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Monday, July 28 2014

Introducing the L'auricle Deck

Longtime Michigan Psychic Fair reader Laura Berlin (Ask Laura) has created something new to add to her arsenal of psychic tools and techniques. Laura is proud to introduce her L’auracle Cards.

The beautiful deck of cards is the product of much work and contemplation. “It’s something I’ve had a gut feeling I should be doing for the past two years,” Laura said. As she would tell any of her clients, we should all be listening to those gut feelings. Laura states that she never felt the urge to learn tarot, as those cards just didn’t call to her. But she did like the idea of working with a deck of images that, as a reader, she and her client could connect with that would guide her readings. Thus, the seed for the L’auracle Cards was planted.

Laura put her considerable photography skills to use collecting images for the deck. She then channeled the meaning for each image. The result is a deck of gorgeous, lush images that connect Laura to her client’s energy on a deeply personal level.

The collection of images is eclectic in both appearance and significance. One, for example, is an image of seed pods, full of sharp, beaky edges. This image represent gossipers and backstabbers, warning the client be cautious in granting trust. Another image was captured in Michigan’s state capitol building. The photo of the building’s domed ceiling tells us to reach for the stars and to not let our dreams die. One of Laura’s favorite cards depicts a llama with a mop of white hair; this comical image reminds us, even on “bad hair days,” to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously. Like tarot, the meanings of the cards interact with others in the spread to guide Laura through the session.

Laura will be offering readings using this amazing new deck, in addition to the other types of readings she has already been offering, at this week’s fair in Commerce Township, as well as many other Michigan Psychic Fair events.

Sunday, July 27 2014

Astrology trends for the week of July 28

The New Moon in Leo occurred on Saturday, July 26th, making this the week best suited to launching projects, particularly in those areas dominated by Leo (drama and the arts, family, especially children, leadership). This week, these projects will also hit their first obstacles as we reach the First Quarter Moon on Sunday, August 3rd.

On Monday, Venus in Cancer is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Under this influence, the intensity of relationships is amped up and the potential for emotional drama is high. Control and manipulation are possible; deeply intense emotional connections are likely, too. This is an “all or nothing” time for your relationships, for good or for bad.

On Wednesday early morning, the Leo Sun is quincunx to Neptune in Aries; here, your enthusiasm for new ideas may lead you to be overly aggressive, maybe even a bit pushy. This may lead you to some difficulty; but if you listen to what others are saying to you, there will be some valuable lessons to learn.

On Thursday, Mercury moves into Leo for a three-week stay. During this time, you will find yourself more eloquent and more skilled in leadership than usual, but you also run a higher risk of being (or being perceived as) arrogant, bombastic, of a touchy temper; your attraction to high drama will be higher.

On Friday, Venus squares off with Uranus in Aries. During this transit, you will feel pushed into putting your ideas into action, seeking the approval of others. Later that morning, Venus trines with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. This set of influences will allow you to explore the damages left from past relationships and the perhaps foolish lengths you’ve gone to in the pursuit of love, learn the lessons you needed to, and find healing.

Saturday, Mercury is in conjunction with Jupiter in Leo. This influence ups the ante on the potential for drama. Be particularly careful of what you say while using technology: an off-hand remark at your favorite message board or social networking site may turn into an ugly flame war. This tendency will only get worse as Leo squares off with Mars in Scorpio later that evening. Mars’ influence increases the likelihood of hurt feelings, resentment, and a desire to inflict damage to your “opponents.” During this time, you may find the attraction to crisis irresistible. This may be an evening better spent with a book than the internet or in other social endeavors.

Sunday, August 3rd, brings us a conjunction between the Moon and Mars in Scorpio. Your passionate nature will be strong during this transit. Later in the morning, the Scorpio Moon trines with Neptune in Pisces. Your creativity, sexuality, and strong passions will likely lead you to a deep connection with another on a deeply spiritual, almost otherworldly level. The danger, here, with the intensity of feeling, is that jealousy will rear its head. Try to resist this temptation, as it will likely spoil this connection.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, July 20 2014

Astrology trends for the week of July 21

Another planet goes Retrograde this week. But, before you let out an anxious sigh of “Now what?” know that this will likely be a good thing.

Monday night, Uranus goes Retrograde. Uranus is the planet that drives us forward, forces us outside the box, for good or for bad. With Uranus Retrograde for the next five months, you will feel less drive for the need for change; your life will move at a slower pace, and things will be more routine, certainly more routine than they have been since the beginning of the year. This pause will give you time to process the changes that have occurred in your life recently.

Early Tuesday morning, Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Under this influence, you will find a conflict between your work ethic and your social face. You may feel pressured to throw off your responsibilities to go party with the boys. This isn’t likely to turn out well. On Tuesday evening, the Sun moves into Leo. During the next four weeks, you will feel an increase in warm, loving, creative energy; you will feel a childlike enthusiasm for life, and will seek fun for fun’s sake. Leo loves drama and passion. During this month, though, you may need to keep an eye on your ego, as Leo is full of pride.

As the Moon in Gemini trines Mars in Libra on Wednesday evening, you will feel the full power of your wit, imagination, and charm. You will be alluring and irresistible to a lover. Your sex drive will be on high. Be warned, though, a dalliance started now may not be lasting. Fun, but not necessarily long-term.

Thursday gives us a once-a-year conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter. You will be filled with a sense of enthusiasm and optimism. Your leadership will be strong and you will have an appeal to a large audience.

Friday, Mars moves into Scorpio. Scorpio intensifies Mars’ energies for better or worse. You will feel more passionate, more loyal, more stubborn, more secretive, more sensitive. Under this influence, persistence and intensity are the key words. The good news: If you need to put up a fight, you will be able to. The bad news: The touchiness and jealousy that can come from this influence may have you spoiling for that fight.

Saturday brings us the New Moon in Leo. As with all New Moons, this is the time to begin new projects. This projects should focus on those energies that are strong under Leo’s influence. Be warned, though, Leo also represents the power to endure. So any projects you start this month are likely be around for a while. Saturday afternoon also brings us a trine between the Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter. Under this influence, you will be able to shine brightly, but you will definitely need to control your ego, as Leo’s prideful nature will be further intensified.

Late Sunday night, Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are in opposition. This conflict will see you struggling to find balance between meeting your responsibilities and your desire to be loved. Cancer’s desire for security before committing to a relationship may see that relationship slipping through your fingers under this influence.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, July 14 2014

Astrology trends for the week of July 14`

The week starts with your focus stuck on ”fuzzy” as the Sun is sesquiquadrate to Neptune on Monday afternoon. During this time, you will find it very difficult to set clear goals and perhaps even harder to meet them. If you can, try to avoid tasks that require concrete, straightforward thinking. You will find the most success lending your energies to artistic or spiritual projects during this time, ones in which the journey or process is of more importance that a specific result.

Tuesday starts with trine between the Pisces Moon and Mercury in Cancer. You will find a deeply intuitive connection to others, today. It will be easy to understand what people think and expect of you. Later Tuesday, there is a conjunction between the Pisces Moon and Neptune, further enhancing your ability to plumb the inner depths of emotions for meaning. Your creative abilities will be strong today, as well.

At 3:07 am Wednesday, The Moon is in conjunction with Chiron in Pisces. Be prepared for some healing dreams, particularly ones that deal with lingering emotional energies. Later that morning, Jupiter enters Leo. This is an expansive energy and your influence on a large audience will increase. During this time, leadership is enhanced, and entertainment and sales become a focus. This afternoon is a good time to seek out those people who function as your literal or emotional family, to provide you a feeling of safety, security, and love.

Friday, July 18th brings us the Last Quarter Moon, a time period in which we should be evaluating the lessons learned from this Moon Cycle’s projects. Spend the next week figuring out what worked, what didn’t, and what needs to be done from here. Now is not the best time to begin projects, but instead to begin to make plans for those you will begin during the next New Moon. Friday evening will be a good time to join others for creative or spiritual endeavors, as Mercury in Cancer is trine to Neptune in Pisces. However, guard yourself against the lure of impulsive sexual dalliances tonight. With the Cancer Sun square to Mars in Libra, sexual relationships begun under this influence are likely to strain family relationships or risk your sense of personal security.

On Sunday, Saturn finally goes direct after being Retrograde since March 2nd. During the past four and half months, you are likely to have gone through a period of trial and difficulty that challenged the methods in which you worked to meet your responsibilities. Retrograde Saturn challenges us to reexamine the playbook of our working lives. Now that Saturn is returning to its forward motion, these changes and the lessons learned through them will become part of your new repertoire. Things in your career, or in other parts of your life where your work ethic and sense of responsibility come into play, should begin to settle down and smooth out.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, July 6 2014

Astrology trends for the week of July 7

This week has us feeling an increase in emotional sensitivity as the Sun in Cancer trines the Moon in Scorpio on Monday. We will have more sympathy towards others and more generosity to those in need. The danger, under this influence, is that we are also likely to feel both jealousy and a fear of loss. This can leave us open to manipulation- both our own, if it's the only way to ensure our needs are met, or others'.

On the same day, Venus is sextile to Uranus, leading us to throw caution aside as we embrace all that is new. Monday is not the best day to make any commitments.

On Tuesday, the Sun and Uranus square off, leading to unexpected disruptions to routines and plans. Today, expect the unexpected. Your patience is likely to be tested and you might even feel out of control. The up side is that this influence can allow you to take a new approach to situations or break you out of a rut. It is best, though, to try to avoid making hasty decisions today.

Wednesday evening, the Sun trines Chiron, leading to a new sense of purpose. You will be ready to gain knowledge through experience and to accept the wisdom of others. Because of this, problem-solving will be easy.

On Thursday, Mars is sesquiquadrate to Neptune. You will find this a day when your time and energy are easily wasted. You’re likely to feel as though you don’t know what you want or how to go about getting it. Passive-aggressive behavior is likely, as we won’t feel like we can get what we want through direct means.

Saturday brings us the Full Moon in Capricorn. As with all Full Moons, the projects begun at the beginning of this Moon Cycle are coming to fruition. This Full Moon occurs on the axis between Cancer and Capricorn. Now is the time to find balance between those areas represented by Cancer (home life, family, that which makes you feel secure) and Capricorn (achievement, accountability, leadership).

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, June 29 2014

Astrology trends for the week of June 30

This week starts on a quiet note: Early in the evening the Moon sextiles Mars. From now until Tuesday morning, try to rest or concentrate your energies on projects begun before May 29th.

This week’s best news is that on Tuesday morning, Mercury goes Direct. Communications, technology, and travel should encounter far fewer obstacles than over the past three weeks. Mercury does, however, remain in its shadow phase until July 15th; during this time, you may still encounter some difficulties in the spheres of its influence, but these will be less and, often, this trouble will more and more be about resolution.

Thursday will be a challenging one for relationships: The early afternoon sees Venus semi-square to Jupiter. Under this influence, you will feel a strong desire for more pleasure in your life, possibly to excess, or you may go to extremes in a desire to be noticed. This may set you up to have unrealistic expectations for your relationships or to overpromise or overdo; let-down is likely. Later in the afternoon, Venus is quincunx to Pluto, setting up a period of adjustment for your relationships. Feelings of jealousy or fear of loss will play a role here.

This week’s most significant event occurs in Friday: The Sun moves into opposition with Pluto, a once-a-year, one-day-only occurrence. This influence will have you dealing with issues of power and competition. You might feel something in the air that leaves you edgy, volatile, maybe even threatened; irrational rage may even arise. Your sense of personal power is likely to feel undermined today. Other people, or even just external circumstances, are likely to try to exert control on your life, often through manipulation. You could potentially be left feeling victimized today. I encourage you to fight, preferably constructively, against these external forces: If you do, you are likely to find hidden or previously unknown resources of personal power, resources that will be yours to utilize going forward.

Saturday brings us the First Quarter Moon. The projects you started at the beginning of this Moon Cycle (June 27th) are off the ground and are likely to be facing their first obstacles. During the First Quarter Moon, we generally feel a push to activity, and through this action, we are made aware of how our things we do affect those around us.

The week ends with Venus in Gemini sextile to Uranus in Aries. Under this influence, we feel a desire to be adventurous in love, but not committed: Have fun, but don’t make any long-term plans.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, June 23 2014

Astrology trends for the week of June 23

Early Monday morning, right when many of us are heading off to start the work week, the Moon in Taurus moves into opposition to Saturn in Scorpio. Under this influence, our stubbornness or inflexibility is likely to get us into trouble, potentially causing a scandal that could damage our work life. At the very least, try to avoid gossip and the rumor mill and try to be more accommodating than you feel inclined to be. A bit later in the morning, Venus moves into Gemini for a four week course. During this time, curiosity will be the key word: You are likely to seek out the new and trendy, in both people and things. New romance will be appealing, and you will have the charm to pull it off, but a relationship started now is not likely to be enduring or very deep.

On Tuesday, Venus is semi-square to Uranus, causing tension between this new-found interest in experimentation in love and the desire to develop deep intimacy with another. Your romantic freedom is not likely to be very satisfying, as you crave true closeness, but closeness, at the same time, may feel stifling. Try to find some middle ground here.

On Wednesday, Mars opposes Uranus, making for a difficult day: You are likely to feel restless and impatient with others, particularly those you perceive as holding you back. Under this influence, you are more likely to take risks without considering the consequences. Arguments are likely and anger can feel like it is coming out of nowhere; you will feel like you are itching for a fight, especially where you freedom is involved. Expect changes to your work schedule or your life circumstances. The good side of this influence is, if you can keep your temper in check and avoid making any rash decisions, this energy may help you resolve or break out of restrictive circumstances that have been holding you back.

Friday gives us the New Moon in Cancer. Now is the best time to launch your projects for this Moon Cycle. The influence of the Cancer Moon will have you feeling (rather than thinking) deeply. Imagination and creativity will be at the fore. This month's most productive projects will involve the things that give you a sense of security in matters surrounding the hearth and home, and delving into your deepest feelings and fears.

On Sunday, Venus is square to Neptune, making it likely you will only see what you want to see in a relationship, instead of reality. This will make your relationships feel like a roller-coaster ride: The peaks will be ecstatic; the lows will make the pit of your stomach ache. This will make it difficult to maintain a healthy equilibrium..

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Thursday, June 19 2014

What is Chiron, and why should you care if it's Retrograde

Since its discovery in 1977, Chiron has been called an asteroid, a comet, and the 10th planet in our Solar System. It is now classed as a centaur, a small body that has the characteristics of both asteroids and comets. Chiron was the first object given this designation. It is blue, and is roughly 130 miles in diameter.

Chiron the Earthly centaur was a healer and teacher. The son of Kronos, he was abandoned by his mother because of his grotesque appearance. He was raised by Apollo and became a teacher of medicine, astrology, and music. His students included Achilles, Hercules, and Asclepius.

Hercules accidentally shot him with a poison arrow, leaving a painful wound which even Chiron could not heal. As an Immortal, he would have suffered eternally had he not sacrificed himself to save Prometheus.

Chiron's 2014 Retrograde lasts from June 20 to November 23. During those five months, this small, powerful, and enigmatic body invites us to look within, to consider how old wounds affect us, and how they affect how we wound others. Long-buried memories may return, and health issues we've put on the back burner may begin to boil over. These occurrences need not be negative. Instead, they can be seen as opportunities to heal ourselves, and help others heal, as well.

Sunday, June 15 2014

Astrology trends for the week of June 16

Overall, this should be a good week, astrologically speaking. Monday, the Aquarius Moon forms a sextile with Uranus in Aries, giving you an opportunity to put your idealism and creativity into action towards a humanitarian end, as long as you are willing to take the lead on the project.

On Tuesday, Mercury makes a return move into Gemini, shifting the focus of its Retrograde action from the hearth and home toward your online and offline social networks. In addition to the usual Retrograde difficulties, this return engagement in Gemini will actually offer you the opportunity to correct any misunderstandings that came up when Mercury was last in Gemini (the last two weeks of May). Tuesday also gives us a trine between the Aquarius Moon and the Gemini Sun, setting up a great day for a meeting of the minds, particularly via technology, such as webinars or conference calls. At the very least, use this day to get some much needed emails done.

Wednesday morning, Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Cancer are sextile, an influence that has your sensual side coming out: If you can’t stay in bed to enjoy a romp with your significant other, at least try to satisfy this urge through good food and drink.

Thursday presents us with the Last Quarter Moon; now is a good time to examine the lessons learned through the projects of this past Moon Cycle. What did you learn? What worked and what didn’t? What should be done now?

Thursday also sees the Sun in conjunction with Mercury in Gemini. Your wit and cleverness are at the fore, and today is an excellent day for public speaking.

On Friday morning, we have yet another celestial body moving Retrograde. This time it is the planetoid Chiron, the maverick, the shaman, the healer. During this Retrograde, you will have the opportunity to bring old wounds to the surface to heal. This is a period in which previously unknown abilities may be discovered. Now is also the time to reflect on some of the difficult times you have been through. What was the lesson the Universe wanted you to learn? Over the next five months, things that have been hidden or buried are likely to come to light, giving us the opportunity for healing and growth.

Saturday brings us the Summer Solstice as the Sun enters Cancer. The influence of Cancer has us feeling deep loyalty to those we love and trust. In many ways, it influences us to focus on the home and family. Cancer’s is a nurturing energy. Expect to feel deeply emotional under this influence, while you are able to maintain a calm façade. You will also feel much more able to read people, especially when they are trying to put one over on you. Cancer lends itself to shrewdness in business.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, June 10 2014

What will a psychic tell me?

People coming to Michigan Psychic Fair for their first psychic reading sometimes show a bit of trepidation regarding the information they are about to receive. The fear I hear voiced most often is “I don’t want them to tell me I’m gonna die!” Readers are here to help you live your best life. That means living up to your potential, avoiding unnecessary obstacles, and learning the lessons that you need to advance spiritually. Knowing the exact moment and manner you are to die isn’t likely to help you do this.

Most readers, too, believe that you have free will. What they see in their readings is what is most likely to happen to you if you continue on the path you are on. You go to a reader to be forewarned of the bad things and find ways to avoid them. In other words, even if a reader does see an occurrence heading your way that might lead to death, the goal will be to help you alter your behavior to avoid that outcome. You will not be told, "You're going to die next Tuesday."

Many people come to Michigan Psychic Fair seeking concrete information- their career, love life, family life, or health. At times, this information can be general- I am picking up that you are not very happy with your job right now. It may be time to dust off the resume and spend some time thinking about what sort of position would satisfy you. At times it can be very specific- I see a potential health issue coming up soon that might affect your heart or maybe your lungs. I think you should go get a check up to head off something serious. Tarot cards in particular lend themselves to this sort of information, sometimes even providing a potential time frame for events to happen, or descriptions of the people involved.

When sitting down with a reader, you should let them know exactly what area of your life you are interested in focusing on. An ethical reader will let you know whether or not they feel like they can connect with your energy on that level. The more direct you can be, the less likely they are to spend their energy and your time telling you things you just aren’t interested in.

If you are wondering if you are going to meet the love of your life in the upcoming year, a tarot session might be in order. If you are trying to figure out why every relationship you are in ends up being with the same sort of unsuitable person no matter how hard you try to avoid it, a past-life reading might be what you need. These readings can help you understand recurring patterns in your life and how to break the destructive ones.

There are readers who specialize in reading the energy that is flowing around you at all times. This sort of reading lends itself to revealing health issues in particular.

Other readings provide information about the broad scope of your life- what sort of career and activities you are best suited for, or the type of issues that are likely to repeat themselves again and again. Palmistry, astrological readings, and numerology are very helpful.

Some readers are able to connect with the Other Side, revealing information about loved ones who have passed on, or making contact with your angels and spirit guides. Connecting with passed love ones can help give a sense of closure to grief and loss. Guides and angels can give both healing messages and more detailed information about issues that are arising in your life. In my experience, this sort of reading is very healing and uplifting and can help to give the client a new perspective on life and a feeling of hope for the future. Clairvoyants, mediums, and channels excel at this sort of reading.

Always remember that our readers want to help you, and to work with you in identifying problems and their solutions. That's why we're here.

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Monday, June 9 2014

Astrology trends for the week of June 9

This week starts with the focus on mystery and fantasy, almost to the exclusion of all else. The Moon enters Scorpio on Monday, pushing us to feel everything intensely, desiring to dig into the mysterious and plumb its depths. The Moon also forms a trine with both Mercury in Cancer, where we will be responsive to others' perception of us, and Neptune in Pisces, where our thoughts will run toward the deep and profound. Neptune itself goes Retrograde on Monday afternoon. Under a retrograde Neptune, the mysterious nature of this planet intensifies, sometimes leading us to have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. This is a good time to pursue artistic pursuits as well as to take on a spiritual quest. The dangers of a Neptune Retrograde is that we can feel the need to escape altogether from reality. Addiction to alcohol or drugs becomes a real risk, or we can easily fall victim to con artists or charlatans.

We now have four Retrograde planets:

· Mercury- June 6th through July 1st

· Saturn- March 2nd through July 20th

· Pluto- April 14th through September 22nd

· Neptune- June 9th through November 16th

While this is not the moment to launch any major projects or commit to any long-term contracts, this is a very good time for you to slow down and assess your life. Are you getting the things you want out of life? Are the goals that you have set for yourself still relevant and is your playbook working to get you there? Are there destructive behaviors, such as addictions or escapism, which prevent you from reaching your potential? Do you communicate effectively, or do you push too hard and miss the mark? Retrogrades give you the chance to reevaluate, rethink, and rest, setting you up to start fresh when the planets go Direct. The idea of one Retrograde planet can be daunting; four in Retrograde can be terrifying, But, if youapproach this time with the right frame of mind (take it easy, expect things to go not so much as planned, be willing to view your life from a new perspective) this can be a very productive time period for you.

There is an opportunity on Tuesday afternoon into early Wednesday morning for bursts of intense focus and productivity, as the Moon is in conjunction with Saturn.­ This energy is best put to use following through on projects begun before May 29th.

Just after midnight on Friday morning, we are presented with the Full Moon in Sagittarius. As with all Full Moons, this signifies the period in which projects begun at the beginning of this Moon Cycle are ripening and coming to fruition. This is an excellent time to finish up projects, particularly those that revolve around sports, travel, higher education, and any risk-taking venture. This Full Moon is on an axis with the Sun in Gemini; under this influence, we are challenged to find a balance between our “higher minds”, our intuitive selves, and our “lower minds”, our ability to think logically and rationally.

If you are a job-seeker, Friday morning will be a great time to contact potential employers, sent out resumes, or interview: Saturn in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces; under this influence your strong will and hard work will aid in your job quest. At the same time Venus in Taurus sextiles Chiron, under which your social network and your hard work will dovetail to give you the opportunity to find the job of your dreams. Be warned: While this morning is favorable for the job search, it will offer peril for your interpersonal relationships. This morning, Venus opposes Saturn in Scorpio. Here, secrets you’d prefer be left hidden can to come to light and feelings are likely to be hurt; this or gossip are likely to damage friendships and other close relationships. Watch your own tendency to spread rumors; today, especially, it will not benefit you.

Early Friday afternoon, the Moon moves into Capricorn. Under this influence, we take on a very businesslike demeanor with our emotions well in check, almost to the point of being perceived as cold. This can become problematic when this Capricorn Moon moves into opposition to both Mercury and Jupiter a little later in the afternoon. Here, our rigid thinking can go to an extreme, to the point of appearing narrow-minded and thinking that any opinion other than our own is wrong. We are apt to run into conflicts with others and arguments are very likely. Try to keep your attitude in check or be prepared for a fight.

Sunday, Father's Day, opens with the Capricorn Moon quincunx the Sun in Gemini. Under this influence, your need to be disciplined is likely to be challenged by the desire to be active and play. Try to find a good balance between the two impulses. For those of you spending the day with Dad, I remind you that Saturn is still Retrograde. Saturn is the planet that represents the father. Today is one which will lend itself to resolving issues in this relationship. Even if Dad isn’t willing or able to work with you to bring about change, you will find yourself able to approach this relationship from a different (perhaps more adult) perspective, freeing you from the burdens of “Daddy Issues”.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, June 1 2014

Astrology trends for the week of June 2

This week brings challenges as well as rewards.

Tuesday, the Sun in Gemini will be quincunx Pluto in Capricorn. Here, your sense of tradition and shared past will run counter to your need to move forward for yourself. You may need to let go of the past or learn to create new traditions out of the old in order to progress.

Wednesday will see you getting carried away by love and fantasy as Venus is sextile Neptune. As Venus is in Taurus, a little effort in this pursuit of romance can help you gain rewards in your quest for that which will give you lasting happiness.

The First Quarter Moon arrives on Thursday afternoon, as the Sun in Gemini is square the Virgo Moon. Now, the projects you began at the beginning of this Moon Cycle will face their first obstacles. In particular, your need for practical action may run afoul of your need to overthink. Resolving this issue will result in profound lessons.

On Friday, Mercury is sesquiquadrate Saturn, finding you jumping through bureaucratic hoops or having to redo tasks you thought were already complete. Under this influence, you may also find yourself hypersensitive to any perceived criticism or giving in to negative thinking. However, there is some help in the offering, today, too, in the form of the Gemini Sun sextile Uranus in Aries. Here, you will benefit from seeking aid from your social network, where you may find creative solutions to stubborn problems.

On Saturday, Mercury goes Retrograde, bringing with it the usual three-week period of delays in communication and travel, unpredicted obstacles, and difficulties with technology. During the Retrograde, try to slow down and not push too hard. This is not a time to start new projects , but is an excellent time for reflection. During this Retrograde, Mercury travels through two signs: Cancer (June 7th through June 17th) and Gemini (June 17th through July 1st). While Mercury is in Cancer, spend time reflecting what nurtures your spirit and explore how your emotional nature affects your decision-making process and how you communicate with others. While Mercury is in Gemini, you will find your thinking more illuminated than usual and you will find yourself able to assess your past decisions from a more enlightened perspective. Mercury aligns with the Sun in Gemini on June 19th, allowing you to look at problems from a new perspective.

Saturday also brings a challenging energy to your interpersonal relationships, as Venus in Taurus is quincunx Mars in Libra. Under this influence, you will feel the urge to hurl yourself forward towards others in what you feel is a friendly or romantic manner; others are likely to perceive this as pushy and overly aggressive. Try to reign in these gestures and let things flow naturally and gently and you are likely to be received more openly.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, May 25 2014

Astrology trends for the week of May 26

This week kicks off with your social skills strong and your need to satisfy your sensual side at the fore. The Moon spends most of Monday in Taurus, making you aware of your sensual desires, especially for good food and drink and the need to spend some time with the sun on your skin and a breeze in your hair. Luckily, there’s a national holiday for that!

Wednesday brings us the New Moon in Gemini. The Gemini Moon lends itself to projects employing your social abilities and your strength at persuasion. It is a strong time for sales and marketing. It is also a good month to learn a new skill or technique. Your ability to listen to others will be stronger during this lunar cycle. This New Moon (and Sun) squares Neptune this month, which heightens Gemini’s tendency toward fantasy and a divorce from practical, rational thought. Try to resist this influence by spending your energies in the next few days on creative or spiritual endeavors, rather than anything that calls for your more pragmatic self. Finally, Wednesday marks the start of Venus’ journey through Taurus. For the next three weeks, the status quo will reign in your personal life, but in the best possible meaning of this phrase: Now is the time to enjoy the nest you have built and the comfort of the strong, lasting relationships you have created. This is not the time to stir the pot or make big changes.

Things get a bit trickier on Thursday as Mercury moves into Cancer. This is a time when feelings are more likely to get hurt than not. Communications are likely to be emotional, maybe even defensive. Misunderstandings, or even messages not reaching their target, will occur over the next few weeks. Do you best to try to keep your own emotions under control, double or even triple check that messages were received and understood, and, before you assume the worst meaning of every conversation, try to make sure you heard it right yourself. This effect will be heightened on Saturday, as Venus is semi-square to Chiron. Under this influence, you will tend to focus on the difference between yourself and others, instead of understanding your similarities. This will be likely to interfere with our abilities to truly hear each other.

Saturday also brings the Sun into trine with Mars: This is a good time for taking the initiative. Your sense of vitality will be strong, especially for physical labor, and you will have the ability to make sound decisions.

Be warned: Mercury goes Retrograde on June 7th. This Retrograde will especially impact those areas directly under the influence of Cancer- family and home. Take this week and next to do as much as you can to get your house in order, as issues left undone in these areas will likely become problematic during the Retrograde.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, May 18 2014

Astrology trends for the week of May 19

This week should see your energy levels finally returning to normal as Mars goes Direct on the 19th after being Retrograde for most of this year. For the past eleven weeks, many of us have felt like doing nothing more than staying in bed with the covers tucked around us, as Mars’ normal influence, which gives us our “get-up-and-go”, has been hugely diminished. This week, we will find our fires once again being stoked. Be cautious in the days around Mars at station (the moment of “rest” as the planet changes direction); during this time, angers or desires may cloud our judgment.

On Tuesday, the Sun enters Gemini, which will also increase our energy levels, but will also decrease our focus. Under Taurus, we were very good at steadily working towards our goals. Not so much under Gemini: Restlessness, intense curiosity, and a need to mix things up will be the driving energy for the following month. Under Gemini you will find yourself up for anything, as long as it isn’t boring.

Wednesday brings us the Moon in its Last Quarter: This is the time for finishing up the details of the projects started at the beginning of the Moon Cycle on April 29. Sort out what worked for you and what didn’t, what these things mean to you and what needs to be done from here. This is not a good time to begin new projects. Also, the Sun is semi-square to Uranus early Wednesday morning. Under this influence, you will feel the need for action, but working without a well-laid plan could lead you to trouble. This influence can be beneficial in that it can spur you to try new approaches, but try to not be hasty in jumping into things.

On Thursday, Venus is semi-square to Neptune, which can spell rough seas for relationships. Pleasure and happiness are addictive now, but can also lead to self-deception. Our pursuit of instant gratification can lead us to see only what we want to see. While under this influence, try to hold off on committing to any legal contracts or formalities: you aren’t likely to want to spend much time on the fine print now.

On Saturday, Jupiter in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio. This is an influence that can spur positive growth: Jupiter brings enthusiasm and optimism, Saturn brings structured activity and practical application. This is a time of good judgment and constructive accomplishment. The key to best using this energy is to identify and work towards those simple things that make you happy.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, May 12 2014

Astrology trends for the week of May 12

You will be thankful to find this is a relatively quiet week, astrologically speaking.

Monday will see you making a positive impression on the world at large as a trine of mercury in Gemini and Mars in Libra ramps up your charm and eloquence.

With the Full Moon on Wednesday, you will see the projects begun at the beginning of this lunar cycle ripening and coming to fruition. This Full Moon will find you seeking balance between the things that you need to release from your life (Scorpio Moon) and those things that keep you feeling safe and secure (Taurus Sun). Wednesday will also see a Moon-Saturn-Jupiter trine that signifies it is now time to work hard to realize your fondest dreams.

On Thursday, a once-a-year meet-up of Venus and Uranus occurs in Aries, indicating a likelihood of surprises in love and/or finances. This is not the week to go on a spending spree or to act on romantic or sexual impulses; the consequences of losing control in these areas of your life could have long-term ramifications.

Saturday sees Mercury in Gemini squaring off with the sub-planet Chiron in Pisces. This aspect will cause tension between your public façade and your search for spiritual development or meaningful work.

This is the last week before Mars goes direct. This means that the lack of motivation and lower-than-usual energy levels you’ve felt since March are about to release you from their grip. Soon, you’ll stop feeling like all you want to do is curl up under the covers and nap. This week, start looking for things that stir up your passions and get your fires stoked.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, May 4 2014

Astrology trends for the week of May 5

The early part of this week is an excellent time for networking and self-promotion. On Tuesday, the Sun sextiles Jupiter, which brings us a sense of confidence and good will, an influence favorable for sales and marketing. This energy will be reinforced on Wednesday, as Mercury enters Gemini, an influence excellent for making connections with others, especially in business matters.

You should bear in mind that the First Quarter Moon occurs on Tuesday evening, as the Sun in Taurus squares the Leo Moon. Under this influence, our enthusiasm and exuberance for this month’s projects might run afoul of our need to work steadily to complete the task. Try to just put one foot in front of the other as you move towards your goal and not get ahead of yourself.

Dealing with other people will be tricky at the end of the week. On Thursday, Venus is sesquiquadrate to Saturn, making it difficult to relate to others. Affections will not flow freely and we may feel a bit emotionally cold. On Saturday, the Taurus Sun opposes Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. Obstacles are to be expected and self-confidence runs low. Try to keep in mind that the people who appear to be standing in our way may simply be seeking approval, even if they are going about it in completely the wrong way. This weekend will also be strongly influenced by an approaching opposition of Venus and Mars, as well as of the Sun and Moon, which will leave us feeling at odds with people around us. Finally, on Sunday, the Libra Moon pairs with Mars, causing issues that were ignited during last month’s Cardinal Cross to reappear.

It is best to step lightly this weekend.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, April 28 2014

Astrology trends for the week of April 28

Monday brings us the New Moon in Taurus. The New Moon is always an opportune time to launch new projects, but this month we have extra work to do, as late Monday night also gives us an Annular Solar Eclipse.

While it will not be visible in North America, its effects are still felt. Generally, Solar Eclipses are times to evaluate what in our lives needs to be cleared away and what is worth keeping and reinvesting in. With this Eclipse occurring in Taurus, we will be assessing how we create a sense of security in our lives. Taurus energy is about building and acquiring for future benefit. Thus, during this period, we will need to evaluate our relationship with money and what we feel money provides for us. Now is the time to determine what gives us true happiness and a true sense of ability and worthiness. If there are things that don’t contribute to this, now is the time to banish them from our lives. Also, now is the time to get rid of those things that give us a false sense of security. In a nutshell, this month’s projects should be about reinvesting in ourselves and our ability to provide for ourselves and those who depend on us. Bear in mind, this is going to be a fairly positive influence: With the Sun and Moon being influenced by Neptune and Jupiter, as well as a trine with Pluto, this indicates hope and progress. This time of evaluation and reinvestment will ultimately be for your benefit.

On Friday, Venus enter Aries. This meeting of the ultimate if feminine energies and the ultimate of masculine energies is a complicated one for relationships: Passionate sexual energies are running extremely high, but the cooperative energy that lasting relationships are built upon will be extremely low. Some relationships will break under the pressure of this four week period. If you are unattached, this should be approached as a time to play, maybe have a passionate affair, but don’t expect much lasting to come out of a relationship begun now. On a positive note, this may be a good time for your finances (ruled by Venus), as Aries will influence you to be more enterprising and aggressive in this area. This may be a great time to start a business venture (but not a partnership).

On Sunday, May 4th, the Moon in Cancer forms a trine with Jupiter and Saturn. This influence will help bring success to those who are willing to work hard and patiently towards a long term goal. But, with Saturn still retrograde, this success will only come about through a disciplined approach.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Sunday, April 20 2014

Astrology trends for the week of April 21

Tuesday marks the Last Quarter Moon, a good time for assessing what is working in our lives and what needs to be changed. This contemplative frame of mind will serve us well as we come to Wednesday, as Mars slides into place in Libra to form the fourth point in the Grand Cardinal Cross, which many believe to be the most significant astrological event of 2014.

This cross consists of four squares and two oppositions, all difficult aspects. In astrology, crosses symbolize death and rebirth, the end of one era and the beginning of a new. While the end result may be ultimately positive, all transitions are stressful and this one is likely to be no different, and, while the influence of the Cross is at its peak on Wednesday, it may be months until the effects of the transformation are fully understood. The four major players in this Grand Cross are Uranus, symbolizing world change; Jupiter, representing an expansion of horizons; Mars, a mobilization of resources; and Pluto, transformation of institutions. In other words, look for this Grand Cross to radically change the major power structures in your life, both on a personal and a global level.

During this time, Mars is still Retrograde, an influence that has us reevaluating the manner in which we go about working towards what we need and what we want. We are likely, now, to be feeling a bit rash and impulsive; issues we used to be able to shrug off are now likely to be the source of major irritation. Anger and resentments we’ve been ignoring are likely to reach a boiling point; we will find ourselves no longer able to tolerate restrictive circumstances that were previously acceptable. These feelings can be beneficial, ultimately, in focusing what we’d like to see transformed in our lives. The trick is to not burn bridges or needlessly create stumbling blocks and enemies for ourselves during the process. Fortunately, Venus remains in Pisces until May 2nd, an aspect under which we are ready to grant forgiveness and seek understanding, potentially helping us to find the allies we will need to successfully navigate these difficult waters.

Wednesday, Mercury enters Taurus, helping us to resist the impulse towards rash and destructive communications with others. Under this influence, we are well-grounded in common sense and seek practical communications that deal with what is instead of what could be.

On Friday, there will be a calming trine between the Pisces Moon, Jupiter in Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Monday, April 14 2014

Astrology trends for the week of April 14

Get ready for another intense seven days, as we get closer to next week’s Cardinal Cross.

On Monday, Pluto goes Retrograde for five months. During this time, you can expect a great deal of upheaval and change. Pluto represents endings and beginning in your life. It is the planet that rules hidden knowledge (Mystery in its grandest sense) and, as this information is revealed over the next five months, you are likely to have a revolution in your approach to living, especially your relationship to the power structures in your life.

On the same day that Pluto begins its retrograde journey, Mercury and Uranus are in conjunction in Aries, an event that occurs only once a year. Under this influence, you will have an active and brilliant mind. New modes of thought, new ideas for how to get things done, are likely to occur to you. While this is a very positive aspect, both planets, while in Aries, can have the tendency towards impatience, restlessness, and running roughshod over those who aren’t as quick to go with the new flow. If you can keep this impulse in check, this can be a very productive time for you.

On Tuesday, there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse during the Full Moon in Libra. This event will last about an hour and twenty minutes and will be visible in most of North America. Libra tends to be an even-tempered, rational influence; partnerships and harmony are generally easy to find under a Libra Moon. The effect of the Eclipse will be to throw this influence for a loop: upheavals, protests, and flaring tempers are likely. This influence is likely to linger for about six weeks.

On Saturday, the Sun enters Taurus. Taurus is a steadying influence, one we welcome right now. Taurus energy is fabulous during a crisis and is capable of persevering through adversity. Change is difficult under Taurus, though, as this is a measured, controlled energy. Expect a few intense, but brief, flares of temper during this month as you react to all of the transformation around you.

On Sunday, April 20th, Jupiter (in Cancer) opposes Pluto (in Capricorn). Here, you will feel a conflict between your individual freedoms and a greater need for stability. This may play out on a small scale, within your family or work sphere, or on a much larger scale, such as your relationship to your government.

Some astrologers compare the influence of a Pluto Retrograde to a nuclear explosion. The results can be that dramatic, but I think this is an unnecessarily dark view of it: The upheavals that you will experience during this time are outside of your control. What you can control is your reaction to them. Try to think of this period as an interesting, if a bit tricky, lab experiment: What comes out of the other side is likely to be very different, but different doesn’t mean bad. If you keep the curiosity of a scientist when it comes to these outcomes, you are likely to weather the difficulties with your sanity intact and be pleased with the results.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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Tuesday, April 8 2014

Reader Spotlight: Trish

Psychic reader Trish Clark always considered herself highly intuitive, but she never thought about offering this gift to others until her teenage son was killed in a traffic accident. The very day he passed Zach appeared to her. Opening herself up to his spirit helped her work through her grief. Before long, Trish saw that her personal tragedy had a higher purpose, because she and Zach were now able to help others who were working through similar pain.

With Zach as her guide, Trish is able to connect with spirits who have passed to the other side. At first, she solely offered her gifts to other parents who had lost a child, helping them process through the pain she had so recently experienced. She quickly realized that many more people needed her help and soon was offering her services to a wide range of clients.

During your session with Trish, she will ask Zach to bring forward your loved ones and guides to provide the answers and guidance you are seeking. You can ask any questions you'd like about any area of your life- the spirit guides provide the needed insight. A serious as this sounds, it is offered with the attitude and humor only something filtered through a teenage boy could have: During a recent session in which a client was trying to connect with a best friend who had recently died, Zach brought her forward, telling his mother as he did so, “She’s hot, Mom!” The client confirmed that her friend had indeed been stunningly beautiful.

Trish says that she loves the people who have come to her during her time at Michigan Psychic Fair. She especially loves to hear from her clients afterward, how the information they got through their session has affected their lives and how it has helped them. “I am humbled that I have been given this ability, this gift, to help others. It is super fulfilling to know that they have gotten that peace about their loved ones.”

For a session with Trish, you can see her at many Michigan Psychic Fair events or contact her directly at 517-896-2017 or through her website.

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