will increase your stubbornness and you are going to be very touchy with anyone who you see as standing in your way. You just might be better off if the one-track train you’re currently on is derailed. You are having trouble recognizing when you need to give something a rest or when it’s time to abandon a lost cause. Try to view any “opposition” from friends (or the Universe) as a gentle suggestion that you ease up or check out other options, instead of assuming they are trying to sabotage you.

Friday sees Venus reentering Leo, after its very brief stay in Virgo, where it will remain until early October. Of course, Leo ramps up the drama in your love life. But you should be finding that the drama levels in your life in general are quite high right now, as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all in Leo. Fun, making a grand show, and a flair for the dramatic are likely, now; ego and self-indulgence are tendencies to watch out for. Friday also brings us the Full Moon in Aquarius. Your projects for this Moon Cycle should be coming to fruition; it is time to finalize projects and clean up lingering details.

The Sun in Leo will be quincunx to Neptune in Pisces on Saturday afternoon. This aspect will mean you really need to keep your ego in check and keep your ears and eyes open to avoid trouble. If you get too wrapped up in the Awesomeness that is You, sadly, it will leave you vulnerable to those who want to take advantage. Emotional vulnerability may also make you an easy target. Yes, you deserve praise, love, and appreciation, but don’t let flattering or kind words blind you to those who don’t have your best interests at heart.

Early morning on Sunday, Saturn goes Direct, after being Retrograde since mid-March. If you’ve felt like you have had projects that you just couldn’t make any headway on, or that were relegated to the back burner, now you should start to see movement. Sunday morning also brings us a trine of Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Aries. This aspect will help you utilize the gift of eloquence to bring about the changes you’d like to see in your life. If this is difficult for you, Uranus’s Retrograde status urges you to reflect on whether you are willing to speak out for your own benefit, or if you are allowing others to speak for you. Mercury is quincunx to Chiron in Pisces later in the afternoon. This aspect asks you to be aware of how your words affect others as well as how they affect you. Leo’s tendency for boastful arrogance may be causing you harm, keeping others from connecting with you emotionally. You want your words to have a positive effect on your life, so now is the time to listen to how you sound to others.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Thursday, July 23 2015

What the heck is a sextile?

Most astrological meaning is derived by determining the relationship the planets have to each other at a given time. These relationships are called aspects. To determine the aspect of two planets, first you must visualize a circle with you on Earth at its center. The movement of the planets in astrology is described as though seen from Earth’s surface. This why we get Retrograde planets: Even though the planets are actually always moving forward around the Sun, from Earth, they, at times, appear to move in a backwards motion.

We can plot the positions of the planets as they appear at any specific time, such as at the time of your birth for a natal chart, or on a given day, to determine the current astrological trends. Once the position of the planets has been plotted, we then look to see the relationship between the planets themselves to determine their influence. These relationships, or aspects, are defined in terms of the number of degrees between two celestial bodies.

Aspects are divided by strength of influence into Major and Minor.

The Major Aspects

Conjunction – 0° -- This is the most powerful aspect. The energies of the two planets come together and work as a team. It is generally beneficial, but can sometimes intensify other difficult aspects in a chart or can be too much of a good thing. Planets in conjunction can be a focal point in a natal chart and have a strong influence. Planets in conjunction generally are under the same sign.

Trine – 120° -- This is the most harmonious aspect, indicating a very favorable influence of the planets involved. When planets form a trine, they are generally of the same element and therefore work together easily and to your advantage. Trines can be so easy they can encourage to be lazy or bored. Trines are most beneficial if you put in some effort to make them work for you.

Opposition – 180° -- Oppositions are unharmonious and mean the planets’ energies are working against each other. This can create strain and a sense of being pulled (or shoved) in two directions at one time. This was traditionally thought of as the most negative aspect. Now it is generally thought of as a challenge to find balance, bringing about growth.

Sextile – 60° -- This is the aspect of favorable opportunity. Sextile planets are generally in compatible elements, ensuring their energies work together well. In order to benefit from sextile planets, two parts of you, or your life, will need to work together. This aspect ensures that getting them to do so will be easy.

Square – 90° -- When planets square off, it means their energies are working at cross-purposes, causing friction. This will generally be stressful and uncomfortable. Where planets are squared you will often find obstacles and difficulties, but overcoming these offers the potential for huge personal growth.

The Minor Aspects

Quincunx – 150° -- This aspect was traditionally thought of as adverse, but is now more considered unpredictable. It is formed by two planets that do not share a quality, element, or gender, making their communications very difficult. It can be bit like two people who do not speak a common language trying to have a conversation; frustration is almost guaranteed. The challenge, here, is to find a way to get these two disparate energies working together, and this can mean an adjustment to how the two planets are generally used is needed. Getting the two energies to work together can result in gaining wisdom and growth. Some astrologers consider quincunx planets to be harbingers of health issues.

The remaining three aspects are minor enough that I generally don’t use them in my trending forecasts, but astrologers will use them in natal and sun charts:

Semisquare – 45° -- This is a mildly adverse aspect. It can bring tension or mean events don’t occur as smoothly as planned. It is a similar influence to a square, but much less powerful.

Sesquiquadrate (or sesquisquare) -135° -- This is another mildly adverse aspect, similar to the semisquare.

Semisextile – 30° -- This aspect is mildly beneficial, bringing opportunity, but is less influential than a sextile.

Sunday, July 19 2015

Astrology trends for the week of July 20

You start the week with your head screwed on right, ready to get down to business, when the Virgo Moon is sextile to Mercury in Cancer on Monday. This aspect encourages conversation, and Virgo will have you in the frame of mind to fix and organize. Monday would be a good time to brainstorm with a team, or to sit down and talk out lingering issues with a family member.

Tuesday morning brings us a trine of the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. Emotions have been high lately, and this aspect will make it easier for you to work through them, or at least to work without emotional turmoil being a distraction. Under this aspect, your experiences will help you better understand what is motivating those around you, and you will be able to use this to your productive advantage. Navigating troubled waters is much easier if you know which way the wind is blowing.

Work is still the focus on Wednesday afternoon, as Mercury in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio. Serious and well-organized communication is on the board for today. This is an excellent afternoon for a sales presentation or any other activity where a subtle, persuasive argument is called for. The Sun enters Leo Wednesday evening, shifting energies from home-oriented and sensitive to showy and dramatic. Leo pushes us to step into the limelight and be noticed. Pride and ego can take center stage. We want drama and we insist on attention. Under Leo, life is generally more fun and definitely more entertaining. We feel bighearted, passionate, and dramatic. You are likely to spend much more energy on your personal style while the Sun resides in the sign of the Lion. We can be very generous during this time, sometimes too generous, causing us some financial strife. Also, our desire for attention can lead us to be touchy and demanding of others- in other words, high maintenance. Try to resist the urge to turn Flair for the Dramatic into Drama Queen.

Mercury follows the Sun’s lead into Leo on Thursday morning, and self-expression becomes very important. Your way with words will be strengthened and your ability to move others will be, as well. In general, this is a good time for dealing with and organizing people: Where you lead, they are more likely to want to follow. Hearing others is much more of a challenge, as the focus is now much more on talking than listening. Thursday afternoon, the Sun and Mercury move into conjunction in Leo. It’s time to check your ego at the door, or you are likely to step on some toes. If you aren’t looking for emotional turmoil, try to squelch any diva tendencies you may be harboring. Failing to do so will result in drama of the most unpleasant kind.

Friday afternoon offers us a trine of the Scorpio Moon and Neptune in Pisces. The focus is likely to be on your spirituality, and the experience could be intense. If you’ve ever had an interest in such matters, you might want to seek out a ghost hunting group or pick up a book on learning to read tarot. Scorpio encourages us to dig into the unseen world and Neptune can help you see through the Veil. The Universe has much to show you, if you are willing to look.

Saturday morning, Venus goes Retrograde, not moving Direct again until September 6th, extending its stay in dramatic Leo until October. Venus rules the emotional center of our lives, stirring our senses of romance and beauty, making both harder to find while Venus is Retrograde. This is an especially challenging time for love: It is the worst time for a wedding and any romance started while Venus is Retrograde will face difficulties. Now is a good time to reevaluate troubled relationships and examine our approach to love in general. Try to keep a reign on spending while Venus is Retrograde, as money issues can come up, too. Mars in Cancer and Uranus in Aries square off on Saturday morning, creating an unpredictable and volatile energy. This is one of those aspects where you are spoiling for a fight, even if you don’t know why. Today, you are likely to feel you know better than others and are in no mood to wait to get your way. Energy you’ve kept pent up is just looking for someplace to vent itself. The outcome of any confrontation is uncertain and there could be some unexpected and unpleasant results. Try channeling this energy into something like a good sweaty workout or a furious cleaning session, anything to exhaust this irritable, combative energy that won’t get you into trouble.

Early Sunday morning, Mars in Cancer is trine to Chiron in Pisces. When we are in in deep water emotionally, it can sometimes feel like an impossible journey to get back to the safety of shore. One stroke at a time, though, is how the journey is accomplished. That is what this aspect is all about: starting the process. Seek out the help you need to release the emotional baggage you are carrying. If you need talk therapy, make that appointment. If it is substance abuse, find treatment options. Whatever the emotional damage you are harboring, now is the time to begin the journey back to emotional health. One step at a time, as long as you take that first step, will get you there.

A little later on Sunday morning, yet another planet goes Retrograde. This time, it is Uranus, and the planet of surprise, change, and opportunity won’t go Direct again until December 26th. During this time, you are more likely to feel stuck in a rut and significant change will come less frequently. You are likely to feel less creative than usual. You may find that you have to repeat tasks you thought you were done with. This tendency to revisit your past makes now an excellent time to address things you have done wrong in the past and correct them. This is also a good time to assess your own inner rebel: Are you a timid wallflower who is afraid to step out of the shadows? Or do you shock others with your outrageousness just to know you can upset people? How are these attitudes working out for you? Is there a better way to present your individuality without interfering with the opportunities the Universe might have in store for you?

Starting this Sunday, we find ourselves in the unique position of having half of our planets (Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), plus the sub-planet of Chiron, all Retrograde at the same time. You are likely to find that there will be a slowdown of just about everything for at least the next week. Resist starting any new projects this week or make any long-term commitments. Instead, it is advised that you use this as an opportunity to reflect on your life and its general trends. Determine if there are any repeating patterns that need to be addressed. Try to assess the aspects of your life that are going well and which ones leave you dissatisfied. Spending this time in reflection and meditation will help you know where to take action when energy picks up in the upcoming weeks and months.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Saturday, July 11 2015

Astrology trends for the week of July 13

We are still enjoying the positive side of Jupiter’s influence as the week opens, when Mercury in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces on Monday afternoon. Your creative energies will likely be high and your intuition will be especially strong. Trust those hunches and gut reactions now, even if you can’t explain them rationally. Monday evening, the Sun in Cancer is trine to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is still Retrograde, so the push to deal with your emotional baggage is still very strong. This watery trine will allow the feelings to flow and the healing to come easier. Find a trusted loved one, one you know is loyal to you, and talk it out. If there are unresolved issues, you should now be able to easily clear the air. If it’s just about you, you will more easily be able to express yourself, to identify where the issues are, and work together to find a path to healing.

Tuesday will be a difficult one for relationships, as Venus in Leo is square to Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio wants to put emotional obstacles in your path and Venus in Leo will make a Big Stinkin’ Deal out of every little thing. Instead of demanding something close to worship or obsession out of your partner, be realistic about what a healthy, supportive relationship looks like. Or, as difficult as this is while under this aspect, it’s time to cut your losses and get out. Spending some time by yourself won’t be the end of the world. I might even remind you what your company is actually worth. Needless to say, this is a poor day to start a relationship or get married, unless you enjoy emotional turmoil and heartache.

So, are you feeling emotional enough yet? Is that ASPCA ad making you need a box of Kleenex? As of Wednesday, when the New Moon moves into Cancer, six celestial bodies will be in water signs: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. What this means is that your emotions will be close to overwhelming and irrational fears may carry you away. Pluto is heavily in the mix, too, moving into opposition with both Mars and Mercury, making it difficult to get any of your Moon Cycle projects off the ground right now. Slow and steady effort will be required, and the direct route isn’t necessarily the best route under these conditions. Rational thinking will be a challenge, but try to not be carried away by your phobias. And, most importantly, don’t rush into any commitments without considering the consequences. You are going to chafe when placed in new circumstances for the time being.

Mercury and Mars move into conjunction in Cancer early on Thursday morning. Today, your persuasive way with words will help you get things accomplished. You don’t want to badger, yell, or nag, but instead use steady but gentle persuasion to bring others to your side. Be sure to be aware of their subtle, unspoken signals to know how to tailor your argument so that it is best received.

Friday morning brings the Leo Moon quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. Your love of attention and need for drama my cause you some trouble. I would never ask you to becoming a wallflower or fade into the background, but, today, you must resist the urge to pay attention to nothing but your ability to steal the scene. Not everyone is enjoying your One Person Show. You know how so many people love to watch celebrities fall from grace, even originating or spreading the gossip and scandal that causes that descent? Well, you may be setting yourself up to be that falling star, albeit on a smaller scale. Try to funnel all of that dramatic flair and big energy into a creative project. The result will be much better for your popularity and your mental health.

Venus moves from flamboyant Leo into much more reserved Virgo on Saturday evening for a brief two week stay. Virgo’s energy makes us more cautious in matters of the heart. You will be much less likely to seek drama in your love life, and will tend to be less eager to hurl yourself into romance. View these two weeks as a cooling off period before Venus moves back into the Big Drama of Leo.

Sunday sees another trine for Chiron, this time with Mercury in Cancer, closing the week with a similar energy as we opened it: Your thoughts will be on the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying. Open communication is likely the best route to shedding some of that burden.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Saturday, July 4 2015

Astrology trends for the week of July 6

Once a year, the Sun, the giver of life, and Pluto, the god of the dead, face off. This year, it happens on Monday, shortly before midday, when the Sun in Cancer moves into opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Today is the day to decide where you want to be: You can make a stand, via Pluto, to change your life, or build a protective shell around you, via Cancer, and dig in to defend the status quo. If you like where you are, prepare to defend it; if you want to see change, get ready to work for the transformation.

Mercury in Gemini is quincunx to Saturn in Scorpio on Tuesday night. This aspect challenges you to get control of the disorder in your life, especially the mental clutter, without becoming rigid and inflexible. This is a fine line to walk: Following every flight of fancy means you will never be able to get anything done, but being too disciplinarian or refusing to embrace new ideas will lead to emotional difficulties for you, and perhaps even trigger others to plot against you. Keeping aware of others’ reactions will help you get the balance right.

Wednesday sees Mercury move into Cancer, the most emotional sign. Your thinking and communication for the next three weeks will be less rational and much more based on instinct and emotional response. You will be more sensitive to how others feel about you and more receptive to information from your environment. Your instinct will be strong, and you should try to listen to it. Operating from such an instinctual place can mean phobias come up. The challenge over the next three weeks will be to keep your irrational fears in check. Wednesday afternoon also brings us a trine between Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. This trine highlights the creative genius of Neptune. Your need to create will be very strong this evening and the results will be emotionally and spiritually powerful.

The Taurus Moon and Mercury in Cancer are sextile on Thursday evening, making it the perfect evening to chill with some friends. This aspect is not one in which you will be inclined to take on the world. Instead, you will likely want to hang out on the patio, with a bottle of wine and a sumptuous meal, watching the sun set, sharing good stories and good laughs. Relax and enjoy the evening. The world will take care of itself tonight.

The Taurus Moon features in another sextile on Friday night, this time with Mars in Cancer. This aspect emphasizes the slow-and-steady nature of Taurus’s influence. Mars provides the energy to Do, but it isn’t quick and flashy action required, here. Instead, this will be the constant and steady action of “making progress.” In other words, now is the time to launch into projects that will require sustained effort over time, not just the flurry of short term effort. Does the attic need sorting? Have you left a pile of Thank You letters undone since your last birthday? Is there a huge pile of mending in the corner that you just never get around to? These are the projects that will be most satisfying tonight.

The Taurus Moon and Jupiter in Leo square off on Saturday morning. Taurus’s tendency for laziness is going to run afoul of Leo’s need to play it Big, resulting in the possibility of you looking for the easy way out of an obligation by throwing money at it. Trust me, you can’t afford that right now. The path of least resistance, in this case, is to actually put the work in yourself. It will take time and effort, but you can do it. And knowing you did it yourself will be an additional reward.

Another square, this time between the Sun in Cancer and Uranus in Aries, makes for some uncomfortable moments on Sunday night. Under this aspect, you will want to take any risk to see your plans set into motion, but you might not be up to the emotional strain that might cause. Try to think things through before rushing in so you are prepared for the risks. Better yet, find someone you can depend on, someone you already know has your back, to help you through the rough spots.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, June 29 2015

Astrology trends for the week of June 29

A Monday morning trine of Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries spells an interesting shift in your love life. If you’ve felt yourself to be stuck in a romantic rut, this is the week to break out. When Venus and Uranus play nice together, your romantic side is always brought forward. Leo and Aries added to the mix means the rewards go to the risk takers: If an unconventional romance has been tempting you, now is the time to go for it.

Last week, I wrote about Chiron moving Retrograde for the next six months, pushing us to deal with the emotional baggage we are carrying. I hope you paid attention: On Tuesday afternoon, Jupiter in Leo is quincunx to Chiron in Pisces, challenging you to address the emotional wounds that hold you back from achieving happiness. What is it that keeps you from speaking up in a crowd? What makes you feel that you can’t step into the spotlight and thrive? If you can face these fears, you will be rewarded with new confidence and the ability to move towards success. If you don’t, the Retrograde maverick will find a way to force you to do so, and the lesson will likely be more painful.

Wednesday is a busy one, astrologically speaking. First, Venus and Jupiter pair up in Leo, enhancing our sense of love, both personally and for the word at large. Venus in Leo heightens our feelings of affection and ups our generosity. This aspect will encourage you to show this generosity in big and unique ways. This is a good day to teach someone about something for which you have a passion. This aspect is also good for finances and travel. Wednesday evening, the Sun, the Moon, and Neptune all move into positive aspects in regard to each other. First, the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces are trine, encouraging you to find creative outlets for self-expression. Later, the Capricorn Moon and Neptune are sextile, further pushing your creative energies, as well as highlighting your spirituality. Finally, the Sun and the Moon move into opposition around 10:20pm, bringing us the Full Moon in Capricorn. For the past two or three weeks, Neptune has been like static electricity: an annoying fuzzy energy that made clear thinking nearly impossible. This evening, as it moves into a more balanced position with the Moon and Sun, the haziness lifts, and the positive side of Neptune’s influence will more easily be felt: Your intuition and sensitivity will be high, your compassion will be readily at hand, and your creative and artistic energies can easily be tapped into.

Thursday is another day in which taking risks can pay off: Mercury in Gemini moves sextile to Uranus in Aries, this afternoon. Your quick and inventive mind will lead you to new ideas and these, put into action, are likely to be to your benefit. Remember, though, that Gemini’s knowledge is often only skin-deep: As much as you’d like to be independent and go it alone, know what know and what you don’t. Either do the research thoroughly yourself, or call in the needed resources to manifest your ideas the right way to ensure long term success.

Chiron is back again, making you face some painful truths, on Friday morning when this Celestial Shaman squares off against Mercury in Gemini. Your emotional baggage is going to function as a major distraction today, having you second guessing yourself or avoiding making decisions altogether. Until you address the emotional chaos in your life, you aren’t likely to be able to successfully think your way out of a wet paper bag. Get to it, as Mercury will give you the opportunity for reward when it moves sextile to Jupiter in Leo later in the evening. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and reward; if you have worked through the emotional disorder, quick-thinking Mercury will see you through to the riches, both materially and emotionally, that Jupiter has to offer.

The Aquarius Moon and Uranus in Aries are sextile on Saturday evening, stirring our rebellious nature and, once more, calling for our inner risk taker to lead the charge. Tonight, we need to let the world know what unique individuals we are and that we are ready to embrace change: If you are ready to embrace the future, the new, or the unique, the change you bring about promises to be beneficial.

Sunday is likely to be a cheerful day, as Mercury in Gemini is sextile to Venus in Leo. This aspect leave you lighthearted and affectionate. You will be fascinated by the world at large and ready to learn of new and exciting things. Today would be a good one to go to a museum or the library to simply give yourself the enjoyment of discovery. Or, cuddle up with a good book or film and allow yourself to be transported to a place you’ve never yet been. Today, the journey truly is the reward, if you’re willing to explore.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, June 21 2015

Astrology trends for the week of June 22

Monday morning brings a trine of Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries that will have you eager to embrace the unexpected, the unusual, and the unique. If you’ve got an idea for an invention, today is the day to get busy on the prototype. This aspect will be especially good for innovation in science and technology, but will favor any risk-takers as well as those who seek to create for the benefit of humanity.

Tuesday afternoon, Mercury in Gemini squares off against Neptune in Pisces, making your opinions as changeable as a chameleon’s skin. This vacillating energy will be further enhanced by Mars in Gemini moving quincunx to Saturn in Scorpio shortly after. Your ever-changing mind may make it look as though you are talking out of both sides of your face, changing your opinion to whatever may be most profitable to you at the moment. You are allowed to change your mind, but make it clear that you have done so. To do otherwise may have you being accused of being scheming or manipulative when others compare notes about their discussions with you.

Early Wednesday morning, Chiron turns Retrograde for the next six months. Chiron presses us to heal ourselves, and this energy is not negated during its Retrograde periods. During this time, though, Chiron’s shamanistic messages take on a new urgency, forcing you to deal with your emotional and spiritual wounds now. Expect old hurts to be dragged from your subconsciousto be faced with some immediacy. You can try to ignore Chiron’s lesson, but, during this Retrograde period, the lessons will repeat the until you truly learn from them. Facing these issues now will help you to be emotionally healed and free of baggage, ready for a fresh start when Chiron again goes Direct on November 28th.

Wednesday also sees Mars moving into Cancer for the next six weeks. Cancer is a very emotional sign, but those emotions tend to be kept deeply under wraps while we are under its influence. While Mars, the planet that spurs us to action, is under the sway of Cancer, we can find it very difficult to find our “get up and go.” Even the way we approach confrontation or difficulties can take a crab-walking sideways motion. During this time, you will be best served by not rushing straight at the opposition. Wear down your adversaries like the waves, slowly and over time. On the bright side, under Cancer’s influence, you will enjoy a broad view of things and will be able to produce powerful, highly emotional work.

The Libra Moon is sextile to Venus in Leo on Thursday afternoon. Now is a great time to shower your loved one with the attention they deserve. Send your love a bouquet of roses or a romantic note, “just because.” Make a sumptuous meal to share with the special person or people in your life. If you are solo right now, lavish yourself by spending some time surrounded with beauty.

Friday will be a good day to get things done, as a trine between the Scorpio Moon and Mars in Cancer have your energy levels high and intense emotions will be a driving force. This aspect encourages you to get projects underway, but both Scorpio and Cancer speak to your emotions: Your most successful projects will be those that stir your passions and stoke your creative fires with intensity.

Another trine on Saturday morning, this time between the Scorpio Moon and Neptune in Pisces will keep you focused on your creativity. Your imagination will be enhanced by this trine and your artistic side will be pushing to come out.

Sunday will see you restless and looking for change. You will again have to watch your tendency to change your opinion with the shifting of the winds, as well as your desire to have two of everything. Lust for life is a lovely thing, but if you don’t check these urges, your restlessness could lead to trouble. Try to not rush into things just to feel like you are doing something, without thinking through the consequences of your actions. Giving in to your restlessness will, indeed, result in changes in your life; just be sure these are changes you actually want.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, June 15 2015

Eight ways to celebrate the summer solstice alone or with others

Sunday, June 21st, brings us the Summer Solstice, marking the day with the longest daylight and the shortest night here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a turning point in the cycle of the year, the day to celebrate the powers of light over those of darkness. To agrarian cultures, it marked the break between the hard work of sowing the fields and the hard work of harvesting the crops, a pause to acknowledge the miraculous transformation the Sun brings about in those seedlings of life itself.

You don't have to be part of an ancient farming community to celebrate the Solstice. There are many ways to observe the day right where you are, with companions or by yourself.

- You can start Saturday night. Many farming cultures used a Solstice Eve bonfire to “purify” their animals, village members, and the town itself, keeping all safe from disease and illness. After lighting your backyard fire, make a list (or create physical representations of) the things and habits that damage your health, both physically and mentally, or put you in harm’s way. Throw these things onto the fire and release them from your life.

-The Solstice is a celebration of the Sun. The simplest observance you can make is to arise early and watch the sunrise. As the highest edge of the sun breaks the horizon, take a moment to meditate on or pray for the areas of growth you would like to see in your life during the coming season.

-Skinny dipping in some quiet and sun-filled glen would be a perfect way to bring about Solstice purification. For city-dwellers, a trip to the beach in our bathing suits may work just as well. As you enter the water, visualize negativity, ill health, and stress being carried away by the cleansing waters. Or, if the weather prevents an outdoor dip, a ritual bath, perhaps with a piece of selenite or some purifying bath salts, might be in order.

-Spend some time working in your garden: Be conscious of the effect that the sun had on your plants and all life on Earth. Some traditional observances involved pouring a libation, or even just water, onto the ground as an acknowledgment of the gifts the Sun brings to us. So make sure to give your plants a good drink of water before finishing your work.

-The Summer Solstice is the traditional day to harvest healing herbs, as it is believed that doing so on this day enhanced their properties. These herbs include sage, lavender, yarrow, hyssop, verbena, and St John’s Wort. Other herbs were traditionally thrown on the Solstice bonfire, enhancing the experience with their aroma. You can add these herbs to your own Solstice fire: chamomile, peppermint, thyme, chervil, basil, and rosemary.

-The Summer Solstice also celebrates fertility. Many European villages would select a Midsummer bride, who in turn selected a groom. The rituals vary, but the bride and groom represented sexual activity and harmony in nature and society. This fertile couple’s purpose was to make the crops grow and the flowers bloom. Sunday would be a very good day to find a snuggle partner and harmonize together.

-Some traditional observances involved looking through a wreath at the bonfire, or floating a wreath of flowers in water, revealing a vision of a maiden’s future mate. If you find yourself single (and don’t wish to be), today might be a good one for a first date, allow a friend to fix you up, or perhaps the right time to fill out an e-dating profile. Who knows what the Solstice might bring you?

-Most traditional observances involved gathering with friends and family and enjoying a feast, dancing, and general merriment. A Saturday evening around a fire with hotdogs and s’mores or a Sunday afternoon cookout with a gathering of loved ones would be a proper Solstice activity.

Whatever Solstice observances you take part in, make sure they are a celebration of what the Sun brings to us: Life!

Sunday, June 14 2015

Astrology trends for the week of June 15

The week starts on a great note Monday morning, when the Gemini Moon is sextile to Venus in Leo. You energy level is high and you are eager to communicate with the world. Venus is shining her spotlight on you, helping to draw people to you and your causes.

Venus will make things a bit more difficult for you on Tuesday morning, when she is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. With Neptune Retrograde, the strong temptation will be to withdraw into a completely self-indulgent, self-pitying place. Doing so will only make things worse, causing harm to relationships, or even pushing you to indulge in dangerous escapist behavior like alcohol or drug addiction. If you can keep your head in the game, Tuesday will be a great day for creative or artistic endeavors. A little later in the morning, the Moon and Mars pair up in Gemini, and an hour after that, just after 10am, the New Moon occurs in Gemini. The interaction of Mars, the Moon, and the Sun, all in Gemini, means your energy level, particularly your mental energy, will be extremely high, and you will be in the frame of mind to really kick your projects into high gear. As with all New Moons, now is the time to begin your projects for this Moon Cycle. Those projects will be most successful if they involve travel, new ideas, or writing. The next two weeks will be a powerful growth period. Be sure to take advantage of it!

A trine of the Cancer Moon and Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday will again stir your creative impulses. With the Moon moving into home-centric Cancer, your tendency will be to focus on artistic projects that will enhance your home. Today is a good day to redecorate the living room or paint a mural on the kitchen wall. As Neptune is still Retrograde, this is also a great time to show some gratitude to those who have taken care of you: Take Mom to dinner; bake cookies for the neighbor who feeds your dog when you are out of town, send a thank you card to an attentive nurse during your last illness. Show some appreciation for those who have labored for you and asked nothing in return.

Expect unpleasant surprises on Thursday, when the Cancer Moon squares off against Uranus in Aries. With Cancer in the mix, the surprise is likely to involve the home front: A fight with a housemate or an unexpected home repair may arise and Aries will make you want to rush in and order people around until all is better. Your blunt and brusque manner won’t help. Try to know what is within your abilities, and let a repairman do the job when it is beyond your skills. Make sure you keep an open mind and open ears when dealing with your housemates: You really don’t know what is best for everyone and, even if you’re sure you do, it’s their life to live- let them.

Friday sees a trine between the Cancer Moon and Saturn in Scorpio. During this time, your report card would say, “Plays well with others.” You understand what motivates the people around you, and you are able to diplomatically get them to work together for a common goal. If there have been lingering problems that require group cooperation to resolve, this is the day to tackle them.

If you’ve been bored with your love life lately, buckle up: Saturday sees the Moon and Venus move into conjunction in Leo. Get ready for some Drama with a capital D. On the positive side, you are feeling wonderfully affectionate, and people are really drawn to you. If you’re in the market for a new snuggle honey, today has the potential for success in that area. Leo can also push us to be self-indulgent, demanding, and emotionally overwrought. If you give in to this demanding side of Leo, you could damage existing relationships or lead yourself to emotional turmoil. Try to resist the dark side and instead shower affection on your loved ones, indulge in a sumptuous meal, or take in a show, leaving the drama on stage where it belongs.

Sunday is the Summer Solstice, marking the longest day of the year as well as the Sun’s entrance into Cancer. While the Sun is in the sign of the Crab, you will be much more home-oriented. Security and loyalty become important ideas. While the Sun is in Cancer, you feel things very deeply, but keep these emotions hidden under a stony exterior. You will likely find that you seek out emotional support more from trusted loved ones during this time. Sunday evening brings Venus in Leo quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. Once more, you will be challenged to keep Leo’s love of drama in check. Failing to do so will result in the end of some relationships. Your sexual desires will be strong, but entering into a relationship built on nothing but sex could cause you great harm. Try to find more constructive outlets for your passionate nature today and skip the booty call.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, June 8 2015

Astrology trends for the week of June 8

The week starts off bursting with intellectual energy. On Monday, the Sun in Gemini is sextile to Jupiter in Leo, creating a great opportunity to lead a brainstorming session with your team. With extravagant Leo involved, some of the ideas will likely seem undoable and over-the-top. That’s okay: The point is to allow everyone to dream big; you can sort out what is actually feasible later.

Tuesday will be a better day for deciding what your resources will actually allow you to get done. Mars in Gemini will be sextile to Uranus in Aries, keeping the mental energy high, but more practical and discerning. Aries’ influence will help strengthen your initiative, but watch out for Gemini’s tendency to get distracted from the task at hand.

Wednesday brings the Sun sextile to Uranus, once more heightening your strengths as a leader and helping to get your team to put these new ideas into motion. The early half of the week will be the most productive, so be sure to seize the opportunity.

The Universe has some good news for you Thursday: Mercury finally goes Direct, after three weeks of Retrograde motion. It will take time to fully recover, but communications, technology, and travel will now start to return to normal. That's good, because things are about to get a little bit difficult. Thursday evening, Mars in Gemini is square to Chiron in Pisces. This aspect will make you eager to be doing, but insecurities from your past are likely to make you afraid to step out and take the risk of putting your ideas into motion. In matters of the heart, this aspect can make you want to head for the nearest exit as soon as things get at all difficult. Until you deal with your own baggage, you are going to find it very difficult to see anything through.

On Friday morning, Neptune goes Retrograde for five months. When Neptune is Retrograde, it does not alter the subjective, mysterious energy of this planet’s influence. It does, however, turn that energy even more inward. It will be very easy to find yourself lost in your own thoughts. Getting recognition for your contributions can be challenging during this time. On the other hand, this five month period can actually be a very good time for those who generally work outside of the spotlight for the common good, such as teachers, nurses, and counselors.

Shortly before noon Saturday, the Taurus Moon is trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect indicates that change is coming, which will be for your ultimate good. Taurus’ stubborn streak, though, means that you need to believe the change is of your own making. Trust that this change will benefit your material wellbeing and your sense of security.

Sunday, Mars and the Sun meet up for a once-every-two-years conjunction, this time in Gemini. There will be mental energy to spare, and the new ideas will be flying. Try keeping a journal handy to jot some of these concepts down. But, also, be careful: This is a hypermasculine pair-up and manly chest-thumping could be a distraction. Try to funnel that masculinity into hard work and setting out on new (intellectual) adventures. Sunday evening sees Saturn move into the last two degrees of Scorpio, where it will remain until September 17th. While it is in this position, the focus will be on working toward forgiveness. It is time to let go of grudges you’ve been holding, and work towards the resolution you need to do so. Also, if you know you’ve wronged another, you need to work to earn their forgiveness. Even if you feel you are the wronged party, it is now your responsibility to work to find constructive solutions to bring people back together.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, May 31 2015

Astrology trends for the week of June 1

The week starts with a Monday morning trine of the Scorpio Moon and Venus in Cancer. This trine can serve to reignite the home fires. After making a commitment to one another, it can be easy to get caught up in the rigors of daily living, allowing the love and passion that brought you together in the first place to dim a bit. Monday will work as a strong reminder of why you chose to be together in the first place. Don’t miss this opportunity to get reacquainted with your honey!

Tuesday brings us the Full Moon in Sagittarius shortly after noon. Projects begun at the beginning of this month’s Moon Cycle should be coming to fruition now. Be aware this will be a trickier Full Moon than usual. Neptune in Pisces has been hanging around for the past week or so, making clear thinking very difficult. On Tuesday morning, the Sagittarius Moon squares off with Neptune. The Sagittarius Moon has the tendency to make us extremely optimistic, often a good thing, but squaring Neptune means that our optimism can turn into denial when it comes to honestly assessing the challenges in front of us. It is much easier to pretend they aren’t there until we are blindsided by a painful crisis. Facing the challenges as they come up will be much more productive and must less difficult.

The Sagittarius Moon will be quincunx to Venus in Cancer Wednesday evening, making it a difficult night for romance. Your mercenary side will likely try to rule your heart. You’re on the prowl for someone who you think will bring you riches and indulge your expensive tastes. This is going to result in disappointment. Resist the lure of riches and instead listen to what your heart really needs. If your heart doesn’t respond, then you won’t be happy, no matter how big the bank account is.

On Thursday afternoon, the useful side of Neptune in Pisces finally comes to help you do some thinking outside the box. This afternoon, the Capricorn Moon will be sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect powers up your imagination and creativity. Capricorn, ever organized and practical, will funnel this creative impulse into whatever business is at hand. This afternoon is an extremely good one to do some brainstorming for unique solutions to your lingering problems or difficult tasks.

Shortly before noon on Friday, Venus leaves home-oriented Cancer for big, showy, and dramatic Leo, where, thanks to a Retrograde next month, it will remain until October. Leo seeks drama always, and this will be true of your love life for the next several months. You will demand loyalty from your lovers, requiring plenty of proof of their devotion. You will feel extravagantly affectionate and your charm will make it easy for you to attract the warm regard of others. Your generosity towards friends and loved ones can go to extremes, once you are assured of their dedication to you, and you will be willing to make great sacrifice for their happiness. When Venus is in this position, you may find you have a tendency to be self-indulgent and pleasure seeking. Also, Leo’s love of drama can make your love life a bit of a roller coaster ride, with both giddy highs and stomach-lurching lows.

Friday evening will offer a pair of aspects that will challenge your character, but could result in a dramatic payoff. First, the Sun in Gemini is quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect reminds you that hanging on to things beyond their usefulness only bogs you down. It can be difficult to let go of things you once held dear, be it worn material possessions, relationships that have turned toxic, or patterns that have become destructive. Even these things you know are bad for you can become something like a security blanket. But they are keeping you from embracing the new. If you are able to keep an open mind and let go of the past, opportunity awaits. Shortly after, Mars in Gemini is sextile to Jupiter in Leo. If you have done what was asked of you by the Sun and Pluto, you will be ready to grab the reigns and lead your troops. Your confidence is catching, and your optimism and will power will be strong, priming you for your leadership role.

A trine between Venus in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius on Saturday morning will put you in the frame of mind to happily devote your energies to your loved ones. A little TLC from you today will bring you praise, love, and devotion in the future when you need it.

Sunday offers us another trine, this one between the Aquarius Moon and Mars in Gemini, and it will act as a double shot of adrenaline. You are fired up and ready to get your projects underway. You’ve felt like you’ve been held back for too long and you now want to prove you are a free person, with things to do. Just remember, Mercury is still Retrograde for a few more days, so it is best to hold off actually launching your projects until after the 11th. For now, plan, lay groundwork, and prepare for launch!

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, May 24 2015

Astrology trends for the week of May 25

Neptune in Aries is going to cause some trouble for you this week, starting on Monday, when it squares off with Mars in Gemini. Hidden dangers, or enemies who portrayed themselves as your friends, will be revealed under this aspect. Your desire will be to pretend you didn’t notice the dark shadow lurking and pretend all is well. To do so will only make matters worse. Admit there is an issue and keep your attention focused on it to better protect yourself.

On Tuesday, the Virgo Moon is sextile to Venus in Cancer. This aspect will have you whistling while you work, as long as the work revolves around home and hearth. Today, you will be happiest in service to those you consider family or in organizing your home space.

Mercury and Mars move into conjunction in Gemini on Wednesday morning, bringing an optimistic outlook and the charm and impetus to get things done.. You will be in the right frame of mind to let things get under way andnot get bogged down in details. In the afternoon, as Venus in Cancer is trine to Chiron in Pisces, it will be easy, for once, to let your guard down and deal with the emotional pain you’ve been burying under your ever-chipper façade. It can be hard to let people in to help you heal the wounds, but it is necessary, and this afternoon is the time to do it! Find a trusted friend or family member and pour out your heart!

Thursday evening brings a trine between the Libra Moon and Mars in Gemini, spurring you to restore balance to your relationships or social life. Your communication skills will be strong, this evening. It is a good evening for a tête-a-tête with a partner, if you’ve been feeling out of step with each other. Or, if work has been taking up more of your life than it should, step away from the cubicle, and call some friends for drinks and stimulating conversation. Even your work will benefit from some time spent in social pursuits.

Neptune returns to muddy the waters on Friday morning, when it squares off with Mercury in Gemini. Mercury is Retrograde now, already making clear communication a difficult task. This square is guaranteed to make things worse: You are likely to not be listening very carefully or only hearing what you want to hear. The result is that you are very likely to become victim of a deception. You may even be the one deceiving yourself, refusing to see the obvious catch. Resist the urge to commit to anything without serious contemplation and a second opinion (or two). Know that you are not thinking clearly and are not likely making sound decisions. A better use of your time would be meditation, catching up on sleep, or even indulging in an artistic hobby.

Saturday offers an island of clear thinking in the haze of the Neptune-dominated week. The Sun and Mercury pair up in Gemini this afternoon, bringing an objective drive to your thinking. Neptune’s influence, this week, may have had you doubting your own mind. This aspect reminds you that, when you know your own mind, it is best to stick to your guns.

That moment of clarity is brief, as Sunday morning brings yet another Neptune square, this time to the Sun in Gemini. This aspect blurs the line between what is real and what is imagined. You are more likely today than any other day to let your imagination run away with itself, for good or for bad: You are just as likely to see a situation as far better than it is as you are to imagine the worst case scenario and impending doom. The truth is likely somewhere in between. Today is another day to just admit you aren’t going to be the best judge of anything. Leave making commitments to another day when your critical eye is seeing closer to 20/20.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, May 17 2015

Astrology trends for the week of May 18

The most significant event of the week occurs on Monday, when Mercury ceases its forward motion to move Retrograde until June 11th. This Retrograde occurs in Gemini, the sign of thought and communication on a personal level. You can expect difficulties and breakdowns in communication, technology, and travel. You can expect these disruptions to occur especially in areas pertaining to your interactions with siblings and other family members, neighbors, and friends online. Allow yourself extra time for travel during the Retrograde (and don’t forget those roadside assistance membership cards at home). If you must sign a contract during this time, double and triple check the fine print, then ask for a second opinion before you check it again. Finally, be especially careful of interactions on social networking sites during this Retrograde period: Remember, it is very difficult to discern meaning on the internet. Things taken out of context can cause a great deal of hurt feelings or resentment. Think twice about how your postings may be received and before starting a flame war with your online acquaintances.

A pair of sextile planets on Tuesday will have you eager to move ahead and ready to embrace change. First, the Gemini Moon is sextile to Jupiter in Leo. This aspect has you restless for positive action and ready to embrace whatever the week asks of you. You will feel like the world is yours for the taking. Early in the afternoon, the Moon is sextile to Uranus in Aries, making you eager to be the change you want to see: You know the future always brings change and you know just where you’d like to end up. Now is the time to set things in motion to bring about your desired future.

You will face with some roadblocks on Wednesday, in the form of the Cancer Moon quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. You can decide that you don’t have the abilities or resources to work your way around these obstacles, or you can decide that a road block is really just a detour: Patiently approach the problem, look for loyal allies to offer a helping hand, and you are likely to find your way through just fine. You may even find that your detour was actually the scenic route and, ultimately, a more satisfying journey.

The Sun enters Gemini on Thursday morning and this will bring you a new burst of intellectual energy. Curiosity and the pursuit of new ideas will become much more of a focus during the next four weeks. You will find yourself enjoying enhanced communication skills and will be even more charming than usual, making a new breadth of acquaintances. Your mind will be energetic and active, and you will more easily grasp new concepts. This energy, however, can give you a tendency for restlessness and you may easily get bored. It can also be difficult to focus on finishing tasks and reaching your goals: Running off to the next new thing is just so appealing! This also can mean that you won't be likely to dig deeply into any newly found topic of interest. The depth of knowledge you gather this month is going to tend toward the superficial. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: The idea, this month, is to expose yourself to a wide range of new things, things you may never have even known existed. Next month, under Cancer’s influence, when your interests turn inward and your desires bring you closer to home, you can choose, from these newly discovered treasures, which ones you’d like to dig into deeper. Until that time, enjoy your explorations!

Pluto will offer you some challenges Thursday. Pluto in Capricorn is quincunx to Jupiter in Leo this morning. If you don’t strictly move by your moral compass, scheming and exploitation will be the result. Being true to your ideals will keep you on the right path and may even open up a new opportunity. To do otherwise will bring you to (or maybe even beyond) the edge of disaster. Thursday night, Pluto moves into opposition with Venus in Cancer. This face off spells the end of any relationship that hasn’t been contributing your long-term material security. Be careful of entering a relationship that is built on little more than sexual attraction, as this will lead to difficulties in the long run.

The Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius move into their once a year face-off on Friday. While the Sun in Gemini has you wanting to meet the world full speed ahead, Saturn’s opposition will force you to slow down, as many obstacles, redirections, and difficulties are guaranteed to arise. Many of the difficulties you will face are likely to come from authority figures, and may have to do with restricting your sense of personal freedom in the form of unavoidable responsibilities. Address each of the obstacles that come your way in the next few days with the wisdom you have learned through past troubles and a willingness to play by the rules asked of you, and you will find your way through. The effect of this annual face-off will last for a few days, but know that the consequences of any actions taken or decisions made during this time will have long-lasting consequences. Make sure you think everything through to avoid regrets.

The Leo Moon and Mars in Gemini are sextile on Saturday morning, making you want to get your show on the road with as much fanfare as possible. Certainly, you will have the energy, optimism, and resourcefulness to do just that. The effects of the Sun/Saturn face-off are still in full effect, so you must make sure you have done all of the prep work needed to ensure success.

Sunday brings a trine between the Leo Moon and Uranus in Aries, reinforcing the desire to stir up your world by setting your ideas into action. Luck will be on your side today and your intuition will be strong. You will be ready to embrace the changes a bright future can bring.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, May 10 2015

Astrology trends for the week of May 11

The week starts with a change of sign for Mars. Monday night, Mars leaves slow and steady Taurus for the quick energy of Gemini, where it will remain for the next 6 weeks. Gemini pushes Mars to be about energetic activity of the mind: You will want to be out and about seeking new concepts and experiences. Your mind will be able to quickly take in new information and synthesize it into new ideas, arriving at conclusions in a flash. However, while Mars is in Gemini you may find it very difficult to maintain your focus on a single goal for any length of time. During this time, you will also be more likely to vacillate and second-guess yourself. Now is an excellent time to explore new things and experiment. When Mars moves out of Gemini in a month and a half, you will find yourself more able to apply yourself and dig deeper into projects that require more sustained and concentrated effort.

Tuesday will be all about the creative work. A morning trine between the Pisces Moon and Venus in Cancer will have you wanting to retreat from the harsh world by throwing yourself into an artistic project, perhaps one that has to do with decorating your home. In the afternoon, the Moon moves into conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. This is not an aspect that will have you thinking especially clearly- your worldview will definitely have a rose-colored tint. Don’t commit yourself to anything long term or binding today. Instead, this is a great time for meditation and other spiritual pursuits, or to involve yourself in artistic or creative endeavors.

Early Wednesday, the Pisces Moon is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect may give you the opportunity to turn your artistic hobby into a money maker or to advance your career through some creative thinking.

A trine of the Aries Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius on Thursday morning will put you in the best frame of mind to get to work on thorny problems that have been holding you back. The challenge while Saturn is in Sagittarius is to keep to your tasks through all of the difficulties that hold you back (and there will be difficulties). The Aries Moon gives you the energy to come at the obstacles standing in your way from a new perspective and to thoroughly deal with them. Your sticktoitiveness will be what brings you to the pay off in the end.

Friday comes in like a speed bump, or a whole parking lot full of them, in the form of a once a year face-off between Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius. Mars will want you to go full speed ahead, but Saturn has other ideas and has placed many obstacles in your path. As with speed bumps, though, if you hit them too fast or too hard, you are risking a wreck, or at least a painful jolt. If you slow down and hit them with caution and a delicate touch, you can more easily work your way through.

A trine of Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces on Saturday invites you to explore your own inner depths. When Venus is in Cancer, there is a wealth of hidden emotion underneath your shell of reserve. If you’ve felt that your creative work has lately lacked direction or impact, now is the time to peel back the protective layers to expose your inner self. Your work as well as your spirit will benefit.

Another trine comes on Sunday morning, this time between the Taurus Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect may indicate that now is the time to put together a plan to combine your strong work ethic and good ability at handling money together to change your life for the better. This could be as simple as taking advantage of your employer’s 401K plan or as daring as launching your own business. As long as it is an investment in your future security, you should do well. One warning, though: The New Moon in Taurus occurs just after midnight on Monday morning. This is traditionally the best time to launch projects. The face-off between Mars and Saturn that occurred on Friday is still in effect. To make best use of this New Moon, you will do better to spend this time making plans and devising strategies.

Mercury will be going Retrograde on Monday. You can expect obstacles to crop up in any project started now. If the start of a project can be delayed, you can use this retrograde period to make plans, research things relevant to your project, reassess where you want to go, or even use this as a rest period before you get yourself truly in action. If you must start your projects during this time, they are not doomed to failure, but you should expect many obstacles and for things to not always go as you planned. Patience and perseverance will help see you through.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, May 3 2015

Astrology trends for the week of May 4

Monday will be just a bit too much, as the Sun in Taurus squares off with Jupiter in Leo. While Taurus usually is happiest getting down to work, Leo views this work as a reason to go over the top in a big way. This aspect is going to bring out your most extravagant and spendthrift tendencies, and this Big Show isn’t going to be about getting any actual work done. Bear in mind, this isn’t exactly the best way to start your work week. Your best bet would be to resist Leo’s bigger-than-life pull, or at least funnel it into something productive, like a show-stopping sales presentation.

You are likely to get in your own way on Tuesday afternoon when the Moon and Saturn move into conjunction in Sagittarius. Here, your perfectionist side is in high gear, and no matter how well the job at hand was done, you are going to find fault and find more to do. There is a point when you are going to have to call the project done and let it go. No matter what you do you are in for an anxious night, when the Moon moves into opposition to Mercury in Gemini. Your opinions will be changing at a frenetic rate and each change will come with the certainty you are wrong. Tonight isn’t the night to make any lasting commitments, or take on any task that requires you to decide on one course of action. In fact, you’d be better to take a run or some other intensive physical activity that will help you burn off some of the excess nervous energy you have. Leave the decision-making to another day.

Wednesday will be much better, as the Sun in Taurus is trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This earthy trine is a positive sign of change: Pluto has been in a tension-filled square dance with Uranus over the past three years. Since March, Pluto has moved into friendlier territory, forming positive trines with Jupiter. This trine with the Sun further strengthens your self-confidence, especially as you are taking in new ideas, and highlights your ability to steadily work towards your career and family goals.

Venus moves into the domestically-minded sign of Cancer on Thursday evening. While Venus was in Gemini, emotional ties were unattractive. Now, until June 5th, the idea of being loved becomes much more of your focus. Cancer’s influence will have you feeling much more romantic, more emotionally sensitive, and generally more focused on those you love. Your security, emotional, physical, and financial, will also become more of a motivation for your actions. If you fall in love under Cancer’s influence, it will only be if you feel sure your partner will contribute to your future material well-being.

A trine of the Capricorn Moon and the Sun in Taurus makes for a pleasant close of the work week on Friday evening. You can be sure that your diligent and steady work this week did not go unnoticed and you can head home for the weekend sure that you did your part to provide for a stable and happy home. Now, enjoy your well-deserved break!

Be careful of schemers and scammers on Saturday afternoon, as Mercury in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces. I could warn you that if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t, but you won’t be thinking clearly enough to realize the deal is too good. And, if you decide that you should be the one running the scam, think again. This aspect will have you wanting to pull the wool over someone’s eyes, but your knowledge isn’t likely to go deep enough to pull it off. You’ll do best to stick to the straight and narrow and not give into temptation, no matter how good the deal seems.

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and Venus entering Cancer this week has put you in a family frame of mind. When Venus is quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius today, you have the perfect opportunity to show Mom (or those who act as mother in your life) how much they mean to you. Today, though, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t seem there is a huge outpouring of appreciation for your efforts: You aren’t doing this to make Mom show how much she loves you. You are doing it to show how much you love her. To expect some sort of reciprocal display defeats the purpose. And don’t worry, your efforts are very much appreciated.

Take warning: On Sunday, Mercury enters its storm period prior to going Retrograde on May 18th. As Mercury slows, you will notice more and more difficulty in the areas it governs (communications, technology, travel). The storm period is not a good time to begin projects. Instead, use this time to finalize things that are already on your plate. Pay special attention to those things that need to be taken care of that are ruled by Mercury: Get those bills and letters out early. Any important communications should be finished now. Any car repairs that you’ve been delaying should be addressed immediately. And definitely check those tire pressures and fluid levels. If you’ve let your computer’s security software lapse, it’s time to update. Make sure all important electronics are on surge protectors. Be prepared and get these things taken care of now, or they will demand your attention when Mercury has gone Retrograde.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Wednesday, April 29 2015

Beltane without the maypole

There has been a definite turn in the weather and the chill of winter seems to, finally, be fading. Days are longer and the warmth of the nurturing sun is returning.

This Friday is Beltane, a holiday which, to ancient Celts, signaled the beginning of summer. It marked the beginning of the growing season and was the date when cattle were driven to their summer fields. The rituals surrounding Beltane generally focused on celebrating fertility and providing protection for people and animals. The most well-known Beltane rituals involve the maypole as a celebration of fertility.

Chances are you don’t have a maypole in your yard. But there are other ways you can celebrate the season:

1: Light a fire! Before driving their cattle to summer pasture, Celtic farmers would light huge bonfires and run the animals around them, believing that the flames would protect them from harm over the coming months. In your own celebrations, a backyard fire symbolizes the sun, with its nurturing warmth and light.

2: Release your guilt and bad luck. Part of ancient Beltane celebrations would be to appoint a scapegoat (also called the Fool) that would receive the bad luck of all the villagers. The scapegoat would then leap over the flames of a fire to banish bad luck from the village for the year. For your own observance, write down all of the instances for which you are carrying guilt or in which you felt plagued by bad luck. Then, throw the paper into the fire while visualizing the guilt and bad luck going up in flames. If you aren’t able to burn the paper, shred it into tiny pieces and release them to the four winds, sending your ill luck and guilt with them.

3: Think yellow. In traditional Beltane celebrations, yellow flowers represented both the sun and the flames of the bonfire. Houses were strewn with yellow flowers, bringing protection and prosperity to the home. Festoon your home with yellow flowers, especially daffodils and forsythia, to welcome the season of the sun.

4: Get out and grow! What better way to celebrate the growing season than actually get out there and be part of it. This is the time to dig into your garden and plant. If the overnight temperatures are still too low for tender annuals, now is a great time to start seeds in an indoor seedling tray. Outdoors, you can still prepare the bed so it is ready when the seedlings are big enough and the temperatures are right. It is also a great time to plant summer- and fall-blooming bulbs.

5: Throw a party. No celebration is complete without a gathering of friends and good food and drink. A backyard barbeque would be the perfect way to celebrate the longer days and warmer nights. Make sure to decorate with plenty of flowers. Fruits and breads are foods associated with fertility and would be appropriate for your feast.

6: Adopt a friend. Animals were an important part of a Beltane celebration. Inviting a cat or dog (or any other companion animal) to join your family would be in keeping with the spirit of the season.

7: Light your own fire! Observance of Beltane often involved appointing a couple to represent the Mother Goddess and her companion; their physical joining represented the sowing of the crops and the successful mating of farm animals. As Beltane festivities continued through the night, many couples slipped away to enjoy their own physical encounters, in the spirit of the night. This night is a good one to reignite your own sexual fires and, symbolically at least, join in the fertility rites of the celebration.

Tuesday, April 28 2015

There are more than 5 kinds of spirit animal

If you judged only by the t-shirts and tattoos you see, you might think that five creatures that can be spirit or totem animals. A spirit animal is one that comes to you, either in the real world or in dreams, bringing a message of qualities you rely on or that you need more of in your life. An animal may be your personal totem if it is one that plays a constant role in your life. It may stay with you through a period when you particularly need its messages and energies, or it may be with you for your entire life.

The most common spirit animals seem to be eagles (clarity, intuition), butterflies (joy, change, a free spirit), wolves (family, guidance, self-confidence), bears (strength, leadership, introspection), and crows (intelligence, resourcefulness, loyalty), but there's no reason to limit yourself to the most popular or best known ones. Here are a few other possibilities and the messages they can bring to you:

Spider is the spinner of webs and represents interconnectedness. When Spider comes to you, she wants to remind you that your life is connected to that of all other living things. She weaves together your past and the future, as well as your spiritual and material existence. She reminds you of the wisdom you have gained through experiences as well as the lessons learned from your family.

Rabbit is often the low rung on the food chain, and survives by maintaining a careful understanding of his environment and its dangers. When Rabbit comes to you, he often is encouraging you to face your fears, especially in a well-planned, non-violent way. Rabbit also represents industriousness and adaptability, as well as fertility.

Ladybugs are creatures of transformation and metamorphosis. These creatures are exceptionally adaptable, able to withstand much that life throws its ways. Ladybug often arrives as your life is entering a period of major transition, representing the end of one phase of your life so that you can enter a new one.

Dolphins one of the most social-minded animals, help us break down emotional barriers so that we can love as well as be loved. They open the doors to communication. Dolphins also remind us not to take ourselves too seriously and to keep a spirit of playfulness.

Sharks are extremely focused and driven toward achieving their goals, and can bring this energy to your life. Sharks appearing to you can indicate that you’ve been dealing with emotional extremes and need to sort through your feelings. It can also mean that you’ve been using fear and intimidation to work through problems and may need to try a different tactic. They can also remind you to be protective of your loved ones and they can help you to dispel your irrational fears.

Penguins move between the terrestrial world and the world of the sea with ease. They can help you to move between the spiritual and material worlds, as well as find balance between your masculine and feminine sides. Penguins also represent fatherhood, adherence to social etiquette, and confidence.

Bees are extremely productive creatures and much of life on earth is dependent on them to pollinate plants and crops, thus creating one of the basic building blocks of our food chain. They are, therefore, associated with fertility and productivity, as well as the confidence to strike out on one’s own for the good of your community. The also represent the magic of transformation, changing pollen into honey, as well as flowers. Bees remind us of the importance of things that, at first glance, seem insignificant.

Coyote is known as the Trickster of the animal world. They remind us to laugh at ourselves and to learn from our mistakes. Unlike wolves, coyotes form informal packs, coming together and moving apart as needs change. They remind us to both be flexible as well as to ask others for assistance when we need it.

Deer move with gentleness and grace through a world that can sometimes be hostile. They represent openheartedness, alertness and serenity in the face of adversity. They also remind us that sometimes it is best to not be seen, to camouflage ourselves in our environment. They remind us to listen keenly, and to hear even that which is not being said. Deer also represent leadership through gentle guidance, instead of force.

Cardinals help us to recognize our own self-worth and our importance to the world at large. They are present in our environment throughout the year and encourage us to constantly reassess ourselves and the role we play in others’ lives. Cardinals are excellent parents and remind us of our responsibilities to our loved ones. They also represent the renewal of vitality and help us seek opportunity around us at all times. Further, they encourage us to bring color to our lives.

I'm not denying that eagles, butterflies, wolves, bears, and crows have valid messages to bring to people. But there is a wide world worth of animals that have important things to tell you and can bring powerful energy to your life. Even mosquitoes have a message- don't lose your focus on little annoyances or give your power to inconsequential things. Keep your options open and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Sunday, April 26 2015

Astrology trends for the week of April 27

You know that dream you have where you show up for what you think is the first day of class but, when the class starts, you realize that everyone is there to take the final exam and you are completely unprepared? You are going to feel like that on Monday morning, when the Leo Moon squares off with Mercury in Taurus. Chances are that your ego told you that you had it all covered, but you’re going to realize that there was more prep work you should have done to feel truly ready to tackle today’s projects. This is going to make for some anxious moments. You know there is no way you are going to be able to fake your way through this. You won’t want to, but if you are willing to accept input and help from others, you will be able to work your way through.

Tuesday will be a better day, with a productive trine between the Virgo Moon and the Sun in Taurus give you both the organization and the steady energy needed to work towards your goals. You’ll even feel happy while doing it! And your diligent work is going to be noticed: Tackling the Honey Do list will make for a happier home, while your efforts at work may line you up for a promotion.

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, Venus in Gemini squares off with Chiron in Pisces. This aspect spells some difficult lessons from your love life: If you’ve felt tied down by a heavy, overly emotional relationship, you are going to chafe even more to be free from romantic encumbrances. On the other hand, if you’ve given little thought to your heart while you pursue other interests, you may suddenly feel your emotional isolation. Whatever your situation, this aspect is likely to make you confront the way in which your worldly interests and romantic needs clash. Chiron, ever the teacher and healer, will eventually help you find the balance, but today may have you feeling some heartache.

Mercury enters Gemini for an extended stay on Thursday evening. Gemini is a talkative sign, so get ready for the pace of communication to speed up to short and detailed bursts, though these details may tend to be a bit superficial. Gemini generally has no patience for long, involved, or deep investigations. You will find a tendency for your opinions to change quickly and the focus will be on what is new or trendy. You will also find multitasking much easier than usual. You will have a burning curiosity to know about everything, just, perhaps, not an in-depth knowledge of everything. Unfortunately, while Mercury is in Gemini, attention spans can be short and it can be difficult to stick with one thing for any length of time. Mercury will go Retrograde on May 18th, extending its stay in Gemini until it finally enters Cancer on July 8th.

Friday is Beltane, a celebration which marks the beginning of summer, celebrating fertility and the growing season. This morning, we see the Libra Moon quincunx to the Sun in Taurus. Here is your opportunity to weed out those things that bring you inner turmoil or make your actions self-defeating. This is the season of creation- if you can find inner harmony, this season will be very productive for you. In the afternoon, the Moon will be sextile to Jupiter in Leo, creating a celebratory mood to enjoy the spirit of May Day.

A trine of the Libra Moon and Venus in Gemini on Saturday morning puts you in a lighthearted and affectionate mood. Gemini’s influence makes this not a day for lovers but, instead, a great day to gather a group of friends to hit a gallery, take in a movie, or just enjoy an afternoon in the outdoors. The world is a beautiful place, and you will be ready to embrace it!

Sunday morning starts on a difficult note, with Mercury in Gemini in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. You’re likely to want to embrace the trendy, the easy, the fun, bouncing from one entertainment to the next. Saturn has other plans for you: When Saturn is in Sagittarius, it’s all about the long haul. You are going to have to persevere and persist in order to reach your goals. Flying from one shiny object to the next just won’t cut it. Today, the pull of these two very opposite drives will be strong. Try to find a middle ground between rigidly sticking to the task at hand and flitting like a butterfly from one pretty flower to the next. Shortly before midnight Sunday night, we reach the Full Moon in Scorpio. Projects started at the beginning of this Moon Cycle should be coming to fruition. Now is the time to bring forward any unresolved issues. Scorpio’s influence will be particularly useful here, as the Scorpio Moon can help you rise above obstacles. A fly in the ointment, though, comes in the form of a square between the Moon and Jupiter in Leo shortly after midnight on Monday morning. Here, the intensity of Scorpio and the bigger-than-life nature of Leo really come as too much of a good thing. With Jupiter’s involvement, surprises are guaranteed, for good or for bad. This could come in the form of a once in a lifetime opportunity or it could instead mean the floor drops out from under you. Your survival will depend on restraint. Try to not throw yourself all-in to any turn of events. Good luck can suddenly turn to bad, just as disaster can actually turn into a life-changing opportunity. Restraint will see you through difficulties if your good luck should sour as well as keep you from giving up when faced with trouble and missing the opportunity to rebound.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Friday, April 17 2015

Astrology trends for the week of April 20

Monday starts with a shift in energy as the Sun moves out of brilliant, dynamic Aries into the slower, steadier sign of Taurus. While the Sun is in Taurus, your physical energy becomes about steadily working toward long term goals: long-lasting, more plodding, relentless, and dependable. This focus and energy can make us rigid, dogmatic, or overly stubborn, so try to watch yourself when you deal with others. The good news is that Taurus also tends to make us slow to anger and a bit cautious in our approach to new things. You won't be likely to rush headlong into foolish projects and, when starting anything new, you are likely to insist on being fully prepared. Projects you take on this month will be most successful if they are about securing material wealth and comfort.

You might want to delay the start of your day on Tuesday: Shortly after midnight, Mercury in Taurus squares off with Jupiter in Leo. You will be feeling very sure of yourself and won’t listen to anyone who tries to warn you off. This combination is likely to result in some errors in judgment that will expose you to public scandal or ridicule. If you must work with others Tuesday morning, try to keep your ears open, your head down, and your ego in check. By late afternoon, a trine between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will have that self-confidence working in your favor. If you’ve navigated the morning’s troubled waters with your reputation intact, now is the time to put your ideas out there, as others will be ready to respond to them and the outcome will be beneficial.

Be prepared but flexible on Wednesday. A morning trine between Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn will demand that you have your ducks in row but will also ensure that things are going to change as you progress. Today is the day to highlight your versatility and ability to think on your feet; those who matter will take note. Early in the afternoon, Venus in Gemini will be sextile to Jupiter in Leo, allowing you to dazzle those around you with your knowledge and experience in a broad range of topics. Your wit and flair for communication will be highlighted in the evening when Mercury and Mars pair up in Taurus. This is an excellent evening to work on a novel or write a speech. Taurus’s influence can make us a bit shy in front of an audience, so if you do have to give a presentation to a group this evening, try to imagine that you are speaking to just one trusted friend, and your talent as a wordsmith, this evening, will carry you through.

Perseverance is the word of the day Thursday, as the Sun in Taurus is quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. There will be obstacles, and if you allow them to make you feel defeated or inadequate, you will suffer disappointment. But, if you let that steady Taurus drive push you to work through those problems, you are guaranteed success, ultimately.

Have you put your foot in your mouth lately? Are you haunted by something you said, or failed to say, that has caused emotional damage to you or someone else? Mercury in Taurus and Chiron in Pisces will be sextile on Friday evening, giving you the chance to address those emotional scars caused by poorly thought out words, as well as any lingering guilt or shame you might have from failing to heed others’ advice, getting you into trouble. Communication is always key, but if it has gotten you into emotional hot water in the past, now is the time to repair the damage done. If the damage can’t be repaired, it will be good to know where you stand as, later in the evening, Venus in Gemini will be quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. This is an ideal time to break from a dysfunctional relationship. This aspect often brings reversals in love and broken attachments. Therefore, it is an ill-advised time to enter a romance (one started now will bring great sex, but it will also bring great problems). But, if it’s time get out, this aspect improves the odds that you will land on your feet or bounce back quickly.

A trine between the Leo Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius on Saturday afternoon makes this an excellent day for creative problem-solving and working through any issues that have been holding you back. Your best approach should be to take an open-minded view of the issue, but also don’t neglect the wisdom you have learned through tackling similar problems in the past.

Sunday evening, Venus will be sextile to Uranus in Aries. If your love life has been stuck in a rut, this aspect can help you break out of it. This isn’t the evening for heartfelt discussions. Instead it is time to bring back the fun to your love life through creativity. Now is the time to enact a fantasy or two to reignite those romantic fires; don’t play it safe, for once.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, April 12 2015

Astrology trends for the week of April 13

It’s going to be a rough Monday, the kind that makes you wish Sunday had lasted another 24 hours, as the Aquarius Moon and Jupiter in Leo move into opposition. You are likely to have fantasies of organizing your troops and taking the work week by storm, all with dazzling style and flourish. The truth is you are more likely to lose a few hours staring out the window and resenting anyone who tries to get you focused on the task at hand. Be careful, too, of any financial decisions required of you today. They aren’t likely to be very sound ones.

On Tuesday, Mercury leaves fast-paced Aries for a three week stay in the slower, steadier sign of Taurus. You will find that communications, commerce, and travel slow from the flurried pace they had while in Aries. They do not come to a halt but they move at a more measured pace. You will be in the frame of mind to thoroughly prepare yourself for any undertaking. You will be much less likely to make snap judgments or pronouncements but will instead weigh any possible consequences to your words and deeds. Stability will be the guiding ideology of this three week period. This steadiness and stability can be taken too far. Be careful of becoming rigid or too sure of your own opinions. While Mercury is in Aries, we have a tendency to undervalue input from others and may find ourselves repeating our own opinions forcefully, just to make sure others get the point. This can make for awkward social interactions and you may find yourself happier spending time alone. The upside is that your abilities with money will be strong during this time.

Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius are in opposition on Wednesday. This will be a difficult day for your relationships. Saturn, here, requires hard work from you to make any relationship succeed, and Venus in Gemini stresses your need to not be tied down by heavy emotional commitments. In other words, under this aspect, you just aren’t likely to put in the effort to work through a relationship’s difficulties. It is certainly not a good day to start a romance. Instead of pursuing love, you’d be better to spend the day indulging in more solitary interests.

Shortly before midnight on Thursday evening, Pluto goes Retrograde, remaining there until September 25th. Pluto is the planet of endings that clears the way for new beginnings and brings major transformations to your life. While it is Retrograde, closure and fresh starts can seem difficult to come by: Projects you thought you had put to bed will now need more work; problems you thought you had settled will require more attention. You can end up feeling like you are living the plot of Groundhog Day. As this is happening, however, you can take a closer look at the patterns of your life to assess those things that are no longer useful to you and get rid of them. If you can excise those things that have become dead weight, you will truly be ready for your fresh start when Pluto begins to move forward again in the fall.

Friday evening, Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Leo square off, and it isn’t a pretty sight. This aspect brings out the worst of the stubbornness of Taurus, exacerbated by the over-the-top extravagance of Leo. You are likely to charge in to just about everything and then thrash your way through, regardless of the consequences. This is a night where quiet pursuits by yourself may serve you better in the long run.

Saturday will bring you a much needed shot of positive energy, as we reach the New Moon in Aries around midday. As with all New Moons, this is the best time to launch projects for this Moon Cycle. Aries, however, is the sign of impetus, new starts, and fresh energy. An Aries Moon make us more energetic, optimistic, enterprising, and open to change. This two week period is one of the most opportune for starting a new business, bringing a new product or discovery to market, or starting a new relationship.

Sunday is the day to take on creative projects, as two aspects will have your artistic and creative abilities working overtime. First, Mercury in Taurus moves sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect heightens your creativity and imagination, as well as giving you the steady energy to put the work in to see the project through. A few hours later, Venus in Gemini is sextile to Neptune. Again, this aspect strengthens imagination and artistic vision, but here, you will be most productive if you seek input from another, helping to focus that vision toward creative genius.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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