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Monday, May 2 2016

Stone meditation: Halite

What is it?

Halite, more commonly known as rock salt, forms when a body of water evaporates, causing the minerals in it to precipitate out, leaving a sedimentary deposit of those minerals. It is commonly found and has many uses, including keeping roads free from ice, and seasoning and preserving our foods. Salts such as halite are vitally important to many life functions in the human body.

What can it do for you?

Halite aids those seeking emotional stability, protects from negativity, and provides a gentle, grounding energy. Salt can be used to purify and detoxify physical items, as well. The use of halite candle holders or lamps helps to detoxify the environment, reducing odors and allergens, as well as casting a healing energy in the surrounding area.

What can it teach us?

Halite teaches us that, as our circumstances change, we need to change with them. We should be ready to put our skills and our resources to new uses when the need arises. We also should be mindful of releasing patterns, energies, and material things that no longer serve a useful or positive purpose in our lives. By clearing away that which no longer benefits us, we are open to new opportunity and gain.

Sunday, May 1 2016

Astrology trends for the week of May 2

If it's more difficult than usual to pull yourself out of bed Monday and set your mind on the work week ahead, blame the Pisces Moon moving into conjunction with Neptune. Today, you'll be much more in the mood to create, meditate, or just spend the morning lost in dreams. If you do have to venture out into the workaday world, be aware that your head is likely to be lost in the clouds and your decision-making skills will be hazy, at best. The good news is that you will be ready to think the best of the world today; the bad news is that you are likely to keep thinking that, even when you shouldn’t. Best to leave any task that requires critical thinking for another day.

Once the fog has cleared from Monday, Tuesday begins the trend that makes this a very good week for your finances, as well as launching projects (but bear in mind that planets are currently Retrograde so things may not always go to plan). Early Tuesday morning, the Sun in Taurus trines Jupiter in Virgo. Your steady and solid approach to work will dovetail beautifully with your ability to find the surest route to the biggest reward. This is an aspect that guarantees to reward hard work and optimism with success and financial gain.

Wednesday afternoon sees another trine, this time between the Aries Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius, that will help you on your path towards reaching your goals. Here, Saturn lends you the patience and determination to know you can handle the long journey to get where you want to be, while Aries will give you plenty of decisive energy to tackling any obstacles in your way head on. Aries energy can sometimes be very confrontational, but this aspect encourages you to work through subtlety and diplomacy to get what you need.

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, the Sun in Taurus is quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. Here, the challenge is to understand that obstacles will come up as you work toward your long term goals. The trick to dealing with them is to know that disappointments aren’t personal failings, they are a part of life. Get yourself organized, laying out the steps you need to take to overcome your issues, then patiently and steadily do that work yourself. Later in the morning, Venus in Taurus and Mars in Sagittarius are quincunx, as well. This aspect encourages you to be enterprising in an effort to meet your financial goals, but also reminds you to keep your interpersonal relationships in proper perspective while doing so. Here, allowing yourself to become consumed in a romance will definitely distract you from the work you need to do, and starting arguments with productive partners may cause material losses. Finding that work/life balance will be key to your long term ability to get to the finish line.

Friday brings us the New Moon in Taurus. As with all New Moons, now is the natural starting point for this Moon Cycle's projects, but you will need to keep in mind that Mercury is Retrograde through May 22, and projects begun now will face obstacles. Also, Taurus is not a sign that is overly fond of risk or change. Therefore, this New Moon it's better to focus on reigniting your passion for projects already begun. Ventures which involve territory with which you are already familiar, or surround things you already value, will be most successful and least problematic.

Saturday brings another happy trine, this time between the Sun in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This trine makes it possible for a mental Spring Cleaning: Now is the time to let go of habits and patterns that have been holding you back from attaining your goals. With Pluto Retrograde, this is an especially good time to excise those things in our lives that no longer serve a purpose.

This Sunday, prepare yourself for the Mothers’ Day from Hell: the Gemini Moon, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter in Virgo set up to square off, with Saturn in Sagittarius in opposition, keeping you in the crosshairs of a very uncomfortable day. Long-hidden family secrets may rattle loose, upsetting someone’s sense of who they are or where they stood within the group. Miscommunication is almost guaranteed, stymieing any attempt to clear up the matter. Luckily, this unhappy set of aspects will only be an influence for one day. We can all hit the reset button come Monday.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, April 25 2016

Stones for Mercury Retrograde

We've all heard that, when Mercury is Retrograde, we can expect a stressful time, with difficulties in communications, travel, and technology. And there are things we should and should not do to better weather this three-week period. We can do our best to slow down, taking time to rest and reflect, but we can’t stop living our lives entirely while Mercury is on its backward journey.

There are many stones that can help you better navigate the turbulent times of a Mercury Retrograde. Put together a crystal survival kit to carry with you, so that you can access the helpful energy of these stones when needed.

First, I recommend keeping some aventurine with you, to increase your overall good luck during this time.

Mercury oversees our mental processes, making its Retrograde a period when confused thoughts are likely. Fluorite organizes thoughts, aids mental clarity, and increases your intuition. Kyanite clears away the chaotic energy of this time, and aids you in reaching a fresh perspective. Blue lace agate can help you to de-stress and remain calm, while blue calcite reduces the impact of harsh or high stimulus energy, helping you overcome whatever Mercury throws at you.

As communications break down, citrine can help to increase the clarity of both your thoughts and your words. If you find that you must speak in public during a Mercury Retrograde, ametrine gives focus and assertiveness to your speech, enabling your message to get through to your audience. Amazonite can smooth the flow of communication. Howlite will help to reveal deceptions (including self-deception) that might lead you astray.

Amethyst can help to remove energy blockages, so that you can remain as productive as possible during what can be an exhausting time. Smokey quartz is an excellent stone to help you see and understand the obstacles that are in your path, and it can shield you from some of their negative influence. Hematite is also very protective, as well as being an excellent grounding stone, helping to keep you from getting caught up in the chaotic energies of this time.

Tigereye, especially blue tigereye, is an excellent stone to keep with you during a Mercury Retrograde. It is protective of travelers, and focuses the mind. This stone also aids memory, ensuring no important details slip through the cracks.

And, for those days when, no matter what we do, the disruptive energies of the Retrograde still get to us, selenite can help us release stress and anger, getting us back to an even keel.

As a final stone for your Retrograde survival kit, I would add a piece of rose quartz, to remind you to love yourself, even during those stressful times, as well as to help you remember that you have friends and loved ones who you can call on in your moments of need.

Stone meditation: Jet

What is it?

Jet is a mineraloid of organic matter: It is produced when wood decays in water under high pressure. Jet is similar in appearance and formation to coal. However, coal generally occurs when a large body of organic matter decomposes (thus forming seams underground), while jet is generally formed by single trees or limbs falling into water and decomposing. It has been used since the Neolithic era as a medium for carving, and has been used throughout history to create beautiful jewelry.

What can it do for you?

Jet has been used, as far back as the Roman Empire, for its ability to protect against negative energies. Many cultures have used it as an amulet against the Evil Eye and envy. In addition to its protective qualities, jet can help dispel grief. It also can relieve night terrors, especially in children. Jet can also banish feelings of self-doubt or other negative mental states, helping to instill a gently grounded sense of confidence in its bearer.

What can it teach us?

Jet teaches us that, when we are put under what may seem like unendurable pressure, when we come out the other side, a near-miraculous transformation is likely to have taken place. In jet, what started out as a discarded and dead limb, over time and under great pressure, is transformed into a beautiful gemstone. When we go through painful circumstances, we, ourselves, can be changed into something of more substance, of value, of beauty.

Sunday, April 24 2016

Astrology trends for the week of April 25

The Moon and Saturn move into conjunction in Sagittarius on Monday afternoon, making this a day when your mind will be happily focused on the work you need to get done, and you will feel your best when you know things have been done right. Watch out for being too much of a perfectionist. Once you know you’ve done the work to the best of your abilities, it’s time to let it go and call it done. And try to not to turn this fault-finding preoccupation on others. Tact and subtlety will bring better results than micromanaging.

Tuesday morning brings us an optimistic and exciting trine of the Sagittarius Moon and Uranus in Aries. This aspect will help you to bring the change you want to your life, through your own efforts. Don’t be afraid to try new things or new approaches to your work or life. You know the phrase, “Be the change you want to see in the world”? Well, this aspect is telling you it’s time to put that philosophy into practice.

The Sun in Taurus and the Capricorn Moon trine on Wednesday morning, further spurring your productivity. An organized and methodical approach will guarantee success under this aspect. This is a day in which you can find yourself making great progress toward your goals.

While the opening of the week has focused on productivity, Thursday marks a dramatic shift in energy, as Mercury goes Retrograde at 1:20pm. Over the next three weeks, expect difficulties in the areas that Mercury rules: communications, thought patterns, travel, and electronics. This is not a good time to begin any new projects (though you can safely continue work on those you have already begun). If you must start a new project now, expect many obstacles, and be ready for the project to turn out differently than you expected. This is a good time to rest, relax, recharge, research, and generally take a slower, more contemplative approach to things. With Mercury in Taurus during this Retrograde, this period is an especially good time to reevaluate how you approach matters of the heart and finances. Now is the time to rid yourself of patterns that no longer serve you well, so that you can start to move forward when Mercury goes Direct on May 22nd.

Friday evening sees Venus leave the fiery and volatile influence of Aries to enter the stabilizing influence of Taurus. Taurus is Venus’s “home” sign, so you are likely to find this a generally good time to work on your finances and love life. During Venus’s stay in Taurus, we are likely to feel affectionate and loving to those we care about, but we will tend to be more cautious about giving away our hearts. Taurus makes us fear pain, including the pain of heartache, and this fear may influence your willingness to expose yourself emotionally, or to give of yourself financially. In spite of this cautiousness about giving our hearts, we are not logical in our approach to romance, now. We fall in love under this influence strictly by feeling. Once we have committed ourselves to another, it can become all-consuming under Taurus’s influence. So be one guard against possessive, even smothering, behaviors. We are also likely to hear the siren’s call to indulge ourselves in the sensual luxuries of life: good food and drink, the arts, and beautiful settings.

The Aquarius Moon is quincunx to Jupiter in Virgo on Saturday morning. Your challenge today is to be realistic with yourself about, well, everything. Misplaced confidence will lead you into trouble- whether it be confidence in a slick salesman, or even overconfidence in your own abilities or preparedness. Pay attention to all of the details as well as the big picture and work through any issues methodically, keeping your own individual realities in mind. Misrepresenting, even to yourself, your motives will result in loss. Good judgment and sound reasoning will lead you successfully out of any difficulties, as long as you make sure you are dealing with the full, unadulterated truth.

Sunday morning, the Sun in Taurus is sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Today is a good one in which to turn your energies toward self-expression through artistic creation. This aspect will help you put your feelings, perhaps even painful ones, into your art, so that you feel your voice has been heard. If artistic skill isn’t in your toolkit, this aspect is also one in which seeking the advice and guidance of a spiritual practitioner may be especially beneficial in helping you reach resolution.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, April 19 2016

Stone meditation: Zincite

What is it?

Zincite is a unique stone in that the stunningly beautiful crystals that are available for purchase are the product of smelting zinc ore for industrial use. Prior to the 1980s, smelter smokestacks were built to let air enter the stack where the zinc oxide vapor was being released. This caused the zinc to precipitate out of the vapor and form these glittering specimens. The color variation in the crystals comes from mineral impurities in the zinc ore (iron, for example, colors the zincite red). Zincite is a fairly rare mineral now, as the smelting process has been improved, and air no longer seeps into the vapor chamber.

What can it do for you?

Zincite is a very high energy stone which gives energy and alertness to its bearer. It can bring both a cooling or a warming sense to the user, helping to balance their body’s energy, as well as aid in healing. The fiery energy can stimulate creativity and productivity. Also, zincite can open one’s Third Eye, or help those seeking to astral travel to free the soul from the confines of the physical body, while also making sure it remains tethered to it.

What can it teach us?

Zincite can teach us that there is learning and beauty in all we do, even when the results were not what we expected. There is no such thing as an unfortunate accident: Every misstep may lead us to amazing new discoveries. Every unexpected occurrence can send us down a more rewarding path.

Sunday, April 17 2016

Astrology trends for the week of April 18

Early on Monday morning, Pluto, the planet that oversees major transformations in our lives, begins a five-month Retrograde period. Pluto helps to bring things to their endings, making way for new beginnings. While this planet is Retrograde, new beginnings can be harder to come by than usual, and issues you’ve thought you had put behind you may crop up again. With Pluto currently in Capricorn, this trend may be concentrated around your work ethics, your traditions, or your responsibilities. This will be an especially good time to ponder the things which are no longer useful in your life, allowing you to excise them, to be ready with a clean slate when Pluto goes Direct again in September.

The Sun moves from the fiery and tempestuous influence of Aries into the steady and solid environs of Taurus on Tuesday morning. Over the next month, we can expect to feel more self-reliant, determined, and stable. Patience is much easier to find now, as long as we feel things are heading in the direction we would like. If provoked, however, we will find that our horns come out and our hooves dig in, and we become an immovable object. Not to worry- our fuse is generally a long one while Taurus reigns. We’d much rather indulge in the sensualities and luxuries of life than put ourselves into a confrontation. Watch out for the tendency to be too unyielding, stubborn, or headstrong, as well as the possibility of being just so steady and persistent that you find yourself in a rut.

Tuesday afternoon sees Venus in Aries square off against Pluto in Capricorn. This will be a difficult time for relationships, particularly ones that are built upon little more than physical attractions or sexual compatibility. This is not a good influence under which to begin a new relationship, or take an existing one to a new intimacy, as it will likely result in trouble, possibly with your family or work life. Be especially careful of choosing a romantic partner solely to upset others’ expectations, as it could result in long lasting negative consequences for you.

The Libra Moon is sextile to Mars in Sagittarius on Wednesday morning, making this an excellent time to utilize the productive relationships in your life. Delegation is the key word for the day, but you need to make sure you set others to work with a subtle and tactful hand, not by force or fiat. Patience and diplomacy will see your team overcoming any problems: Let each member work on the tasks in which they have the most interest and strength, and success is guaranteed.

Try to approach Thursday with that same subtle and diplomatic hand. When the Libra Moon moves into opposition to Uranus in Aires, our impatience and restlessness can come to the surface. Your urge will be to tell others what they should be doing and how they should be doing it. We will find it difficult, today, to give way, to find space for compromise or cooperation. But to give in to these impulses can result in some unpleasant surprises, maybe even affecting our physical or mental health.

The Full Moon in Scorpio comes to us on Friday, which also happens to be Earth Day. As with all Full Moons, projects that you began at the beginning of this Moon Cycle should now be coming to fruition. The Scorpio Moon encourages us to dig, both figuratively and literally. I encourage you to plant a tree, or do some other dig-into-the-soil activity, today, to honor the life-sustaining planet upon which we all depend. This evening, Venus and Uranus move into conjunction in Aries, and you can expect some fiery explosions to rattle your world, in a good way. Emotion and sensuality will be ramped up, and creativity will be high. So, if you are willing to take the leap, this could be a very exciting couple of days. Just try to not be extravagant with your heart or you bank account.

Saturday gives us a trine of the Scorpio Moon and Chiron in Pisces, encouraging you to dig deep to find emotional healing. This could take the form of digging into your own psyche, to find the source of the baggage you’ve been carrying with you. This is an opportunity for self-realization, clearing up those mysteries in our souls, that, once resolved, can allow us to move forward. On a less positive note, Saturday also sees Mercury move into its Storm period, prior to going Retrograde on the 28th. Now is the time to clean up those lingering tasks you know you need to take care of, in the areas of travel, communications, and electronics, so they do not become major headaches during the Retrograde. As Mercury’s forward progress slows, over the next five days, so, too, should you. Now is not the time to begin any new projects; just concentrate on those already on your plate.

The Sagittarius Moon is quincunx to the Sun in Taurus on Sunday evening. Caution and self-regulation are virtues today. Sagittarius brings out a restless need to seek adventure, but acting without a plan of action may bring you trouble. Yes, you are apt to believe, under this influence, that the details will take care of themselves, but that just isn’t the case. And, if you operate under that belief, you are likely to find yourself suddenly realizing you’re walking on a tightrope a mile in the sky, without a net, where a moment’s loss of confidence, can bring you crashing to earth. Seek adventure if you must, today. But, do it, instead, with a well-laid plan, in which you have taken care of all of the details yourself, packing your own parachute for use in emergencies.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, April 11 2016

Stone meditation: Hematite

What is it?

Hematite is a gunmetal grey iron silicate that is mined all over the world, including Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A very useful stone, it is the primary source of iron for the steel industry, and it can be used to make red pigment for dyes and paints.

What can it do for you?

Metaphysically, hematite has several uses: It is one of the go-to stones for protection from negativity. It does not send the negative energy back to those who are sending it out, it simply keeps it from affecting the bearer. Hematite also has very strong grounding energy, helping its user to keep their feet on the ground and their mind on the tasks at hand. It is so powerfully grounding, I always advise new users, especially those with a tendency towards depression, to be mindful of the effect hematite has on their mood while using it. If, every time you pick up or wear hematite you find yourself feeling sad or depressed, or even just unusually low on energy, you should look for a different, less grounding stone that can provide the energies you were seeking.

What can it teach us?

Hematite can teach us that productivity has its place. Being useful, productive, and safe are all important assets to leading a fulfilling life. However, if we tether ourselves too much to the idea of keeping our noses to the grindstone, or of keeping ourselves safe at all costs, we will inevitably miss out on the true joys of life. Every now and then, it is important that we put down our heavy burdens, step out of our comfort zones, and LEAP just for the thrill of it!

Saturday, April 9 2016

Astrology trends for the week of April 11

Keep your eye on your bottom line when the Gemini Moon moves into opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius on Monday morning. You may feel tempted to assuage any feelings of self-consciousness or restlessness with some retail therapy, but now is not the time. Even if you think you have the money to spare, wasteful spending will get you into trouble, today. Save your funds for a rainy day, for those unexpected emergencies that are guaranteed to come up.

Tuesday starts on a better note, with Mercury in Taurus sextile to Neptune in Pisces in the early morning. If you’ve desired to start a creative project, today is the day to lay the foundation. A steady and practical solidness in your thinking today will help you prepare for the work ahead. A fiery mid-afternoon trine of Venus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius will light a fire under you, especially when it comes to projects involving love, money, or the arts.

Expect some challenges, most likely on the home front, on Wednesday afternoon, when the Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries. This may be the flood you were saving your money for earlier this week. Be careful of reacting to these difficulties with over-the-top emotions, including being too needy or too dictatorial. Don’t worry: You can overcome obstacles with a calm approach, seeking help from family members or other loved ones, if needed.

Once the storm clouds have parted, Thursday should be a good day to turn your thoughts toward reaching your long term goals. An earthy trine occurs between Mercury in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo. This calm, grounded energy will help you find balance after the topsy-turvy opening of this week. This is an aspect of good fortune, and your methodical approach to the work in front of you is likely to bring you success.

That well-grounded approach will be called for on Friday evening, when Mercury is quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. A disciplined, well-organized approach will serve you well, but you must watch out for being too rigid with those you work with: I know you are sure of your opinions, but others have a valid point of view, too. Being too critical of the work of others will result in them being resistant to your goals. When you feel your inner dictator rising up, pause, take a deep breath, and make sure you listen to the input you are being given. Then, proceed with a sense of diplomacy, tact, and caution. Pushing too hard or being too ambitious will see your plans facing insurmountable obstacles.

On Saturday evening, Venus in Aries is quincunx to Jupiter in Virgo. Appearances are going to be your biggest concern under this influence, but be sure to dig deeper than that: Deception is a real danger with this aspect. You are very likely to be dazzled by an attractive exterior, one that could hold hidden dangers. Look for any warning signs that things are not what they seem. The other possibility is that you feel like you need to spend money, time, or energy to present yourself as something other than what you are. Not only will this hurt your pocketbook, it will leave you vulnerable to a broken heart in the long run. Anyone who does not appreciate you for who you truly are, even on your worst hair days, isn’t worth having around.

An early morning trine of Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, on Sunday, encourages you to stay flexible as circumstances change around you. Taurus’s is not an energy that likes change, but, here, its earthy influence will help you know that you can still stand on your own two feet, even if you find you need to point them in a new direction. You are going to be clear-sighted enough, now, to be able to see several steps ahead on your journey toward your long term goals, and know if you need to change your route to avoid obstacles that will be difficult to climb over if taken head-on.

Slow and steady will be words to live by for the next two and a half months, as Mars goes Retrograde Sunday morning, not going Direct again until the end of June. Your energy levels will be lower during this time, and it will be much more difficult than usual to get things done. Impulsive or aggressive behavior may be dangerous, as things often don’t go as planned while Mars is Retrograde. This is a very bad time to take on important battles, as our warrior energy will be difficult to find. Adjust expectations for yourself, and others, to reflect these lower energy levels. This is a good time to reflect on our aggressive (or passive-aggressive) tendencies, as well as the manner in which we motivate ourselves to get things done. Think about what changes you can make in these areas, so that you can be ready to move forward when Mars goes Direct on June 29th.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, April 3 2016

Reader Spotlight: Laura

Laura Gentner describes herself as an Angel Card Reader and energetic healer, but when clients sit down with her, they get much more than those simple words imply. “The angels have a great sense of humor, and I find that they infuse readings with humor whenever possible! I primarily work with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael when I do readings, asking for the highest good of everyone involved and setting the intention that only God’s love and wisdom come through.” In addition to messages from the cards, Laura uses “clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance to get messages and guidance from the angels based on the cards that come up for a client.” Of her healing sessions, Laura describes, “I tune into a person’s energy and get information in two ways: First, the person’s angels and guides give me information about what is going on with them that needs some attention. Second, using my clairsentience, I physically feel what is going on with the person. After getting all that information and talking with the person, I assist them in releasing what no longer serves them so they can move forward. They simply sit in the chair and I guide them through the process. Afterwards, they will be able to do the releasing and healing on their own.” These healing sessions can be combined with an Angel Card reading or done alone, though Laura says they are a more powerful tool when done together: “I like doing energy healing with readings because the client gets messages and guidance plus some energetic work to help with what came through in the reading.”

Laura was inspired to start her reading and healing work after enrolling in an intuition class, where working with energy seemed to come naturally to her. “I was surprised when my instructor said I had done energy work before – something I don’t ever consciously remember doing- at least in this lifetime! But the more I learn how my abilities manifest, the more I remember feeling or experiencing similar things as a kid. I just didn’t realize it back then. During the class I received a message that my life purpose is healing. That class touched something in me and I found myself not only feeling better, but wanting to know and learn more. I then took classes to become a Spiritual Counselor, and started my own business. Every service that I offer I have done myself. I know how much energy work can help people shift and heal. It has had such a positive impact on me and my life and I feel great. I want to help others feel this great too.”

That intuition class was one of the first steps on Laura’s path to being the reader and healer she is today. After learning that she could channel energy, Laura was drawn to work with Angel Cards. “I taught myself Angel Cards based on the book that came with the first deck I bought. At first, I would pull cards and have to use the book to interpret the possible messages on the cards. At some point, though, I started getting messages and guidance, and didn’t need to look at the book anymore. This was initially was just for me, but then I wanted to try with other people. So I started doing readings for family and friends, and, as the messages started coming through, I realized how much I enjoyed doing them. I then got a message from Spirit that this is something I should do. Even though I had been doing readings for over two years, I believe in always continuing to learn. " Last year she took Doreen Virtue’s class and officially became a Certified Angel Card Reader.

“I find that I am drawn to something and as I’m learning about it I come across something else that resonates with me too. That’s how I started with Angel Cards. I can’t even remember why or what led me to buy my first deck! I really enjoyed learning more about them and practicing with family and friends. I think part of it is that I never know what cards are going to come up and I still get a kick out of how the angels get the messages and guidance across. It’s something I call Laughing In Amazement (LIA) - when Spirit does something so amazing or almost unbelievable that there are no words to describe it. When that happens I usually get goosebumps and just start laughing! And there are many LIA moments when I do angel card readings.

“As a Spiritual Counselor I also do a variety of energy work like chakra clearing, aura readings, past life, soul contracts and soul purpose. I am developing my ability as a medium and currently taking a channeling class. I also continue on my own spiritual journey, exploring my divine potential. And that feeds into my work as a Spiritual Counselor. One thing leads to another and another. And although energy work and angel card readings and mediumship and channeling may seem different, they all fit together like pieces of a puzzle - of knowing who you are as an energetic being and your connection to the divine, of releasing and healing past wounds and traumas, of living your divine potential and shining your light brightly out into the world. I’m so grateful that I can say I love what I do!”

Laura appreciates the unique experience that each Michigan Psychic Fair offers her as she progresses on her spiritual journey. “I love the opportunity to meet new people, and assist them in getting guidance and messages. Each fair, each person is a new experience. I also like meeting the other readers, and finding out how their abilities manifest.”

If you are interested in a session with Laura , you can see her at many Michigan Psychic Fair events. Contact us to see if she is participating at a specific date. For a private session nor for more information on Laura, see her website.

Astrology trends for the week of April 4

Monday morning challenges you to keep your wits about you and your ego in check when the Sun in Aries is quincunx to Jupiter in Virgo. This is an aspect that can see you causing a loss if you don’t proceed with caution. Make sure you consider the advice being given to you. If you ultimately reject it, do it with good humor and grace: Hastily chosen words or ill temper will be sure to cause trouble. You will be able to create good fortune for yourself, but diplomacy, common sense, and a conservative, methodical approach will be key.

Tuesday will be a less tricky one for productive activity, with a fire trine of the Sun in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius around midday. This trine will stoke your enthusiasm and creativity, helping you to launch projects. You will be the one to create your success, so be prepared to sweat to get to where you want to go. Luckily, though, this fiery energy will grant you the pep needed to put in the required work. A short while later, Venus moves from the gentle, generous energy of Pisces into the more aggressive, Me First energy of Aries. This is a time when we are much more forward in our approach to romance. We are now flirty, impulsive, confident, sensual, and very apt to fall in love at first sight. Passions are high, and we can be very demanding of our lovers, even to the point of seeming selfish. On the other hand, we are very capable, during this time, of giving unexpected gifts to those we care about. While our slightly self-centered approach to love during the next month can be challenging to our chosen lovers, this is an excellent time to learn to say no, if too much is being demanded of us in the name of love. If you have had the tendency to always be the one to give in a relationship, Aries’ influence will help you now. You'll learn to demand that your loved ones give to you your equal share.

On Tuesday evening, Mercury leaves Aries and enters the calmer and steadier realm of Taurus. While Mercury normally takes about three weeks to journey through a sign’s influence, its stay in Taurus, due to a Retrograde beginning later in the month, will be extended to nine weeks, ending in mid-June. So, settle in to the slower, more measured pace of life under Taurus: Communications will become more deliberate as our thinking becomes more practical, stable, and determined. Watch out for the tendency to become stubbornly attached to your own opinion, or the desire shut out the opinions of others. Now is the time to remind yourself that your opinions are not, in fact, the same as the truth, and repeating them louder and louder does not make them any more true. The good news is that our reasoning tends to be solid under this influence, and our approach to spending more conservative than usual. The next nine weeks could be very good ones for your finances.

The Sun in Aries squares off with Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday afternoon. This can drag up conflicts you thought were well behind you, especially ones dealing with the authority figures in your life, as well as legal issues. This is the time to check your temper, even while standing up for what you believe. Be very cautious of someone who is willing to climb over others to get what they want, or one whose favor can be bought, even if that someone is you. Ruthless behavior, now, can cause long term problems and losses.

The New Moon in Aries comes to us on Thursday morning. As with all New Moons, this is the time to start your projects for this Moon Cycle. Aries' influence means this is the best energy of the year under which to begin projects. Even if an opening for your venture isn’t obvious, Aries can help you create that opportunity. If you’ve had a difficult project on the drawing board waiting for that extra oomph of energy to launch, today is the day to get cracking!

When the Taurus Moon and Mercury move into conjunction on Friday morning, be prepared for a blast of earthy energy, if “blast” is the right word: Today is a day when you are going to feel more than comfortable sitting peacefully and letting the world move soothingly around you, nothing jarring, nothing pressing to be done. You will be drawn to sensual pleasures, such as food, wine, and the arts, making today an excellent one to find a friend and wander through a museum, indulge in a sumptuous feast, or even just seek out the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Resist the urge to insist on having everything your own way, or you might spoil the indulgent and peaceful mood.

Another conjunction occurs on Saturday evening, this time between the Sun and Uranus in Aries. The annual meet-up of these two planets brings the promise of some surprising shake-ups in your life. Change is always stressful, but you can approach today as opportunity instead of catastrophe. Even if you have to give up some comfortable patterns that have developed in your life, what replaces them can be even more beneficial to you, if you are willing to think along original lines, be enterprising, and embrace innovation.

Sunday afternoon brings Mercury in Taurus quincunx to Mars in Sagittarius. Both Mercury and Mars are in excellent signs to support entrepreneurial activity. The challenge, under this aspect, is to keep the obstinacy and fiery temper that can come along with these signs in check. Too much fault-finding or belligerence and your project will face serious obstacles. A focused and business-like approach will be the way to make today pay for you.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, March 29 2016

How do I choose a reader?

There are many kinds of psychics, and many reasons to talk to one. I've put together some suggestions to help you find the one that's best for you next time you visit a Michigan Psychic Fair.

Before you head out the door,

I recommend spending a few minutes thinking about what you're looking for in a reader. Do you want a reader who uses a particular tool, like a tarot deck or pendulum? Do you have a methodology you prefer, such as palmistry or astrology? Is there a specific issue you are seeking insight on, or are you just looking for something general? Do you need a psychic who can contact those who have passed to the other side? Our readers work with a wide of tools and modalities. Many also specialize in finding solutions in specific areas like relationships, health, finding your life path, or resolving lingering grief. Knowing what it is that you really want to discuss can be a huge help in selecting the right reader for you.

Just as with finding a doctor or mechanic, the recommendation of a friend or family member is always a good place to start when looking for a psychic. Many of our customers have come to us because of the great experience that their friends and loved ones have had at a Michigan Psychic Fair. I encourage you to chat with your acquaintances to hear if they have someone they would think would be a good fit for you. Just make sure you're asking someone who understands your needs, or who has similar expectations for a psychic reading: If you are looking for a reader who feels like a trusted family member to discuss family issues with, but your friend wants a reader who goes deep into a trance to carry messages from avenging angels, chances are the two of you will not feel a solid connection with the same psychic.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to select a reader when you come to a Michigan Psychic Fair. For instance, you can check out the resources available at our website. There you will find a list of our frequent participants, with links to information about each of them. Also, there are Reader Spotlight articles about many of our readers available at the website. If you find a particular reader that you are interested in, drop us a line to confirm that your chosen reader will be attending the fair you are interested in.

Once you arrive at the fair,

check out our literature table- all of the psychics reading that day have flyers, signs, or other promotional literature about themselves. This is a great opportunity to see who is available as well as to learn a little bit about that reader. I’m always available at the registration table to help you connect a living face to that flier.

One of the things I take great pride in about the psychics who work with us is that they honestly want you to have the best possible experience at our events, even if that means you get a reading with someone else. So feel free to chat with any of the readers who aren't in a session with another client. Each reader is ready to answer any questions you have about how they work, what tools they use, what you can expect out of a session with them, how long they’ve been reading, and so on. This is a very good time to let them know what you are looking for out of the session. If you are here specifically to connect with your grandmother who has passed to the Other Side, for example, our readers are happy to tell you whether or not they think they will be able to connect with you and Spirit to do so.

This chat is very useful in determining whether or not the reader has the skillset you are looking for, but it's also an excellent opportunity to see if you feel a connection, or even if this is a voice you’d want to listen to for the duration of the session. Don’t worry: Our readers won’t be offended if after this talk, you decide to move on to someone else. They want you to get the reading you need, even if that isn’t with them.

Also, trust your own intuition. Many times, our customers enter the fair and are instantly drawn to a psychic, often for no reason that they can articulate. This is one of the best indicators that a psychic has information that you need to hear.

Remember that if none of this brings you any closer to figuring out who it is you want to go to for a reading, you can always consult with me at the registration table, and I will help you figure out a reader who will meet your needs.

Saturday, March 26 2016

Astrology trends for the week of March 28

The week starts on a positive note- the Sun in Aries trines the Sagittarius Moon on Monday morning. This is an aspect that can reignite your passion for following your dreams, and even inspire you to reach for new ones. This influence is all about ambition and optimism, leadership and enthusiasm. The winter doldrums are a thing of the past, and you are now eager to embrace the season of growth and new opportunities, even if you have to create those opportunities for yourself.

Tuesday afternoon offers you a cautionary note, in the form of Mercury in Aries quincunx to Jupiter in Virgo. Don’t be so eager to reach your newly set goals that you take too much on yourself. If you can’t complete the work you signed up for, you are going to run into trouble. Your eagerness to work on new projects will be appreciated by others, but be honest, with them as well as yourself, about what you are actually capable of getting done. You don’t have to be the one to do it all yourself: Delegation is the sign of a good leader, and can often help build a team of supportive allies who feel part of the dream. You will need a group that works with you if you want to realize those goals you have set for yourself. Your tact and diplomacy are reinforced by a late night trine between Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius: Build this squad with the idea that they will be with you for the long haul. A well-organized team, with a supportive, inspiring leader, is worth its weight in gold, or maybe rocket fuel, when one is trying to reach for the stars.

Mercury also plays an important role on Wednesday, when it squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. Your eagerness to move your projects forward quickly may lead you into troubled seas. Watch your tongue when you speak with others: Having a difference of opinion doesn’t make someone your enemy; they may simply have a different perspective, one that can reveal details you missed. Try to keep an open mind and resist the urge to make snap judgments. This aspect can also indicate manipulative communications that may lead you in the wrong direction. Walking down this ill-advised path can lead to some lasting negative consequences. Proceed with caution today.

Thursday afternoon brings Mercury into conjunction with Uranus in Aries. Expect some fiery interruptions to your usual routine. This may be as simple as a power outage suspending your normal work hours, or an unexpected message that alters your plans for the day. Or, it could come in the form of a sudden change in your circumstances through your own doing. You'll need to call upon your unique and independent mind to take full advantage of this day. Watch out for the tendency to be rude or argumentative with others. Such tactlessness may spoil the opportunities today offers.

Friday is April Fools’ Day, but you may want to put the pranks on hold. The Capricorn Moon and Uranus in Aries square off early this morning, an aspect that can bring about nervous tension, temperamental attitudes, or unfortunate reversals and changes. The trouble with April Fools’ practical jokes is that they are often not done strictly in the spirit of fun, and can have ulterior motives. Quiet grudges can manifest in a nasty undercurrent when it comes to pranks. What seemed like harmless fun to you can bring real and lingering resentments and hurt feelings to a head. This is not the aspect under which you can expect a positive outcome to such a confrontation. If such pranks are played upon you today, do your best to let it go, for now. When the stars are more favorable, you can then try to address these buried resentments.

The Aquarius Moon is sextile to Mars in Sagittarius on Saturday morning. This can be a productive time, one in which you are excited to work on new projects. Because of the rebellious nature of the Aquarius Moon, though, I would recommend that these projects be ones that stoke your personal fires (it’s not a day for the Honey Do list, in other words). Today’s energy will be most beneficial if the work is about you, or what is important to you. Is there is a charitable cause that you have always want to contribute to? Today would be an excellent time to come forward and volunteer.

That spirit of personal freedom carries through to Sunday, when the Aquarius Moon is sextile to Uranus in Aries. While yesterday was about putting your unique perspective and individuality to work, today is all about taking risks to embrace the opportunities the future offers you. Let’s face it, keeping yourself fed, clothed, and sheltered requires that a large amount of routine be incorporated into our lives. Keeping our noses to the grindstone to bring home the bacon can mean we are not in a position to see the opportunities that the Universe offers us. Take the time, today, if you do nothing else, to pick your head up and look around. What is it that you want to accomplish? Where is the Universe opening doors for you? Dream big, but make sure you are picking the path that is right for you. No, I’m not saying to quit your job on Monday, with nothing to take its place. But, now is the time to lay the groundwork for achieving the future you want.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, March 20 2016

Astrology trends for the week of March 21

On Monday evening, Mercury leaves the intuitive and emotionally squishy waters of Pisces for the fiery realm of Aries. For the next three weeks, expect to be more outspoken and wittier than usual. Thoughts and communications will run on more original and aggressive lines. Your language is likely to become more expressive, but be careful of the tendency to exaggerate. Also, your ability to hurt with irony and sarcasm is also enhanced. Be sure to use your skill with words with great discretion. During this time, you are likely to feel like a fire has been lit under you, and you will be eager to get projects off of your To Do list. This can result in impatience and a tendency to run roughshod over others as you plow ahead. Or you may find yourself so driven to get things underway that you fail to think things through, which can lead to difficulty. Luckily, your brilliant intelligence, which will be enhanced during this time, may enable to talk your way out of many difficulties, as long as you keep your aggression and ambition under control.

The Virgo Moon is quincunx to Uranus in Aries on Tuesday morning. This is an aspect that promises change, and we all know any kind of change, even for the better, brings a certain amount of stress with it. Today's challenge will be to meet it with a positive attitude, not apprehension. If you can approach these changes as opportunities for positive growth, then the day is likely to be beneficial for you. If you react with resistance to trying something new or with fear of the unknown, today promises to be a difficult one for you.

Wednesday opens with the Full Moon in Libra. Your projects for this Moon Cycle should now be bearing fruit. This Full Moon also brings us a Lunar Eclipse, which will be visible in most of North America. As the Sun, Moon, and Earth form into a line, we can find it difficult to find our mental equilibrium, making today a particularly challenging day for decision making. Try to put off any critical decision for a couple of days. If your birthday falls within a day, on either side, of Wednesday, you can expect some major changes in your life within the next twelve months. Shortly after the eclipse, Jupiter in Virgo squares off against Saturn in Sagittarius. You’ve been dreaming big about your future, and, today, you will find that you need to balance these dreams against the reality of your responsibilities. This doesn’t at all mean your dreams aren’t ultimately attainable. It does mean that you need to prepare yourself for the long haul of hard work required to actually realize these dreams, and that you absolutely cannot, now, live like your ship has already come in. Until the check has cleared the bank, under no circumstances should you spend the money. Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, the Sun and Mercury pair up in Aries, bringing us a double shot of fiery energy. You will definitely have the ideas and the energy to get things done, but be careful to resist the urge to be too aggressive, too impulsive, and too argumentative. Definitely make sure to take the time to think through the consequences before you speak or before you act, or you may find yourself in a fight you weren’t anticipating.

That impulsive but productive energy can be better put to use on Thursday, when Mercury trines Mars in Sagittarius. This is an aspect that encourages you to strike while the iron is hot. While I’m not advocating jumping into things without forethought, I am saying that if you see an opportunity, today is the day to take it: Your courage is strong and you'll have the energy to make things happen.

Friday morning, Saturn goes Retrograde until August. The ringed planet, our Celestial Taskmaster, determines how we meet our commitments and responsibilities, as well as how we do the work that must be done. During this time, expect obstacles to pull you away from the tasks you thought you were most important. While Saturn is Retrograde, you have the opportunity to reevaluate your strategies for how you work, as well as to take a look at the burdens you carry with you on your journey through life. How are these working out for you? Is it time to rewrite your rule book? Are you allowing outside forces to push you into work you never wanted to take on? Now is the time to let go of those burdens that no longer serve any productive purpose, as well as to embrace the fact that you alone should be the one to decide what obligations you sign up for. Practice saying “no” when the task really isn’t something you want to do; experiment with taking on work you never thought you could or should, but think you might be interested in. Now is the best time to prepare yourself to control your own destiny again, when Saturn goes Direct in August.

A little while later, on Friday morning, Venus in Pisces moves into opposition of Jupiter in Virgo. You may feel the urge to spend money to attract a lover, but this is not the time. Having to buy someone’s affections will never make you feel truly loved; you will always know they had their price and a higher bidder may come along. Even spending the time, money, or energy to convince them you are something you are not is guaranteed to result in heartbreak, now. Today, stick to presenting yourself as you truly are and make sure your intended lover is doing the same A background check, or at least a thorough Google search, would not be unwarranted, and if anything seems hinky, trust that intuition. And keep your money in the bank, for now. Underscoring all this, shortly after midday, Venus squares off against Saturn in Sagittarius. Dishonesty or deception is now guaranteed to result in a broken heart. Stick to the truth, and demand it from your lovers.

Expect a burst of creativity on Saturday morning when the Sun in Aries trines Mars in Sagittarius. This is an excellent time to get projects started. However, understand that this will not be an aspect under which you should expect to finish the whole project in one go: This burst of energy sees you getting much done in short bursts, but you will need to give yourself many mental health breaks, as you will find that you are very easily distracted. Today also sees Venus in Pisces sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Expect sudden changes in your love life that bring benefits. These benefits may come in the form of material gain, but are more likely to be in the form of reigniting your passions.

Sunday ends this busy week on a pleasant note, in the form of a trine of the Scorpio Moon and Venus in Pisces. This is aspect is geared to bringing out the most engaging facets of your personality, and your heart will be ready to please, as well as be pleased. If you celebrate Easter today, it also sets the mood perfectly for family celebrations. If you don’t, gather some like-minded friends and loved ones to celebrate the beauty of spring as well as delight in each other’s company.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, March 13 2016

Astrology trends for the week of March 14

Two pairs of planets squaring off on Monday give the week a rocky start. First up is Mercury in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect is likely to make you inflexible and extremely resistant to change. This rigid attitude can do you a great deal of harm, putting more obstacles in your way than you need. Keeping an open mind and being able to go with the flow as circumstances evolve will much better serve your needs. When Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Sagittarius later in the afternoon, tempers are likely to flare and relationships could be damaged. If you or your partner has been feeling like the relationship has been a one-way street, expect issues to come to a head.

Tuesday morning gives you a clearer mind, when Mercury is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This is an aspect that gives you much more mental flexibility, making you more able to change your game plan when circumstances require it. This mental fluidity can, however, leave you a bit restless and unpredictable. Later, Mercury opposes Jupiter in Virgo, an aspect to make errors in judgment likely. Expect correspondence to be misdirected today. That missing email or voice mail is likely to contain a vital piece of information, and you may find yourself sidetracked because of it. This is a day to check and double check, directly from the source if at all possible, to make sure you have the whole picture before wasting your energy on unproductive distractions.

Energy begins to shift for the better on Wednesday afternoon, when Jupiter in Virgo is trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Even while Retrograde, Jupiter is the bringer of good fortune, and today it will help you create new beginnings for yourself. This is an aspect that helps you see through the clutter to the core of the matter and the route to the best outcome for yourself. In other words, if the beginning of the week gave you lemons, you are now able to start to build your lemonade empire.

Mercury and Chiron move into conjunction in Pisces on Thursday morning. This aspect encourages you to talk out any issues you’re having. Intuition is strong, helping conflicted parties understand where each other is coming from, and our most forgiving natures are brought to the forefront. As always, communication is the key to solving your issues. Just be careful that your tête-a-tête doesn’t become a pity party. The idea is to understand each other’s truths, not wallow in the universality of suffering.

Just after midnight on Friday, the Cancer Moon trines the Sun in Pisces. This aspect is all about your home and family, even if that family is not your biological one. Surround yourself with those you love, those who always have your back, and show them how much you love and appreciate them, such as with a hot meal or a heartfelt hug. Trust me: Your efforts will come back to you multiplied.

Saturday afternoon, the Leo Moon trines Uranus in Aries. Your intuition will be strong, now, and you will know just what you need to do to bring yourself a brighter future. This is a very creative time, making this an excellent day to think about what you would like to build in your life and then begin to lay the foundation.

Twice a year, on the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, we are encouraged to take stock of our lives to see what is in balance and what areas need more energy. Sunday brings us the Spring Equinox. The Sun enters Aries shortly after midnight. This fiery sign increases our enthusiasm, energy, and strength of will. For the next month, you are likely to be more ambitious, full of enterprise, and ready to embrace new ideas. Your leadership abilities will be enhanced. This fiery sign can bring out our resentful side, but we will be ready to forgive and forget, as well. Aries encourages us to react quickly, but this can lead to us speaking without thinking about the impact of our words. And, while we may be enthusiastic to start projects, we are less fond of following through and finishing them, a situation that can lead to stress. During this month, it is very important to find a physical outlet to burn off some of Aries’ fiery energy. This year, that will be especially important, as there are now five planets in fire signs. That is an amazing amount of energy to apply to creative endeavors, but, without finding a physical outlet for some of this heat, tempers are likely to flare.

Sunday afternoon, Venus and Neptune move into conjunction. This combination brings out our gentle side, and fills us with kindness and compassion, a welcome salve to all of that fiery energy. This is an aspect also begs us to be on guard against being taken advantage of or led astray. You may be deceiving yourself about a situation, only seeing what you wish to be true. This is the time to access some of that me-first Aries energy, employing it to keep you on your toes and out of trouble.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, March 7 2016

Reader Spotlight: Jody

Being a psychic came very naturally to Jody: From an early age, she was able to tune in to messages she picked up from others. She was even able to pick up information, such as pregnancies, divorces, and deaths, about actors or other celebrities while watching TV, most of which she would later find confirmed in public reports. The process is simple for her. “It’s sort of like tuning a radio. I just ask Spirit to connect me with your Guides and Angels, and I begin to receive information and messages. My readings are primarily intuitive: I connect with Spirit and my Spirit Guides and Angels, and ask that they connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels, providing any message and information that you need to receive.” These readings can provide insight into any aspect of her client’s life, such as finances and career, spiritual connections, and the future. “As I read for you, loved ones who have passed from this life are also able to connect with me and provide messages."

Jody began reading for friends and family about twenty years ago, moving to reading for the public as her abilities grew. She honed her skills by building a closer connection to her Guides and Angels. “I have received guidance from my them on how to use my gifts. They have taught me to connect with them for information. They have taught me to ask questions if a message isn't clear, to ask them for the information that my clients are specifically looking for, and to ask them for names, dates, and situations about loved ones who have passed. This has helped me to connect on a deeper level, and to provide more detailed information for my clients.”

If you are looking for cheerful clichés or cheap entertainment and parlor tricks, Jody isn’t the reader for you: “One of the most important things that you need to know about the readings that I provide is that I will never sugarcoat the information you're supposed to receive. I will also never lie or gloss over the truth. The truth of the matter is that I receive only the information that you are supposed to get, and that Spirit wants you to know. Who am I to not provide the messages that you are supposed to receive? Since I am just a vessel and servant of Spirit, I have no right or reason to not be truthful about the information that I receive for you.”

That might sound scary, but Jody’s readings leave her clients uplifted and ready to take on any challenges that come to them. “My readings come from a place of peace, love, and joy. They provide you with the knowledge of how loved you are, how much you mean to the Universe and Spirit, and how absolutely precious you are. If you have a fear of receiving a reading, please know that my readings aren’t about fear or hearing something that is frightening. They are about getting messages about your life, your path, and how you are supposed to live. It is my intention to send you away from a reading feeling love and at peace in your life. You should leave a reading knowing about what is happening in your life, what is going to happen in your life, and how it will affect you.”

Since coming to Michigan Psychic Fair, Jody has been warmly received by our guests, and has found the environment we provide a good one in which to work and meet new clients. “I absolutely love working with Michigan Psychic Fair. The locations are always pleasant and peaceful, and provide enough privacy that I always feel comfortable knowing that client information isn’t being overheard or shared publicly. I love the variety of people who attend these events. There's a wide range of ages and personalities, and I love the freedom to be able to accommodate any size of budget. It is fantastic to read for new people from a variety of backgrounds, and it is an excellent opportunity for any reader who would like to grow their skills, meet new clients, and grow their client list."

To see Jody at a Michigan Psychic Fair, contact us for a list of events at which she is scheduled to appear. For more information about Jody, please see her website.

Sunday, March 6 2016

Astrology trends for the week of March 7

Early Monday morning, the Aquarius Moon moves into conjunction with Venus. These two bodies generally make a very mellow pairing, but with Aquarius’ rebellious energy, freedom and personal space are extremely important. If you have any feeling that your significant other is limiting your personal freedom or identity, this may be a volatile day for your relationship. If so, seek out friends to enjoy the day with, instead. This might be an especially good day to have a Girls’ (or Guys') Night Out, or even go to a spa with a good friend for an evening of pampering.

Tuesday brings us the New Moon in Pisces, as well as a Total Solar Eclipse. New Moons are generally the best starting point for this Moon Cycle’s projects. With the Eclipse’s influence this month, it is best to wait one or two days before getting started. This Eclipse will only be visible in totality in Asia and Australia, so its effects will have the greatest influence there. However, if your birthday falls on or within a day or two of this event, there may be some major turning points this year for you. For the rest of us, the energy of this Earth-Moon-Sun alignment in Pisces means it will be a very problematic day for major decisions. Put them off for a few days, if at all possible. Jupiter also comes into play today, as it moves into opposition of both the Moon and Sun. This would normally help your decisiveness, but, with Jupiter Retrograde, this effect will be significantly muted. Instead, I would recommend a little indulgence in that Pisces energy that the Sun and Moon have brought you: Today is an excellent one for meditation, creative endeavors, catching up on sleep, or seeking out sacred spaces.

It’s likely you will be much more productive by Wednesday evening, when the Aries Moon trines Mars in Sagittarius. This burst of energy will help you get projects successfully underway, and also be prepared to do the work to see these endeavors through to the end. Be aware that all of this “me first” energy can make us a bit touchy or argumentative. Tread lightly when it comes to your important relationships and partnerships.

Pisces energy is once again the focus on Thursday evening, when the Sun and Chiron move into conjunction. Expect Thursday and Friday to be emotionally charged days, ones in which you may feel on the verge of tears more often than you’d expect or like. Pay attention to these moments, as there are lessons to be learned in them that you may find beneficial to your emotional health in the future. Which circumstances have challenged your self-confidence? Which have stirred your compassion? Chiron, the maverick healer, wants to teach you, through these emotional moments, how to heal yourself and move forward.

On Friday, Mercury and Neptune also move into conjunction in Pisces. This influence makes for another emotional day, but this one can best be put to use channeling these emotions artistically. Your intuition will also be strong, and today you may find an innate psychic ability becoming apparent. This would be an excellent day to take an intuition development class. The down side of this conjunction is that those with the inclination can find themselves becoming the best liars and easily misleading others. Be careful not to buy snake oil futures or drink the wrong person's Kool-Aid.

Saturday morning sees Venus moving into Pisces. For the next three weeks, your approach to love and finances will be more forgiving, more generous, and much more moved by compassion. Your approach to love will be much less logical, more intuitive. Pisces energy is gentle, kindhearted, sensitive, and empathetic. The problem is that it is not confident. This can make our behavior, when it comes to romance, appear a bit fickle, as we are looking for who or what will make us feel most securely loved. Also, we can make poor choices in whom we love, under this influence: We become so giving, that we often find others who are willing to take, but not necessarily give back. The same generosity can badly effect our finances during this time, as well: Money can seem to slip through your fingers as you are willing to spend it all on those you love. This can be a very imaginative and creative time, and the arts can become an excellent way to express your feelings when you lack the confidence to speak them. Your deep empathy for others, too, may find you interested in charitable causes or working to help loved ones in need.

Sunday brings us another emotional day, when the Gemini Moon squares off against Venus in Pisces. Gemini’s restless, fickle energy, combined with the emotional neediness of Pisces may bring out your worst passive-aggressive tendencies. At the very least, you are likely to be moody and self-indulgent today. This may result in damaged or even broken relationships, if you don’t keep yourself on a tight emotional leash. The good news is that this Sunday is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. So, when we spring our one hour ahead, we can bring this emotionally tricky, changeable week to a faster close.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, February 28 2016

Astrology trends for the week of February 29

2016 is a Leap Year, and Monday is the day we add every four years to balance our calendars with the actual movement of the Sun. This Leap Day, Venus in Aquarius is quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius, making this an ideal time to check out the partnerships you find yourself in, to see if they are in balance and in line with your long term goals. Particularly, make sure these partnerships are ones that are two-way streets. These relationships should be helping you as much as you are helping your partners. Also, are they creating more emotional drama in your life, distracting you from the work at hand? If your business partnerships aren’t serving you, it is time to make some adjustments.

Tuesday afternoon sees the Sagittarius Moon squaring off against Neptune in Pisces, making for an emotional day. This aspect can bring a sense of optimism, even when optimism is inappropriate. The result can be that you hurl yourself in with abandon, when a moment’s hesitation to think matters through would potentially save you from a great deal of trouble. Be wary of someone who wants to lead you astray today, even if that someone is you. Overindulgence, or escapism in the form of alcohol or drugs, can have lasting consequences, as well.

Venus in Aquarius is sextile to Uranus in Aries on Wednesday evening. This aspect is generally one that brings on the romance, but with Aquarius in the picture, the focus is more likely to be on friendships, instead of the emotional drama of a romantic relationship. With Uranus bringing out your daring, or even shocking, side, perhaps it is time to think about some unusual arrangements in your love life: Consider the idea of making a good friend into a friend with benefits, even if the benefit is simple companionship. You may be too busy to deal with a romantic relationship, but you don’t have to be alone. And this aspect is likely to make your chosen one more receptive to the unconventional arrangement.

Thursday morning, Venus in Aquarius sets us up for some potential difficulties when she is quincunx to Jupiter in Virgo. Aquarius hates emotional drama, and you are likely to be willing to twist yourself into contortions to avoid such conflict. But, under this aspect, too much insincerity or false flattery, those “little” white lies we tend to tell to avoid an emotional scene, are likely to cause a bigger problem than telling the truth from the get-go. Don’t do anything for just appearance’s sake now, as it will cost you more than you bargained for. Instead, try to tackle today’s confrontations head on, with an open and honest heart, and you will create your own good fortune.

When the Moon and Pluto move into conjunction in Capricorn on Friday, it may be difficult to find the silver lining in any of the clouds that come your way. Unexpected changes are likely, and you may feel like you won’t ever be able to find your way through. Try to not worry too much: For every earthquake that Pluto triggers, there is the opportunity for new growth afterward. Today may be difficult, as you are forced to deal with the storm clouds around you, but the sun will come out again, soon, and light the way forward.

Your dark mood is likely to linger into the weekend, as Saturday brings Venus square to Mars in Scorpio. Your analytical mind is going to busy itself finding fault in all and everything, and, sadly, you are going to think that you are being helpful when you point out everyone’s faults. But, with Scorpio’s intensity, you’re likely to take this too far, causing hurt feelings and bruised relationships. Unless you really want to start a fight, today is the day to pull your verbal punches: Not everything needs to be said. Sometimes, holding your tongue is the wisest move.

Two planets change sign on Saturday. First, we see Mercury move out of cerebral Aquarius and into the more emotional waters of Pisces. The good news is that, during the next three weeks, your intuition will be strong, your imagination will thrive, and your creative drive will be working overtime; you will even find yourself more sympathetic to the struggles of those around you. The bad news is that, now, thinking logically will be a real challenge, and, when you try to work in a busy environment, your heightened empathy will make concentration almost impossible. Self-confidence can take a hit under this influence, as well. Now is an excellent time to allow yourself to dream big, making sure to take note of these flashes of inspiration, as you will need to find a way to make these things happen in the real world, later, when your rational mind is stronger. Also, give yourself plenty of quiet alone-time, so that you don’t become completely overwhelmed by the noise and mental energy of the world at large. Later, in the evening, Mars moves into Sagittarius, heightening your daring, courage, and independence. This is an influence that will see you immediately attracted to the new and the ideal; seeing projects through while facing the difficulties of reality will be the struggle. Distraction and boredom are risks you will face under this influence, and these can cause you to be impulsive and act rashly. While sticking to a single project can be difficult, now, this can still be a productive time, as your enthusiasm for new projects can spur you to brief periods of concentrated and enthusiastic work.

Sunday morning also gets off to a rocky start, when the Sun in Pisces squares off against Saturn in Sagittarius. You are likely to feel you’ve put in enough work, and that it’s time to do little more than nap or sit quietly with nature and let the world slide past. The problem, though, is that there are issues that need addressing today, if you are to reach your long-term aspirations. Later in the morning, Jupiter in Virgo is quincunx to Uranus in Aries, ushering in those unexpected issues. Your leadership abilities, as well as your ability to motivate others, will be called upon now. Just be careful how you address your troops: A dictatorial mien will only make the situation worse. Finally, as Sunday draws to a close, the Sun will be sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. As you’ve struggled through the past few days, it’s been tough to feel like you can catch a break. This final aspect of the week will set you up to start the next week on a positive note, ready to embrace new ideas and new opportunities. Get a good night’s sleep tonight, and awake refreshed and revived, full of confidence and ready to embrace the future.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, February 21 2016

Astrology trends for the week of February 22

Monday brings us the Full Moon in Virgo. Projects begun at the beginning of this Moon Cycle should now be bearing fruit. Full Moons are always about finding balance between the Moon’s (now in Virgo) and the Sun’s (now in Pisces) opposite pulls. This time, Pisces energy pushes your imagination and intuition forward, letting you give in to your inner dreamer. But Virgo wants to pull you back, making you fuss about details and worry that these dreams could fail. The balance you want to strike is one in which you can still follow your dreams, while finding a practical route on which to work towards them.

Jupiter in Virgo moves into opposition to Chiron in Pisces on Tuesday afternoon. Don’t be surprised if lingering emotional issues get in the way of following your bliss today. You may find that this isn't the day to join the Party Train, but it is one in which you can sort out some of the issues that have been holding you back, particularly the ones you have shoved to the back burner, allowing you to move forward and find your happiness in the future.

Wednesday morning brings the Virgo Moon sextile to Mars in Scorpio. This is an aspect that can put your hard-driving energies to work troubleshooting anything that has been keeping your projects from reaching success. You have the tools you need to resolve these issues. If you are willing to put the work in, success can be yours.

Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius are sextile early on Thursday morning. Like yesterday’s Moon/Mars aspect, this sextile is also about moving toward success with your long term goals. This time, the focus is on your ability to sway supporters to your cause through diplomacy and tact, as well as your ability to anticipate and answer any objections they may have. With allies on your side, you will make great strides in progressing towards your aspirations.

Friday evening finds Mercury in another sextile, this time with Uranus in Aries. This aspect encourages you to stick to your guns and follow the path you’ve established for yourself. Emotional appeals from others to do it their way should be ignored, and, today, you will be able to easily identify where their true motivations are coming from. If they don’t align with yours, ignore them- though I would encourage you to be diplomatic. This aspect is all about walking your own path towards success. Trust your instincts and your inventiveness to get the job done.

Mercury is quincunx to Jupiter in Virgo on Saturday afternoon. Today, you are going to need to put your sense of humor to work and roll with the punches. When a sticky situation arises, trust your instincts, understand the motivations of those who oppose you, and do your best to sway them to your way of thinking. If that doesn’t work, try to keep a civil tongue, as indiscretions, or saying something you oughtn’t, are likely to get you in trouble, today. Keep your goals in mid and judiciously work your way forward.

The annual meet up of the Sun and Neptune, this year in Pisces, occurs on Sunday morning. This pairing brings a whole lot of Pisces energy. Your creativity, imagination, and intuition will be at full throttle. Your compassion will be easily stirred, and your desire to help your fellow creatures will be at an all –time high. That’s the up side. You will have to be careful to not don your rose-colored glasses, as you are at a high risk of being taken advantage of. Self-doubt is very likely, too. Worst, you are likely to feel the urge to overlook any of those pesky details that may put a damper on your rosy outlook. Escapism and denial are real risks with this pairing. Keeping yourself grounded in reality will be your biggest challenge now. Try to use this influence to allow yourself to dream and be creative. Wait for a clearer-sighted day before you commit yourself to anything with lasting consequences.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, February 14 2016

Astrology trends for the week of February 15

Monday brings us a trine of the Taurus Moon and Venus in Capricorn. While Capricorn can bring out the mercenary in us when it comes to matters of the heart, in this trine, it instead has you doing your best to please your loved ones by indulging their sensual side and their love of all things beautiful. If your mercenary tendency does rear its head, satisfy it by endeavoring to appealing to the generosity of others with your engaging personality. In general, this trine highlights Taurus’s drive to indulge the senses, through a decadent meal or through other earthy pleasures.

Venus leaves security-seeking Capricorn on Tuesday night and enters the freedom-loving environment of Aquarius. This can be a difficult position for Venus, as the desire for freedom in romantic relationships can outweigh any other concern. Your energy will be kind, generous, and charitable, but also fairly emotionally detached. You'll be unwilling to commit to any relationship which stops you from doing your own thing, or asks you to give up even a little bit of your sense of freedom. This can mean that you will find yourself taking an unorthodox approach to romantic relationships. And, certainly, under Aquarius’s influence, you are not likely to want to give up companionship, as the Water Bearer is a very social sign. But, as Aquarius also has you desiring to avoid all emotional drama, such as jealousy or obsession, friendships can now take center stage. Friends are great at keeping you from loneliness, and they have far fewer demands than lovers.

The Gemini Moon is quincunx to Mars in Scorpio early on Wednesday morning. Restlessness and touchiness are definitely risks under this aspect, and, if you give into them, your productivity will take a strong hit, and you may find yourself in deep waters without a lifeguard. However, this aspect can help you find your bravery, and help you to channel your resources into new projects. You just have to keep a clear and calm head. Make sure you think through the consequences of any actions you take today. If you do your due diligence and proceed with resolution, but not over-confidence, this could be a beneficial day for you.

A trine of the Cancer Moon and Neptune in Pisces on Thursday morning can give the inspiration to be imaginative when it comes to home matters. You are likely to feel some creative urges and, under this aspect, they can best be satisfied by decorating a room or cooking a meal for those you love.

Just after midnight on Friday, the Sun enters Pisces. For the past month, emotions have been pushed aside for the intellectual and quirky pursuits of Aquarius. Under Pisces, emotions return to take center stage. Pisces energy is kind, compassionate, confiding, honest, sympathetic, and loving. What it isn’t is overly confident. Humility and modesty are much likelier now than at other points; try to not let this lead you into a crisis of confidence. Trust your intuition now, as it will be enhanced for the next month, as will your imagination and idealism. Pisces energy also helps us feel our connectedness to other living beings, and can often inspire us to offer kindness and aid to people and animals in distress. You may also find yourself feeling a blessedness and a sense of spiritual protection by the forces of nature. Be on guard against viewing the world from such an idealistic, romanticized perspective that you set yourself up to be easily taken advantage of. We are so inclined to think of others first, and to think the very best of them, under Pisces’ influence, that we run the risk of being an easy mark.

The Leo Moon finds itself in a couple of difficult oppositions on Saturday: First it faces off against Venus, and then, 10 hours later, against Mercury, both in Aquarius. These oppositions are likely to cause you to overreact, causing some melodrama, which, in the long run, may affect how others perceive you. At the very least, be prepared some moments of anxiety. If you can’t rein in the drama, relationships and partnerships may be damaged. Find a calmer, more humble self and you may still have friends and money in the bank by the end of the weekend.

The likelihood for destructive melodrama continues on Sunday, when the Leo Moon squares off against Mars in Scorpio. Self-indulgent or rash actions will cause regret today. You are likely to feel the drive to push forward toward your goals, or to create new opportunities for yourself, but today is not the day to push too hard or make a scene. Try to keep a check on your temper, as it will likely land you in trouble, today, too. Moderation and self-restraint may get you through this.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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