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Sunday, February 7 2016

Astrology trends for the week of February 8

Monday marks a true starting point: It is the Chinese New Year, the first day of Year of the Fire Monkey. The Monkey’s energy is intelligent, clever, full of action, but can make us over-confident at times. Fire is about dynamism, strength and persistence, but can lead us to restlessness and risky behavior. The result can be an unpredictable year, with a spirit of adventure, but we need to be careful of not getting in over our heads. Monday also brings us the New Moon in Aquarius. Once again, this is the best time to start your projects for the next Moon Cycle. (Thanks to Mercury Retrograde being in effect during the previous New Moon in January, this is really the first time this opportunity has been offered this calendar year.) With the New Moon appearing in Aquarius, the most successful projects this month will be ones that help you break out of a rut and try something new, develop or explore your personal freedom and individuality, or tackle humanitarian causes.

Tuesday afternoon brings us a trine of Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. This trine can help you release the resentment, anger, and jealousy you’ve been harboring. Also, if your hard-driving, result-oriented work of late has left you little energy to devote to your emotional health, now is the time to change that. Mars’ energy makes us more comfortable with focusing on our own needs, spending some “Me Time” addressing lingering emotional issues, to find healing and release.

Wednesday starts off with a trine of Venus in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo, encouraging you to take a traditional, conservative approach to romance and think about building a sustainable, long-term relationship. This is not an aspect in which you will find yourself swept off your feet with the excitement and passion of new love, it is about taking things slow, seeing what you have to offer each other, building to a true partnership. Later in the afternoon, the Sun in Aquarius is quincunx to Jupiter in Virgo, urging a diligent, cautious approach to your work and other projects: If you become scattered, self-indulgent, or extravagant, expect your projects to end badly, likely resulting in a financial loss. Be smart, work logically and at a step at a time, applying your common sense, and success can be yours.

Other than the Moon moving into Aries (another indicator that this week is a great starting point for your projects), Thursday is quiet, astrologically speaking.

That same Aries Moon moves into conjunction with Uranus on Friday morning, highlighting your inventiveness, and encouraging you to take the risk to start putting your ideas into action. Boldness and initiative are readily at hand to aid you in creating new beginnings and opportunities for yourself. This pairing offers a great deal of fiery energy. So be on guard against being too rash or erratic in your behavior, and resist the urge compelling you to start an argument with just about everyone for no particular reason.

Saturday, Mercury leaves the conservative energy of Capricorn and enters the lively, rebellious environs of Aquarius, where it will remain for the next three weeks. Aquarius’s influence can be seen in the quickness of our thoughts, and in bringing forth our intuitive side. During this time, your interest in other people and in understanding human nature will increase. Communications, thought and travel should be expected to speed up but this can also mean that they become scattered and fragmented. Also, Aquarius brings out the rebel in all of us. With Mercury, this can manifest itself in saying things just for the purpose of being shocking. This can be counterproductive, if you give in to the tendency too often, or without thinking through the consequences. Saturday evening brings Mars in Scorpio sextile to Jupiter in Virgo, an aspect that encourages you to apply your relentless drive and common sense to ensuring your financial success. Hard work now will profit you greatly in the long run.

The week ends with the Taurus Moon moving into opposition to Mars on Sunday evening. This aspect will have you needing to find the balance between the hard work of always moving toward an objective, and the desire take it easy and indulge the senses. Being pulled in two such opposite directions can cause erratic mood swings, argumentativeness, and a general feeling of touchiness. Be careful of allowing this sense of dis-ease to manifest itself in carelessly spoken words. There can be unpleasant consequences to a sharp or rash tongue today. The best approach is to set aside some time to apply yourself to the tasks at hand, then reward yourself with a sumptuous meal or other sensual indulgence for a job well done.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, February 2 2016

Reader Spotlight: Ann

Oracle cards are the vehicle that brought Ann of the Silver Peacock from stressed-out working mother and wife to the accomplished reader she is today. Needing comfort and encouragement, Ann began seeking out books with the sort of messages and artwork her soul craved. Eventually, she was led to Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels cards. “I found the oracle cards to be convenient, easy to use, and right on target.” Ann has since worked with many teachers and taken many psychic development classes, eventually gaining the confidence and experience to offer her talents to the public.

She now works with many different decks (seven at the moment, but she continues to add more), each allowing her to focus in on the topics relevant to the specific needs of each client. “I’m always adding new decks to my library to expand options for my guests. Once the card is turned, there is a general meaning that is ascribed to it by the creator of the deck, but my own intuitive senses and spirit communications bring me varying interpretations specific to each guest. It’s amazing how the same card can mean so many different things to different people!” Ann finds, too, that the cards speak uniquely to each individual who comes to her for a session: “My guests gasp or light up when a card comes up that connects to them clearly. The surprise is always fun to watch. I like to ask my guests which card attracted them most and why, and hear their story of how they relate to the artwork. I encourage them to take a photo as a reminder of the reading and the profound meaning they found in it.”

As a reader, Ann hopes to help her clients find peace, clarity, and comfort. She wishes to help them through the difficult moments, as well as to help them celebrate their successes and blessings. “Spirit often guides me to share practical ideas and action plans to help clients achieve their goals and work through issues, as well as recommend supporting resources and enlightened teachings to expand a client’s knowledge and understanding where it is needed or helpful.

“As a reader, I tend to resonate most deeply people having difficulty with family relationships, especially mothers and children, or connecting with a loved one who has crossed to the spirit realm. Those have been two strong themes in the past few years of my life, and I am coming to believe that God is directing these people to me because I have a wealth of experience and resources that our angels and guides can tap into easily to bring forth into our conversation.”

Coming to Michigan Psychic Fair in 2015, Ann appreciates the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals. “Working at the fairs has immersed me into a world of highly talented spiritual/energy workers. I am continually amazed at the many ways each psychic's’ talents come through to help not only their guests, but each other. I appreciate the opportunity to work and learn from such a brilliant array of highly talented psychics deeply connected to Spirit.”

To see Ann of Silver Peacock at a Michigan Psychic Fair, contact us for a list of events at which she is scheduled to appear. For more information about Ann, please see her Facebook page or contact her directly at SilverPeacockPsychic@gmail.com

Sunday, January 31 2016

Astrology trends for the week of February 1

A pairing that encourages you to dig into solving a nagging mystery kicks off the week as the Moon and Mars move into conjunction in Scorpio on Monday morning. This aspect may also encourage you to get to work to any project that needs a great deal of research or other forms of investigation and a disciplined approach. Your powers of concentration will be great, and you will have the courage to follow your leads to wherever they may take you. Be careful, though: This is an aspect that calls forth intense emotions, and can lead to jealousy and obsession, or can bring out our secretive or suspicious sides.

Other than seeing the Moon move into Sagittarius, Tuesday is quiet astrologically speaking. So, Happy Groundhog Day, and go enjoy some winter fun, regardless of what that rodent has to say about it.

On Wednesday, the Stars make up for lost time: First, Mars in Scorpio is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that encourages you to apply your hard-driving resourcefulness and determination toward fulfilling your ambitions. Your persistence and hard work will be noticed and the results will be beneficial to your long-term prospects. Emphasizing the idea of working to fulfill your ambitions is another aspect occurring later in the day, when the Sun in Aquarius is sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect encourages you to take an unorthodox approach, if need be, to attaining your long-term goals. You may very well have to step off the well-trodden path to see your dreams realized. You will reach your goals through you own efforts and by making the journey distinctly your own.

Wednesday also sees Mercury in Capricorn sextile to Chiron in Pisces. While you are busily and courageously working toward building your career or empire, this aspect asks you to take a few minutes to ensure that the pursuit of material success does not get in the way of building healthy relationships. If your focus on work is alienating loved ones or isolating you socially, this is the time to make some adjustments to your work/life balance.

The Sagittarius Moon squares off against Jupiter in Virgo on Thursday morning. Your need for adventure or spontaneity is likely to run afoul of your pursuit of success, or at least your bank account’s bottom line. Throwing money around isn’t likely to solve the problems standing between you and your desired reward. Playing hooky isn’t going to get the bills paid. As much as the ski slopes or the new spring arrivals at the mall may be calling out to you, today will be better spent keeping your nose to the grindstone. Take each task a step at a time and, before you know it, it will be quitting time, when you will be set free from work. Even then, try to keep an eye on your finances as you blow off steam.

Friday midday brings Mars in Scorpio quincunx to Uranus in Aries. Take a disciplined approach to your projects today, keeping control of your emotions and impatience, and you will be able to choose the best path to success. If, however, you let irritability or intolerance of others’ foibles take over, you are going to lose allies and set obstacles in your path that really don’t need to be there. Friday evening sees Venus and Pluto move into conjunction in Capricorn. This is a pairing that can stir intense passions, but, with Capricorn in play, you are going to need to make sure this partner can help you meet your financial needs and increase your sense of security. Choosing a lover who is a drain on your resources instead of a boon to your life will end in unhappiness.

Saturday is, by far, the most important day of this week. Four planets start an intense conflict today: The Moon, Venus, and Pluto all move into conjunction in Capricorn. That’s a lot of grasping, self-indulgent, passive-aggressiveness for one day. Throw in the fact that Uranus in Aries squares off against this energy, and be ready for some shocking surprises that could change the whole picture. There are two aspects that will aid you as you navigate these troubled waters: Around midday, the Sun in Aquarius is sextile to Uranus, giving inspiration to your thinking and making you more comfortable with breaking with precedent. Midafternoon sees Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Virgo. This aspect highlights your good judgment and common sense, helping you find the surest route through your troubles. Today will be a rocky one, but being open to striking out into new territory can help you rise to the challenges, and keeping your wits about you will help you find needed solutions.

Sunday morning continues the difficult energy, when the Sun squares off against Mars in Scorpio. This energy is extremely combative, making you ready to take on any battle, even if you wouldn’t normally be invested in this fight. But be careful what ring you step into today, as this fight may be more than you can handle.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, January 25 2016

Astrology trends for the week of January 25

You are likely to breathe a big sigh of relief Monday : Mercury goes Direct today, after three weeks of Retrograde movement. Communications, travel, and technology will begin to return to normal. Bear in mind that Mercury remains in its Storm period until February 1st, so you may still experience some lingering effects of the Retrograde or a new hiccup or two during this time, smoothing themselves out as Mercury gains momentum in its forward movement.

Shortly before noon on Tuesday, the Virgo Moon is sextile to Mars in Scorpio, giving you a window of opportunity for some productive work towards your long term goals or towards helping your loved ones work through an important issue. Your eye for detail and your relentless drive towards your ambitions will be strong, and will help you meet your objectives.

The Virgo Moon is quincunx to Uranus in Aries on Wednesday morning. This aspect gives you the opportunity to take advantage of some opportunities that may present themselves to you today, and, if handled properly, could change your life for the better. You will need to keep your fear of the unknown in check, as well as employ your skills at thinking outside the box while still handling all of the finer details. Watch how you approach others as well: Yes, you want to help them, and, yes you think you know just how to do that, but trying to force them into your plans is more likely to burn bridges or lose some allies than to actually help them or you.

Thursday night, the Libra Moon squares off against Venus in Capricorn, ensuring a clash between a desire to build relationships and your fear of the material realities of attempting to find Happily Ever After. Capricorn’s influence stresses your need to be sure that, if you are to commit yourself to someone, the long term financial and material concerns are addressed. It also heightens your fear of being taken advantage of by a lover. Libra makes it all too likely that you are willing to compromise your own standards and goals for others. This makes for an uncomfortable pull by opposite urges. What to do? I think the key to happiness is to find a middle ground between selling yourself out for a relationship and allowing fear to isolate you while you hope for some perfect situation: Take a risk by pursuing the relationship, but move slowly, trusting yourself to know when the situation isn’t right for your long term security and happiness.

The Libra Moon is sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius on Friday afternoon. This is the perfect aspect for wooing those who may help you reach your long term goals. Your abilities at diplomacy and handling problems are both strong today, allowing you to overcome the opposition others may have to your plans and potentially turning them from adversaries into partners or, at least, supporters.

Saturday sees Mercury in Capricorn move into conjunction with Pluto. Just like Mercury going Direct this week, this aspect is another announcement that the coast is clear and you can now get back to work working toward your goals. Venus in Capricorn is sextile to Neptune in Pisces later in the day, increasing your creativity and intuition, just what you need to inspire those new projects and point you in the right direction to get things moving.

Mercury in Capricorn squares off against Uranus in Aries on Sunday evening. Your tactless tongue is likely to get you in some trouble now, perhaps even wreaking chaos in your carefully laid plans. Since this week is all about getting back to work and moving toward your goals, don’t let a few poorly thought words sabotage your dreams. Before letting your opinions derail your hard work, think about whether this is something that really needs to be said now. If the answer is “Yes,” think about it again. For now, discretion is not only the better part of valor, it is also what will keep you moving toward your goal.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, January 18 2016

Reader Spotlight: Kane

From a young age, Kane felt an connection to all living things. Visiting a German forest as a boy, he became aware that he could feel the energies of the plants, animals, and people around him. Since then, Kane has journeyed around the world, studying a myriad of religions and spiritual paths, helping him in his quest to connect with Spirit.

After a career in the workaday world, Kane began to hone his skills as a reader, focusing primarily on tarot cards. “I have always been fascinated with tarot and its history.” To further his abilities, Kane studied with a variety of teachers, including taking classes at the famed hamlet of Lily Dale in New York. Kane's most important teacher was veteran Michigan Psychic Fair reader Laura. The two eventually wed- a romantic tale, indeed, and evidence of Spirit putting one where and with whom they needed to be!

For the past five years, Kane has been putting his skills of tarot reading, channeling, and mediumship to work to help his clients with clear and concise information that they can use in their everyday life as well as along their own spiritual path. His connection to the natural world aids him in helping his clients better understand the needs of their animal companions.

Among the disciplines that Kane has studied are yoga, crystals, and the energetic healing arts, which he puts to use to help clients heal emotionally and spiritually. Kane is particular adept at helping those with addictions and relationship issues. “I believe that with the power of intention, we can get though anything. Our thoughts and attitudes can either hold us back or set us free.”

Connecting with clients is an important part of Kane’s own journey: Coming to Michigan Psychic Fair about four years ago, he has enjoyed the “relaxed, positive environment, where I can give as well as receive.” In the coming year, Kane’s plans are to continue expanding his knowledge, working more and more with crystals and continuing to study metaphysics, to better serve as a reader and a teacher: “I love to constantly learn. My goal for the year is to become a better reader.”

Kane can be found at many Michigan Psychic Fair events -contact us for a schedule of events at which he will be in attendance. For more information regarding Kane, including services and classes, connect with him at his website.

Sunday, January 17 2016

Astrology trends for the week of January 18

Early Monday morning, Venus in Sagittarius is square to Jupiter in Virgo. This is the aspect that brings out the conniving and manipulative, the gladhander who will smile in your face while stabbing you in the back. Because working toward your goals is so important now, you may be tempted to buy into the insincere flattery you hear. Don’t. Be on guard against anyone who comes on too strong right now. They are likely working toward some ulterior purpose that does not include your best interests. Later in the morning, a happier trine between Mars in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pluto will put you in a better frame of mind to be guided by your intuition to the rewards you’ve been seeking. Your urges to create and build will be intense. As long as you are able to avoid the snake oil salesmen, you will be on a path to success.

Tuesday's early morning trine, this time between the Sun in Capricorn and the Taurus Moon, continues you along this successful path. You will be able to show yourself to be an authority in your field, and this fact can put you in a leadership role. Keep doing what you’ve been doing, and good things can be yours.

Wednesday morning the Sun moves into Aquarius for a month, bringing a spike to your energy levels. During this time, your intellect will be enhanced and your ability to invent or recreate will be strengthened. While the Sun is in Aquarius, personal freedom becomes an extremely important theme, and you will likely find yourself drawn to humanitarian causes. Your originality will shine now. This is the month to break with tradition or fight the established order. But be careful of taking this too far: Being a rebel without a cause is truly unattractive, unless you are James Dean. This month’s energy can be a bit tumultuous and, if not controlled, may find you are alienating people who are important to your happiness. Wednesday afternoon, Mercury in Capricorn squares off against Uranus in Aries. Be prepared for a few things to be said that are unpleasantly surprising. This could mean that things are said to or about you that you’d rather not come to light. Or it could mean you let something slip which was better left unsaid, or at least put with more tact. Do your best to handle each situation with a clear mind and a civil tongue.

The Gemini Moon moves into opposition of Venus in Sagittarius on Thursday morning, leaving you moody and restless. Chances are that you’ve felt people have been putting too many demands on you lately. While that may very well be true, the best response is to not throw a self-indulgent pity fest. Today, try to handle the work that needs to be done like the true professional that you are. But when it’s quitting time, find someplace to spend a little Me Time, getting the rest and relaxation you need to be ready to take on the demands of the world when it next comes calling.

Mercury and Pluto move into conjunction in Capricorn on Friday morning. This aspect means you are likely still dealing with some fallout from the unpleasant revelations made on Wednesday. You are understandably concerned that these revelations will have an impact on your ability to move toward your goals. The written word has the best potential for the greatest impact under this aspect. So, I recommend a letter or email to smooth ruffled feathers or to steer relationships back to more stable ground. Failing to set things right is likely to have long term impact on your sense of security.

Venus enters Capricorn on Saturday, leaving the fun and flirty energy of Sagittarius far behind. You are likely to be very cautious when it comes to matters of the heart. Love and money are very serious matters, now. The good news, though, is that, until mid-February, you are much more into the idea of commitment and are willing to put the energy into building lasting and productive partnerships. No, this is not a time of showy romance, but love is readily displayed in providing security for those you care for. While this may appear as calculating or cold to others, material security is a major factor in choosing a lover under this influence. Once you’ve found a partner, loyalty and dependability will be your calling card. Be careful to not become too jealous or possessive, or to allow fear of rejection to stop you from pursuing a relationship.

The week closes with a trine of the Leo Moon and Uranus in Aries on Sunday evening. This optimistic aspect opens you to the possibilities of the future. Change is possible now, and it is likely to bring benefits. Don’t be afraid to trust your intuition, take a risk, or draw all eyes to you. Putting yourself out there will draw good things your way.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, January 11 2016

Reader Spotlight: Nancy

Nancy has been with the Michigan Psychic Fair since the very beginning. In that time, she has fine-tuned her services, but has been consistently a first-rate psychic reader and body worker.

As a psychic, Nancy offers Stone Readings: “My ability to connect with Spirit has led me to work with stones. The crystals, minerals, and various other objects on my table tell me things about you and what's happening in your life, past, present, and future.” Nancy found her psychic ability at a young age, but only started reading for the public in the 90s. “Before then, I just told those who asked me what was being conveyed to me through Spirit.” The technique Nancy uses in her sessions developed over time. “Visions and predictions come on their own time. One just has to learn to listen to these messages. Over the years, my abilities developed, using crystals and other objects for readings and healings. It just developed naturally, with no one other than Spirit teaching me.”

Nancy came to the healing arts after a health crisis of her own. At the age of 43, she was faced with the daunting task of recovering from a stroke. Dissatisfied with the results of her doctors' treatment, she looked to alternative healing methods for help. Bob Gumminey , her boss at the Body Works, "decided I needed to become a healer to heal myself and others. He gave me my Reiki attunements in 1996, and I went from there."

Nancy studied under Bob for two years, learning several different healing modalities, including Reiki, crystal healing, and aromatherapy. She has found that her natural psychic abilities have helped with her healing work: "I've been intuitive all my life. I don't know any other way to be.” This ability helps Nancy understand the issues her clients are facing which may be manifesting in their physical or energetic bodies, even if the clients themselves can't identify what's wrong. The methods she employs to affect emotional, physical, and spiritual healing in her clients include Reiki, Healing Touch, reflexology, and chakra balancing. Nancy also offers vision quests and dream interpretation by appointment.

Proud to be working with Michigan Psychic Fair since the '90s, Nancy "started here when we both were new! We've grown together. I enjoy working the fairs, meeting people and serving their needs. This is a good life for me. I love the clients I meet here. They lift my spirits, make me feel like I am doing good in the world.” It should be no surprise that her clients have been saying similar things about her. volbbb

Nancy can be seen at many Michigan Psychic Fair events, or you can call her at 734-363-0616 for more information or to make an appointment.

Sunday, January 10 2016

Astrology trends for the week of January 11

A fun and flirty sextile of the Aquarius Moon and Venus in Sagittarius on Monday evening starts the week on a positive note. You will definitely be in the mood to shake up and wake up your social scene, bringing all eyes to you. Undoubtedly, you're going to bat your eyelashes and throw a few sexy winks, but remember, this aspect is about the fun of flirting and the exciting potential of love. You’re really not likely to start anything lasting tonight.

This mood is likely to continue Tuesday evening, with a similar trine of Venus and Uranus in Aries. This aspect will place you in the role of the Pied Piper of Fun for your friends. You’ve got some great ideas of just how to lead the gang to a fresh experience and a good time for all. If your friends aren’t willing to come along, be brave and seek new adventure on your own. You won’t be lonely for long.

Wednesday is likely to put the brakes on the Good Times Train, when the Pisces Moon squares off against Saturn in Sagittarius in the late afternoon. This aspect should be viewed as a sign to proceed with great caution and patience. Delays and obstacles are very likely, and Pisces will tend to make you feel vulnerable and touchy. This afternoon is an excellent time to seek comfort from prayer, meditation, or even a good nap. Early this evening, a trine between the Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo encourages you to spend some time developing a realistic plan for reaching your goals. Your common sense will be heightened. You are very likely to be able to build an effective step-by-step road map to get to where you want to be.

The Sun moves into conjunction with Mercury in Capricorn on Thursday morning, guaranteeing that issues of the past will crop up. It may be time to approach these things from a new perspective, as clinging to old patterns may be sabotaging your progress. Spend some time in introspection and do your best to avoid confrontations with those who want to tell you how to run your life. A trine between Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo is coming this evening that will ensure that you are the best judge of what you need to be doing with your time and efforts. This aspect also reminds you that the best approach to handling thorny issues is to tackle them one step at a time.

Friday brings a trine of the Aries Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect puts to best work your ambitious energies and persistence. This is an excellent day to put some efforts into working toward your long term goals. The finish line won’t be reached today, but you can definitely get yourself much closer.

The Aries Moon finds itself in another trine on Saturday morning, this time with Venus in Sagittarius. This aspect will have you again seeking the energy of an outing with friends. Your flirty side will once more be front and center. If you’ve found yourself newly single, this is the perfect day to put yourself back out there. Embrace that flirty, sexy, fun side of yourself that you may have forgotten you had. Now is the time to remind yourself that the pursuit of romance should be fun. Just don’t expect to find Mr. (or Ms.) Happily Ever After. This is about the excitement of the pursuit, not finding a long-term relationship.

Sunday afternoon sees the Taurus Moon move into opposition to Mars in Scorpio. Crankiness is likely to be the result of this aspect: You will feel like you should be getting some work done, but the urge to take it easy and enjoy the rewards you’ve already earned is powerful. Today is not the best to get together with others for socializing, as changeable moods may result in butting heads, even those with whom you normally get along well. Instead, try to spend some time taking care of you, physically and mentally, so that you can be fit and prepared to dig into your projects when your mood is a little less scattered.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, January 3 2016

Astrology trends for the week of January 4

Monday kicks off a bumpy week with the promise of change, as the Scorpio Moon is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Transformation is always a challenge and can bring out strong emotions. If you are able to control your fear of the unknown, you can view every change as new opportunity, and today is no exception.

Tuesday morning starts with Mercury in Aquarius squaring off with Mars in Scorpio, leaving you ready to find fault or pick a fight with just about everyone, even if it’s just over the way they said “good morning” to you. Trust me when I say to you, today is not to the day be racking up enemies. Right now, it’s a much better idea to just let the little stuff slide. This is the day Mercury goes Retrograde, and communications, technology, and travel are going to go haywire. With Mercury still in Aquarius, your ability to communicate will be particularly challenged. Mid-morning sees Venus in Sagittarius square off against Neptune in Pisces, making it hard for you to make sound decisions when it comes to relationships and partnerships. You are very likely to miss an important detail when it comes to your choice of lover, and this detail may be vital to keeping you safe in this relationship. Use extreme caution in matters of the heart today. Finally, Tuesday night, the Sun and Pluto pair up in Capricorn. This aspect can bring out the power-hungry worst in all of us. Taken to its extreme, it can suggest dominance through force or violence. All in all, today is one in which to tread lightly, carefully watch your words, and keep your head down with your eyes and ears open.

After such an intense Tuesday, Wednesday evening offers you a respite from the stress, in the form of the Moon and Venus pairing up in Sagittarius. Tonight is a good one to satisfy your desires for sensual luxuries, such as a sumptuous meal or a relaxing massage, or to gather with good friends for a mellow but fun evening. You’re likely to feel flirtatious tonight but, given Pluto’s influence, keep it light and meaningless. Now is not the time to pick up a one night stand or pursue a new relationship.

Thursday morning brings back the potential for strife when the Sun in Capricorn squares off against Uranus in Aries. Today's difficulties will likely involve work, and you may feel the urge to make some rash decisions that will strain partnerships and relationships. View this square as a big, bright caution sign: The road ahead is definitely slippery and there might be some hidden potholes. Approach everything with care and thought today and do your best to avoid conflict. The last thing you need to do is incur someone else’s road rage, in addition to trying to carefully manage your own journey.

Shortly before midnight on Thursday, Jupiter begins a five month Retrograde period. During this time, good luck is much harder to come by. Now, things will generally come to you through your own efforts, instead of some stroke of good fortune. Also, you are likely to find joy in different sources than usual. This is a good time to spend some time considering how it comes into your life and what things get in the way. Removing those obstacles during this Retrograde period will prepare you to receive the blessings of good luck and fortune that the Universe has in store for you this summer.

On Friday, the Sun in Capricorn is sextile to Chiron in Pisces. This aspect will help you take an organized, businesslike approach to dealing with any emotional issues. This is also a good time to check yourself to see if you are putting people off or hurting feelings with a dictatorial or bossy demeanor. This afternoon, Mercury’s Retrograde movement brings the planet back into Capricorn, after a short visit in Aquarius. Now is the time you really have to watch your business communications, as well as any tendencies to be unforgiving of other people’s human failings. During this Retrograde period, things you say that you think to be a suggestion or a bit of friendly advice are very likely to be received as an order or a scathing reprimand. Finally, Friday evening Venus and Saturn move into conjunction is Sagittarius. This evening is a good time to spend time understanding the relationship between work and the things and people we love. Does work provide you with the things you love? What is the state of your productive partnerships? Are you using work to hold people and love at a distance? Does this make you happy?

Friday brings us the New Moon in Capricorn. Normally, this is the time to launch projects for the Moon Cycle. This month, not so much. With this week’s Retrogrades, Pluto’s pugilistic influence, and five planets in earth signs, energy has come close to a standstill- definitely an ill-advised time to start a project. Instead, use this time to evaluate the lay of the land and see where you want to go next month, when energy is flowing once more.

The week ends on an up note, with a Sunday morning trine of the Capricorn Moon and Jupiter in Virgo. After this trying week, optimism may be hard to come by, but this trine is all about seeing the brighter side of life. Your business sense will be very strong. Now, those opportunities I spoke about on Monday just might be becoming visible, and you can start to work your way towards them.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, December 27 2015

Astrology trends for the week of December 28

The week opens on an upbeat note, as the Leo Moon trines Uranus in Aries around midday on Monday. This trine promises change, change for your benefit, as long as you’re willing to put yourself out there. This is your chance to create the future you’ve been dreaming about, as long as you are willing to take the risk of starting the ball rolling. Luck, and the stars, are with you today. If the approaching Mercury Retrograde worries you, at least use this opportunity to lay the ground work, do the research, and visualize where you need to go and what you need to do when Mercury again goes Direct.

Continuing with the idea of preparing for the future you’ve been envisioning, the Sun in Capricorn is sextile to Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday morning. This aspect pushes you to do some creative journaling or other brainstorming with the purpose of approaching your goals or business activities from a new perspective. Let your imagination flow, and write down these ideas, no matter how strange or impractical they seem. You can edit or tweak them later. Later in the morning, Mercury in Capricorn squares Mars in Libra, and you will find yourself having to resist the urge to shred up this journal and pretend it never happened, as this aspect can bring out your most negative, fault-finding tendencies. It’s okay if your newborn ideas have faults. You don’t have to be perfect, just creative. You can’t find solutions to problems or a new path to follow without allowing yourself to dream.

Venus enters light and flirty Sagittarius early on Wednesday morning. After the stormy and intense air of Scorpio, this change of signs will bring a breath of fresh air to your love life. The pursuit of romance takes on the feel of an adventure during this time, and falling in love is just so exciting! But therein lies the trouble: Expending the energy to maintain a relationship, now, just feels too much like actual work. During this time, enjoy your flirtations, but don’t expect a relationship started now to be long-lived. You are likely, now, to cherish your time with friends more than lovers, as your friends put many fewer demands on you.

On Thursday, just before midday, the Moon and Jupiter pair up in Virgo, encouraging you to put your common sense and eye for detail to your future plans for success. This is a great aspect under which to fine tune and troubleshoot. It’s also one that can inspire you toward philanthropic activity. Your intelligence can now be put to use to aid in solving problems for the greater good.

Mercury enters Aquarius on Friday evening, for a very brief stay. Mercury goes Retrograde on January 5th, bringing the planet back into Capricorn on the 8th. During its brief visit to Aquarius, you can expect your thoughts to be more inquisitive and inventive. You will feel a great interest in others and will have good judgment of human nature. You will be better able to understand people’s motivations as well as how they will react to certain situations.

Just after midnight on Saturday morning, the Aquarius Moon is sextile to Sagittarius. Here, your diplomacy and patience will help you to build strong and enduring partnerships. The relationships you build now will help you reach your long term goals, as well as overcome obstacles in your path along the way.

Mars enters Scorpio on Sunday morning, increasing the intensity with which you approach tasks. You will be disciplined and determined, ever working towards your goal. Your imagination and creative drive will be strong, but you may find yourself being irritable and quarrelsome, especially if people get between you and your objective. Be on guard against any ruthless tendencies you may be harboring, as well as the stormier emotions like jealousy, anger, and hurt feelings. Mid-afternoon, Mars moves into conjunction with the Moon. This fiery pairing definitely heightens your courage and persistence, but can also put you in a secretive, brooding, or obsessive frame of mind. Try to remind yourself, today, that there are things you can just let go. Not everything is worth starting a fight over, nor every perceived offense a reason to start a cold war.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Saturday, December 19 2015

Astrology trends for the week of December 21

Monday is a significant day in many ways: First, it opens the last full week of 2015-this year has flown! Second, it is the Winter Solstice, marking the shortest day of the year, as well as the beginning of winter. Find some friends to celebrate and ward off the darkness with feasting, bonfires, singing, and dancing. (For more suggestions on how to celebrate the Solstice, see our Winter Solstice article.)

Also, Monday sees the Sun enter Capricorn for the next month. During this time, taking care of business becomes your focus. Your energies are likely to be more methodical and steady, as your mind focuses on the purposeful pursuit of your goals. Now, you are likely to feel a strong sense of tradition and propriety. Watch for the tendencies to become too dictatorial towards others. This is also a time when depression or melancholy can grab hold, under the guise of being realistic. While you may feel the pressure to pursue your ambitions now, do try to also give yourself the time and permission to goof off, celebrate the season, and just enjoy the beauty of life around you.

Tuesday morning brings a trine of the Taurus Moon and Jupiter in Virgo. This aspect encourages you to keep on keeping on, as you work towards your goals. Trust your intuition and your business savvy to help you tweak the details when needed, but the overall message is that what you’ve been doing will get you where you need to be, if you keep steady on your path.

It will be hard to keep that idea of steady progression in mind when the Gemini Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius on Wednesday afternoon. That Gemini Moon is going to make you restless and eager to try new things, but Saturn reminds you that reward can only be found at the end of a long and arduous haul. These conflicting impulses could result in loss of confidence in the work you’ve been doing, or spending money unwisely in an effort to move the project along more swiftly. This is not the time for shortcuts or easy ways out. Seeking them is likely to damage partnerships or end in disappointment for all involved.

Thursday morning brings Venus in Scorpio sextile to Jupiter in Virgo. This is the perfect day to get together with loved ones and friends. Good will and camaraderie permeates your gatherings today. You will know just what needs to be said to let others know how you feel about them. Yes, emotions may run deep, but they are likely to be those of love and good friendship.

Friday is another busy day in the heavens. First up is the Full Moon in Cancer. The projects you began at the beginning of this Moon Cycle should be coming to fruition. Early in the afternoon, the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. This aspect gives a magic and beauty to the day, especially to family gatherings and shared feasts. Later in the afternoon, Mercury in Capricorn trines Jupiter in Virgo. While this aspect stresses rational thought and methodical work, this energy can best be put to use, today, through family games, storytelling, or just generally leading the group to the best time. The evening closes with Uranus going Direct after five months of Retrograde movement. Change and surprises will now occur more often in your life. You are likely to feel that spark of creative genius more easily. You will feel more comfortable showing your originality, as well as encountering the unexpected. If you’ve felt stuck in a rut for the past five months, now begins your opportunity to break out.

A trine of the Cancer Moon and Venus in Scorpio on Saturday night marks another perfect opportunity to eat and be merry with friends and loved ones. Today is the first day of Kwanzaa, and the principle which is the focus of this day is Umoja- unity. Celebrants gather to discuss and honor the concept of striving for and maintaining unity in the family and community. The stars have aligned to help you embrace Umoja. The mood will be lighthearted and affectionate, and all will be eager to enjoy the beautiful pleasures of life. I recommend preparing and sharing a good meal to enjoy the company of the family or community you have helped to build.

Sunday evening brings the Leo Moon quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect challenges you to keep your wits about you. Neptune will leave you vulnerable to delusion (including self). If you give in to the pull of impulse over reason, you are likely to cause some capital-D Drama, resulting in damaged relationships or pocketbooks. If you find you cannot keep yourself to critical, rational thought, you have my permission to give in to your less rational side by funneling this energy into creative or artistic endeavors, preferably ones that do not require you to dip into your bank account. Keep the wallet closed and, perhaps, do a little late holiday baking or, maybe, put those pencils and paints you got for Christmas to good use.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, December 15 2015

Annual Gratitude and Appreciation Fair

We all know Michigan Psychic Fair has the best psychics in Metro Detroit, but we also have the best customers. And we thought, for that, you deserve to be celebrated.

Join the celebration of YOU at our annual Gratitude and Appreciation Fair on Sunday, December 27, 2015, at the Quality Inn on Rochester Court in Troy, Michigan, from noon to 6pm.

In addition to 6 of your favorite psychics (plus a reader making her Michigan Psychic Fair debut), we will have healthy and not-so-healthy snacks and valuable giveaways, too.

Come join us- We can help you start the new year right. Need more info? Click here for our website.

Sunday, December 13 2015

Astrology trends for the week of December 14

Monday is not the day to hit the malls or the internet to do your holiday shopping. A mid-morning square off between the Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo heightens the likelihood you will bust your budget or experience other financial losses by missing some of the fine print. Keep the credit cards in your wallet. Instead, think about spending some time this afternoon making gifts for people on your list. Mercury in Capricorn is sextile to Neptune in Pisces this afternoon, strengthening your creativity as well as your ability to work methodically through the tasks at hand.

A trine of the Aquarius Moon and Mars in Libra on Tuesday evening makes it a good day to shift gears and try something new or make alterations to traditions that may have grown stale. Mars will make sure you’ve weighed all of the consequences, while the Aquarius Moon encourages you to put your unique stamp on the proceedings. So, get to work, but make sure to give yourself plenty of breaks to recharge your creative batteries and plan what to do next.

The same Aquarius Moon is sextile to the Sun in Sagittarius on Wednesday morning. This aspect encourages you to take some risks at work or in investments. As long as you have been taking care of the fundamentals, this is a good day to try a new approach to a work project or your stock portfolio.

The next few days are all about your romantic relationships. Thursday morning brings Venus in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Now is the time to double down, if you want to strengthen your current relationship. You need to fully commit to your partner, body and soul, to bring your relationship to the next level of intimacy. If it isn’t meant to be, you will quickly know. Either way, this aspect encourages you to stir things up in your love life for the benefit of your heart.

Friday evening, the theme of shaking up your love life continues with Venus quincunx to Uranus in Aries. Entertaining some unconventional ideas may bring you benefits, as long as you can resist jealousy or obsession.

Saturday starts with a trine of Venus in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, encouraging you to do the work to heal your wounds, in order to truly be able to move forward in matters of the heart. When Mercury and Pluto meet up in Capricorn later in the afternoon, you may find you have to dig truly deep, into some places you may find unsavory or frightening, to get to the core of the matter. Doing this work, though, will make you more able to find your Happily Ever After, whatever shape it takes.

Mercury in Capricorn squares off against Uranus in Aries on Sunday evening. Expect to receive some shocking or unsettling information today. Try to handle it with diplomacy, instead of rushing in to run all aspects of the situation. If you don’t want to waste your energy, be sure to listen to the advice being offered to you. Your own thinking may be a bit confused by the nature of the information you received.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, December 8 2015

Reader Spotlight: Bethany

Spirit has been speaking to Bethany since she was a small child, but it took years for her natural talents to develop into a business. “I was 17 years old when I first discovered the world of intuition and have been using it ever since. I didn’t actually start reading, though, until I was in my early twenties.”

Bethany has worked with many teachers over the years, but her first had a profound impact. “The lady who taught me to read was from the Philippines. She taught me to read from a deck of playing cards. She really helped me to open up my mind to see this other world.” Years later, Bethany’s favorite teacher helped her to push her boundaries, developing the skills she uses now. “She was the most amazing and beautiful and mind-expanding teacher. She helped me form healthy relationships with the departed. I channeled higher-entity angels and the Ascended Masters. There were some rough moments, but I came out with flying colors, resulting in some accurate information. It was all worth it in the end.”

Bethany's readings range from mediumship and tarot cards to channeling guides and angels. In her mediumship sessions, “the connection to lost loved ones, friends and family members, including animals, helps the client release any hurt or sorrow from the loss. The messages received are generally ones the client was waiting for or needing to hear from the departed. This reunion can be anything from pleasant to sad. It’s different for everyone.” To help her clients visualize the information they are receiving, Bethany turns to the cards: “Tarot readings and angel readings are a wonderful and interesting way to help the clients see their possible outcomes in a concrete manner. The readings generally fold out like a story, at which point I contact my clients’ guides and angels, bringing the client the answers they were waiting for. Tarot is a wonderful tool to use and helps the client see what I’m trying to convey. I really don't have to use cards, but I do for the client’s benefit or at their request.”

Of working with Michigan Psychic Fair, Bethany says, “The fairs have given me so much experience with all walks of life. I have been touched emotionally by some of the most beautiful and interesting people. They all have given me purpose. I hope and pray I have touched my clients’ lives with my gifts. I am grateful for the fairs as a space to help others and to help further their lives along. In the end it’s all about love and compassion.”

If you would like a session with Bethany, you can connect with her at most Michigan Psychic Fair events (contact us for specific dates and locations) or visit her website. Don’t miss the beautiful handmade scarves she vends, as well.

Sunday, December 6 2015

Astrology trends for the week of December 7

Monday, around midday, the Moon and Venus pair up in Scorpio. When the Moon and Venus pair up, it usually brings a tranquil, luxurious energy to your love life. With Scorpio in the mix, that isn’t going to be the case. Emotions promise to be intense, for good or for bad. Love is likely to become an all-consuming passion. With Scorpio’s stormy influence, be careful of jealousy, obsession, and vindictiveness. Feelings that are hurt now (and under this influence, that can happen more easily than ever), can result in long-lasting grudges.

The Sun in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries on Tuesday evening, setting the perfect stage for you to lead the charge on a new project. Your leadership skills and your sense of initiative have never been stronger. Projects surrounding an invention you’ve had on the workbench or working within a public sphere hold the most potential for success under this influence.

Mercury moves from the bright and breezy influence of Sagittarius into that of careful and methodical Capricorn on Wednesday evening. Thought processes become more logical and rational, and practical applications become the focus. Communication tends to be about working toward an objective, and may come across as calculated. While Sagittarius brought us an unending supply of optimism, Capricorn’s influence is that of a much darker “realism,” which you can read as “pessimism.” While Capricorn’s methodical, no-nonsense energy can be great for helping us fine tune the smaller details while still keeping the big picture in focus, we need to be careful of becoming too dictatorial when communicating with those around us.

Thursday brings Mars in Libra into opposition with Uranus in Aries. This is an aspect that can bring nervous tension and impatience with it, as it promises sudden, unexpected events that can upset your plans. This aspect can bring out our intolerance or combative sides. Thankfully, Libra’s influence will give you breaks from Aries’ usually near-constant aggression, allowing you some time to think before you say or do something you’ll regret. Try to keep your head about you and not to pick any unnecessary fights.

Friday starts with Venus in Scorpio trine to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect highlights creativity and artistic expression, but look for a partner to keep your energies focused. A few hours later is the New Moon in Sagittarius. As with all New Moons, now is the time to begin your projects for this month’s Moon Cycle. Projects that involve new adventure and your personal freedom will be most successful this month. Shortly before midday, the Moon squares off against Jupiter in Virgo. This aspect can make it difficult for you to focus on the business at hand or accomplishing your goals. Instead, you are likely to want to overindulge. Imbibing in a bit of holiday nog is fine, but you also need to keep your wits about you, or you may end up traveling a strange or difficult road, with no directions for how to get home again.

The Capricorn Moon moves into conjunction with Mercury on Saturday morning. Today is the day to get down to business, working methodically through your To-Do list. This productive energy will work well for you, as long as you don’t allow yourself to become too businesslike or pessimistic.

The week closes on Sunday evening with a practical, but upbeat trine of the Capricorn Moon and Jupiter in Virgo. If you need to work on some holiday plans, this trine will be just the thing you need. This energy is organized and goal-oriented, and your common sense will show you the surest route to your desired result. This weekend is a great one for getting things done and off your plate.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, December 1 2015

Reader Spotlight: Pauline

Pauline was with Michigan Psychic Fair at our first event over a decade and a half ago, but she’s been a reader much longer than that. “I worked 35 years ago, when you had to have dual names, as you could get arrested for this. It always had to be a secret back then. Now, it’s more open and comfortable. It’s truly wonderful to come to a place like Michigan Psychic Fair, to feel safe and know that readings are confidential.”

Even in the darker days, when being a practicing psychic could get her in trouble, Pauline knew she had a gift she had to offer to the public. “I care about people so deeply- I want to help them with their destiny, in their love life, in their personal life, their purpose.” To Pauline, offering this help is a higher calling. “I sometimes think I came in as a minister. My passion is to help people with their path in life.”

Pauline uses a variety of techniques in her sessions. In addition to reading tarot cards, she is a clairvoyant, a medium, and a pet psychic. “I work with my clients in a variety of ways to explore their present and future, as well as their past. I connect with loved ones on the Other Side and your angels and guides. I give answers on love, career, finances, family, and your purpose in this life. I'm also an adviser and can help you with decision-making.”

In her years of working with Michigan Psychic Fair, Pauline has enjoyed the pleasant and friendly environment the fairs provide. “I have met some incredibly awesome people while helping them with their path. I have returning customers that don’t live close to me and they all have the opportunity to come to a Michigan Psychic Fair to get a reading.”

If you would like to get a reading from Pauline, you can see her at many Michigan Psychic Fair events or connect with her through her website.

Saturday, November 28 2015

Astrology trends for the week of November 30

Monday morning brings us a trine of the Leo Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius. A Moon and Saturn trine generally emphasizes your patient work toward goals and overcoming any troubles in your way. With Leo in the picture, you’re going to go all in, in a big way, and your efforts will get you noticed and even appreciated. Bear in mind that this is a long journey. The reward you are working for isn’t likely to be achieved right away. Today will mark a major move forward in a larger, more enduring campaign.

A trine of Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries on Tuesday morning means you are likely to need to work to the beat of your own drum, today. Independence and original thinking will be the key to getting things done today. Just watch for the urge to be too blunt or outspoken. Mercury and Chiron in Pisces square off late in the morning. Mercury in Sagittarius pushes us towards honesty but the tendency will be to be a little too honest today, and this is guaranteed to result in deeply hurt feelings. I’m not suggesting you become a liar, but you definitely should self-edit to spare others’ feelings, especially when the full, hard truth isn’t necessary to get things done.

On Wednesday evening, the Virgo Moon moves into opposition of Neptune in Pisces. Under this influence, you will want to focus on all of the smaller details, so much so that you are likely to get buried in an avalanche of them. You know the saying, “can’t see the forest for the trees"? Well, welcome to the forest. Unless you can pull back and get a fix on the big picture, you are likely to get yourself hopelessly lost, or, worse, you’ll be ready to be led astray by the next Pied Piper who happens by.

Thursday brings the Virgo Moon quincunx to Uranus in Aries. Change is coming, and whether this change is good or bad for you depends entirely on your approach to it. If you are open to change and ready to apply your discriminating, trouble-shooting energies to it, the future is bright. If you can’t settle on a path to take, or are willing to put the work into developing a plan of action, anxiety and stress will be likely to get the best of you.

Venus enters Scorpio on Friday night, where it will be remain until just before year’s end. This placement for Venus ratchets up the intensity level for matters of the heart and money matters. Romance can become an all-consuming concern under this influence. More than at other times, you will feel the urge to possess your lover, body and soul. This can led to obsession and jealousy. Emotions run deeply and intensely now, so hurt feelings can result, even when no insult was intended. Scorpio thrives on crisis, so there is a strong possibility of more turmoil in love or your finances. Watch your heart and your spending. Troubles, now, can have long-lasting consequences. This month is a very poor time for weddings.

The Moon pairs up with Mars in Libra on Saturday evening. This is a lively pairing that tends to bring out your courage and focus. However, as Libra tends to cause Mars’ powers fluctuate, this would be a good time to work with a partner, each keeping the other focused, to attain your goals.

Sunday begins with the Sun in Sagittarius sextile to Mars in Libra. Here, your energy level is high and your creativity is primed. You run the risk of overthinking or losing concentration, but if you can overcome those tendencies, today can be very productive. Later in the day, Mars squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. That high energy from this morning can easily turn into angry or combative energy under this influence, especially if you feel forced into conditions not of your choosing.

With the holiday season approaching full tilt, you are likely feeling the pressure to make everything “perfect,” whatever that means. Combine that push toward unattainable perfection with this aspect and things are guaranteed to get ugly. The key to getting through the next few days without facing jail time or spending months on the therapy couch is approaching all holiday activities as voluntary. Dreading decorating the tree? Don’t. Enjoy looking at others’ decorations instead. Can’t afford to buy everyone a gift? Don’t. Create holiday cheer with friends and loved ones by putting together a potluck dinner, where you can give each other the gift of companionship. Holiday traditions were established because people enjoyed them, not to drive you crazy with a sense of obligation. Observe the ones you want, opt out of the ones that make you nauseated with dread. Do it your way, even if that means spending New Year’s at home watching Netflix alone. As long as that’s what makes you happy, you’re good. To do otherwise, with the specter of Pluto and Mars setting the stage for a fight, would be foolish. And, if your bubbe tries to make you feel guilty for not showing up for her Hanukkah gathering, tell her I told you that you didn’t have to.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, November 22 2015

Astrology trends for the week of November 23

The planet named for the goddess of love may cause you some difficulties of the heart on Monday. First, Venus in Libra is quincunx to Chiron in Pisces. This aspect challenges you be truthful with yourself about how you chose your romantic partners. Do you have a list, buried somewhere in a drawer or your subconscious, that outlines the qualifications the Perfect Man or Woman must have for you to allow yourself to fall in love? It’s time to take a good hard look at that list, to see how it’s working out for you: Are you simply checking off superficial qualifications and failing to look for deeper compatibility? Venus moves into opposition with Uranus in Aries a little while later. If you’ve been making poor choices about romantic and sexual partners, this aspect will shine a spotlight on it. If that is the case, it is probably time to realize that a pretty pair of eyes or a suit of shiny armor isn’t what Happily Ever After is really based on.

Just after midnight on Tuesday, Mars in Libra is sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect will help you find the perseverance to achieve your goals, even through harsh circumstances. This get-it-done energy will only come in waves, which is okay: You need a disciplined approach, through the long haul, to achieve your goals. Constant action without careful planning won’t get the job done. A measured approach is what you need now. A bit later in the day, Mars is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune can put your head in the clouds and make your decision-making abilities questionable. That influence can be just a distraction or, during your moments of downtime today (thank you, Mars in Libra), you can put that energy to work for you. Try some directed meditation, or a brainstorming session where no idea is too “out there” for consideration, and you just might find some creative solutions to the problems you’ve been facing.

Finally, just before midnight, Mercury and Saturn pair up in Sagittarius, reinforcing the idea of a methodical and patient approach to the work in front of you. Be careful not to keep your nose so close to the grindstone that you forget there’s more to life, or you might find yourself battling depression. Occasional breaks to enjoy the wold outside of wok will actually help your productivity in the long run.

Wednesday brings us the Full Moon in Gemini. Now is the time for this Moon Cycle’s projects to be coming to fruition. Spend the next two weeks finalizing details and winding projects down. Also, with this Full Moon in Gemini, now is a good time to clean out the clutter and to rid your life of the excess stuff that holds you back. Wednesday also brings Mercury in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces. If you are ever tempted to mislead others, it’s going to be today, and you'll probably have the wit and fast-talk to get away with it. For now. But, in the long run, it’s likely that you will be the one most hurt by your falsehoods. Keep to the truth and you will have far less trouble.

Later in the morning, Mercury is sextile to Mars in Libra. This aspect encourages you to be courageous. It also strengthens your talent for debate. In other words, instead of misleading others to get what you want, lay it out, and convince them that your goals are the right way to go.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares off against Neptune in Pisces on Thursday morning. This aspect is likely to see your desire for privacy run afoul of your public persona. In particular, be careful of what you share on the internet. Think about how what you post online affects your realtionships. This is a good day to search for yourself online and see how you feel about what you find.

Friday is very quiet, astrologically speaking.

Saturday, Chiron goes Direct after a five-month Retrograde. The urgency with which this minor planet has been forcing you to deal with your emotional baggage will relax. You will find that past traumas are more likely to stay in the past. No, you’re not off the hook. Chiron will still challenge you to deal with your pain and to learn important lessons. But these lessons will be offered more gently now than in the past five months.

Sunday opens with the Sun in Sagittarius squaring off against Neptune in Pisces. This is one of those days where your thinking is just not right. You may find yourself itching for stimulation or adventure, but your head will be lost in a fog, and you will be easy to take advantage of. Later in the evening, the Sun moves into conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius. This is the only meetup of these two celestial bodies this year, and it’s a bright, flashing yellow caution sign. Just know that, whatever plans you are making for the next day or two, Saturn is going to throw many obstacles and difficulties in your path. Sorting through those issues is going to take some time and diligent effort, but the results (or consequences if you fail to do so) will be long-lasting.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, November 15 2015

Astrology trends for the week of November 16

Monday morning starts on a positive note, as the Capricorn Moon trines Jupiter in Virgo. So, you’ve been diligently getting your ducks in a row: All the details have been looked into, you’ve developed a sound plan of action, and you have the systems in place to get things done. This trine will help you set these plans in motion and realize the dreams you’ve been working toward. This is luck and good fortune of your own making. Your common sense and organizational skills have set the stage for true success. Now get out there and make it happen!

Tuesday morning sees a meet-up of the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. This can be a day of intense conversation or a good time to dig deep into an investigation, especially one regarding a business or a travel venture. Be aware that this pairing brings a huge amount of Scorpio’s energy: Manipulation is possible. Jealousy and obsession can make an unwanted appearance. You may be somewhat likely to tune out the advice of others. And grudges are possible, too. If try to keep your ears and mind open, and not hurl yourself into every crisis that comes your way, today can be a productively revealing day.

For the past five months, Neptune has been Retrograde, turning this planet’s mysterious and visionary energy inward. On Wednesday, around midday, Neptune goes Direct. If you’ve felt your head has been lost in a fog for months, you now should start to feel that fog lifting. While Neptune is Retrograde, many people spend a great deal of time sorting out what their ideals and dreams are. Now that Neptune is Direct, it is much more possible to attain these aspirations. It is now the time to bring to reality all of the things you have been imagining for the past 5 months. You will also find it much easier to live by your spiritual beliefs.

Thursday promises to be an uncomfortable day, when the Aquarius Moon squares Mercury in Scorpio. Aquarius is likely to make you fight for your freedom and seek out new experiences, while Scorpio intensifies your emotions and makes it very difficult to heed the well-meant warnings of others. This combination is likely to put you out on a precarious limb or up a pretty nasty creek looking for that missing paddle. Caution is called for today. If you can’t keep yourself under the control of that watchword, anxiety and panic will result.

On Friday, Mercury leaves the probing and detail-obsessed realm of Scorpio and enters the much more breezy and optimistic energy of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is all about adventure, and confidence that all difficulties can be handily dealt with. With Mercury under this influence, your thoughts will be much less analytical and intense, and more cheerful, happy-go-lucky, and excited. Detailed analysis becomes much less of a focus, as your mind turns to big ideas and beliefs. The problem is that novelty can be much more attractive, under this influence, than hard work. While your mind will be more active and grasping new concepts will likely come easier, it can also mean you can lack concentration, especially when it’s time to buckle down and work. Honesty is encouraged while Mercury is in Sagittarius, but this also means that we can be a little too outspoken, even blunt, when a more diplomatic approach may be called for.

Friday evening sees a square off between Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, spelling trouble in your romantic life. If you’ve been wooed by an elegant face and charming manners, you made be in for an unpleasant surprise when your romantic partner reveals the uglier side of their character. You may discover that you have very little emotional or spiritual compatibility. Under the influence of this square, such relationships are likely to be doomed. Also, acting on an attraction that is nothing more than sexual, now, is likely to have dire and long-lasting consequences. So, be careful with your heart and body, today.

Saturday offers a pair of trines for the Aries Moon, first with Mercury in Sagittarius, then Saturn in the same sign. Under the influence of these trines, you will find that you have the energy and optimism to create new beginnings and opportunities for yourself, and that you have the energy, passion, and patient approach to put those opportunities to best use. This would be an excellent day to start the ball rolling on a new business venture, or to jump in the car to take a spur-of-the-moment road trip. If you are willing to see these new plans through, you are likely to find reward at the end of the journey.

Like Mercury earlier in the week, the Sun moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius on Sunday. After the brooding intensity of Scorpio, Sagittarius’ energy can feel like a refreshing change in the winds. The next month is a time of confidence and good luck and you will feel the pull to seek out new and exciting adventures. Freedom can become a true focus, and being forced to keep your nose to the grindstone can often feel like a prison sentence. This is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and to travel. Risks taken at this time are often rewarded, and you will find that you are more often “just where you need to be” to make it all work. This enthusiastic and adventurous spirit can make it impossible to find lasting satisfaction or contentment, as you are always ready to look for the next bigger and better thing. Your generosity will be spurred, now, but you need to watch out for excessive or overindulgent behavior. In general, the Sun in Sagittarius will help you focus on the Big Picture, while not bogging you down with those pesky details.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, November 9 2015

Astrology trends for the week of November 9

Monday has you walking the fine line between showing initiative and leadership, and crossing into manipulation and erratic behavior that might damage relationships. The Sun in Scorpio is quincunx to Aries in Uranus this evening, and you are likely to find some unexpected situations that demand creative thinking and the self-confidence to make things work. These situations should be handled with a delicate touch. If you rush into things, take too much unnecessary risk, or push your team with a crisis-oriented mindset, be prepared for things to go badly. Trust your instincts, but think things through before you develop your plan of action. Be flexible but not erratic when the situation develops, as, with Uranus involved, there are likely to be a few unexpected turns.

Tuesday evening sees that same Scorpio Sun sextile to Jupiter in Virgo. Luck and opportunity can be yours under this aspect, but you may have to do a little digging to find it. Once you sift through the finer details, you will be able to lay out the plan to get to the biggest payoff. Just remember to take one step at a time, no skipping ahead or taking short cuts, to get where you want to be.

The New Moon in Scorpio comes to us on Wednesday. All New Moons signify your best opportunity to launch projects. With Scorpio’s influence, you may find that this month’s plans take on a more intense air than usual. These projects are most likely to find success if they involve things that stir your passions or require you to be bold.

Thursday is the busiest day of the week, astrologically speaking. First, we see a trine of Mercury in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. This trine gives you the perfect opportunity to really dig deep into your own psyche to deal with lingering emotional issues that have been holding you back. Today, you will find the best insights by doing this work alone, perhaps through meditation or journaling. Later in the day, Mercury in Scorpio is quincunx to Uranus in Aries. This aspect, once again, has you walking the line between showing your independent thinking and trying to run the entire show, running roughshod over others. Both planets have the tendency to make you mistake your own positions for the way things are (or need to be). This aspect is going to make it very hard for you to hear the input of others, but you need to listen to more than your own cleverness to make productive decisions, today. If you don’t, you are likely to waste a lot of energy. Later in the afternoon, Mars enters Libra, and stays for four weeks. This is a difficult place for Mars to be, as the overly-intellectual energy of Libra clashes with the up-and-at-em influence of Mars, making the warrior planet’s energy seem to vacillate. The next four weeks may feel like one of missed opportunities, as Libra will make you want to take the time to carefully weigh the pros and cons of everything before jumping in and taking action. But, by the time you actually reach any conclusions, the opening for action is likely to have passed. Also, while Mars thrives on confrontation, Libra wants to avoid it all costs. So, while Mars resides under Libra influence, your challenge will be to decide what’s right, then actually do it.

Around midday on Friday, Venus in Libra is sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. While Venus is usually associated with matters of the heart, this aspect is all about productive partnerships and business relationships. Now is a good time for you to find partners who are able to direct or support your creative endeavors, ones who will be there for the long, slow road to success. Another sextile occurs about an hour later, this time between Mercury in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo. The combination of these two aspects reminds me of a compliment my partner gave me decades ago, near the beginning of our relationship: “Being with you is as good as being alone.” Yes, this is a compliment. What was meant is that I was able to let my partner work independently without interrupting or interfering, being there to help refocus when the thread is lost, or just being available as a sounding board. This is exactly what you need to find in your productive partnerships: You don’t need someone who will take the reins and sideline your input. Find someone who appreciates your creative drive and can see some of the details you may overlook. Here, Mercury and Jupiter will bring out your good judgment in your search for productive partners.

Be careful with your heart on Saturday, when Venus in Libra is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. Sadly, under this aspect, you are likely to be swept up by romantic gestures and the excitement of falling in love, without taking the time to look deeper into the true character of your newly found romantic interest. You are very likely to be wooed by pretty words and charming gestures, ignoring the possibility that this person may not be truly compatible with you. Such an approach to the matters of the heart will cause you heartache, once the flush of new romance clears and you are able to see the true character of your “beloved.” Remember that pretty packages are sometimes empty boxes or, worse, hide nasty surprises. If you must have romance, make sure you are looking beyond pleasing first impressions to the character beneath, before you commit your heart.

Even good relationships are likely to hit a speed bump on Sunday, when the Capricorn Moon squares off against Venus in Libra. The Capricorn Moon is all about business, to the exclusion of almost everything else. This cold and practical approach is likely to cause you to ignore the emotional cues you are getting from loved ones. You now run the risk of treating lovers like employees or, even worse, as an annoying distraction from the business at hand. If you want to alienate people, by all means, keep to this approach. If you’d like to actually maintain your relationships, try to set aside some time when business is off limits and you can focus on listening to your loved ones, messy emotions and all.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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