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Monday, November 21 2016

Reader Spotlight: Joanne

Joanne has always had the goal of helping people. In fact, she began college with the intent of working as a counselor, but, after two years of psychology and sociology classes, she realized she could help more people by working with her gifts as a psychic.

She has been seeing spirit people since she was a child, and her abilities as a psychic followed shortly after. Once she realized these natural talents dovetailed nicely with the classes she had been taking in college, Joanne set herself on a course of study, taking classes in tarot and mediumship under various teachers. She has now been working as a reader for over 35 years, and has written and lectured on the topics extensively.

Clients can seek Joanne’s counsel through psychic and intuitive reading, psychic counseling, and tarot sessions. She is also an expert in reincarnation and past lives.

Joanna has worked Michigan Psychic Fairs for over five years, and continues to enjoy the clients she meets there. “I find this is a good way for me to connect with people that can benefit from my help. It is a nice environment, and I have met many wonderful people there.”

To connect with Joanne directly, you can email her at arcanasoc@hotmail.com. If you would like a session with her at one of our fairs, use the contact us link on our website at MichiganPsychicFair.org to enquire about the events she's scheduled for.

Astrology trends for the week of November 21

On Monday afternoon, the Sun enters Sagittarius, making the next month one that is focused on adventure, independence, and abundance. This is a time period in which we are likely to feel we can take on the world and come out the winner. Optimism abounds and our will is strong. This can mean we chafe under constraints, and we are willing to fight to be the master of our own destiny. We have good foresight under this influence, and once we set a course, we are very difficult to dissuade from it. Honesty is a strong drive now, as well. This can get us into a bit of trouble, as we don’t always think out the consequences of our brutal honesty, even though we generally mean no harm. This is a time period in which our sense of generosity can be stirred, as well: We feel the drive to share the good fortune and optimistic outlook we possess with others.

Tuesday brings Mercury in Sagittarius sextile to Jupiter Libra. This is an aspect that tends to promote success. But it will take effort on your part. Jupiter in Libra stresses the importance of partnerships to your success, and Mercury in Sagittarius puts the focus on your bright and enthusiastic way with words. Thus, today is the day to be sure you are speaking to the right people, saying the right things, to highlight your talents, to get where you want to be.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mercury and Saturn move into conjunction in Sagittarius. This is the one time this year that these planets meet up. This aspect puts the focus on business communications, so don’t be surprised if your boss or important team members need to have a serious discussion with you. This conversation could be very important to your future goals, so don’t blow it off. Also, with this much Sagittarius influence, you are likely to feel at your most outspoken. While I absolutely endorse the idea that honesty is the best policy, you need to keep diplomacy in mind. Being blunt or brusque won’t help your long term prospects. And, try to not take any critiques or criticisms as an attack on your abilities or autonomy. This isn’t the time to be obstinate; keep your ears open and be ready to build on what you learn today.

Family holiday gatherings always run the risk of being difficult: Our expectations of storybook, magical holiday moments can run head-on into the reality of family tensions, creating an uncomfortable, cold-war battleground, or even ignite a few familial nuclear explosions. This Thursday’s Thanksgiving gathering will be no different, when Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect brings with it the likelihood of an overbearing, domineering person trying to bully or belittle those in today’s gathering. The best policy, today, is to keep your expectations of holiday bliss low, or at least firmly based in reality, as well as to make sure you politely bow out of any of the family politics. Keeping a firm hold of your tongue, with your patience fully deployed, and knowing this is not the day for staging battles, may well see you in one, unharmed piece, by day’s end.

Things continue to boil beneath the surface on Friday, when Venus and Pluto meet up, for the final time this year, in Capricorn. This pairing could spell trouble for your heart or wallet, unless you are willing to take a sober and honest look at the true state of affairs. With a careful evaluation of the facts, you will be able to seize the opportunities that the situation offers you. Pluto is the planet of transformation, after all. It may be time to put an end to some habits or patterns when it comes to romance or money. But these endings are always, actually, the beginning of new growth, as long as you are willing to take an honest look of what needs to change. Speaking of honesty, Venus will square Jupiter in Libra, later this morning. Under this aspect, any affectation or insincerity will be discovered, causing you heartache. Trying to butter another up with over-the-top flattery is likely to make you look mercenary or fake. Just be honest about your feelings. Saying what you mean, without violins and flowers, will serve you best, today.

Mercury in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries on Saturday morning. This aspect encourages you to take the risk to put your ideas into action, especially if you’ve been bored with the status quo. This aspect rewards originality and invention. So it is time to walk your own unique path to success.

This opportunity for change is still brewing on Sunday morning, when the Scorpio Moon is sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect promises the opportunity to change your life, as long as you are able to control the strong emotions that the day may stir. Letting go of the safety of the tried-and-true can be frightening, or even cause a feeling of loss. But, once you are willing to step away from the established way of doing things, you are making way for wonderful new things to enter your life.

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Sunday, November 20 2016

Stone meditation: Howlite

What is it?

Howlite is a recently discovered borate mineral, only found for the first time in Nova Scotia in 1868, though it has been found in other locations in North America since. It generally appears in massive to nodule form, but tabular crystals of the mineral have been found. The stone generally appears as a white opaque stone with grey veining. Howlite is a relatively soft stone, with a Mohs hardness rating of 3.5, and lacks regular cleavage, making it an excellent medium for carved decorative items, beads, and cabochons. Howlite is porous, accepting dyes easily. It is, therefore, often dyed to resemble turquoise, charoite, or other pricier stones. Because of how often it is dyed and sold as a turquoise replacement, howlite is sometime sold under the trade name “white turquoise,” though it is not at all related to turquoise chemically.

What can it do for you?

Howlite is best known for being a stone of awareness. It opens the mind to receive new information, and is often used by those preparing for Reiki attunements for this purpose. Another of howlite’s enlightening properties is to help us become of aware of deception and lies, including self-deception. It also helps relieve stress, anxiety, and rage, allowing one to release these negative emotions to reach a state of calmness and patience. It's gently grounding, but also help us open up to spiritual energies.

What can it teach us?

Howlite teaches us that our true value is not found in superficial appearances. Many people only see it as a something to be dyed to stand in for another, more expensive stone. It is underappreciated in its natural white color, but the metaphysical energies are very important and powerful. You can dye it blue or purple, but howlite’s enlightening, calming, and grounding energies are not changed or diminished. Like howlite, we can dress ourselves up or down, but it does not alter our inner character. Looking attractive is not the same as being a person worthy of being in another’s life. Appearances change, important things like strength of character and kindness do not.

Sunday, November 13 2016

Reader Spotlight: Titania

For Professor Titania, being a psychic reader is all about community. Her first deck was given to her by her partner. She studied books on the tarot, but got more knowledge from the girlfriend who gave her the deck, as well as many elders she knew in the local pagan community. Though now an experienced reader, Titania continues to gain insight into the cards and her intuitive abilities from the communities she is involved in: the readers she works with at fairs and the local metaphysical store Sacred Sage, an online community called Itinerant Tarot, even from the clients who come to her for readings.

“Tarot is such an intense source of self-knowledge and as a reader I'm not going to tell you anything that you didn't know on some level. It's my job as a reader to use the cards to help you reach that knowledge and gain a better understanding of yourself and your circumstances.”

In her tarot sessions, Titania does her best to explain the messages the cards are giving to her clients. “Please be honest with me," she says. "If you feel that I'm way off in the wrong field I want to know so that I can try to clarify things for you and for myself. I learn as much reading for people as they learn from me and so the back and forth is incredibly important for a good reading.”

While Titania only offers tarot sessions at indoor events, she also offers other services outside of the fairs. “I also offer a service that I call a fire mediation that consists of an herbal fire fueled with candles and essential oils. I use both the herbs and the cards to direct the intent of the fire to whatever my client needs, be that a healing mediation, one for peace of mind or romance. I can also do blessings for children and new homes. In all cases I send the ashes of the fire mixed with sea salt home with the client. This is good for laying down circles of protection around homes or just in general use in your regular practice.”

Titania is excited to be able to offer her services at Michigan Psychic Fair events. “All the clients I have worked with have been open and communicative. And, really, I can’t ask much more of folks in a reading.”

If you would like to have a reading with Professor Titania, contact us at Michigan Psychic Fair to inquire about which dates she will be participating in. See our website at MichiganPsychicFair.org for details.

Saturday, November 12 2016

Astrology trends for the week of November 14

The Full Moon in Taurus comes to us on Monday morning. This is the fifth Supermoon of the year, so be prepared for a big, bright, and beautiful one- the largest, brightest one in nearly 70 years. While Full Moons always mark the point at which our projects for this cycle are bearing fruit, they also signify a two-week period of winding things down and wrapping things up for the month, as well. This shifting of energy from growing to waning comes at the point of a tug of war between the Sun and Moon (i.e., these two celestial bodies are in opposition). This affects us as a struggle to find balance between the polarities represented by the signs the Moon and Sun are each in. This month, this struggle for balance is between intense, secretive, and transformative Scorpio and steady, sensual, and change-resistant Taurus. Finding the tipping point between these two very different energies may make for an uncomfortable, crisis-of-confidence kind of day.

Around midday on Tuesday, Mercury in Sagittarius is sextile to Mars in Aquarius. This aspect gives you a brief period of productive mental focus in which your mind will be on the best way to go about the business at hand, especially if the business at hand requires eloquence or focuses on the idea of freedom. It is important that you make good use of this window of opportunity when it occurs, as these two signs are renowned for their inability to focus for extended periods of time. The desire to move onto a different project, or chase after sparkly butterflies, will undoubtedly come up soon.

The Gemini Moon is sextile to Uranus in Aries on Wednesday. This aspect promises that your situation is likely to offer an opportunity for change. Trust your instincts as to how to proceed, but if you are willing to seize the opportunity that arises today, the change that follows will be to your advantage.

Thursday morning brings the Cancer Moon into opposition of Venus in Capricorn. This aspect can spell trouble for your relationship or your pocketbook. You are going to have to walk a fine line between coming across as too needy, smothering, or self-indulgent, and seeming to be cold, calculating, or mercenary. Swing too far in either direction and you may find yourself alone, or needing to spend money you don’t have to set things right again. Proceed with caution.

This advice also applies to Friday, when Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. Today, the chance for not-quite-kosher behavior is high: This aspect brings out the schemer in a lot of people, while many others have their heads lost in the clouds, seemingly begging to be made a victim. No, I don’t believe anyone deserves to be victimized, and, yes, I think that trying to take advantage of another will bring about some bad karma on the perpetrator. My advice is to strongly resist becoming either side of this equation: Keep your wit about you as best you can, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

After muddying the waters on Friday, Neptune is ready to turn over a new leaf, when it goes Direct, on Saturday. It will not be as easy now, as it has been in the past five months, to get lost in your own head. The relationship between reality and your dreams becomes more understandable as Neptune gains forward momentum. This is the time to use reality to build the ladder to reach those dreams.

The Leo Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius on Sunday. Be bold, brave, and proud to push your way toward your long term goals. While this aspect usually suggests that you be prudent and sober while being attentive to the work in front of you, Leo’s involvement says now is the time to go big or go home. You have the experience to know where your strengths lie. Now, have the confidence to use those strengths to get where you want to be. No, the rewards will not be instantaneous (they never are when Saturn is involved), but they will be there to reward your ambitions at the end of the day, as long as you are willing to put the hard work in to back up your big words.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Stone meditation: Sodalite

What is it?

Sodalite is a tectosilicate mineral, usually appearing in royal bluewith white calcite and salmon feldspar matrix. It was originally found in Greenland in 1811, but supplies of the stone were so limited, it failed to gain significance as a gemstone until vast deposits of the mineral were found in Ontario, Canada, eighty years later. Since then, significant deposits have been found in Quebec and in the United States. As the stone is relatively fragile, it has largely been used as an ornamental stone, for small carvings and in jewelry. It is often confused for lapis lazuli, but is unique from that stone in several ways, including the fact that sodalite fluoresces under a black light.

What can it do for you?

Sodalite stimulates the rational mind, bringing logic and clarity to difficult situations. This stone can instill confidence, and aids in self-discipline. It is a stone of truth, and can help someone understand as well as speak their own truth. It also helps one find inner peace and can aid in meditation. Sodalite is also known to help us seek balance in all areas of our lives.

What can it teach us?

Sodalite can teach us that we can find strength from others when we are in need. On its own, it is very fragile. As it fractures in the ground, seams of calcite and feldspar fill in the broken spaces, resulting in a stone strong enough that it can be used to make beautiful carved pieces. There are moments in our lives when we don’t have the strength, on our own, to face the tasks in front of us. In our need, though, we can fall back on friends and family, even co-workers, to fill in our weak spots where they occur, shoring us up so that we can take on the challenges we face.

Friday, November 11 2016

Reader Spotlight: Tod

For Tod, seeking advice from a psychic reader is always about finding the path to one’s best life. “With each client, I attempt to reach information that will empower and promote their higher good. I am as pleased and delighted as they are when a reading helps someone heal or better their life. For me, this is the real reward."

Tod has been offering his services as a reader since he was a young man of 20. It was a family tradition to offer their intuitive gifts to others, as his grandmother had been a reader of tea leaves. He began his career as a psychic using a pendulum, but soon found he liked the more specific information he could reach through the tarot. “I was drawn to the tarot as a discipline to further my intuition, using the symbols to reach more complex information with greater clarity.”

“I feel that the divinatory arts and sciences can be a big help to my clients in decision making and avoiding potential pitfalls in advance, as long as one pays attention and is committed to being a conscious creator of one’s own life. The future is not set, and patterns can be changed by making conscious choices. I am here to guide and assist in this, but the choice is up to the client.”

Tod’s readings are done primarily done through the tarot, though he can also work in other modalities, if the client prefers. In addition to giving psychic guidance to his clients, Tod has written about and taught others about the divinatory arts. He also makes divination and ritual tools, which he will be vending at Michigan Psychic Fair events in addition to offering his psychic services.

You can contact him at todhbrown@gmail.com or 734-455-8536. For more information on Michigan Psychic Fair, or a current schedule of events, please go to MichiganPsychicFair.org for details.

Reader Spotlight: Exie

From a young age, Exie knew there was more to the things that went bump in the night: She knew they were the souls of those who have passed on wanting to relate to those who were still living. Of course, as a young person, this knowledge was sometimes terrifying, especially when these spirits were reaching out to Exie specifically, and adults weren’t often much help in understanding her gifts. As she reached adulthood, Exie began to explore the relationship between the dead and the living. Her paranormal encounters, combined with years of research and study, resulted in her best-selling book, Welcome to my Para’Normal’ Life, which was followed by When the Dead Come Calling.

Since then, Exie has become a regular on the paranormal circuit, speaking on her experiences communicating with the departed. As she came to realize that her gifts could offer comfort and guidance to the living, she worked with her spirit guide to create a method to contact specific passed souls for their loved ones who need their guidance.

Her readings consist of “messages and images from my guide. She brings in your family, i.e. parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, and past pets of all kinds. I do not get messages of pending death, so I will not relate anything of the sort. But I will get personal messages from your guide for you. My readings are very accurate and loving. I do not typically get future events but, occasionally, it does happen. I get messages from past people in your life. These message may be of an apologetic nature, or of love. They may even have an old joke for you. I love meeting your family and friends, and am honored to bring them forward for you.”

Exie first worked with Michigan Psychic Fair when she began promoting her book. She is now thrilled to be able to offer her mediumship skills to fair-goers.

Click here to see Exie's website. If you would like to have a reading with Exie, contact us at MichiganPsychicFair.org to inquire about which dates she will be participating in.

Saturday, November 5 2016

Astrology trends for the week of November 7

Impassioned and hasty words may put you in harm’s way on Monday, when Mercury in Scorpio is quincunx to Uranus in Aries. Your feelings are likely to run hot under this aspect, but it is important that you take a moment to cool off and consider your words wisely before you allow yourself to speak. Yours isn’t the only temper easy to inflame today, and your words could start a war that has unpredictable and possibly painful results. Now is the time for diplomacy, and if you can’t manage that, it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

The Aquarius Moon is sextile to Venus in Sagittarius on Tuesday morning. You are still strong of opinion under this aspect, but it's likely to lead you to seek adventure with a friend or loved one today. The confines of the workaday world are likely to be thrown off, as you seek excitement, beauty, and pleasurable environs. This is a good time to take a “mental health day,” if you can’t stand to wait until the working day is done to seek fun and adventure.

Mars leaves conservative Capricorn for more rebellious Aquarius on Wednesday. While Mars is in Aquarius, we tend to be friendly and people-oriented, but also very hard to pin down. Our energy is high, and tends to be unpredictable. Our thoughts tended to be dominated by duty and work while Mars was in Capricorn; under Aquarius, our thoughts tend to be freedom-oriented. We’ve done the work, now we want to be free to do our own thing. Try to get your responsibilities met, and then you can let your personal freak flag fly on your own time.

The Pisces Moon trines Mercury in Scorpio on Thursday afternoon. You may find yourself confronted with a situation that was kept hidden until today. Trust what your intuition tells you about those parts of it that have not been revealed, then use your quick wits and flexibility to make the most of any opportunities that can be taken from this subterfuge. If you trust in your intellect and your gut, you should make it through today with flying colors.

Friday sees Venus enter Capricorn, leaving adventurous Sagittarius. Our approach to love (and finances) becomes very practical under Capricorn’s influences. This is not the time for passionate flings. It is the time for making decisions based on sober consideration of material concerns. During the next month, we are likely to find it hard to fall in love with, or make a commitment to, someone who is unable to take care of their own material needs. If we do find ourselves in love, our approach to romance tends to lack the flowers and violins that may appeal at another time. Instead, we show our love in honesty, dependability, and loyalty. Beware of becoming jealous or possessive, however.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday morning, bringing the emotional intensity of our thoughts down a bit. Communications become more friendly and cheerful, and definitely less biting. We might be accused of being blunt or brusque, but this directness will come from a drive to be utterly honest. And, in our excitement, we often don’t think before we speak under this influence. Our enthusiasm for a good yarn can lead us to exaggerate or embellish the truth, as well. Our thoughts also become more optimistic, willing to see the bright side of most situations. We grasp new ideas quickly, and are eager for new vistas. We are restless and always on the lookout for new stimulation. Sadly, that can also translate into having an inability to concentrate on a single task for long. This is a time of breezy, optimistic enthusiasm. The finer details may be a bit harder to pin down.

The Sun in Scorpio squares Mars in Aquarius early on Sunday morning. This aspect can signal a time of quarrels and arguments. We'll tend to feeling restless, and our high energy levels may lead us into some sticky situations, as we aren’t likely to have made a well-thought out plan. Pride and anger may rear their heads, as well. Be careful of what you say and do today, as long-lived grudges are likely to be the result if we step on too many toes.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, October 30 2016

Reader Spotlight: Petrified wood

What is it?

Petrified wood is a fossil of ancient trees or treelike vegetation. All of the organic material in the original wood has been replaced with minerals, usually with silicates like quartzes, but other materials like calcite, pyrite, and opal can be involved. Generally, the process begins by the tree being buried in sediment, protected from oxygen and organisms that might consume it. Then waters rich in dissolved solids flow through the plant, replacing the cells of the plant with minerals. Petrified wood can come in any combination of colors. Many examples of petrified wood retain the visual characteristics of the original plant, such as bark or limb features. Some pieces of petrified wood even contain cavities filed with druzy crystals of quartz or amethyst, though these are rare. Petrified wood deposits have been found throughout the world.

What can it do for you?

Petrified wood is grounding and protective. It is especially good at calming fears and removing obstacles in your path. This stone can help us connect to the Earth, and understand its ancient knowledge, as well as to appreciate our dependence upon it. It can help those who wish to work with Nature’s energy, as well as those who wish to connect to past lives. It can facilitate emotional healing, and can aid us in achieving transformation, in general, in our lives.

What can it teach us?

Petrified wood teaches us about transformation. The process of petrification begins with the death of the plant, or at least with the loss of a significant part of it. But the story doesn’t end there: Over time, that death/loss created the opportunity for the plant to transform into a beautiful gemstone, one far less fragile than the original plant. Throughout our lives, we go through losses or crises that seem like they may be the end of us, or at least the end of life as we knew it. These periods, though, can actually mark a period of transformation, giving us the opportunity to become something new, something better and stronger than we were before.

Reader Spotlight: Christa

Growing up, Christa Lynn was taught to not believe in psychics. So when she had a reading as an adult, she didn’t take the messages she was given very seriously. At first. But the reading stirred something inside her. The reader had told her she had strong psychic powers and that she needed to learn to read the cards to offer her talents in service of others. Christa eventually realized that, even as a child, she had always had a gift: “Information comes to me in a way that, in the past, I thought I was making things up. I tend to just know things, but don't know how I know, which is why I didn't realize it was a psychic gift. Eventually, I came to understand it was a gift from God and that I was to use it to help others.”

Christa set herself on a path of self-discovery and study to become the tarot card reader she is today. “When I discovered that I was psychic, I studied lots of different types of tarot cards and oracle cards, and different spreads and layouts. Ultimately, it was the tarot cards that spoke to me and relayed the most accurate information, and the Past, Present, Future spread seemed to work the best, so I stuck with it. I do occasionally use the oracle cards in my readings, as well.”

Sessions with Christa are fairly straightforward: “I do tarot card readings in a Past, Present, Future spread that will touch briefly on what has happened in your past, (mainly to connect with you), work on the issues of your present and then inform you of what is in store for you in the future and the best ways to improve it. I will tell you what I see in the cards, and then you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Occasionally, if a deceased loved one is present, messages may be relayed. I study the Law of Attraction and receive information on how you can live your life better, happier, and more successfully. My readings are focused on helping you improve your life.”

Christa enjoys the unique experience of working at Michigan Psychic Fair events. “The customers are a diverse group, some needing little help, some just some insight, and some are in desperate need of answers. It is always wonderful to help others. “

If you would like more information on Christa, please see her website. For more information on Michigan Psychic Fair, or a current schedule of events, please go to MichiganPsychicFair.org for details.

Stone meditation: Petrified wood

What is it?

Petrified wood is a fossil of ancient trees or treelike vegetation. All of the organic material in the original wood has been replaced with minerals, usually with silicates like quartzes, but other materials like calcite, pyrite, and opal can be involved. Generally, the process begins by the tree being buried in sediment, protected from oxygen and organisms that might consume it. Then waters rich in dissolved solids flow through the plant, replacing the cells of the plant with minerals. Petrified wood can come in any combination of colors. Many examples of petrified wood retain the visual characteristics of the original plant, such as bark or limb features. Some pieces of petrified wood even contain cavities filed with druzy crystals of quartz or amethyst, though these are rare. Petrified wood deposits have been found throughout the world.

What can it do for you?

Petrified wood is grounding and protective. It is especially good at calming fears and removing obstacles in your path. This stone can help us connect to the Earth, and understand its ancient knowledge, as well as to appreciate our dependence upon it. It can help those who wish to work with Nature’s energy, as well as those who wish to connect to past lives. It can facilitate emotional healing, and can aid us in achieving transformation, in general, in our lives.

What can it teach us?

Petrified wood teaches us about transformation. The process of petrification begins with the death of the plant, or at least with the loss of a significant part of it. But the story doesn’t end there: Over time, that death/loss created the opportunity for the plant to transform into a beautiful gemstone, one far less fragile than the original plant. Throughout our lives, we go through losses or crises that seem like they may be the end of us, or at least the end of life as we knew it. These periods, though, can actually mark a period of transformation, giving us the opportunity to become something new, something better and stronger than we were before.

Thursday, October 27 2016

Astrology trends for the week of October 31

The sky is promising the possibility of a happy Halloween Monday, in the form of the Scorpio Moon sextile to Mars in Capricorn. This aspect will have you focused, resourceful, and energized, enabling you to dig into your psyche to create the perfect costume to express the part of you that you normally keep hidden. This aspect will actually give you the energy you need to take on any project, but especially those which look under the surface to reveal things normally unseen. Have fun! The reward is out there for those who are brave.

The Sun in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday morning, making this a day to put pen to paper or brush to canvas to express yourself through creative means. Even if art isn’t your normal line, seek creative ways to say what you need to say. Self-expression is the keyword for the day.

The Moon and Saturn move into conjunction in Sagittarius on Wednesday evening. This aspect offers a great boost of enthusiasm for your projects, and your head and heart will be all for putting your nose to the grindstone to put in some productive time in working toward your long term goals. Just be careful of going overboard and burning yourself out, or becoming overcritical and never being satisfied with the work you have done. Hard work is a good thing, knowing when to call it a day is important, too.

Early Thursday morning brings Mercury in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Today is one in which it will pay to keep your eyes and ears open: The situation around you is changing, and, if you are able to adapt proactively as things shift, you will likely benefit. This will require you to break with tradition, or even with your own previously held opinions, but being flexible enough to change direction as the winds shift around you, will allow you to seize the opportunities that may arise today.

Venus in Sagittarius squares Chiron in Pisces on Friday. If you’ve been indulging in numerous affairs, never satisfied and never able to commit, you may find your situation coming to a crisis. While there is nothing that says that you must settle down, or that you even have to be in any sort of relationship to be happy, it is your dissatisfaction that will cause you pain today. It may be time to have a heart-to-heart with yourself to find the reason you fear to commit, to understand your need to move quickly from one lover to another. On the flip side, if you’ve been fearing to leave an unhappy relationship, to explore the romantic freedoms the world has to offer, you, too, may need to do some soul searching.

Saturday morning brings us a trine of Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Your love life may see a shakeup today, as the spirit of adventure and the planet of the unexpected meet in this aspect. This does not necessarily mean a change of lover or the breakup of a long term relationship. It could simply mean that your romantic partner sets up a surprise rendezvous, or that they offer you the opportunity to live out a long-cherished fantasy. Whatever the day offers in terms of romantic encounters, the stars are telling you to go for it! (Just don’t forget to be safe!)

Don’t forget to set your clocks back on Sunday morning as Daylight Savings comes to an end. Then get ready for the opportunity to talk it out, when Mercury in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces. This aspect encourages you to seek someone with whom you can delve into the issues that have been plaguing you. Expect some intense emotional moments, but they will ultimately be cathartic. That is, after all, the Maverick Shaman planet’s favorite way to teach you the lessons you need to heal and move forward.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, October 23 2016

Astrology trends for the week of October 24

Get ready for the intensity of your life to ratchet up another notch on Monday afternoon when Mercury enters Scorpio. For the next three weeks, our thoughts will tend to turn towards all things hidden. This can mean that we feel the urge to dig into a good mystery or research project, but it can also mean we become obsessed with the secrets we have worked so hard to bury – even from ourselves. If you’ve been repressing things, especially emotions, prepare for them to make their way to the light of day in one form or another. Communications get a bit complicated during this time as well, as sarcasm and the double entendre are common under Scorpio’s influence. We can also find ourselves brooding over things others have said to us, weighing whether or not there were hidden meanings implied in their words. Scorpio does, indeed, foster a bit of obsessive-compulsive behavior. Do your best, during this time, to funnel that energy into positive activities, like fighting for a just cause or revealing an important truth.

It’s best to avoid romantic entanglements on Tuesday evening, when Venus in Sagittarius is square to Neptune in Pisces. The likelihood of deception, fraud, or even something worse, from a lover is very high under this aspect, and Neptune’s involvement will have you so blinded you won’t even see it coming. This is definitely not the night for starting a relationship or engaging in a one-night stand, as the outcome is very likely to leave you victimized. Best to play it safe and go solo or, at most, spend the evening with those tried and true friends you know have your back.

Wednesday is a better one for matters of the heart and the wallet when Venus in Sagittarius is sextile to Jupiter in Libra. Relationships are on much better footing, and it is time to let your loved ones know how you feel about them. Instead of an expensive and flashy display of your feelings, though, this aspect encourages you to use your artistic talents and creativity to express your heart.

The Sun and Mercury pair up in Scorpio around midday on Thursday. Thoughts are likely to be obsessively stuck on a single track, and tongues are likely to be sharper than a cat-o-nine-tails. Tempers are almost guaranteed to ignite. Even gentle words of criticism, today, are likely to cause hurt feelings and grudges. This is a good day to try to keep your head down to avoid confrontations, and to keep your opinions under lock and key.

Friday morning sees the Moon and Jupiter move into conjunction in Libra, making it likely to be a friendly and social day. Look for people who may make good allies for your creative goals. Let your talents speak for themselves, as they will impress more than the hard sell. These new partners may be able to open new opportunities for you in the future.

Just after midnight on Saturday morning, Mars in Capricorn squares off against Uranus in Aries. This is an aspect that is likely to have us headstrong and burning to take extreme risks. You may feel as though the only way to truly be alive is to live on the razor’s edge. So, I say this to you now, before this restless mood takes hold: Don’t. Under this aspect, things tend to be unpredictable, and risks taken are likely to be regretted. While it may seem like your happiness is dependent on you taking that flying leap today, by tomorrow, that feeling will have passed. You could see it pass with you in traction, or with you ready to take on new opportunities. Saturday evening brings Venus and Saturn into conjunction in Sagittarius. This pairing will work as a sobering draught after this morning’s burning need for risk and adventure. Duty is going to put a restraining hand on your attempts to strike out into undiscovered territory. You could view your obligations to family, friends, and loved ones as a dampening, depressing force, or you could view these relationships as your reward for meeting your obligations. The love they give you is no noose, but maintaining such relationships does require you to be the type of person they can trust and depend on.

The New Moon in Scorpio comes to us on Sunday afternoon. As with all New Moons, this is the time to begin our projects for this Moon Cycle. These projects are likely to be ones that trigger a deeply emotional response from us. This can be a bit of a scary time, too: Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of dramatic transformations. Some even think of Pluto as a planet of “death.” And it is true that Pluto, and Scorpio, can bring us many endings, but these endings are actually just the things that open new beginnings and opportunities for better things to enter our lives. This can be a time of letting go of the things and patterns that have come to completion and now longer serve us in a meaningful way, allowing us to be able to let new light and life in, once the cycle of transformation reaches completion. This can be a bit frightening, as all change is, but it is, ultimately, about growth and renewal. Good things will come.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, October 16 2016

Stone meditation: Amazonite

What is it?

Amazonite is a relatively rare blue-green feldspar. The dramatic coloring of the stone comes from lead and water trapped within the stone. The original source of amazonite was in the Ilmensky Mountains in Russia. More recently, amazonite crystals have been found in the Pike’s Peak region of Colorado, where it us found growing in conjunction with smokey quartz in pegmatite and granite. Amazonite can also be found in Virginia, Madagascar, and Brazil. Like other feldspars, such as moonstone and labradorite, amazonite is used to make jewelry.

What can it do for you?

Amazonite increases luck, especially in games of chance. It is also a stone that can be beneficial to those working in business, as it promotes fair business practices and can help attract new customers and orders. Amazonite increases creativity and intuition. It encourages open and honest communication, allowing one to speak one’s own unique truth without being overly emotional.

What can it teach us?

Amazonite teaches us to be careful of names and titles. Many assume amazonite is found near the Amazon river, but that is not the case. It is called that because the colors reminded someone of the lush waters of the mighty river, not because the stone is found there. Someone could call themselves a Rockefeller, but it does not mean they are rich, nor is someone with the name King likely to be of a royal heritage. Further, even if someone rightfully carries a famous name or a high title, it does not mean they are better than the average person. Titles and names are just words. A person’s value comes from their behavior and their generosity of spirit.

Stone meditation: Citrine

What is it?

Citrine is a member of the quartz family. It occurs in shades from the palest yellow to a deep golden brown. The yellow color of this gemstone derives from heat and iron inclusions within the quartz. The name of this mineral comes from the Latin word for yellow, citrina. Sometimes, citrine is referred to golden or Madeira topaz, though it has no relation to the topaz family of stones. Brazil is the largest supplier of citrine, but some can be found in Europe and Africa. Citrine often occurs in formations that include amethyst and smokey quartz. In fact, both can be heat treated to turn them into citrine, and much citrine on the market, today, is derived from this method, as naturally occurring citrine is rare. This process does not really alter the value of the stone, as this heat treatment is a manmade version of what naturally occurs in nature to create citrine.

What can it do for you?

Citrine is a stone with a bright, positive aura. It is used to dispel negative energy and thoughts. It can instill self-confidence in its bearer, as well as reduce fears, and therefore is often carried by those who need to speak in front of an audience. It is known to bring material success and abundance to those who work with it, and is often placed in the cash register of a business to increase sales. Citrine can also increase mental clarity and psychic abilities.

What can it teach us?

Citrine teaches us the value of ingenuity. Because it occurs quite rarely, humans have been cleverly heat treating its sister stones, amethyst and smokey quartz, to create citrine. They have used what was on hand to make what they need. In life, we often find ourselves in need of skills or resources that we don’t actually possess. We should then take stock of what we do have in abundance and use that to find a way to make what we need. Perhaps you are a fabulous cook, but don’t have the strength to move the furniture you need to have a new carpet laid. Call up a few of your more muscular friends and offer to cook them a special meal, with all the fixings, if they will give you a hand. You have turned your ability to cook into an ability to move your furniture. Life is filled with these opportunities, if we are willing to think creatively.

Saturday, October 15 2016

Astrology trends for the week of October 17

Let's get this week off to a great start! The Taurus Moon trines Mars in Capricorn on Monday morning, setting just the right tone to launch the work week. This trine will have you ready to jump into your projects with the dynamic energy to tackle just about anything. The calm and cool approach of the Bull helps ensure this energy has staying power.

Your love life is about to get a bit more fun, as Venus enters Sagittarius on Tuesday morning. We are leaving the intense but tumultuous energy of Scorpio, and Sagittarius will have you approaching romance as though it were an adventure. This is a time in which you can fall passionately in love on first sight. The problem is that romances begun now are not likely to be emotionally sustainable. Under Sagittarius’s influence, personal freedom is extremely important, and the emotional commitment of a long term relationship can feel like a weight dragging you down. Many people find this time to be one in which they are more interested in spending time with friends, rather than lovers, as friends have fewer emotional demands. This is a great time if you are just reentering the dating scene, as you will feel inspired to test the waters in many different ways, without feeling like you need to jump back into the deep end. If romantic experimentation isn’t your thing, seek out friends to fulfill your companionship needs. Just watch your wallet: Sagittarius does not inspire us to be careful with spending, and we could “adventure” our way to bankruptcy if we don’t keep our bottom line in mind.

Wednesday morning brings us a once-a-year conjunction of Mars and Pluto, this year in Capricorn. Capricorn turns the focus of this year's pairing toward work, and Mars will definitely give you the aggression and ambition to push your way forward toward reaching your long-term goals. This aspect, though, promises that tempers will be very easy to ignite. So, you must be on guard against manipulation, aggressive forcefulness, and even violence. Hard work will be required, but if fits of passion can be diffused, this aspect can do much toward helping you transform your life.

Mercury in Libra moves into opposition of Uranus in Aries early on Thursday morning. You are likely to feel restless today, with a desire to get things done, and may hurl yourself into some sort of action to just feel like you are doing something. But unless chasing after undomesticated geese is your thing, then this is not the time to act without a rational plan. Over-thinking the situation is just as apt to send you down the wrong path as under-thinking. Do your best to develop a clear and sober plan for getting where you want to be before you act. If you find yourself over-intellectualizing the situation and unable to choose a plan of action, try to find a partner to help you simplify your thought process to get you out of your muddle.

Friday will be an excellent day for creative work, when the Cancer Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. This aspect stirs in us a need to create artistically, and the inspiration to do so can be profound. With Pisces and Cancer involved, though, we are likely to be extremely emotionally sensitive during this trine. This can cause a crisis of self-confidence, and we can feel needy and dependent. If so, cuddle up to a loved one to assuage your insecurities.

The Sun enters Scorpio on Saturday evening, ratcheting up the emotional intensity of our lives. During this next month, we are all likely to feel the need to dig beneath the surface to find hidden truths. At the same time, though, we will likely feel more secretive than usual. We'll seek intimacy, but also tend to be a bit possessive and jealous with loved ones. This is a month of contradictory impulses. We'll also be a bit too attracted to crisis during this time, and we must keep an eye out for hidden agendas, even our own. That said, Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto; thus, all of the trouble this seethingly emotional, secretive, tempestuous energy can create for us is actually an opportunity for transformation.

On Sunday, Jupiter in Libra is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. This is a good day to seek out a spiritual gathering or spend time indulging in creative pursuits. Venturing too far from these types of activities may put you in some emotionally turbulent waters. Should you find yourself on stormy seas, make use of your charming personality to win you the allies you need to steer you to safe ground. Keep an eye out for manipulation, and especially self-deception, as Pisces can tend to have your head a bit too lost in the clouds to be thinking entirely clearly.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, October 10 2016

Stone meditation: Amethyst

What is it?

Amethyst was once considered one of the five “cardinal” gemstones (along with diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald), precious and costly due to their rarity. When it was found in large quantities in Brazil, it lost its rarity and much of its value, and is now considered a semi-precious gemstone. Amethyst is a form of quartz, gaining its purple tones from iron impurities in the stone and irradiation. This mineral has been historically used for carving and jewelry, instances of amethyst beads being found as far back as ancient Egypt. The Greeks believed that amethyst could keep one sober, even while consuming alcohol, and gave the stone the name ametusthos, Greek for “not drunk.” They created drinking vessels out of or inlaid with amethyst, believing this would reduce the effects of the alcohol consumed out of these vessels. This stone is also considered to be sacred to the Buddha by the Tibetans, and they carve prayer beads out of the stone. Amethyst deposits cans be found in Brazil and Uruguay, the U.S. and Canada, eastern Europe, India, South Korea, and southern Africa.

What can it do for you?

Amethyst is a powerful tool, aiding in healing us physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is a stone that transforms negative energy into positive. It clears the mind of stress and dark thoughts. It can help us to release grief, find inner strength and balance, ultimately aiding us to reach a state of calmness, tranquility, and happiness. It can increase our abilities to reach a state of meditation. Amethyst can help us resist harmful temptations, such as alcohol, and is often used by individuals who are seeking recovery from addictions. Amethyst also helps us to reach a higher spiritual plane, and can increase intuition and psychic abilities. It has been used as a stone of protection, especially while doing psychic or spiritual work. It is also a stone of prosperity. In addition, amethyst promotes love, especially love of a spiritual nature.

What can it teach us?

Amethyst can teach us about the true nature of abundance. The scarcity of amethyst, prior to the discovery of large deposits in the New World, drove its price very high and reserved its use to that of the wealthy. Once large deposits were found in Brazil, amethyst lost its precious standing, the price came down, and many more people were able to bring the beauty and energy of this stone into their lives. While those who made a great deal of money from amethyst when it was “precious” might have been disappointed to lose their source of financial abundance, the rest of us benefited from the more material, and real, abundance of these new finds of the stone. Thus, we should view abundance not by the number of the dollars in our pockets, nor by the zeroes at the end of our bank balances, but instead in the bounty of the material things we need to make our lives happy, as well as the blessing of friends, of loved ones, and of experiences, that make our hearts full.

Sunday, October 9 2016

Astrology trends for the week of October 10

This is a week to shake things up, or expect them to be shaken for you.

On Monday, the Aquarius Moon trines Jupiter in Libra, signaling that it is time to take a new approach to getting your work or talents appreciated. Your time-tested, tried-and-true ways are just not getting you where you want to be. This trine gives you the opportunity to get your talents noticed by the right people, as long as you are willing to put yourself out there in ways you’ve not tried before. Perhaps it is time to create a website, or an open house event, that showcases your talents. It may even be as straightforward as making use of social media in ways you haven’t. Just make sure you are putting yourself out there to be noticed, and this trine will help the right people find their way to you.

Tuesday brings Mercury and Jupiter into conjunction in Libra, as well as Mars in Capricorn sextile to Neptune in Pisces. These two aspects challenge you to find creative solutions to the problems or causes that are important to you. You can have the most impact on making the world more just if you find the partners who are as dedicated to the cause as you are, and can help you channel your creative energies for maximum impact. You don’t have to change the world by yourself, but the changes you want to see in the world around you won’t happen without you.

Things get a little trickier on Wednesday, as early morning brings Venus in Scorpio quincunx to Uranus in Aries. Relationships, especially unconventional ones, are likely to hit a speed bump or two, today, and, if you are unwilling to talk it out or listen to what your partner has to say, these hiccups will cause a lot of stress to your relationship, possibly enough stress to bring it to the breaking point. Later in the evening, Mercury in Libra is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. The focus is still on communication, but be very wary of agreeing to things you don’t really believe just for the sake of avoiding controversy right now. You may find that what you’ve agreed to comes back to haunt you, or that you’ve made a deal with the devil that you can’t get out of. I’m not saying you should go looking for things to argue about, but you do need to be very aware of what you may be consenting to, or be prepared for some unpleasant consequences.

A square of Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius on Thursday will have you fearing any kind of change, and that is absolutely the wrong attitude to have this week, as change will happen. Try to keep a broader perspective: Try to view every change that makes you uncomfortable in the short term as opening important opportunities for you in the longer term.

Mercury is sextile to Saturn on Friday afternoon. This shifting in the relationship between these two planets will help you feel more comfortable with change. In fact, you will be much more of the mindset to put in the work you need to make those changes become opportunities. It will take discipline and a sober, practical approach to make these changing circumstances pay off for you, but this aspect will definitely put you in the mindset to do just that.

Things come to a head on Saturday, as the Sun in Libra moves into opposition to Uranus in Aries. This is a once-a-year faceoff between these two celestial bodies, and it means that Uranus is at its closest point to the earth of the year. Uranus is the planet of discovery, change, and surprise, which often means a shift in the status quo. This feeling of anxiety will intensify as the evening progresses, when Mercury in Libra will square off against Pluto in Capricorn. This is the kind of aspect that will make you feel like rushing into action, just to be doing something. But, my best advice is: Don’t. Take at least this weekend to evaluate which way the wind is blowing, if something comes along that really upsets your apple cart. Rushing in to rash commitments won’t help you in the long run. With Mercury in Libra involved, you are especially likely to get bogged down in the details of which way, or more accurately, all the new ways you could turn next to handle the changes that are happening around you. Obviously, some things demand being dealt with immediately. But, for all the things that don’t fall in this category, wait until calmer, less stressed minds prevail before you adopt a plan of action.

Sunday brings us the Full Moon in Aries, one that occurs within one degree of Uranus, adding more fire to the winds of change that have been blowing this week. As with all Full Moons, this one marks the point at which your projects for this Moon Cycle are coming to fruition. You may find that, now that the work is largely done with these projects, the Universe is especially ready for you to start setting your sights in a new direction. And even if you feel like you aren’t ready to change directions, the Universe will, indeed, find ways to push you into doing just that. Be prepared for the continuity you’ve come to rely on in your life to be disrupted. The only question is will you meet these disruptions kicking and screaming, refusing to embrace the new possibilities being offered to you, or are you prepared to roll with the punches and meet these challenges with grace, ready to embrace the future.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, October 3 2016

Stone meditation: Geode

What is it?

The term “geode” describes a formation rather than a specific mineral. Geodes are created in hollow spaces within a layer of igneous or sedimentary rock. These spaces are generally caused by the presence of gas bubbles as the layer of rock is forming. Water travels through the layer of rock to the hollow, carrying minerals that precipitate out and build up on the interior of the bubble. Eventually, the layer of rock erodes away, leaving stone spheres built within the hollows. When broken open, the geode will reveal the layers of minerals and crystals that formed inside. The minerals that can build up inside of a geode include chalcedony, calcite, pyrite, opal, and, most commonly, quartz. The quartzes can be microcrystalline, such as agate and jasper, or macrocrystalline, such as amethyst, citrine, or clear quartz. Geodes are used as ornamental objects and have no industrial use. They have been found in the United States, Brazil, Namibia, and Mexico.

What can it do for you?

Geodes aid us in manifesting our dreams and ideals into reality. They aid us in connecting to Spirit and facilitate astral projection. Geodes are an excellent focus for meditation, as they help clear away unnecessary thoughts. They are grounding and protective, particularly while we are doing spiritual or healing work. Geodes help us to see the whole picture, not just the individual parts, allowing us to move forward with a sound plan and purpose.

What can it teach us?

Geodes teach us to never make surface judgments. The outside of a geode often looks like nothing more than a drab grey or brown rock. Inside this unimpressive crust, though, can lie a world of agate and crystalline formations that are dazzling and complex. If we never looked beyond their drab surface, we would have missed the beauty these rocks hold. Such is the case with people: Do not assume you know exactly what a person is based on their surface impression alone. You must look deeper to understand the complexities and beauty of each of person.

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